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Do you know Mentholathum?

Mentholathum is the company manufacture and marketer for non prescription drugs and health care products. Some of brands can be associated with Mentholathum is Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto C Cube , Deep Heating Rubs and most recent they launch Botanics.

bottles of skincare products, sheet masks

Recently, Mentholathum developed a brand new facial care series called Botanics. This series is inspired by the goodness of nature from the earth. The ingredients of Botanics Series are from the highest and the finest quality natural herbal essences.

The Botanics consist of four range of products - tube face wash , foaming face wash, pump face wash and mask sheets. So far these are the range available for consumers. 

series of foaming wash

* Foaming wash series is the light foamy facial cleanser.

There are 2 Foaming Wash Face Wash  at 160 ml available for you to choose :

Whitening (suitable for all skin types)

-  Contains Narcissus extracts which naturally revive dull skin to enhance skins fairness, aloe vera extracts to hydrate and refine skin texture which also helps to make skin tone even with a natural translucent glow.

Oil and Blemish Control (suitable for oily / combination skin)

- Contains tea tree and Ylang Ylang extracts to control and effectively prevent blemishes and blackheads.

* Pump Wash series 150g is convenient and easy to control the amount. all you need is just 2 pumps from this bottle for your pretty face care.

There are 2 pump face wash for your selections :

Moisturising and Brightening (suitable for all skin types)

- Contains Rosehips oil which well know and naturally rich in Vitamin C to help brighten skin tone and improve skin luminosity leaving skin looking healthy with enhanced natural radiance.

Deep Clean

- Contains Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang extracts to control and effectively prevent blemishes and blackheads.

tubes of face wash

* Face Wash tube 100g series is suitable for travel and on the go ladies out there. Perfect natural scent to wakes up your cells.

It comes in 4 choices :

Hydra Whitening (suitable for all skin types)

- Contains Arbutin , an extract from Natural Bearberry plant which helps to brighten and improve skin's radiance and Agave to retain moisture.

Deep Cleansing

-Contains tea tree and Ylang Ylang extracts to control and effectively prevent blemishes and blackheads.


- Deeply hydrates skin with Jasmin and Calendula plant extracts that leaves skin feeling cleaned , hydrated , soft and refreshed.

Pore Refining

- Formulated with Rosemary and Witch Hazel extract to help purify pores and re balance oil for a refined ,clear and smooth skin.

My favourite among all is the facial mask sheet full of goodness herbal extracts and essence which comes with affordable price.

facial sheets masks

* Mentholathum Botanics Facial Mask comes in 5 types to spoil your selection :

- Rosehip oil - brightening
- Lavendar - Soothing
- Aloe Vera - Hydrating
- Pomegranate - Anti Oxidant
- Rosemary - Pore Refining

flowers in a pot

I was at Mentholathum Botanics booth which prettily set up at One Utama last weekend to experience and explore these awesome facial care series.

dried flowers in a glass container with spoon

Love the flowers and herbs tea served during this event. I chose green lemon and apple flower in my tea bag and the result was simply fantastic suit to my taste bud.

aisle full of skincare products

The NEW Mentholatum Botanics series currently available for your grab only at Guardian Pharmacy. Just look out for this kind of shelf and get yours. Price? Seriously , affordable for all.

* Face Wash 100g Retail Price RM14.90
* Pump Wash 150ml Retail Price RM21.90
* Foam Wash 160ml Retail Price RM25.90
* Mask Sheet ,22ml/pouch Retail Price RM6.90

Visit official website :

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  1. value for money..

    not so expensive and the product is good!

  2. the packaging looks beautiful and very eco friendly :) would love to try it too

  3. loving this range. wht time your session? I didn't see you.

  4. I personally am a big fan of Mentholathum product.
    Their products are really good, especially for sensitive skin.

  5. Would like to give it a try ...
    The packaging so nice ...

  6. saw quite many ppl recommend this products!! and the price wasnt expensive at all. i wonder how the fragrance would be?

  7. I love the product so much and I have started use their mask.

  8. The first time I hear about Mentholathum. But then, I am user for so many of their other products. LOL

  9. You really have to love these range of products.. They are non expensive yet heavenly on the skin.. I use it in the morning to wake my senses up..

  10. The packing are so girlish and I wonder is this series made natural ingredient?
    The price was affordable, I believe students would like to try it out.

  11. So sad I couldn't join this event :( Definitely want to try it

  12. what's this again? oh facial products eh.. nice to see new names and brands (at least to me)

  13. The price is quite affordable for choose a great combination tea rose and lemon... good for detox.

  14. I love the products too! Been using it eve since i got it for myself :D

  15. Aiyoo...I love the packaging! These look like great products to try!

  16. I like natural ingredients in skin care products, thanks for sharing this new brand

  17. Never try this brand before. Would love to try this. =D

  18. Would love to try this out when I finish my other skin care products. I have my eyes on the masks

  19. Didn't get invited for this and looks like you girls had so much fun with the products :)
    Maybe i'll drop by the pharmacy one day to test them out.

  20. i heard this brand before, but never try their product~~~I love their mask packaging!!Very cute!!

  21. Aw.. I miss this lovely session... Looks great, the products!

  22. I love their product range too! Super cheap affordable and has really nice smell scent too!

  23. new beayty brand with wide range & reasonable pricing :) wanna try out! :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  24. Love that it is economical and eco friendly. Good on pocket and skin too.

  25. Nature products seem to be taking the beauty market by storm and its great to see that the Botanics series have decided to launch in Malaysia. Love the scents and the affordability, its definitely something that a lot of people will look forward to.

  26. wow, natural but yet affordable! thanks for sharing this and i would definitely want to get one myself.

  27. i wish i bumped into you la that day, haven't even greeted you face to face. anyways, love this product it really is affordable and great value.

  28. Gosh, I love products like these! I could almost smell them from here, dear. xoxo

  29. I have been hearing so many good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too :)

  30. I am going to buy the sheet masks soon, heard that its good and soothing.

  31. I was there too! I can't believe the price is so affordable when they said it.. If my skin become better after using it, I will sure this will be my favorite brand! Gonna try out after my current one finish.. hehe

  32. The price of these products was quite reasonable anyway nice to meet you :D

  33. Happy Valentines! The place that u have posted is loveable too and photos are awesome!


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