Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I purchase this bestselling cleanser last 2 months. Love this one because it is in sherbet form. No more dripping when do the cleansing. You know that cleansing oil always drip here and there. But this one was so easy to use.

Banila Co products

What is Banila Co. Clean it Zero?

Its a sherbet type cleansing balm. It remove dirt , make up and oil without drying up skin or even leaving behind a greasy residue.


* Part of ingredients which I remember seeing it lazy to google since the box all written in Korean Language.
They have Mineral oil, Papaya fruit extract, Angelica root extract, raspberry leaf extract and the rest all so scientific term. So google...if you want to know more since if I don't even know it if I write here. ngeeehihihihihih...

girl posing with Banila Co cleansing balm


Banila Co. Clean it Zero doesn't have any added fragrance, but it does have a pleasant floral - fruity kind of smell. Well the smell does not overpowering and it disappears as soon as rinsed off the products from your skin.

girl posing with Banila Co cleansing balm

How to apply Banila Co. Clean it Zero to your skin care routine?

I use this as double cleanse process which is make up removing step. I kind of lazy doing this double cleansing thingy but when I am now at 40s....well...I wish I start this long time ago. 
I just massage this product onto my skin for a minute. Then ...there are 2 ways on getting rid of this from your skin.

* Lazy way - you can just wipe it with tissue and then go to your cleansing foam routine. or....

* Hardworking way - wet hand with lukewarm water and massage a little more. The water will get balm emulsify into a milky lather. Then rinse away with water for complete clean skin. Then continue with cleansing foam routine.

Recommendation : No matter how lazy you are....use the hardworking way to cleanse the dirt away from your skin.

girl after applying Banila Co cleansing balm


Well...I skip my eye make up remover. I use this to remove my water proof mascara. I will bring this with me for my traveling and use it for my first step of removing dirt and oil from my facial skin. Kind of love the squeaky clean feeling over this. 

Why I love Banila Co. Clean it ?

* Easy to use
* Not messy
* Non - stripping
* Non-Greasy
* Cleanses make up thoroughly
* Gentle ingredients
* Contains no irritants

Where to buy your very own Banila Co. Clean it Zero?

Just click image below and it will direct you to the page to get your Banila Co, Clean it Zero.

Banila Co cleansing balms
[RM49.90][Banila Co.] [Banila Co] Clean It Zero Clean It Zero Radiance Clean It Zero Purity 100ml / Sherbet type deep makeup cleanser Jumbo Size(180ml) /**With Tracking Shipping**(180ml)

Monday, August 17, 2015

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If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I have bunion foot. isk isk isk
I even save up money for expensive micro current treatment all the way at Hong Kong which I did it like 2 years ago.
I am not fully healed since the big toe still there but less hurt to my feet and it gave me lots of flexibility on my toe part compare to previous before the treatment.

I am totally extra careful when choosing my footwear. If I can't heal, I would choose to slow down the process for being a handicapped! huhuhuhuh...

There are many type of disease which lead to foot problems :

* Arthritis
* Bunion
* Spur / Heel Pain
* Joint / Spine Ache
* Prolong Standing and Walking
* Foot Fatigue
* Maternity
* Diabetics

My Bunion feet was like above before the micro-current treatment. It was stiff and hurt badly. So suffer. 

Now after the micro current treatment, I still maintain my feet by doing the prescribed physiotherapy exercise frequently. I still can't walk too long though.

That is why I said the choice of footwear for me is very crucial. I need comfort. As you know , comfort shoes always less fashionable and look.....mmmmmm...ugly for a young woman like me. hehehehehe....yes ! still young at age of 41 years! 9 years to go for 50 years old , ok! (cover my face with embarrassment..kekekeke)

At medifeet, I found my healing shoes. Its comfortable and not ugly shoes.

Most of medifeet shoes :

* Coolmax insole lining which yarns are supremely soft
* Feet stay dry in all weather conditions
* Fabric dries quickly
* Lightweight , soft and breathable
* Easy care
* Added performance keeps your feet at least humidity and comfortable
* Specially formulated material and cellular structure laminated with PORON. 
* ReBounce help gives extra long comfort during use and the feeling of ' walking on mattress '.
* Adapt to all foot shape and contour provide extra comfort

I mentioned about PORON. PORON is not PORORO cousin that famous cartoon character.. ngehehehe.
PORON here is cushioning insole which helps to provide even pressure distribution across the foot. 

* Maximum shock absorbing material to help protect joints and muscles.
* Firmness offers high-energy return to fight fatigue
* An ideal material for demanding work / outdoor, athletic and casual footwear applications
* Consistent, long lasting comfort - use after use
* Breathable , anti-fungal material help keep feet less humid , comfort and dry.

I tried most Medifeet shoes the other day. Love the comfort!
That design on the left look beautiful but the narrow front design may not suitable for bunion foot like me. I need wider and breathable front design. The right one look pretty too.

Most range look stylish and comfort for a healing foot-wear. One don't even need to worry about the shoes bite your heel. Seriously comfortable wear!

Medifeet footwear is highly comfortable , without the need for breaking in and yet durable thanks to the use of the highest quality material and uncompromisingly quality control. The concept of the shoes are functional-designed for people who demand style and beautiful craftsmanship but still want the Health and Wellness benefit.

Medifeet footwear mainly :

* APMA APPROVED - PORON has been awarded the seal of acceptance by the American Podiatic Medical Association.

* PORON - Cushioning materials are breathable to help you stay cool and dry. It consists of air permeable open-cells that resist collecting moisture and perspiration on the surface skin. Each move, the material compresses and flexes , allowing air and moisture to move freely.

* WATER RESISTANT - A high grade microfiber lining material with properties of durability , water resistant and resilient cushioning for comfort.

* ANTI SHOCK - Excellent comfortably of foot bet with PORON , provide maximum anti shock , resilient cushioning and protects from extreme impact.

* WIDE TOE BOX - The Medifeet shoes are constructed using Wide-fit lasts, which is wide fitting that provides absolute comfort preventing pain and discomfort in the forefoot.

* FLEXIBLE - The Medifeet shoes feature low-profile outsoles with extra flexibility to allow your feet to move more naturally.

* POWER ARCH SUPPORT - it made of specially formulated latex which will relief arch pain caused by flat, weak , fallen or high arches where you need it most.

* DIRECTIONAL GROOVES - The natural rubber with directional grooves for optimum grip prevent slippery. It also provides excellent foothold and durable essential to pleasant walking experience.

* ACTIVE-LITE MIDSOLE - Superior lightweight EVA midsole with 55 density for optimal comfort.

* EASY CLEAN - Microfibre leathers with smooth surface which can easily wipe clean.

* BUTADIENE RUBBER - High abrasion resistant compound , designed with directionally thread function for ultimate grip.

MOLDED EVA INSOLE - provides heel support , extra cushioning and stability , relieve foot pain arch support

MICROFIBRE UPPER - Super soft feel material which is water resistant , easy clean , durable and light weight.

Medifeet Diabetic footwear range brings seamless interior construction feature which reduces the abrasion and helps in the prevention of the skin breakdown and foot problems.

I was shown that the inside of Diabetic footwear range which finished without high, irritating seams. Do you know that the seams that rub against diabetic foot can cause irritation , causing blisters , calluses and infection.

It came with wound guard technology which formulated pure, chemically inert foam  without blowing agent residues and with uniform cell structure with regular cell walls , is used extensively in a wide variety of medical and health care applications , many of which involve direct skin contact.

Medifeet Diabetics footwear are mainly recommended by Doctors since it is Latex free and hypoallergenic  which reduces skin irritation.

I tried this range for more comfort.

I was contemplating to choose between the bright colorful loafer or the half cut boot designed.

At the end, brave myself to choose this bright color loafer for my Japan trip next month. A lot of walking coming up next month. This loafer is totally comfortable for me to do so.

Happy customer! To my happy feet too!

Special Thanks to Nani who walked me through and explained about most of their range despite many customers to attend to on that day. Seriously, many people at Medifeet that day mainly recommended by Hospital.

According to Nani their Diabetics range mainly sold out upon arrival at store.

If you wanna make you feet happy and comfortable , do visit Medifeet and try on their super comfy footwear at :

No. 3, Block 1 , Ground Floor , Worldwide Business Park
Jalan Tinju 13/50, Section 13
40675 Shah Alam Selangor
Tel : +603 5513 3708 / 5513 3697
Official Website :
Official Facebook :

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I am still so much in love with Korean food. suit my taste bud well.

I wanna share to you my favourite all time Korean Restaurant called Sopoong. Sopoong means Picnic in Korean language. This restaurant manage by a Korean family and was here in Malaysia since year 2011 and still here....expanding.
Why they choose Sopoong as restaurant name?
We share good food good moment with our friends and love ones. This Restaurant use this name to remind people of this moment...GOOD FOOD, GOOD COMPANY and GOOD ENVIRONMENT.

If I feel like so missing traditional Korean food , I will pay a visit to this place call Sopoong.Moreover, they have quite number of branches around town, Berjaya Times Square, IOI City Mall, Quill City Mall and new one coming near Starling, Uptown Damansara.

My old time favourite Haemul Jjigae. Super hot and spicy pack with lots of fresh seafood. Oh! did I mentioned to you with Ramen and Tteuk in it too??? Super delicious to enjoy this with good company. Sweating belly !!!! hahahaha...

I normally pair up the hot pot with Kimchi Jeon.. WTH! Eat this during rainy day or cold weather...gosh!!!! you are not leaving the table.

The 'banchan' aka korean side dishes to tone down the spiciness of hot pot. Great nibbling moment too.

For those who love to taste authentic Korean food just like in your KDrama ....head down to Soppoong Restaurant. Check out the nearest to you here at their official facebook.

The bill after all the delicious food!!! For 2 person bill ...still bearable la.

Monday, August 10, 2015


When you hear the word Genting....the first thing come to your mind is CASINO? Then Theme Park? Genting is not just about hotel, casino and theme park but you can relate Genting with more fun and also educational and engaging activity. 
Not many people know there are such tour organise by the resort called BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR where you can take a sneak peak into resort daily operations and learn more about the resort! This is not just for kid but seriously it really good and fun activities for whole family too.

Our group was led to First World Hotel laundry. WTH!!!!
This place is hugggggggeeeeeee!!!! If I am not mistaken the capacity is like 75,000 per day. OMG! 
I never been to massive laundry before and I could say I was amaze with the full equip technology and systematic work by skilled workers.

They even have the machine call Transformer to iron out the suit. It only take them less than 3 minutes ti get it done! It more look like Iron Man suit huh?

Behind the Scenes tour package brings you to :


- Check out the behind scene preparation for spectacular stage performance. The professional will explained to you about how the lighting and sound system machine operated.They even do the live demo on how the cool lighting and sound effects are created.


- We are not the four season country , so for many of us who have no chance to visit other country with snow will be delightful to have the experience to feel snow. At Genting Resort the newly refurbished snow world is where we can learn some snowy fun facts! 
Have you been to Snow World at Genting yet?
There are the lover cave inside the snow chamber which we will learn how this place transformed into science playground and they will share to you magic of snow physics.WTH! This is cool!


- It not about just eat good treats! You will have fun experience making your own lunch box or make you won pretty sweet doughnuts! Seriously, I have so munch fun here. 

Do not comment on my bento box which is so lack of creativity...WTH! mine was bloody ugly.hahahahaha....I go for taste than look.


- Horizon 50 showcases Genting inceptions and development in conjunction with its 50th anniversary this year. Retrace the footsteps of one man's dream and be enlightened on how Malaysia's leading family resort came to be. Guess what???
It also includes and exciting introduction to the future world's first Twentienth Century Fox World!!!!

The Behind The Scenes Tour operate between 2:15pm - 5:00pm and the team who will lead you for this tour....they are young , creative and fun to be with.

Price : 

RM28 per pax and if you are Genting Rewards Member just pay RM25 per pax.

More information visit :

Thursday, August 6, 2015


After the Superstar of Magic 4 show, we were all invited to experience steamboat dining at new resort Seafood Steamboat. It was windy evening and weather was just perfect for a Do-it-yourself freshness steamboat dining.

I really enjoy myself cooking up in the air at the newly revamped Resort Seafood Restaurant with others. The ambiance was superb spacious setting and relaxing. So at least I don't have that cramp and sweaty mood while chowing down my steaming hotpot.

One plus point I can give this resort Seafood Steamboat is the variety choice of sauces for you to choose and seriously all are super kick taste and unique flavors - from smoothly light soy sauce to premium oyster sauce. The green chili sauce to fiery and the slow burning chili oil to give you more 'WOW'!  My personal favourite was the 'dried shrimp sambal with some peanut in it'. I went for second round for that ...WTH!!!!
All this sauces helps to enhance the succulence and taste of the steamboat items. I am totally spoil with choices...weeiiii!!!!

What steamboat without soup stock?
Resort Genting Seafood Steamboat offers exciting contrasts -spicy and nourishing soup favor. You can even have Hot Spicy and Sour Tom Yam Soup and cool down with Herbal Chicken Flavors soup in a 'yin yang' style black pot. What a great combination!!! I had Herbal Chicken Flavors Soup which generously flavored with 'red dates' and 'dangui.
Resort Seafood steamboat Chef Lai Kok Yeow and kitchen team does not compromise with quality food served to diners. The Chicken soup prepared use healthy 'Kampung Chicken' from premium fowl for the best chicken soup for the soul. If you wanna go more seafood, can request for even fish head stock!
By the way the soups are additive free.

The super kick sauces ready!
The steaming delicious hot soup ready to dip! goes the dip dip items.
Plenty of choices to dip. I love their fresh prawns and teochew style fish balls, you know the once with the fillings inside.At resort seafood all ingredients are freshly kitchen prepared , straight from the market and aquarium or airflown.
Temptation is hard to resist, with a spread of meats, seafood, vegetables and mushrooms and I was told even the dumplings and balls are kitchen-fresh prepared.

It is truly a feast fit for a king. One can choose wagyu sirloin, denver lamb ribs, smoked duck and no less than 20 types of fish and crustaceans-topped off with gently soaked Emperor's noodles for a finale!

I soaked Emperor's noodles and top with chilli oil and parsley. Result? Over the top tasty noodles.

You can bring up Steamboat another level at Resort Seafood which can also become a casual fine-dining occasion, complemented by imported catch: Canadian geoduck (best served with Wasabi), Australian snow crab, Boston lobster, from Aquarium. WTH! with that premium choices. They really go extra mile for this.

Compliment Steamboat feast with delicate Genting's specially grown and imported Pu'er to complete the meal.

Its a good occasion for bonding with friends and family while enjoying the hot steaming steamboat on top of the cool hills.

Not that expensive to begin with. The price from RM108nett for 2 person and RM638nett for 8 person.

Resort Seafood Steamboat , Level 1, Resort Hotel
Operates daily :
Lunch 12 to 1430 hours
Dinner 1800 to 2200 hours
Restaurant can accommodate up to 256 persons.

Visit for more details or call 03 610 1118

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I was invited by Resort World Genting Behind the Scenes tour to watch SUPERSTARS OF MAGIC 4 last Sunday. This is Asia's largest magic variety show and it is into its fourth year running and the there are seven world class illusionist weave their magic on stage. The theme for this year is MAGIC of the EAST MEETS WEST. I was so SUPER HAPPY and excited!

You may feel super skeptical to drive all the way up just to watch.... what??? A magic show? huh? I have that kind of feeling too when I was invited. Seriously, I am not that type of person who are very easy to please to begin with. Moreover one have to pay for ticket to watch this show. Well , after watched the show myself and mingle around by this world-class illusionist....I  dare to give you assurance you will be SUPER SATISFIED with the show by end of it.

Like the theme suggested , MAGIC of the EAST MEETS WEST, the seven illusionist demonstrated to the audience a comparative view of what magic is to different people. Well...its depends on whether they are from the East or the West. One can sit there and relax to watch mind blowing spectacle show from all this talented illusionist.

Let me introduce you to each of the illusionists.....

Jay Mattiolli from USA
- If you are the America's Got Talent TV show fan, then you may recognize him since his first made mark as a finalist magician from that popular TV show. He is a celebrity magician in his own right. He wowed America with his sense of comedy and charm. Seriously , this man is so lively on stage and one could not resist to not pay attention to him. Kind of positive energy vibes all over him. By the way he said he tricked his assistant on stage  to be his wife. TAKEN! Even their only son is on tour with him. Adorable lil kid!

Jeff Lee from Taiwan
- He is an award winning celebrity magician who performs with TV magic and modern music. His specialty is speedily taking things out of his TV. WTH!!!! I wish I can have that special skill too, I can take whatever I like from my TV too. I can just stay at home and keep grabbing things I like from my 'idiot box'. lol....not just me ..I think its everybody's dream?

Alana Moelmann from Germany
- She is the new generation princess of magic. This lady is very tall woman. Her specialty is to act includes producing life human hands out of her leather jacket. Do you know 'DURGA' ? Kind of like that! She could endlessly producing various items from her six hands! How could you not impress with that skill??? For those busy mum struggling to juggle and with you can have as many hand you want to get your work done..... you may wish to be Alana! More hand the better, right?

One Gun from Korea
- Aishhhh... this Ajuma admire this young hip hop boy from Korean. Yeah yeah ..the effect from KDrama sort of thing. kakakakaka...
One Gun aka One Shot (I gave him that name..WTH!) is among the hottest magician in Korea-and beyond. His specialty is changing his T Shirt and jeans right before the audiences eyes in like split seconds. Serious!!!!! this stun is like...make me...gosh!!! when did he change to that shirt. Aiskkkk???? when did you change your jeans? Gosh!!!! how did you do that, One Gun? One Shot? This young boy seriously,really got that talent. Ajuma says..HWAITING!!!!

Ted Kim from Korea
- Ted's act is one of the kind. Yup! this 'Flower Boy' act is kind of act you can't see anywhere else. He performs using modern screen mapping and LED projector technology. He's a breath of fresh air in the field as he creatively incorporates the latest video games and music into his act. The one I watch he brought everyone back to the childhood time. Sweet! Did I mentioned Ted is FISM originality act champion holder???

Joseph Gabriel aka The Duck Man(I call him that..kakaka) from USA
- He is regarded as the Godfather of Dove Magic and his show easily headline broadway easily in the past. His act is said to be light years ahead of the classical dove act that we are all familiar with but still make you jaw drop and mesmerized with it. I could say he is one person who really deliver what his promised that was through my personal observation. He love to mingle with crowds too. Love charming!

Shawn Farquhar from Canada
- Not sure about this one because I did not see his act on that day. According to his profile he is the current International Brotherhood of Magician or IBM president who appeared on the Ellen Show and one of the few magicians who manage to fool Penn and Teller on their hit TV series. Shawn are well knowned by his peers to be sleight of hand artist and proven to be true when he won the FISM close up Championships of Magic 2012.
Miss his show!!!

One could feel all this illusionist put their effort , heart and soul to present their magic!

The show will be held at Genting International Showroom from 10th July to 25th October 2015.

Monday - Friday : 8pm
Every Saturday : 4pm and 8pm
Every Sunday : 4pm

Tickets are available now at the price of :

* RM248  for Adult and RM98 for Children (VIP)
* RM148 for Adult and RM68 for Children (PS1)
* RM98 for Adult and RM48 for Children (PS2)

Grab your ticket now at and bedazzled by all talented world-class illusionists while they are here in Malaysia.