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Recently, unboxing some of my last year Christmas sales shopping. I love shopping nearer to Christmas and New Year sales. I can get many pretty and good items at good bargain. Yeahhhh!!! its a bit late to unboxing my shopping bag but hey...I bought it as my beauty item stock. So now only need to use it! I gotten this 2015 limited edition ZA perfect for two way foundation by Kayo Horaguchi. So love the casing full of floral and butterflies. I bought it during the Japanese cosmetic sales at Isetan, One Utama last year. Who is Kayo Horaguchi? She is a fashion designer who starter her new career as an illustrator and graphic designer in 2006. She is well known with her elaborates romantic image by illustrating vividly colored girls , nature, animals and other many motifs overlapping with each other.  She also has her own original brand " Kayo Horaguchi " where she designs interior, stationery, clothes and other daily item.  Recently , she is well known fo


I gotten this Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel from The Face Shop last  Christmas. The Face Shop was having a Christmas party and I happen to be there browsing around. Not sure how much is this gorgeous thing cost because I got it as goodies bag. I think its not expensive.If you are lucky you may get to buy one free one for this item. This tub is super big for the price. Since name also Damyang Bamboo...even the tub look like bamboo. Nice one! I am quite a fan of Aloe Vera Gel because of its soothing effect. I usually brought it along with me when traveling especially to hot and humid country. I can apply the gel on my face and body to soothes it out. One thing I hate is the gel will be sticky...yucks!!! Tadahhhhh!!! this The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo surprisingly less sticky and easily absorb into the skin.  It contains 99% Damyang Bamboo extract with no perfume contained. tadahhh!!!   my stereotype pose ...kekekeke My experiment result : * Applie


Last Christmas, I was at The Face Shop looking for gel to heal my ugly hyper-pigmentation spot. I end up bought myself this awesome The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++  Yup! you read it right, this is not sponsor review. I bought it from my hard earned money and review it for benefit of my readers. So this is totally independent review and please read it without doubt. Ahaks! :) As advertised it seems this thing is for hot weather which is like our country , Malaysia. Two key features are HIGH COVERAGE and BRIGHTENING. Well ...this is the features that drawn me to buy this that day. WTH! The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion comes in two shades : * V201 - Apricot Beige which is in lighter shade * V203 - Natural Beige is for the darker shade. Since I am at that darker shade skin tone ..WTH! so I bought V203. Oh! forgot to tell you that another claim is The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion can keep your skin moisturizing for 25 hour


Do you know Mentholathum? Mentholathum is the company manufacture and marketer for non prescription drugs and health care products. Some of brands can be associated with Mentholathum is Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto C Cube , Deep Heating Rubs and most recent they launch Botanics. Recently, Mentholathum developed a brand new facial care series called Botanics. This series is inspired by the goodness of nature from the earth. The ingredients of Botanics Series are from the highest and the finest quality natural herbal essences. The Botanics consist of four range of products - tube face wash , foaming face wash, pump face wash and mask sheets. So far these are the range available for consumers.  * Foaming wash series is the light foamy facial cleanser. There are 2 Foaming Wash Face Wash  at 160 ml available for you to choose : Whitening (suitable for all skin types) -  Contains Narcissus extracts which naturally revive dull skin to enhance sk


Last month I bought L'OREAL Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Essence with ambitious thought to lighten up my 'dark circle' and improve my 'eye bag' which is coming to look like that creature from Lord of The Rings...well..Gollum! I paid this essence for more than RM70 after reading the box said inspired by 10 years of skin gene research. It says "break the code to younger looking eyes" and " instant efficacy dramatic results". That box has this written on it : * Smooth Fine Lines around Eye Contour * Lighten Dark Circles * Reduce Eyelid Puffiness * Firm Eye Contour * Hydrate Eye Contour One drop  * Fine line are smoothed out. * Eye contour is more luminous. * Skin moisturised One Week : * Dark Circles & eye bags are visibly reduced * Eye features look rested One Month : * Eye contours look younger Do you think this thing works on IMA? Eye bag??? Did you see that double under eye??? Dark Circle???

MELVITA : NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Exfoliation Mask

You know new year is around the corner and next week is Christmas....I am getting ready and beautify myself to attend some friends gathering and Christmas and New Year dinner invites. My face was all dull due to lots of UV exposure. I need some brightening and exfoliating to my facial. Today I am going to review MELVITA : NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Exfoliation Mask. I really can't get enough of Melvita products because they used certified organic ingredients. This creamy mask combines a complex of five white flowers with brightening properties and exfoliating silica microbeads. A 2 in 1 mask and also a scrub with its unique and innovative formulation which has a true illuminating effect. This product has test conducted on 25 women for 4 weeks. * 88% of women said their skin looked even-toned immediately. * 80% of women said their skin looked lighter and brighter from the very first application. I am not that kind of person who believe all this instant


Overdosed of my Busan and Jeju trip post? Today is 1st December 2014 and I will start my December with product review. My passion for traveling expose me with sunny rays. I neglected sun protection until lately have a bit of time to focus and concern about beauty care. So busy earnings to survive! Why is it so important to apply sunscreen? * Our ozone layer is corrupting by earthling and our body needs shielding from harmful rays * Protect from skin cancer due to over exposed to that harmful rays * Prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations * It helps to reduce appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness. * Helps to slow down wrinkle and premature aging skin. By the time I realize the important of applying sunblock..... WTH! Too late!!! All those dark spot and pigmentation started to pop out. isk isk isk... Anyway I apply it anyway...but to find the good one is not an easy task. I am very fussy because I have sticky,creamy,greasy and oily item


My poor hair was badly tangled due to dryness of Siberian wind I experience in Busan. I was so worried that I have to shave my hair due to terrible hair I have. isk isk isk At the same time was so amaze with Busan woman who have nice hair. At least theirs look nice and not tangled like mine. I went into the Nature Republic for some face mask purchase. At the same time ask the sales girl to introduce me something for the tangled and dried hair. I told her my seaweed hair are soon turning into dried pollack hair and she laugh at me and said cannot be ...cannot be..this is hair not seaweed! Of course la...I just joking to you la woman....haissshhh!!!! Where is your sense of humor??? Walked out from the shop with this Argan Oil Hair Essence from Nature Republic. I don't know how much they sell here in Malaysia but I gotten mine at KRW18,000 for 60ml. IMA totally love the smells of this oil. Don't know how to describe but pleasant sweet smells unlike that Rose H


My dearest Elana Khong extended beauty workshop invitation to me again. Thanks Elana! You can visit Elana at her blog This time we have a great afternoon delight experiencing 3 beauty brands; namely EVELOM , PERRICONE MD and TALIKA at SVAGO,Suria KLCC. EVELOM - created 28 years ago by Eve Lom herself, a world's leading facial therapist. She believes that a foundation to a beautiful skin starts with deep and thorough cleansing. This is the key to a radiant complexion. TALIKA - Talika is unexpected discovery in 1948 and its mission to develop and formulate beauty products to meet the expectation of every woman. Each Talika products lies a story , based on discovery, science and intensive research and with clinically proven results. Talking about Talika....I just wrote about it last week on their Eye Detox Gel . You can visit my last month post on how to diminish black eye and puffiness here, http://princesscindyr


Finally I found something to reduce my inheritance panda eyes problem!!!! Yeah...been using many products to achieve at least 50% visible results for my dark circle problem..isk isk isk ...born panda eyes...imagine baby eyes like panda...thats me...when I was a baby....What nonsense????  hahahaha IMA took more than 2 months to review because IMA cannot do the review after one day use this item right!!!!IMA also try to have good sleep at night too for better result. Before purchasing this item, IMA read a review from others and many said not working and such a waste and bla bla bla bla bla... IMA decided not to get so much influence from these reviews. Different people different preferrence...and that is their what???? Dare myself to invest some cash and treat myself well...WTH!!!! Talika is eye care specialist since year 1948. This brand has created ,eye detox contour gel and eye detox purifying capsules just to help treatment under eye-puffiness and dark c

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