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Eyes are one of most important and sensitive part in human body. Eyes are vision and windows to all of us. I know many of us here love eye liner very much to enhance the look of your eyes. There are many eyes liner product in the market and many brands has various type of products to enhance the beauty of your eyes. So it is important to select eyes product carefully. When you choose your eyes liner, it is important to check the quality not just the functions!

Etude House is one of those brands which IMA trust so far. Ecewahhhhh!!!! 
Glad that they introduce this Tear Eye Liner which make the application much easier.
I was a big fan of teary eyes look since late last year. I bought mine when visited South Korea last year and love it so much. Previous teary eyes was in crayon version. So its finished last two weeks. much of that teary eyes look.

Unless you try this Etude House Tear Eye Liner personally, you will not realise whats change it can brings to your look.

* Enhance smoky eye make up
* Creates a crystal teardrop effect
* My favourite of makes your eyes prettier than before.

Etude House Tear Eye Liner available in few shades for you to choose :

* White
* Gold
* Silver
* Bronze

Etude House Tear Eye Liner features :

* South Korean Cosmetices
* Contains crystal pearl, opal pearl and sparkling pearl
* Its safe to apply directly on eye liner

Important note : Make sure you don't apply it on injuries , eczema or any other skin disorders. If you happens to apply it direct to your eyes, you should apply water immediately. Don't take the chance! Close the cap properly so it does not dried up quickly.

This is not the end. There are plenty of other features in the product that will make you fall in love with this eye liner. In fact, you will not feel like using any other product once you use this. Some of the other features of this liner include:
  • Korean cosmetic,
  • Contains crystal pearl, opal pearl and sparkling pearl,
  • Sunlight,
  • Pure tear drop,
  • It can be directly applied on eye liner.
However, make sure that you do not use on injuries, eczema or any other skin disorders. Close the cap after use so that it does not dries up. If it comes in contact with the eyes, you should apply water immediately.

IMA love the pointed tips for easy application. IMA bought and applied BRONZE! It look natural right?
You can create whatever look you want with this brilliant product.

Why use Teary Eye Liner?
No matter big or small eyes, many of us always want it to look bigger and brighter. This Teardrop from Etude House is perfect to enhance your eyes beauty.

* Suit any occasion
* Match to any outfit
* Ideal for sensitive eyes
* Last but not least this is my favourite makes eyes stand out with the glittering effect like a beaming eyes. KAWAII!!!!

Do you want to know where to buy Etude House Tear Eye Liner?

Get your Blink Blink Etude House Tear Drop Eye Liner from below link. Just click the image and place your order and get yours directly from South Korea with a very reasonable price. The seller is generous to throw some cosmetic samples along in the box delivered to you.

[RM23.50] [Etude House]♣Tear Drop Eye Liner 8g / bling bling Eye makeup/ Tear [Point makeup]

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