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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Do you know Mentholathum? Mentholathum is the company manufacture and marketer for non prescription drugs and health care products. Some of brands can be associated with Mentholathum is Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto C Cube , Deep Heating Rubs and most recent they launch Botanics. Recently, Mentholathum developed a brand new facial care series called Botanics. This series is inspired by the goodness of nature from the earth. The ingredients of Botanics Series are from the highest and the finest quality natural herbal essences. The Botanics consist of four range of products - tube face wash , foaming face wash, pump face wash and mask sheets. So far these are the range available for consumers.  * Foaming wash series is the light foamy facial cleanser. There are 2 Foaming Wash Face Wash  at 160 ml available for you to choose : Whitening (suitable for all skin types) -  Contains Narcissus extracts which naturally revive dull skin to enhance sk


I was invited to have some doodling fun with 50 other Bloggers at Kare Cafe , One Utama last week. Have you heard about the new cute lip balm called Chu Lipbalm by Mentholatum? Serious this thing is too cute until you feel like you just wanna to adore it! Most of us ladies love to apply lip balm where ever we goes. Chu Lipbalm is now becoming a trend for ladies in Japan. Since it came with unique design with funky colors, one can help it to hold this Chu Lipbalm and it become part of fashion accessories. For a creative brain, personalizing Chu Lipbalm is like bringing it to another fashion level. One can decorate their Chu Lipbalm as much as they want and how you want it to be. From a belly dancer to Mr Moustache man or a bling-bling Chu Lip.  Have you tried Chu LipBalm before? Don't give this a miss!!!! This Chu Lipbalm is not just a funky and unique design but it also has ultra-moisturising properties and best of all it really glides easily onto your lip


What happen when I am so bored at home??? I go crazy become the Princess of Narcissism! Oh gosh! another personality disorder coming up? Anyway, I was having so much fun trying out the product received from Butterfly Project Dinner the other day. Thank you to all generous sponsor! Getting ready with all bare face to scribble... 1. KOJI DOLLY WINK LIQUID EYELINER (Deep black)  - It has a ultra fine and flexible point tip which gives people like me (so inexperience in handling eyeliner) greater precision and easy to handle. - The deep dazzling black really gives me a more defined look yet so natural. (not  so black and look like panda eyes....hihihihih) - This eyeliner is waterproof, sweat proof and have the quick dry formula. So it stay on for hours without a smudge.  - I like it because it not too watery or too thick Retail Price : RM49.90+ Origin : Japan  2. MAYBELLINE ELECTRO POP (Pink Shock with Watermelon Flavor) - Awesome moisturizing lip b


My dearest Elana Khong extended beauty workshop invitation to me again. Thanks Elana! You can visit Elana at her blog This time we have a great afternoon delight experiencing 3 beauty brands; namely EVELOM , PERRICONE MD and TALIKA at SVAGO,Suria KLCC. EVELOM - created 28 years ago by Eve Lom herself, a world's leading facial therapist. She believes that a foundation to a beautiful skin starts with deep and thorough cleansing. This is the key to a radiant complexion. TALIKA - Talika is unexpected discovery in 1948 and its mission to develop and formulate beauty products to meet the expectation of every woman. Each Talika products lies a story , based on discovery, science and intensive research and with clinically proven results. Talking about Talika....I just wrote about it last week on their Eye Detox Gel . You can visit my last month post on how to diminish black eye and puffiness here, http://princesscindyr


Finally I found something to reduce my inheritance panda eyes problem!!!! Yeah...been using many products to achieve at least 50% visible results for my dark circle problem..isk isk isk ...born panda eyes...imagine baby eyes like panda...thats me...when I was a baby....What nonsense????  hahahaha IMA took more than 2 months to review because IMA cannot do the review after one day use this item right!!!!IMA also try to have good sleep at night too for better result. Before purchasing this item, IMA read a review from others and many said not working and such a waste and bla bla bla bla bla... IMA decided not to get so much influence from these reviews. Different people different preferrence...and that is their what???? Dare myself to invest some cash and treat myself well...WTH!!!! Talika is eye care specialist since year 1948. This brand has created ,eye detox contour gel and eye detox purifying capsules just to help treatment under eye-puffiness and dark c


I visited  Estee Lauder at KLCC counter last few weeks before fasting month . Main reason is to check out their Rosy Prism product range. I love the reddish pinkish and purplish packaging....ngeeeeeeee! This Nutritious Rosy Prism range was created exclusively for Asian skin which is designed to reduce and help prevent the look of yellow skin tone. Rosy Prism Technology features pink peony extract and antioxidant rich pomegranate nectar infusion. The ritual penetrates deeply into the skin's inner layer and targets the skin yellowing effects of pollution and the environment. I am brownish..yo! The beauty advisor let me sample some of this range - serum,emulsion and cc cream. Best! this rosy prism works in three ways : * it helps to reduce and prevent the look of excess yellow skin tone * it neutralises by actively combating free radicals from environmental assaults * it infuses skin with moisture, energy and vita minerals to help support the skin's natural healthy bal

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