Friday, October 30, 2015


street in Japan

From Shirakawago, I move on by bus for one hour journey to Takayama where I will take train back to Kanazawa. It was around 2pm and still have time left for me to explore this by the way city of Takayama. Not much that I know about this City in Japan's Gifu Prefecture. It was unplanned exploration.

I took the self tour walking guide map from information counter which near the bus terminal then went to reserve seat for my train ride to Toyama for Kanazawa. I reserve seat for around 5pm train. I think should be enough time for me to walk around this interesting city.

Japanese dolls

Aihhhh!!! Kawaii!

Soba noodles

Late lunch at nearby Japanese Noodle Shop. This is first time I enter this kind of place for meal. I choose Yama-kake Soba which cost me 600 JPY. 

Yama-Kake-Soba is hot soba noodles in bonito broth garnished with grated yam and raw egg. Haih!!! I should have order Sansai Soba which comes with wild greens. Yama-Kake Soba kind of sticky with yam. I still finished my meal because it cost me 600 JPY. Uwaaaaaa!!!! I wish can just put aside that yam and raw egg. My first time eat raw eat in 41 years living. Seriously the photo look like it serve with sunny top fried egg instead of grated yam and raw egg. isk... isk... isk... me... misinterpreted!

I ate under the watchful of that friendly lady. I forced myself to finished it because don't want to be rude to her. She made the noodles with love for me. Lucky the bonito broth was nice. huhuhuhuhu... it really serve to me exactly like in the photo wor! 

grapes and trishaw in Japan

Finished my late lunch , then try to walk using the map on my hand. usual. I read the map in wrong direction. So end up away from the crowd which is good and bad again. Anyway...I just walk and enjoy my new discovery with open heart and mind.

Miso production

This soy sauce and miso shop also serves hot miso soup and some rice cakes snacks. Seriously...walking around Takayama make me full. I enter every shop with snacks and sample it. Cheapskate snacks buffet! I am so Asian hor?

Thirsty? Don't worry just refill water at nearby spring. Some shop even give you sample of vinegar drinks and even sake. 

street in Japan

I really love spend my whole after noon walking around this narrow streets with lined wooden merchants houses dating to the Edo Period. This is really beautifully preserved old town. Back old days this city was under direct control of the Shogun.

If you visit Takayama during spring and autumn there will be Takayama festival which considered one of Japan's best festivals. This festival going back to at least mid 1600s featuring ornate, gilded floats and puppet shows. I bet this is a blast festivals to attend.

horse statue

Walk around again and discover this old temple. Seriously , I lost track and totally out of track. So just enter because this place look like full of amazing history.

Shinto priestess in temple

Nice place with many trees. The weather was freaking hot here. But I love it because its windy too. So not that bad to walk around enjoy the view and smells the old trace of history.

school boys riding bicycles

Time for me to say goodbye to this well preserved traditional building city. I have good memory here and will treasure it until my times up!

Japanese food

Reached Kanazawa just right for dinner time. Lazy to walk around find for food. I settled with restaurant at the basement near Kanazawa train station. Hot stone seafood bibimbap style. I love this because its rice with lots of seafood top with cheese, sauce then served in hot stone bowl. Just mixed all and delicious dinner ready to eat!

This was my last night at Kanazawa and the next day I woke up early back to Tokyo by Shikansen.

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