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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


female celebrities wearing jumpsuits

I am sure most of you have seen jumpsuit before? 

Despite the pictorial above , I could describe jumpsuit as a top attached to pants or shorts and a cinched waist.

Jumpsuits made their debut in the fashion world back in the 1960s and since then have become the favourites among fashionista worldwide. 

In addition to picking what colour and kind of jumpsuit that is suitable for the occasion, you should know how to style and accessories your outfit to dress and look your best.

Jumpsuit made a huge comeback last season back in 2014 and even up until now we still can see women walking down the streets wearing them in a gorgeous attitude. Although it is still worn by the ladies, the fashion industry has adopted and modified the look to be one of the must-haves for this season.

If you want to choose one to complete your closet you must have these three key factors in your mind –

* body type, 
* occasion and 
* season. 

How to find for the right jumpsuit?

1. Right Length 

Jumpsuits normally comes in various length and sizes. If you have that height to proud can easily get away with sweeping, floor length piece. If you are the petite type just like me, do settle it with the above knee length. 

Not just bottom length, you need to pay attention to the sleeves length too. If you have a perfect tone up arms, you work hard and you deserve to enjoy that halter top, sleeveles or even tube top jumpsuits. For butterfly flabby arms like me, long sleeved jumpsuits look elegant, classy and more important hide away all those access dangling fat! hehehehe

2. Solid Color or Color Blocked

Well color blocked jumpsuits can be acceptable if done it moderately. However , most solid color  lengths the body.

3. Right Fit and Size

It's important to get right fit when it comes to jumpsuit. You don't one to look like a potato sacks which cause you look super ugly.

If you in doubt , get the loose and draped while clinching the waist.

Having the best jumpsuits look doesn’t only involves in getting one that fits you well, but you must know how to pair it with the right matching accessories to give the same jumpsuit a variety of looks!

* Belts can alter your appearance and hide some body parts while enhancing others. 

* Jewellery is another great choice of accessory to be paired with a jumpsuit. It can drastically change your look where you can go from casual to work ready with the perfect necklace and earrings. Jackets should be in your list too and never forget to have the right shoes to accentuate your legs and add a few inches.

Now you can find a wide selection of women jumpsuits of various styles on many online shopping websites in Malaysia. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get one to add to your closet!


  1. Same goes to me, I prefer long sleeve too to cover my flabby arms :( jumpsuits are cool!

  2. I love jumpsuit! But too bad i cant find one that are suitable for me as i am very short. :( Thanks for your tips. I guess it helps!

  3. I guess jumpsuit looks perfect on slim body
    wait me slim down first den im gonna wear it like a queen!

  4. Somehow I do not think that jumpsuits flatter me. They seem to intimidate me. But maybe I should give them a chance

  5. I like this post as jumpsuit I always fear to wear.
    Right size and fit is important I always have problem with that.

  6. So stunning! They looks so gorgeous in the jumpsuit.. makes me wanna try wearing one..

  7. I don't like sleeveless plus I think that I don't have the height to carry off jumpsuits well. Somehow, these models look so pretty but when the jumpsuits are on me, I look like Humpty Dumpty.

  8. Jumpsuits look great on tall & slim girls. I don't think I am suitable to wear one.

  9. We are wearing the cloth OR the cloth is wearing us. It's good to know our body shape better to find a suitable piece.

  10. Thanks for the tips, I hardly wear jumpsuit because its kind of difficult when I want to go to the ladies.

  11. I always want to try but it seems does not suit me

  12. those are so gorgeous... however I am obese and on the big side.. =(

  13. How come my jumpsuits doesn't look so interesting. All it has is plenty of pockets, reflective strips and heavy. LOL

  14. I always prefer jumpsuit than dress. It make you looks more elegant and easy to match with other outfits. =)

  15. jumper.. i've never worn these style type of clothes in my life.
    do men wear them?

  16. I love jumpsuit so much and I have 5 jumpsuit with different style and length. The only troublesome is when going to toilet.

  17. I think jumpsuits looks really edgy and cool. There should be more people dressed in them!

  18. I find jumpsuits was really convenient to wear because it comes in 1 piece! Gonna go shop some pretty at Zalora =P

  19. actually jumpsuit make us look taller and comfy to wear :) I like! I have both long and short designs :) ha...ha...cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  20. interesting tips! I know i have a hard time to pull off jumpsuits because of my body size. :(

  21. i would love to try jumpsuit. but i guess it never suit me. haha.

  22. Haven't try jumpsuits before, I always wonder how will I look in it :)

  23. Thanks for your tips! I'll try to wear jumpsuit which can compromise my height :)

  24. Thank you for your tips Cindy! I love jumpsuits however you're right, it must only fit well, the body frame should be considered.

  25. I love jumpsuits. I had two before ..even if going to the toilet was a nuisance...haha!


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