Friday, September 11, 2015


Still in Singapore story!
When it come to theme reaction will be less excited. Why? This is kid place and also I hate crowded place.
I have an exception to experience it once in a life time. So, I visited to Universal Studio Singapore. Whether the ride thrill me???? Here I tell you my story...

woman with vitaminized drink

Gosh! I need to learn how to draw my eyebrow. Seriously, it look bald! I don't even pluck out the 'bulu'. This must be the case of falling eyebrow not the falling hair. haih!!!!

I woke up in the morning with very fresh face. Even drank Vitamised Water to start my well prepared.

Universal Globe

That Universal Globe is a bit difficult to take good photo. My photo skill so OUT!!! Have to wait evening time for less crowd posing around this globe.

When I reached this place around 10am, the weather was freaking hot. Looking at the crowd...fear me! I already targeted certain main attractions. Its all about planned...chewwwaaahhh!!! Do you think it will be according to my plan?

Sci-Fi City

1st - Sci Fi City

* Battlestar Galactica : Human (Red Track)

- seated roller coaster twists, turns and propels you over 14 storey into the air.

* Battlestar Galactica : Cyclon (blue Track)

- Suspended roller coaster goes up, around and upside down with an intense corkscrew and cobra roll

I didn't go for roller coaster first because people warned me this should be the last just in case you have nausea after the ride. So save that nausea the last...


* Transformers The Ride : The ultimate 3D Battle

- I was so excited because from outside look like not people. So thought the waiting time is so'zero'. But hey...walked inside the queue was like ...WTH!!!! almost 1 hour indoor queuing. I hate! I hate! I hate! I really don't know it will be like this one. 

What will you experience in this Transformer ride?

You will join Optimus Prime and the Autobots as freedom fighter. You have wear 3D Glass then sit on the car and join the battle. Haihhhh!!!! I thought I will scared....but serious no feeling. Not even a sound came out from me. I think I was so upset about queuing for long time.

Queue for almost one hour and the ride just like blink of eyes. WTH!

Revenge of The Mummy poster

2nd Ancient Egypt

* Treasure Hunters

- Young explorers can drive their own dessert jeep through an abandoned Egyptian excavation cave.

The queue was long too here and I saw the jeep was damn slow...Gosh! that will test my patient to the next level. I think I can lose myself here. So skip!

Egyptian jackal guardian statues guarding a tomb

* Revenge of the Mummy

You will plunge into total darkness on this indoor roller coaster as you came face to face with warrior mummies and scarab beetles.

Well..I took this one and the queue was lesser here. hehehehe...feel more relax .

My experience? Wear 3D Glass again and sat on a high speed roller coaster which iclude certain dramatic acceleration , climbing , filing , dropping and backwards motion. Still no thrill feeling for me. Not even a sound of excitement! haih! I am so hard to pleased! 

Jurassic Park

3rd The Lost World

* Canopy Flyer

I took this one. Very long queue too here. More than an hour. Killing me killing me but the 'make it worth of money' mind really make me wait in the line.


Well just a ride and enjoy a prehistoric bird's eye view as you soar over Jurassic Park. Haihhhh!!! no feeling at all.

* Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Here you will enjoy a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats.Bring own rain coat or you will be the unlucky one soaking wet here. WTH! I got wet half bottom because the water got into the raft.

Got others too but I think more kiddo rides. So that doesn't interest me at all.

water theme park

* Water World

I joined this show late afternoon. It was a live show where a group of 'Ang Moh' do the stunt act which include explosives and so on. Watch out on  where you seat. Read what written on your seat or you will soaking wet. They will splashed you with water where you don't need to get anymore shower after that.hahahaha...


Far Far Away

Many attractions here but only join one.
I only join this out of my boredom. It was so hot and need something indoor.

* Shrek  4-D Adventure

You need to wear 4-D glass then sit on the motion chair and feel the movement. Be prepared to get sprayed by water when the donkey sneeze. So Dirty!!!!

Shrek and fairy tale characters

castle surrounded by vines

roller coaster

I took the roller coaster at the Sci Fi after 2 hours plus queue. Serious no feeling at all. While others was screaming and arggghhh!!! arghhhh!! Whoaaahhhhh!!! me ? I was like ...haihhhh! WTH! No joke! I am not trying to boast out but no feeling at all which worries me too.

So... people!!! if you wanna visit USS make sure you afford to purchase VIP ticket for the early ride privilege and cut down the queuing time. Ride and have fun like the rich ...k!


I took this Madagascar ride the last. Here I screamed because of that water fall. WTH!!!!

Universal Studios Singapore

Great once in life time experience though!!!!

crowd of people

Thought this place going to be empty after sunset. Serious!!! outside was swarmed of people. huhuhuh.. really know how to enjoy la this people.

crowd of people

Time to go back to Lavendar and straighten up my crocked feet.

Never try never know...I thought I am a scare cat since I am easily jumped for loud noise and so on. I was surprise with my own reaction to all rides at USS.

Whether I want to go to Disneyland HK or Tokyo for this? mmmmmm...I think many other place will interest me. At least I tried!


  1. looking at it it looks fun but can get to play ma? so many ppl

  2. theme parks doesn't do it for me anymore too, but i do like going these places with the family and kids :)

  3. I also like the Universal Studio Singapore. Lucky me cus the discounts be available for the disability person like me. I enjoyed Transformers much than others. Thumb up! You better go to Disneyland HK so it is good and easy for you go. I went there already. ;)

  4. I never been there before. Hopefully can bring my little angels there for Christmas

  5. Been to Singapore numerous times but can you believe that I have never entered Universal Studios before? Akkkk.... too expensive, too crowded, or maybe like you, too old to be so easily impressed. LOL

  6. I have visited universal Studio once. That time is school holiday and i have to pack with people and queue up for so long.

  7. Why no thrill, it looks like lots of fun and I had lots of fun what... live life... enjoy the moment... not everyone is as lucky as us

  8. Been there in 2010...looking at this pix, feel that I want to go there again!

    Kolin zainal

  9. My kids would really love to go there... :) So crowded..

  10. wow my kids would like to go. Need mark this place :D

  11. Ah! So many new rides, I was there when Universal Studios first opened and a lot of rides wasn't even running yet. :( Sadly, our currency isn't helping me plan the next trip down. Everywhere cost a bomb now thanks to our Ringgit.

  12. JURASSIC PARK is my favourite for sureeeee ! hope you enjoyed your time there :)

  13. Wowo! They have added some many new rides....currently need to save money 1st to revisit it again due to the currency matters : ( Cheers,

  14. Honestly, I think you're brave ..haha. I would have walked away. I can't tahan long queues and crowds. I'll be like grumpy cat if I had to. ^.^

  15. This looks like the perfect place to bring your family. Cool :)

  16. never been there yet!
    by looking at the photos tempt me to been there!

  17. Yups. Age is just numbers. We are never too old for these.

  18. I wish to go again after I been there last 2 years!

  19. Haven't been to Singapore in forever, don't think will be going anytime soon though the place is definitely attractive

  20. Haven't been to this place yet, plan to visit end of this year, thanks for the sharing :)

  21. I remember being there myself. ahh memories. Youre never too old to be the inner child you really are. haha. yay to being FOREVER YOUNG!


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