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If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I have bunion foot. isk isk isk
I even save up money for expensive micro current treatment all the way at Hong Kong which I did it like 2 years ago.
I am not fully healed since the big toe still there but less hurt to my feet and it gave me lots of flexibility on my toe part compare to previous before the treatment.

I am totally extra careful when choosing my footwear. If I can't heal, I would choose to slow down the process for being a handicapped! huhuhuhuh...

There are many type of disease which lead to foot problems :

* Arthritis
* Bunion
* Spur / Heel Pain
* Joint / Spine Ache
* Prolong Standing and Walking
* Foot Fatigue
* Maternity
* Diabetics

My Bunion feet was like above before the micro-current treatment. It was stiff and hurt badly. So suffer. 

Now after the micro current treatment, I still maintain my feet by doing the prescribed physiotherapy exercise frequently. I still can't walk too long though.

That is why I said the choice of footwear for me is very crucial. I need comfort. As you know , comfort shoes always less fashionable and look.....mmmmmm...ugly for a young woman like me. hehehehehe....yes ! still young at age of 41 years! 9 years to go for 50 years old , ok! (cover my face with embarrassment..kekekeke)

At medifeet, I found my healing shoes. Its comfortable and not ugly shoes.

Most of medifeet shoes :

* Coolmax insole lining which yarns are supremely soft
* Feet stay dry in all weather conditions
* Fabric dries quickly
* Lightweight , soft and breathable
* Easy care
* Added performance keeps your feet at least humidity and comfortable
* Specially formulated material and cellular structure laminated with PORON. 
* ReBounce help gives extra long comfort during use and the feeling of ' walking on mattress '.
* Adapt to all foot shape and contour provide extra comfort

I mentioned about PORON. PORON is not PORORO cousin that famous cartoon character.. ngehehehe.
PORON here is cushioning insole which helps to provide even pressure distribution across the foot. 

* Maximum shock absorbing material to help protect joints and muscles.
* Firmness offers high-energy return to fight fatigue
* An ideal material for demanding work / outdoor, athletic and casual footwear applications
* Consistent, long lasting comfort - use after use
* Breathable , anti-fungal material help keep feet less humid , comfort and dry.

I tried most Medifeet shoes the other day. Love the comfort!
That design on the left look beautiful but the narrow front design may not suitable for bunion foot like me. I need wider and breathable front design. The right one look pretty too.

Most range look stylish and comfort for a healing foot-wear. One don't even need to worry about the shoes bite your heel. Seriously comfortable wear!

Medifeet footwear is highly comfortable , without the need for breaking in and yet durable thanks to the use of the highest quality material and uncompromisingly quality control. The concept of the shoes are functional-designed for people who demand style and beautiful craftsmanship but still want the Health and Wellness benefit.

Medifeet footwear mainly :

* APMA APPROVED - PORON has been awarded the seal of acceptance by the American Podiatic Medical Association.

* PORON - Cushioning materials are breathable to help you stay cool and dry. It consists of air permeable open-cells that resist collecting moisture and perspiration on the surface skin. Each move, the material compresses and flexes , allowing air and moisture to move freely.

* WATER RESISTANT - A high grade microfiber lining material with properties of durability , water resistant and resilient cushioning for comfort.

* ANTI SHOCK - Excellent comfortably of foot bet with PORON , provide maximum anti shock , resilient cushioning and protects from extreme impact.

* WIDE TOE BOX - The Medifeet shoes are constructed using Wide-fit lasts, which is wide fitting that provides absolute comfort preventing pain and discomfort in the forefoot.

* FLEXIBLE - The Medifeet shoes feature low-profile outsoles with extra flexibility to allow your feet to move more naturally.

* POWER ARCH SUPPORT - it made of specially formulated latex which will relief arch pain caused by flat, weak , fallen or high arches where you need it most.

* DIRECTIONAL GROOVES - The natural rubber with directional grooves for optimum grip prevent slippery. It also provides excellent foothold and durable essential to pleasant walking experience.

* ACTIVE-LITE MIDSOLE - Superior lightweight EVA midsole with 55 density for optimal comfort.

* EASY CLEAN - Microfibre leathers with smooth surface which can easily wipe clean.

* BUTADIENE RUBBER - High abrasion resistant compound , designed with directionally thread function for ultimate grip.

MOLDED EVA INSOLE - provides heel support , extra cushioning and stability , relieve foot pain arch support

MICROFIBRE UPPER - Super soft feel material which is water resistant , easy clean , durable and light weight.

Medifeet Diabetic footwear range brings seamless interior construction feature which reduces the abrasion and helps in the prevention of the skin breakdown and foot problems.

I was shown that the inside of Diabetic footwear range which finished without high, irritating seams. Do you know that the seams that rub against diabetic foot can cause irritation , causing blisters , calluses and infection.

It came with wound guard technology which formulated pure, chemically inert foam  without blowing agent residues and with uniform cell structure with regular cell walls , is used extensively in a wide variety of medical and health care applications , many of which involve direct skin contact.

Medifeet Diabetics footwear are mainly recommended by Doctors since it is Latex free and hypoallergenic  which reduces skin irritation.

I tried this range for more comfort.

I was contemplating to choose between the bright colorful loafer or the half cut boot designed.

At the end, brave myself to choose this bright color loafer for my Japan trip next month. A lot of walking coming up next month. This loafer is totally comfortable for me to do so.

Happy customer! To my happy feet too!

Special Thanks to Nani who walked me through and explained about most of their range despite many customers to attend to on that day. Seriously, many people at Medifeet that day mainly recommended by Hospital.

According to Nani their Diabetics range mainly sold out upon arrival at store.

If you wanna make you feet happy and comfortable , do visit Medifeet and try on their super comfy footwear at :

No. 3, Block 1 , Ground Floor , Worldwide Business Park
Jalan Tinju 13/50, Section 13
40675 Shah Alam Selangor
Tel : +603 5513 3708 / 5513 3697
Official Website :
Official Facebook :


  1. Pretty bright coloured shoes dear! Very comfy too.... Happy holiday soon.

    1. Always Black shoes...need to make a change in my shoe cupboard. kekeke

  2. I've not heard of Medifeet footwear, but love the variety of designs. Would certainly love to try & wonder if they've outlets in Singapore too :D

    1. Yeah they have in Singapore too. Check out their website. : )

  3. I love the bright colours! I know they are a good brand since my mum is using it too! Very comfy shoes to be getting.

    Aliza Sara

    1. Hi Aliza! I am still braving myself with bright color. Always very conservative black, Yes! very comfortable shoes.

  4. Heard about MediFeet also. This kind of shoes can correct your foot pressure hence your big toe won't be bearing so much of pressure. Do more toes exercise also ya!

  5. This looks like a great brand to try. I love a good pair of shoes. I am loving your bright loafers too - makes walking all the more exciting ..hehe

  6. Looks like it's very comfy to wear.... Must be a good brand..

  7. Comfy shoes all the way! I really like the bright colour loafers. How much does it cost? Can you drop me a line at

    1. Hi my bright and cheerful loafer cost RM220++

  8. Thanks for sharing dear, my mum need comfort as well!! May intro her~~

  9. So comfortable! I wish to buy it for my mom!

  10. comfy feet makes for healthy feet. :D thanks for sharing this post. ^^

  11. Nice choice on your shoes dear! They look quite fashionable and don't look like it is for medical purposes.


  12. Comfortable kicks makes the feet happy! I am trying to take care of my feet as well, hope your feet will be healed soon!

  13. i think you're gonna fit right in in Japan with that colourful shoes...glad you love them!

  14. I wonder if they will give me some orthopaedic shoes. Hahaha.

  15. Wow very nice shoes you have here. Enjoy your holiday in Japan and bring us souvenirs yo ;)

  16. Hey some of these designs are actually not bad considering they are 'functional' shoes!

  17. looks comfortable enough. might as well recommend these to my parents.oh, have fun in Japan!

  18. I heard about this too. But customized shoes is quite expensive eh...

  19. First time heard about this shoes!! I has the same leg situation as you too.

  20. first time heard about this brand! Even though the price is quite pricey but I think is valuable! :)

  21. When I looked at the bone photo, its... hurtful @@ btw the shoes colours seems pretty interesting to me!

  22. bright color loafer really suits you!
    enjoy your trip to Japan Ya!

  23. Lovely loafers...and have a blast in Japan k... I am so jelly here.... hahahah.....I want to go Osaka!!!!

  24. That's such a great thing for people with feet problems
    Enjoy your Japan trip next month and wish you share more later in blog post yeah :D

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