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Monday, January 25, 2016


3 countries in one day? Possible? Impossible?
Which country?
Thailand , Myanmar and Laos - Golden Triangle ! I even cross over to Laos by boat. DAEBAK!

signboard of Golden Triangle

According to history this Golden Triangle has been well known for the opium growing and nowadays this place are famous as largest tourist trap in northern Thailand.

map of Laos and Thailand

To reach this place you need to take mini van for around 3 1/2 hours drive from Chiangmai City to Mae Sai. The landscape is hilly and divided by Ruak River that flows into Mekong River. These rivers then form a natural boundary like a Triangle shape between 3 countries LAOS - to the east of Mekong, MYANMAR - to the north of the Ruak and THAILAND - to the west of  Mae Khong.

boat ride

I took a boad ride across to a small island Don Sao, which in Laos. You don't need visa to go to this Island but you still need to bring passport.

huge golden Buddha statue

From Thai riverside sits a huge Golden Buddha Statue.


Thats the view from the boat over look the Thai riverside.

collage about Laos

Here we go...Laos by just 10 - 15 minutes boat ride from Mae Sai, Thailand. See the photo top right, the show photo of people caught Narkha, on type of big creatures from Mae Kong river. Scary huh?

Oh! if you think you can cross over to the rest of Laos with through this Island. Try laaaaa...maybe end up in Laos Prison, who knows...kekekekeke then can be famous by writing a book in Laos prison. 


To me not much thing to do on this Don Sao Island. They have vendors selling their items which mainly items made in Myanmar, Laos , Thailand and even China. Didn't buy anything. To me this place more like 'Ang Mo' market. For us Malaysian whose money becoming 'tiny as ants' can just look look see see laaaaaa... 

I don't like it much here... Loas kids here asked for money. They are not even begging. Its like a MUST give. Guess they may grown up become a thug if this continues. They are not mild kids like in Seam Reap and others. They are more aggressive. Scaryyyyy!!!! Thank God ! I don't look foreign to them so they just disturb the 'Ang Mo'. Ngeeeeee..lucky me.


There you go my look look see see from Dan Siao Island, Laos.


The weather is freaking hot. I don't even eat lunch yet. Its almost 3pm. WTH!!!!

crown-structured building

On the way back to Thailand side saw this crown structure and was told its a Casino in Laos but this Casino own by Chinese. kekekeke 

There is another Casino in Thailand which own by Myanmar too which I couldn't snap the photo.

Thailand flag and gate
From Mae Sai, drive another 20 minutes which we reach to this small town with Myanmar influence. We can to the bridge and Myanmar is just in the other side. It just a short bridge. Can you cross over to Myanmar through that bridge? Try lorrr! Then tell me your story.


  1. I love this post, thank you so much
    as I am a travel freak
    never know I can travel 3 countries in a day

  2. looks so much fun visiting 3 countries, i want visiting countries in Asia but the river is bit dirty and but the sea is clear

  3. OH my... a bit scary to visit this place especially with the children asking for money. Have to be careful on your travels dear

  4. This is so interesting! Didn't even know this exists! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! i love this post! Really wish to travel around the golden triangle one day<3

  6. I have been to the same place!
    But I didn't step on Laos...

  7. Wow i didnt know about this piece of land, I have been to Thailand and Laos, i would love to do that as well. Thanks for sharing, i will look up visa requirements, maybe if you are not from ASEAN countries you might need visas.
    Wow very much intrigued to see how it looks.
    thanks so much

  8. What a nice trip dear, love the pictures. The Gold Buddha statue must have been such a sight to see too :)

  9. Wow! Didn't know these 3* places we're that close to each other lol, definitely saves time if you want to cover more places in a short period.

  10. wow nice travel post you have here. hope to travel with you, can? let me know hehe.. wanna go travel with friend instead of alone :D

  11. i know that they are all very near to each other, but visiting all at one go seems a little tiring for me :)

  12. have never been to chiangmai, only Bangkok. how i wish to visit there one day! All shot to chiangmai, laos and myanmar hehe

  13. Awesome... super keeeennngg.... I want to do that too... and hopefully one fine day I can... hehehe... 3 countries in one day awesome lah

  14. Three countries in a day sounds like very rush. Tiring too, if you have to lug with you heavy luggage.

  15. wow all 3 countries in one day! would love to try this one day!!

  16. I have been to this spot too and feel the same way. We were asked to pay money just for being there...haha! Outrageous. We left-lah. ^.^

  17. Gonna plan my visit to this plan after my Japan trip! Love how you visit so many country in just 1 day!

  18. Been wanting to visit this place! And looks fun to cover 3 places in a day!

  19. Wow 3 places in one day. Must be so tiring when travel.

  20. Interesting, 3 countries in one day, sound like mission impossible for me.
    Because I don't really like rush trip, especially personal trip..
    Btw, thanks for Sharing.

  21. Hi dear! I went to this place too with my hub. Bought some special souvenirs from there too. :)

  22. Wow you can cover 3 countries in a day. Awesome la. I am going to Cambodia soon.

  23. Haven't been to ChiangMai before, will bookmark this post for my travel reference :)

  24. you are nuts how did you go so many places in one day, so adventurous this girl

  25. everything recapped in one day, nice! you must have bought so many things back :D


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