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Valued Voice
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Monday, August 8, 2016


I always wanted to get myself power bank. Do you believe that I have been travelling abroad without power bank carried around with me? Well not big deal but still there were times I need to charge my gadget desperately but unable to find place to charge it. 

I have been searching at many gadget stores but unable to decide since I am always afraid its imitation and if I charge too long whether this thing will blow up and on and on.There are so many worries in my head you know!

Recently, this Power Bank arrived to my door step and I was like Oh yeahhhhh...

The one reach me is Y305 ABS Power Bank 2.1A Style Series. hhuhuhuhhuhuh look solid and heavy duty. This is my first impression while unwrapping the box.

I use it to charge my note 3 and ipad immediately. huhuhuhuh talk about eagerness! lol

The box came with 1 usb cable.

You will find the 'ON/OFF' switch which you need to press twice to 'ON/OFF it. Anyway once you connect the cable the Power Bank will automatically charge. How to know it charging apart from refer to your phone screen. You can notice it charging when the violet LED Power Capacity light is on from the Power Bank.

I like about this Power Bank not only it maximum current capacity is 2.1A / 15000 style series, it also have 2 output port. Gosh! this is great for my traveling day trip to re charge my smartphone and camera at the same time. Awesome!

ABS Power Bank Claimed :

* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ---------------- my ratings 5/5 (2 years 1 to 1 Exchange show that they are really confident with their product quality which make me feel rest assure too as a consumer)

* Light Weight ----------------------------------- my ratings 2/5 (the one reach me a big heavy guess due to its high capacity)

* Compact Design ------------------------------- my ratings 4.5/5 (I love the cylinder design and its curvy edge)

* Fast Charge Supply -------------------------- my ratings 5/5 (no kidding this is super fast to compare with others)

* CPU Supply cut off control ----------------- my ratings 5/5 ( oh yeay! I love this features so much)

* Variety Type for you to choose ------------- my ratings 5/5 (I wish the one reach me is the light weight and portable for my traveling. Not this one! But I will purchase the light weight one on my own soon.)

* LED Power Capacity Light Display ---------- my ratings 5/5 (love the violet LED light on when it charging. Seriously, this a feature that I always looking at when purchasing a Power Bank.I need indication when it charging.)

Looking for Power Bank brand? Currently the sole distributor for ABS Malaysia Power Bank is C Two Gadgets.You can check out the nearest ABS Power Bank outlet at their FB page here.
For those online freak shoppers!!!! you can get hold of your ABS Power Bank at their store at

For those smart shoppers who always looking out for bargain, here you chance to grab some discounts for ABS Power Bank. ABS Power bank 11 street offical store was opened and they are now launch the Merdeka Sale from 20% - 30% discount .The promotion will be until 31st August 2016.

Grab this chance to get yourself with great quality and Power Bank plus 2 years 1 to 1 exchange guarantee power bank.


  1. Your ABS Power Bank looks chunky but the juice is great compared to my slim one. Well, I guess it is best to have both to meet your different needs.

  2. Wow..seem like the powerbank have a high rating from you ! I'm gonna try this..

  3. wow...this power bank simple and nice!!is time to change a new one!!

  4. I love ABS Power Bank too. Small and portable for me to bring around.

  5. good review on the power bank :)

  6. Your ABS Power bank seems very good, slim fast charging. Wish to get 1

  7. I have the smaller one... and it is just good enough for me ..I have totally nothing bad to say about it... it is all 5 stars too...

  8. Wa the Powerbank got many different layer which I find it quite interesting and cute! But why it looks big for me to carry around ><

  9. Nice deal! I don't have this ..but I really should get one because I always finish my battery .. ;P

  10. i have never heard of this brand. but it's a definitely good news for my bro, he is a frequent user. haha one to one exchange warranty is the best!


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