Monday, July 18, 2016


I have a confession to make....I don't like to shop and physical store. I hate it! Another confession to make .... I super love online shopping. WTH! Totally introvert statement. I shop online almost every day but only buy things online either once a week or sometimes two week once and I never miss even one month to do online shopping. Aihhhhhh!!!! don't judge me like I have tree of money on my balcony. Online shopping is just one of my hobbies.  I only buy smaller and great bargain items. (evil face)

I have been eyeing to shop at Taobao for long time ago. Well at that time they only cater for Chinese ed market. Person like me who can't read Chinese can just browse the site and drools. isk isk isk. Recently, found this website call This is Singapore's first and largest overseas shopping platform and currently making its rank in Malaysia too. This platform helps shoppers shop in English from Taobao. Yeahhhhh!!! stop drooling edi. 

Lets register here and get instant RM15 voucher just for you to shop.

Oh! you must be wondering who is EZBUY.MY and not direct TAOBAO ?
They are your trusted agent to ensure smooth online shopping experience.

Since most seller in Taobao mostly in China and some are good and some are not so good. Talking from experience, ok. Well the need of middleman aka Taobao Agent are important to eliminate the worries and hiccups for your shopping.

1. Communication
It is important to communicate  and agent can to communicate with seller if you are searching for something and explain in details for item you looking for.

2. Payment
Payment for item can be a hassle if you go direct to the seller because some seller may have different requirements. If you use Agent then they will arrange the payment direct to seller with their own prior arrangement.  You can pay for your item use local bank like Maybank / Public Bank / RHB

3. Delivery 
We often read others who have problems when they ordered item from China. Most common problems are non deliverable item or late delivery or sky high delivery charges.
Save your high blood pressure to the agent to deal with all this unnecessary problem to ensure your item reach at your door step. With ezybuy you can pay the most minimum delivery charges with their Prime Membership offer. Check out how you can save the delivery charges here.

Good news!
You can save 15% off shipping fee using promo code EZJUL15 (This code valid till 1 Aug 2016) 

4. Refund and Compensation

If you find the items reach you are not as ordered or even damage item, you can always talk to your agent who will deal with your problem.

Ezybuy service make online shopping experience convenient, hassle free and worry free!

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