Friday, November 20, 2015


For those who congratulated me early this!
I am not Dr Rina. I am not crazy enough to pursue that Doctorate. To me , earned Master Degree is enough. Don't want that 'Permanent Head Damage' title!


I was in Penang attending my last Sis's convocation. She graduated with Doctorate in Geophysic. Gosh! what was she thinking when she study that thing???

Out of many courses she chose 'Geophysic' and  I still don't get it until now.

night skyline

I went as a Chauffeur to my parent and my sis. I was there sent her off 8 years ago when she first enrolled for matriculation, so I decided to bring her back as a closure. WTH! So sentimental, isn't?

bouquet of flowers

I even made the flower bouquet for her. WTH! Who ever knows me well ...will sure know my gift wrapping skills,sucks!

girl with bouquet of flowers

I made it! Of course after one hour cracking head with mum and dad help. WTH!
Mum help me wrapping while Dad busy searching online and compare our design with others online. Sort of family team work kind of night before all of us off to Penang to meet my last sis.
Mum and Dad was so excited to make this with me. All of us super proud when my sis thought we bought it instead of handmade. WTH!

She thought we bought it elsewhere because her bouquet was unique and different from everyone else. Others bought from vendors nearby around campus area.

It was so expensive to buy one. Very few flowers but generous wrapping paper? I totally against to spend my precious money for that. That is why I chose to make one! Furthermore the effort and sense of achievement is something can last forever.

Sis hate pink. I chose pink because it stand out among all. WTH! Overall she love it. That count!

crowd of people

Back to my post title...while waiting for my parent and sis ceremony ending, I sat outside patiently waiting for them. Only two person can enter the auditorium. So that will be my parent. Me as a chauffeur waited and sometimes wandering around for some window shopping and then settle down at one corner with chair to read my book.

The drama started here...
One Auntie sat down opposite me and started talking loudly.

Auntie : My child just graduated. Degree in Engineering!

I can sense the proud feeling in her. At the same time was wondering too. I thought my sis told me today convocation only for Doctorate. No Degree except for Medical. Basically today graduation all for the Dr.s. Turn out she is one of the vendor selling there in campus. Her child graduation was like earlier this month.

Me : Oh congratulation! you must be very proud and happy.

Trying to be polite. 

Auntie : hahahaha... yeah! here the photo

Shove out her phone to show me the photo. I saw 3 people in the photo one girl 2 boys.

Me : Your beautiful.

Auntie : No son. That one his friend. hahahaha

Me : oh! sorry...kekekeke

Try to continue my reading and was contemplating to walk and sit else where.

Auntie : Good if got 5 children all graduate in Degree then work and give each RM1,000 or RM2,000 to mum. So happy become parent need to work anymore if got children.Can get rich by receiving their money every month!!!! I can relax  and no more working.

Me : huh? lucky good.

I think I need to go away from here. Feeling sad for her. Hopefully she don't end up with disappointment. I understand where she come from....haih..

There was another girl nearby...she overheard that Auntie too. We both exchange glance. Her expression was disbelief by that Auntie statement too. Gosh!
What if her Son and Daughter don't even give a dime after working?

I quickly pretend busy with my phone as if receive messages. Close my book and give my signal and excuse myself. I walk away from her.

While walking away...I can't help thinking about her statement. Is all parent think the same way too when they bring children to this world? Expect something in return? Don't you bring another life into this world and wish them to have a good life and be good people rather than full hope for them to give you full service in return? Seriously?

How many parent in this world got rich because of their kids earn their Degree and give monthly allowances? I heard many stories parent goes broke because of their children. Hardly hear any story about parent get rich this way. Old parent , life getting convenient...maybe!

I do contribute to my parent as their child and try my best to care for them. This is my own will! But for that Auntie....I pity her. I am so afraid for her to end up with a huge disappointment too.Maybe she was too proud of her son achievement to earn a Degree.

I can still hear her repeating the same statement to other people who sat nearby. Good luck Auntie!

I share my story to my parent and sis...all of us really pity her for having that kind of thought.


Having fun selfies with my sis's robe and 'harry porter's hat'.

Hurt my back driving too long!

Blessed weekend everyone!

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