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It is the beginning of the year, and people love organizing their private and professional lives by setting up goals and resolutions. And that is why we see a thrust in buying of journals and diaries, planners and organizers in months of December and January. Many people have already started using their planners and journals for 2016. For those who haven’t, you should go ahead and buy some of them. They not only help you pen your thoughts and feelings down, but they also make you reflect on yourself.
opened monthly planner

A Journal

Journals and diaries are a great way to record the events that are important to you. People benefit by improving their writing skills; it helps improve your working memory.
Even in the age of smartphones and thousands of apps, many of us who feel the need of writing with a great pen in a beautiful notebook, incidents that we feel that are worth remembering.

Diaries and journals come in different sizes and colours. There are usually dates on each page so that you can write events that happened in that day. You can have the Classic Vintage Leather journals and at other times, it can be beautiful hand crafted cardboard journal. Some sport bold colors like yellow, green, red, and blue and some can have a suede finish. Some diaries come with pens. Many journals have multiple pockets. Sometimes journals also have a lock and key that helps, especially students, to keep your secrets safe.

Journal is used to record events that are important to us. People might want to track progress on a specific topic. Some people like keeping the travel journal, others a reading journal on good books they read. Gratitude journal helps you focus on things that are good in life. Creative journal helps you quickly scribble a list of ideas, observations and some sketches. has a range of diaries and journals for your personal use. Journals from brands like Filofax, Moleskine are a perfect company for writing your thoughts. They are ideal for everyday use and have different sizes that fit in the pocket, handbags and briefcases too.

moleskine notebook

 Journal from Moleskine

Planners and organizers, on the other hand, are more goal oriented. They help you plan the tasks that need to be done daily, write what is important for you and what actions do you need to take to achieve it. These are the little things that work on converting your intentions into actions. Small changes that you bring in your life make you feel more fulfilled.

Planners come in all sizes. It can be of the size of a journal or big enough to hang in the wall.

This planner from Lazada Malaysia that can be hung on the wall or kept flat on the table can help you schedule your activities daily.

online shopping for planner

You can also get planners as stickers which can be easily stuck and removed from a whiteboard for instance.
Monthly planners are planners where each page is laid out for a month. You can have large easy to read font.

This Monthly Planner in Amazon from BlueSky helps organise each week and also months.
opened monthly planner

Blue Sky Big Picture "Marbella" 2016 Weekly/Monthly 5 x 8 Planner

Weekly and Daily Planners help you write in further details, the plan for your day.

Another product from Rakuten is a to-do planner. This product from Quartet helps you to dry erase for planning and jotting things for a day. This is very useful for a mom who has to organise her daily chores in the day.

To-do planner

 One shape of planner that is very useful is the elongated notebooks that are comfortable even while using a keyboard and also is easily accessible.

Iconic Weekly Desktop from Amazon is one such product.

weekly planner
These journals and planners have offers and discounts that can help you buy at a much lesser price. CouponBelanja is one of the leading coupon sites in Malaysia which curates offers that are available at different stores.

So why not maintain your journal and plan each day to stay more organised this year. Planners help to make a better you. It brings you closer to your goals. Keep a tab on the events and schedules, occasions and incidents in your lives.

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