Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I was in Singapore for short trip during 58th Independence day weekend. I have appointments line up on Saturday afternoon and Monday morning. Sort of work and play trip. WTH!

Support for the change my style to Singapore by Jetstar. Whatever it is ...I wish those in power to manage the country with integrity. Even the immigration Uncle at Changi Airport told me to spend well since our currency is so much....OUT OF LINE! Uncle! I money so small here. isk isk isk isk... 

I don't mind working and live in Singapore if I have opportunity here. WTH! Feeling like migrating just like a bird!

Standing for almost one hour in line just to buy The Singapore Tourist Pass. Gosh!!! too many people. I bought 3 Days Pass for SGD30 which SGD10 refundable rental deposit. Not bad...weiiiiii since I will be going on and off MRT. This Singapore Tourist Pass is unlimited travel on Singapore basic bus services,MRT and LRT trains.

I think this way more economical for people who are from 'small money' country. WTH! 

I head straight to meeting place at Raffle Place from Changi Airport and only check in to my hotel at Lavendar after that. Weather was so freaking hot and made me feel tired since I took early morning flight on that day.

Late afternoon, I took MRT to Raffle Place again and walked along the area and head towards Marina Bay Sands. hehehehe Casino time??? WTH! Nayyyyy!!! money too small to gamble  and knowing what is my luck like...mmmmmm...slim chance to even double up but 'fat' chance to make it went straight into without any return. WTH!

Weather? Gosh!!! heat went through the skin. Hot! hot! hot! but the desire to visit my dream Avatar Tower over the heat!

'Curi curi masuk' inside my dreams hotel ladies....I really wanna stay a night at this place. Ah! this place smells so good!The Fullerton Bay Hotel. Not that I can't afford but my affordability to stay here will make me let go on other things. So...since I am mature enough to think on the consequences.....mmmmmmI will stay here maybe next year. Lets make this dreams come true soon. Meantime , try to make that small to big. kekekeke...

Still strolling around this place...and apparently they have sort of marathon and mini concert went on here. So happening! This is what you call multi racial and multi cultural co exist. No race or religion separate us.Some even wore T Shirt with 'Fight against racism!'

Finally , i manage to get selfie with that building behind me. One mission accomplished. After long and exhausting walk. feet is killing me. Make me wonder, how much time I have left? sob sob sob...

I went for Japanese food for my late evening meal. WTH! Short called Dinner la....

Then continue with my strolling and get to witness sunset in Singapore. WTH...Beautiful scene with Lotus pond view too.

A bit lost...trying my best to find way to Avatar Tower. At the end really clueless and asked people. 

Yeay! found the magical tower!!!!! Getting dark soon...I need to hurry up! Brave among all those swarm of people. At this point feel dizzy. I really hate crowded place. Really make me feel insecure and uncomfortable.

Getting near too....yeayyy!!!!

This place is so magical at night with more than 1 million plants from 5,000 species. Gardens by the Bay. Those towers inspire from Avatar movie. Night time they will do the light show.

Most people lie down on the pavement to watch the dancing lights while listening to lovely song compilation! I really love this magical moment. Next time come here, I will bring some soft pillow with me. This time I only use my sling bag for my head.

If you are visiting Singapore, never ever miss this amazing lighting show. There are many other attraction near by such as Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and many more.

My initial plan to get on Ferris Wheel but my feet wanna retire the night. I don't even know what strength do I use to get myself back to hotel. isk isk isk...

If you watch 'Hitman' movie, you will get to see Flower Dome. 

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