Wednesday, August 24, 2016


How I wish every day is a good hair day...... like this photo? haihhhh... reality it always a bad hair day for me. haihhh!!!! *face palm*
My scalp has been itchy lately! and its killing me. I don't have dandruff but just itchy and not to mention the springy noodles like frizzy hair...guess this so call hormone imbalance kind of things hit me. 'Chingu' describe I am closing to menopause time. Which I feel this 'Chinggu' deserve a hard smack on head. But 'Chingu' think I am the one who deserve a hard knock to my head as wake up call and accept the aging process with open heart. Otteoke!!!!

Goshhhh!!!! this itchiness is killing me. I really need a scalp treatment badly. 

But I am one person who is really impatient to go for such treatment. Reason? 
I need to be seated for so long and then to be led to wash basin then to be seated again. WTH! I am so lazy and find this process really so 'mafan' ar!!!! Can't I just have the scalp treatment while lying down enjoying my beautiful day dream? I wish...I wish... and continue wishing for such hair salon to read my mind. huh? Got such

Recently I visited Jeff Lee The Hair Company  at uptown branch. Seriously this isn't another regular salon I visited in 40 years of living. Not exaggerating for the sake of promo but you really need to try out this Korean Hair spa and you will fall in love like I did. WTH! 

I was told this is the first hair salon in Malaysia provides hair treatment service while you are lying down on a comfortable bed. Yeayyyy!!! they read my mind and this is what you call pampering.

I visited JeffLee The Hair Company at Uptown branch which is double storey shop lot. This is the ground floor where all staff getting ready to accept the busy weekend service appointment.

I was led to second floor.

This is the tool to analyse my itchy scalp.

As I thought my scalp is very dry and he told me spotted few red spot on my scalp area. I knew it!!!! So 'Paisehhhhh'!!!! haihhhh!!!! Just maintain my ' thick face ' and enjoy the whole process which I really did! muahahahaha..

This is the bed for my hair treatment that day. Totally Korean style and they call it Korean Hair Spa. The founder of this hair salon is brilliant to bring in such service to Malaysia.

I received 4 steps Korean Hair Spa cost RM170 and approximate time 1 hr plus:

1st Step : Apply scalp treatment + Head Massage

2nd Step : Apply Shampoo + Neck Massage

3rd Step : Apply Hair Mask + Hand Massage

4th Step : Steam hair + back massage 

The staff have certificate as masseur so you don't need to worry about the pressing the wrong point of your head or neck. They are mostly certified and this Salon emphasis in service quality control too.

JeffLee use Kerastase and L'oreal Professional products , so you don't need to worry about damaging your hair or whatsoever. Plus this  hair salon has been in the business for many many year and this is their second branch. Their first which is still operating is in Sri Petaling.

Trust me I can feel that I was in good hand here.

How do I described my overall hair treatment experience???
Heavenly! I enjoyed all four step of Korean Hair Spa treatment while lying down. This 'ajumma think she can do this like forever!!! Ohhhhh!!!! 

I am one person who is very difficult to rate the hair salon and never visit the same hair salon in my entire life due to not satisfy with the treatment. But for this one.......5 Star!

I promise myself to visit them next month for other hair service and will trust my crowning glory to JeffLee The Hair Company.

Wanna drop by to experience best Korean Hair Spa in Malaysia while lying down dreaming on comfortable bed?

Drop by at JeffLee The Hair Group Sdn Bhd

Uptown Branch
51G & 51A, Uptown 37, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : + 603 7731 6866

Sri Petaling Branch
101-G, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603 9056 2611

Call them for an appointment. Their young dynamic and friendly staff will attend to you happily with their best service.

You can also check out their FB page here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Just a little shout out to all Beauty Bloggers out there!
If you are into networking and love checking out new beauty product from Taiwan.... there will be Taiwan Beauty Power Networking event will be held on 22nd August 2016, Monday.

The networking event will hold brand's presentation and business meeting at Mahkota 2 and 3 Ballroom at Hotel Istana from 9:30am to 3:30pm. The delegations will introduce their latest developed products to local media and businessmen and conduct face to face interview and meetings.

For those who interested to check out current beauty trend from Taiwan and exchange information with Taiwan delegations can RSVP your attendance to Ms Sze Yuen by email to .

This networking event brought to you by Taiwan Trade Center Inc., Kuala Lumpur Representative Office.

Monday, August 8, 2016


I always wanted to get myself power bank. Do you believe that I have been travelling abroad without power bank carried around with me? Well not big deal but still there were times I need to charge my gadget desperately but unable to find place to charge it. 

I have been searching at many gadget stores but unable to decide since I am always afraid its imitation and if I charge too long whether this thing will blow up and on and on.There are so many worries in my head you know!

Recently, this Power Bank arrived to my door step and I was like Oh yeahhhhh...

The one reach me is Y305 ABS Power Bank 2.1A Style Series. hhuhuhuhhuhuh look solid and heavy duty. This is my first impression while unwrapping the box.

I use it to charge my note 3 and ipad immediately. huhuhuhuh talk about eagerness! lol

The box came with 1 usb cable.

You will find the 'ON/OFF' switch which you need to press twice to 'ON/OFF it. Anyway once you connect the cable the Power Bank will automatically charge. How to know it charging apart from refer to your phone screen. You can notice it charging when the violet LED Power Capacity light is on from the Power Bank.

I like about this Power Bank not only it maximum current capacity is 2.1A / 15000 style series, it also have 2 output port. Gosh! this is great for my traveling day trip to re charge my smartphone and camera at the same time. Awesome!

ABS Power Bank Claimed :

* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ---------------- my ratings 5/5 (2 years 1 to 1 Exchange show that they are really confident with their product quality which make me feel rest assure too as a consumer)

* Light Weight ----------------------------------- my ratings 2/5 (the one reach me a big heavy guess due to its high capacity)

* Compact Design ------------------------------- my ratings 4.5/5 (I love the cylinder design and its curvy edge)

* Fast Charge Supply -------------------------- my ratings 5/5 (no kidding this is super fast to compare with others)

* CPU Supply cut off control ----------------- my ratings 5/5 ( oh yeay! I love this features so much)

* Variety Type for you to choose ------------- my ratings 5/5 (I wish the one reach me is the light weight and portable for my traveling. Not this one! But I will purchase the light weight one on my own soon.)

* LED Power Capacity Light Display ---------- my ratings 5/5 (love the violet LED light on when it charging. Seriously, this a feature that I always looking at when purchasing a Power Bank.I need indication when it charging.)

Looking for Power Bank brand? Currently the sole distributor for ABS Malaysia Power Bank is C Two Gadgets.You can check out the nearest ABS Power Bank outlet at their FB page here.
For those online freak shoppers!!!! you can get hold of your ABS Power Bank at their store at

For those smart shoppers who always looking out for bargain, here you chance to grab some discounts for ABS Power Bank. ABS Power bank 11 street offical store was opened and they are now launch the Merdeka Sale from 20% - 30% discount .The promotion will be until 31st August 2016.

Grab this chance to get yourself with great quality and Power Bank plus 2 years 1 to 1 exchange guarantee power bank.

Friday, August 5, 2016


Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask

I read many reviews on super volcanic mask these days.It supposedly a good remedy to absorb sebum and take care of pores problems. My pores seems getting big like a moon surface nowadays. So I bought one from my favourite KBeauty online store.

Don't get con by this photo! It totally after the filter camera.So smooth!! How I wish this is for real. hahahahaha GOTCHA!

I have been using this Innisfree Super Volcanic clay mask for 4 weeks now. I used it twice a week. So overall 8 times applications in total.

LINE meme

They claimed after 7 times used:

* It tighten pores ( My ratings : 4.5/5 ) - It does helps me on this though!
* Removes sebum (My ratings : 4.5/5 ) - for your information you can apply any clay mask , it helps to removes sebum. So no big deal!
* Deep cleansing (My ratings : 2.5/5) - a bit too much to claim this. To me this is just a marketing exaggeration.
* Exfoliates dead skin cells (My ratings : 2.5/5) - Nay!!! I don't think so.
* Enhance for better skin tone (My ratings : 0/5) - Gosh!!! where got!!!
* Cooling effects (My ratings : 5/5) I am totally in love with this.
opened jar of clay mask

How I apply this clay mask ?

* Apply it on well cleanse skin for 10 - 15 minutes
* Gently massage using fingertips and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Sorry photo of my horrible face with clay mask on. I did snap but feel a bit down to see my photo with mask on. So..I don't want the reader to be down together with me. hehehehehe

Back to the clay mask I was talking...I love the light weight and calm scent too. I have tried terrible clay mask before and this one smells lovely.

Will I purchase this clay mask again?

Nayyyyy!!!! I would rather give others a chance! So no repeat buy for this. Overall if you need some clay mask to reduce your pores , this will help you A BIT! Other than that its just a clay mask. This will be my first and last purchase for this item.

I bought this for RM39. May be you can get cheaper for this if you are looking out to reduce your pores.

No hard feeling this is just my personal opinion based on my experience. May be it works wonder for you!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I am one person who are so afraid of any type of reptiles, amphibian, mammal including human too. eheh! My old me would scream top of my lung and jump out of fears if I see any of those like worms or any kind of creatures. To me the only creatures on earth that is acceptable is myself! hahaha..gosh! talking about narcissism. I could say that is my biggest fear ever in life. Trust me...I don't even want to step my feet into the Zoo to watch the animal.

Last month Resort World Genting challenge me to break my biggest fear in life. I have a chance mingle with reptiles and amphibian at night. Oh!!!! 'boleh kah saya?'

This is the gold course view from my room balcony that night. The driver who drove us to skyway this afternoon told us many sort of king cobras out here especially at night. Ommaaaa!!! my heart feel like bursting preparing my mental for tonight herping session with Mr Steven Wong. I don't want to humiliate myself jumping like mad woman if that kind of reptiles appear in front of me. I need to stay calm. Uwaaaaa!!!! my mind feel like going mad thinking about me being calm to see those creatures.

Here Mr Steven Wong giving us some introduction on Herping session for tonight and what to expect. Gosh! this young dude...he look young for this kind of thing. I was expecting to see an Uncle leading this session. He is the head coordinator of the Herpetofauna Special Interest Group for Selangor Branch. Gosh!!!! this dude really know his stuff man!!!! 
I can imagine him when he was small boy. Wondering around the bushes behind his house and catch the snakes and frogs all around and bring it back home. Then got scolded big time from his mother. hahahahaha...imagination went too far! Stop it!

Here goes some of the snippet of creatures we found that night. Seriously, I was calmed like an angel that night. WTH! No fear at all. Guess this is because we were in the group. I find all the creatures was super adorable and pretty! It was so fascinating to have this kind of experience at least once in a life time. Try it! you will love it like me too.

Twin Spotted Gecko

Siamese Pit Viper which Mr Steven Wong notice just by the drainage. Guess that fella trying to cross the road to get to 'Open House' near by since I came here right after Raya. hahaha

Dark sided narrow mouthed frog. Serious! beautiful amphibian. You guys should start looking around house for frog and see its beautiful skin pattern.

This fella is called Pink Headed Reed Snake. Oh! sorry I didn't captured that beautiful pink head since this fella is extremely went berserk! WTH! I hate to even look at this fella so much. Goosebump even when uploading this photo. Just so ..'geli' la thinking of this fella struggling around.
One of the participant spotted this mad creatures in the drainage. According to Mr Steven this fella was eating an earth worms when it get caught. So it like hell break lose when the dinner was abruptly interrupted. Sorry lorrrr!!!! No wonder la you got super angry!

I love this one! So beautiful and it call Green Crested Lizard

RIP to this fella who accidentally step to death by one of participant. Gosh!!! I don't even get chance to ask what its name?

Beautiful tiny frog spotted on the ground. Nice lil one stay still pose as model for the night.

After long night walk for herping session and overdosed of amphibian and reptilian, I woke up early in the morning excitedly to join the bird watching tour lead by Mr Henry Goh. He is the incumbent President of the Malaysian Nature Society and also the Chairman for the Selangor branch.

Do you know that  Awana is recognize as one of important bird area?
Here if you are lucky you can even discover four species of hornbill living at this area?  Elusive Helmeted Hornbill. Rhinoceros hornbill, the great hornbill and bushy crested hornbill and we spotted one of this that morning which I failed to capture the photo. Damn!!!!

This is one of the babette. Not sure what species but it so beautiful.

These are the birds favourite fruit!

I kind on feel that bird feel like 'on top of the world' landing calmly and like nobody can disturb it. You lucky wings to bring you to the top. Me? still on the ground struggle hard to climb on top.

I totally enjoy a morning walk bird watching with Mr Henry Goh. We even saw black gibbons jumping around the tree that morning. I would love to join this kind of session again. Hopefully in near future will do this again. Its just an easy walking session. You can even bring your young one to enjoy the taste and smells of nature.

If you interested to find out what kind of interesting activities to do when you up at Genting Highland or even to have a short weekend break and fun activities with your loved one, please feel free to check out Trek Genting FB page for more activities. I was told they have pitcher plants trail too if you interested to see this beautiful plant up closed and personal at their own home ground.

Overall, nothing scary about this bird watching and even the herping session at night. I would do this over and over again if this jungle just like 30 minutes away from my home. See? This woman don't even wanna step into the zoo but yet enjoy this so much! Head your way to Genting and enjoy the beautiful forest while it still there and your leg still permit you to walk around.