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Japan Travel post will be continued next week.
Recently, I have fun taking up 14 days challenge on this awesome skim regime with  Avène.Read on...

I always have a combination skin and recently it is full blown oily on the nose part. You imagine , I have to keep touching up just a nose area most of the time. Ah! Very annoying! My skin keep changing its types according to season. 

Is it because I keep changing my skin care. Well...I love mixing up my skin care range and nothing wrong with that. Even my beautician encourage and taught me how to mix it up for optimal result. For example day time use the whitening series and night time for anti aging.

skincare products

Recently I was up for 14 days challenge by Avène to try out their skin regime. 5 steps for better skin result.

1. CLEANSE - Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam

2. SOOTHE - Avène Thermal Spring Water

3. TONE - Avène Gentle Toner

4. MOISTURISE - Avène Hydrance Optimale Light

5. PROTECT - Avène Day Protector UV EX SPF30+++

earrings and cleansing foam

1st Step - CLEANSE with Eae Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam

Since my skin on the cheek area are generally very dry so I stay away from any foam based cleanser. I was told foam are known to strip the skin of all oils. This is due to ingredients called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Ammonium Laureth Sulfate and there is another ingredient which I forgot the name.

Avène Gentle Cleansing foam does not contain any of these ingredients, so I dare to try this out because I know it won't strip down for nothing. True end up gently cleansed my skin. Since this product is formulated for combination to oily skin as well as sensitive skin, it works more like purify without drying up skin.

Love the texture of this foam soft like cotton onto my face unlike other cleanser which I need to ladle for the foam before applying. This one I just need to pump up and apply. So easy! Guess what? This foam can easily cleanse out from skin too.

I brought this along for my recent Japan trip and it work wonders to my skin.
No more drying up and it work well. The sensitive area on my skin improves a lot during the trip. Love the moisture effect!

If you ladies out there have sensitive skin, Avène Gentle Cleansing foam may be your alternative for cleansing.

How to use : Moisten the skin, place a dab of cleansing foam in your palm and apply on the face , using light circular movement. Then rinse it thoroughly with water and gently pat to dry.

bracelet and spring water

2nd Step - SOOTHE with Avène Thermal Spring Water

I love using Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe up my skin after cleansing and before toner. When spritzed this up onto face after the cleansing, it sort of like brings back the skin to live after the stripped off its moisture, natural oils. So refreshing!

How to use : All you need to do is spray mist evenly all over your face. Don't wait until it dry up. Just apply your toner while it still damp. I really don't like to wait until it dry  which to me I feel it make my skin end up dry and prone to wrinkles. Its up to personal preference anyway.

I also love to moisture my face during the day by spraying up just to have that freshen up feeling . Don't forget to pat off the excess water after spraying up.

jewelry and toners

3rd Step - TONE UP with Ave'ne Gentle Toner

Most toners in the market have alcohol smell in it. What I love about this Avène Gentle Toner is it specifically formulate for dry and very dry skin with no alcohol contains. I love the fact that this toner give temporary hydration feeling and really blend well with any face moisturiser.

How to use : Gently shake the bottle until the toner turn milky white and apply it to your face. Again...depends on each preference. I normally apply my toner use my own finger tips without any cotton pad. I feel this way more effective for my skin.


4th Step - MOISTURISE with Avène Hydrance Optimale Light

Its hard to find moisturise which suits you for day and night in one tube. When travel abroad, I hate to pack up day cream and night cream and bla bla bla with me. So heavy! 

Avène Hydrance Optimale Light has a very light runny texture so it looks more like a lotion than a cream. It doesn't feel heavy or rich onto your skin but yet it does a good job to moisturise skin. 

How to use : Apply morning and evening to face and neck


5th Step - PROTECT with Avène Day Protector UV EX SPF30+++

Recently, I bought one famous brand day protector and it end up make my face look like just a layer of white mask. Haihhhh!!! I continue scouring out for new one to replace for that one. 

When I recently try out Avène Day Protector, day by day , I can't help to fall in love with its effect onto my skin. I love the way it leaves zero oiliness on skin and completely absorbs in. The soothing and lovely soft scent brings up its own points! The texture just like normal moisturising cream without heavy feeling.

How to use : Apply a thin layer onto your cleansed face and neck every morning.

I love the fact that most Ave'ne product are cater for normal to combination and sensitive skin really makes me don't hesitate to recommend this product to all. for contact lens user like me, have no worries at all since this product are so gentle and won't harm your eyes. Overall experience and effectiveness is 4.5/5.

More details check out :


  1. Awesomeness..have never heard of this brand but it sure looks good!

  2. i been use it for few years due to my skin sensitive prob , spring water n gel cleaser is my favorite. really a good product. worth to have it .

  3. Respect you all for putting your skin through so many different products to promote them on your blog. Despite not being bothered about using branded skin care products in the market, still wouldn't dare to subject my own skin to all sort of products in case one of them create an outbreak of craters on my face.

  4. i have been using this products for more than 4 years and I found this product is good. Have small bottle for me to bring out.

  5. I try the skincare before. It is good for those who had eczema skin problem.

  6. Always adores Avene skin care products. Mist is my must have item in my bag, off, everywhere. Hehe...

  7. I use this brand as my travel kit. It's good!
    Will try their Avène Day Protector UV EX SPF30+++ ;)

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  13. I wonder if their skincare is the same for women and men. Hope they have a men range.

  14. Thanks for your step by step guide. Really helps a noob like me.

  15. I heard this product is really good for skin.. would like to try but I just have too many haven't use lagI product kat rumah kadang2 sampai expired tak habis paKaI.. my skin Cepat betul immune with same product... I guess our skin need to follow musim... now is Jerebu... hu3

  16. Looks very gentle on the skin. And i heard a lot about the product too. Wouldnt mind giving this a go :)

  17. Avene products are quite good and stay longer without harming your skin.

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  19. I like Avene products.. they are very gentle on the skin and my most favorite one is the Thermal Spring Water spray...

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