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this map source from alpines-routes website
I heard Japan is good in preserving nature, that is why my Japan trail this round is all about nature scenic place. Unlike China and South Korea , I more interest in  their historical sites. I feel more close to China and South Korea than Japan because I read more about these two countries history. I know nothing about Japan history...Oh lying here...I know but try to be ignorant! 

It took me this long to open up my heart to finally step my foot here and try not to recall the history I read. So sentimental la...this woman.

It was the most memorable and fulfilling journey for 10 Days / 9 Nights in Japan. I am not a Wonder Woman to cover whole Japan for that number of days.I wish could be 2 months long leave just to travel around. Oh well! most of our dreams....unless born with gold spoon then this number of days are consider.....lucky me!

When you may think I know many about Japan when read my travel post. Frankly speaking, I don't know much ! Planning for travel is all about research. As long as you know what interest you then just focus to that.  I read other people blogs and also Japan travel guide website. I mixed and match the itinerary to my preference.

 Japan 10 Days / 9 Nights itinerary 

2 Nights - Tokyo
- Stay around Asakusa (you can google the attractions at Asakusa)
* full day walking tour using map around Asakusa for a Day

2 Nights - Matsumoto (google the attractions at Matsumoto)
- Stay around Matsumoto
* Half day afternoon walking tour using map around Matsumoto
* Take train and bus to Kamikochi - full day jungle trekking
* One day Tateyama Alpines Routes then direct to Kanazawa to overnight there

3 Nights - Kanazawa (google the attractions at Kanazawa)
* Full day walking tour around Kanazawa
* Take bus from Kanazawa to Shirakawago and Tateyama - Full day

2 Nights - Tokyo (google the attractions at Tokyo)
* Half day walking around tour using map
* Full day tour take Train to Hakone

Google the attractions that may interest you there are many comprehensive and details write up on those attractions. What interest me doesn't mean it will to you too. 

I tried to make use of my JR Pass which cost me USD200 plus for 7 days. I started using it from Tokyo to Matsumoto. Then to Kanazawa and back to Tokyo. At least to make it more worth it. Certain bus can use JR pass too. I could say the transportation cost could be higher without it. You can check JR line website on how to buy the advance ticket and find out which is more economical and you will make use of this.

It was like mad planning for this trip especially while studying Japan complicated train lines make me almost give up. It can be confusing but when you familiar with it...easy!

Since I stayed at 4 hotels and move around a lot within town to town. I brought backpack instead of trolley luggage for my convenient. I can't imagine myself dragging that big trolley luggage around train station. Oh God! No...

I took ANA promo fares to Tokyo and landed at Narita. They first fly from KUL - Narita on 1st Sep 2015. Glad able to fly with dream liner plane this time. Their service? Tip top! You are well taken care off. Two thumbs up! Full of SOP. Pretty much programmed! Fly with them once ...and you know what I mean.

I book hotel based on review from website like Agoda and Booking. I prefer hotel which is walking distance to train station and some attractions. Some of you can stay at Hostel, Guesthouse or even tube hostel which is much cheaper but I really conscious about where I sleep and the surrounding. At least 3 stars. WTH!  Picky!

Most of my travel without travel agent and their stereotypes packages. I don't like shopping places  and big city travel and I want to be in control of my own itinerary. I like it free and easy as I wish.


Where ever I go , I will determine my meal budget per day based on price of one bowl of noodles. Like in Japan the price range around 600 - 1000 JPY depends on what you eat.

So eat 3 times you do own maths. You can starve but why you need to do that. Don't travel if you starve yourself which means you can't afford to do that. Pack box rice from homeland. Very troublesome for me. Maybe applicable for dinner but after all your tiring day trip, you indulge to hot and fresh food.
To me my dinner time will be the most luxurious budget.
How much we can eat during breakfast time. If you book hotel with breakfast it would be better but for Japan I booked without it.
Reason is because most of the time I will be out from Hotel early in the morning to catch the first train or bus. So I normally grab sandwich from convenient store or fresh fruits. My lunch is normally what I find during my tour and most of the time street food.

Travel is all about ...

* Curiosity
* Research
* Learning
* Courage

When you travel...

* Open your mind
* Free your mind
* Don't limit yourself
* Determination
* Respect other people cultures
* Smile more

Do I wanna go Japan again? YES! I will research more of their nature trails but not so soon. Year end is coming. So my travelling budget also "Bo Liao"! ngehehehehe Most chunk went to Japan trip! Congratulation to Japan for you win to my budget allocation!

Very disappointed with my Japan Travel itinerary post? You expect me to tell you budget? More details? Well...there is no thrill if I spoon feed the info to you. This is just a guide. You can just google those words and more info will come to you. This is how you learn and travel like a pro.

Budget? To me this is very subjective. You may have bigger budget than me or maybe not. Different people different capability and also depends on one preference on things too. What comfortable for me may not suit you.

Again...its all about curiosity, research, learning and courage!

Last note, I prefer to travel alone but if no choice maybe with not more than one companion.

One is the best.
Two is better.
Three may spoil preferences
Four will invite trouble ...


  1. I love the last quote you make. It's really courage of you to travel and discover things alone as a woman. I hope you share more photos of the nature you love and discover in Japan. :)

  2. I love your travel itinerary! Will bookmark it for future reference! Thanks!

  3. Travel to Japan is not cheap and I need to plan it wisely. I agree with you that w need to understand and respect people culture when we travel to other people country.

  4. I wanna go Japan again!!~ So nice!

  5. I really liked you quote "Different people different capability and also depends on one preference on things too. What comfortable for me may not suit you."
    I agree with that.

  6. nice holiday in Japan. Hoping to go someday, never been there.
    shall check your post if I am going :D

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  14. i enjoy reading this blog post from you, very personal with the itinery :) Especially the last poem, I like to travel alone too :)
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  15. Love your advise! Japan is the best place to travel because of their culture! People there are learn to be very helpful and well-mannered. Don't you think so? So I believe as a woman, we could even travel solo and safe there.

  16. Hahaha 4 will invite trouble? I like travelling with my husband and my closest friends only. Thanks for the guide. If ever I plan a visit to Japan, I'll kacau you because your interests and budgeting sounds like mine when I travel. I'm fussy about hotels too- must have clean beds and bathrooms!

  17. Oh my, I SO wanna go Japan. It's definitely one of those countries I hope to go to very very soon. Although, I would need to go with a partner instead of by myself. It's more fun with a partner, in my case. Maybe I could copy some of your itinerary as well. :)

  18. i agree, when you smile more the sun shines back at us!

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