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Valued Voice
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Monday, June 6, 2016


Recently, my wrinkles really shows a lot. Gosh! I feel like aging is catching me up super turbo fast!
I was like damn! Can you...aging slow down a little?
I have many things to do with my youth...isk isk isk *face palm* 

Then...I was approached by Gobdigoun to try out their product. Gobdigoun is a brand selling at Myeong-Dong , Seoul South Korea in LG Brand skin care product store. Gobdigoun has been around since year 2010 where they started business in South Korea. I was told compare to lower price skin care products in Korea , Gobdigoun products are with high quality and middle higher price products. Among their best items are Australian Placental Powder of Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask which also a best selling products in China, Taiwan and Japan. 

They sent 2 Gobdigoun products for me to try.

Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta Golden Cream

Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta  Golden Cream

Gosh! never in my life received this kind of luxurious face cream. Look at the unique shape and beautiful elegant golden color jar.

It contain with placenta which helps to nourish the skin. This is a multi - action moisturizer and totally high performance to give dramatically reduces the look of multiple signs of aging , fine lines, wrinkles , loss of firmness , dullness and dehydration.

beauty cream next to packaging

All benefit I wanted is in this golden color jar. WTH! I have been using this since they were delivered to me. I am happy with the result!

Ingredients and Benefit of Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta  Golden Cream :

99.9% 24k Gold Composition 

- Help to drain the skin toxins and promote blood circulation.
- clean skin and helps to stimulate the skin whitening 

47% of Centella Asiatica extract and fermented yeast

- This ingredient helps with significant skin regeneration effect
- repair damaged cells as well as improved dry skin
- skin will be more soft and elastic which eventually prevent fine lines and restoring the smooth and delicate skin.

Aloe Vera Extract

- Aloe vera is well known to help repair skin and moisture lock water
- this agent helps to soothe and relieve skin discomfort which eventually restores skin vitality and elasticity.

Extraction of sunflower seed oil and shea butter

- it helps moisturizing repair muscle and improves dry skin problem

Hyaluronic Acid

- HA is well known to supplement and lock the skin water which helps to solve the problem of water shortage and keep your skin moisture all the time.

Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta  Golden Cream texture :

Though it look thick, its not as thick as you thought. Love the little gold beads that is 24k gold extracts. This totally a high class anti aging beads!
I love the soft feels and good smells of this cream. It absorb well onto skin too.

Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta Golden Cream

My experience using Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta Golden Cream:

I apply Goddigoun 24K Power Placenta Golden Cream on cleanse and tone skin at night time. I gently massage upward for best result. I could feel the cream and the 24k Gold Beads absorb well onto my skin. My skin looks more supple and healthy the next morning. My makeup glides well and it looks healthier. 

Gosh! don't get jealous if you find me look younger than my real age! hahaha

If you are somewhere in can directly visit their store :

You can stop at MyeongDong Station exit 8. You can refer map below.

map of Seoul

Address : Beautiplex which located at 26, Myeongdong, 8ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul which is near MyeongDong Station. 
Telephone no. +82 2 773 118     Fax no. +82 2 774 1188  Mobile no. +82 0 10 9007 9074

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored advertorial post.


  1. This is sure a gold treatment! Adding gold to our skin care regime sure helps for anti aging

  2. Definitely aesthetically appealing to the eyes, dear! Have an awesome week! xoxo

  3. I will share it with my mom and ask her to try it out~ Hope she can become younger :D

  4. Putting gold to your face - that is luxury treatment!

  5. Wow... I'm sure that my cousie and aunt would love this beauty gold treatment no matter how much it cost as they re beauty freak.

  6. Trust the koreans to come up with amazing beauty products!LOL

  7. I love the 24k gold element in the skin care. Seem nice to use =)

  8. I'm currently using the one from Nature Republic which is with gold extract as well, it's really mild & good.

  9. guess it useful for my dry skin ! seem so nice

  10. Wow! 24k gold.. I wonder what the gold can do to our skin.. Lovely.. and looks luxury too!

  11. I always had problem with dried skin. This product looks suitable for me.

  12. Looks super luxurious for our face la! Elixir some more must looks good after apply XD

  13. Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta Golden Cream looks cool. how much is it for a tube?

    1. You need to pm them at their fb. I don't have a privilege to disclose their price.

  14. I have combination skin, do you have the sticky feel after applied this cream?

  15. The packaging itself shows how luxurious the cream is. I would like to give it a try too. Thanks for the recommendation.

  16. Seems like a nice product with easy absorption! will check out their Facebook yo!

  17. Love the packaging! Am sure it felt pretty luxurious putting it on :)

  18. Placenta as an ingredient in beauty products has always intrigued me. Probably, will give a try soon.

  19. This looks like an interesting product to try - unique! You sure find the most exciting stuff to introduce to us. ^.^

  20. placenta power? not bad ah.. something new to me.. i'm still at the collagen era.

  21. wow ~can look younger ?! Owh ,this product attract me ! =)

  22. I read so many positive reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)

  23. The bottle so fancy... omggg. and of course, i heard a lot of benefits on products containing placenta ;)

  24. The Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta Golden Cream is something that I wish to try.


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