Friday, September 4, 2015


Coffee lover....A cup of coffee make a good starts of your day.
Most enjoy the boost that the caffeine gives you to stay alert. Caffeine is absorbed rapidly into your bloodstream


* Stimulate your nervous system which make you feel more awake, alert and able to concentrate.
* Increase effectiveness of analgesics up to 40 % and is a common ingredients in migraine medications.
* Noted as protection from Parkinson's Disease.

Apart from coffee, other products normally contain caffeine including black tea, chocolate and colas.
However if caffeine causes uncomfortable pounding chest, jittery nerves or shaking hands, you may want to consider decaf coffee. Decaf coffee does not mean there is no caffeine at all. It contains small amount of caffeine.

Decaffeinated only mean reduce the amount of caffeine in a product without affecting the flavors. If you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine then you may want to consider decaffeinated. You can enjoy your favourite beverages like others but lower risk of experiencing the side effect.

A cup of coffee starts the day off right. You might enjoy the boost in alertness and the caffeine jolt wakes you up. If caffeine causes an uncomfortable pounding in your chest, shaking hands and jittery nerves, you may want to consider decaf coffee. The choice of caffeinated or decaffeinated products should be based on an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of both types of beverages and your own health history.

Caffeine or Decaf

Making a choice between these two is all up to individual preference ! 
Regular caffeine consumption in moderate amounts has not linked with any harmful health consequences. For those who experience side effect after consuming caffeine should avoid all caffeine contain products. Choice in your hand!

Nescafe in a cup

I recently was introduced to Nescafe Mountain Wash. I am not a big fan of any of Nescafe products before. I hate the taste. Its too sweet. Unlike Nescafe Mountain Wash it taste just right and delicious for morning kick start of the day.More over this is De-Stress - De-Caf coffee. 

This coffee went through a very unique natural process which is Altitude - Climate - Water.

Altitude - coffee beans from breathtaking place in Vietnam mountain called Tri -An. 

Climate - naturally ripened coffee cherries.

Water - 100% water washed beans inspired by local farmers tradition.

Nescafe in a tin container

Love this presently canister. I even bought few for gift to love one!

opened canister full of Nescafe sachets

Where to buy Nescafe Mountain Wash?

This product only available online. First time , I bought from Qoo10 , paid RM14.90 and at that time they offer FREE DELIVERY. But recently I manage to get it cheaper from at around RM10++ per canister all in. Scout around for the best price only folks!

Have a Good Weekend ahead all!!!!!

Enjoy your coffee smartly, healthily and deliciously!

Nescafe cannister
[RM13.90][Nestle]NESCAFE Mountain Wash 20g x 12 Stick Canister~~SHIPPING ONLY FOR WEST MALAYSIA~~

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