Friday, August 5, 2016


Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask

I read many reviews on super volcanic mask these days.It supposedly a good remedy to absorb sebum and take care of pores problems. My pores seems getting big like a moon surface nowadays. So I bought one from my favourite KBeauty online store.

Don't get con by this photo! It totally after the filter camera.So smooth!! How I wish this is for real. hahahahaha GOTCHA!

I have been using this Innisfree Super Volcanic clay mask for 4 weeks now. I used it twice a week. So overall 8 times applications in total.

LINE meme

They claimed after 7 times used:

* It tighten pores ( My ratings : 4.5/5 ) - It does helps me on this though!
* Removes sebum (My ratings : 4.5/5 ) - for your information you can apply any clay mask , it helps to removes sebum. So no big deal!
* Deep cleansing (My ratings : 2.5/5) - a bit too much to claim this. To me this is just a marketing exaggeration.
* Exfoliates dead skin cells (My ratings : 2.5/5) - Nay!!! I don't think so.
* Enhance for better skin tone (My ratings : 0/5) - Gosh!!! where got!!!
* Cooling effects (My ratings : 5/5) I am totally in love with this.
opened jar of clay mask

How I apply this clay mask ?

* Apply it on well cleanse skin for 10 - 15 minutes
* Gently massage using fingertips and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Sorry photo of my horrible face with clay mask on. I did snap but feel a bit down to see my photo with mask on. So..I don't want the reader to be down together with me. hehehehehe

Back to the clay mask I was talking...I love the light weight and calm scent too. I have tried terrible clay mask before and this one smells lovely.

Will I purchase this clay mask again?

Nayyyyy!!!! I would rather give others a chance! So no repeat buy for this. Overall if you need some clay mask to reduce your pores , this will help you A BIT! Other than that its just a clay mask. This will be my first and last purchase for this item.

I bought this for RM39. May be you can get cheaper for this if you are looking out to reduce your pores.

No hard feeling this is just my personal opinion based on my experience. May be it works wonder for you!

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