Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Lazada sent me a parcel full of goodies. There is no specific theme for all items in this box except for it suppose to bring me JOY when I unbox it! Lazada just throw the goodies in by brands it represent. Some items is useless to me at one glance. But I still happy! Talk about easy happiness. WTH!
Anyway being a creative person...ehem... such thing is useless to me since I still have my beautiful brain with me.(don't throw up..ya!)

Here are my rank from 1 to 9 on items I received in box of joy from Lazada.

#1 . Ola Bola bag from Milo

At first I thought this is another crappy bag. Not my style at one glance. After I add in my stuff in that bag. Pose to the left to the right in front of mirror.mmmmm.... WTH! This Ola Bola , Milo bag totally won my heart big time.Serious this bag is super good quality and the design is nice too. I feel like totally in style if I hand carry this bag on the the plane. WTH! I didn't believe my choice know...

Wanna get your hands on this beautiful Ola Bola Bag too? 

#2. Tefal Manual Chopper

I was so excited to find this in that box. Believe it or not? I was eyeing on this since last year but never click buy. Auntie Scrooge! hahahahaha...I was hesitating because I don't really cook at home. Now this thing finally in my kitchen...Goshhh!!!! what am I suppose to do with this thing? Shall I start mincing lots of garlic for my kimchi making? I want to find time to use this soon before year 2017 come. We shall see about this big dreams of mine.

#3. SanDisk -Dual Drive m3.0

When I first get my hands on this mind went blank for awhile. What am I suppose to do with this fella?
As usual when it come to that 'blank out' time. My favourite phrase will be....

Me : " Google! Google! on my desktop...SanDisk Dual Drive m3.0 function?
Toink! the full definition of this thing appear like magic.
Don't believe me?
Try google it yourself! Sure the answer will pop up on your screen. magical.

Love this thing too. It have 2 function. Can use this on pc and also android like your smartphone. Yeayyy!!! I got one more gadget for my travel!

#4. FoodPanda

I love cute adorable things! I bet many jealous of this cute little panda on my work table everyday. This panda going to treat me new year lunch soon. Gonna use this voucher for my favourite lunch delivery soon next month!

#5. Nescafe White Coffee 'Pandan' Flavour

I am not a big fan of 3 in 1 coffee mix and still not fan of it until now. I did tasted this Nescafe Pandan Flavour...well...shall I be truthful about this for the sake of reviewing and because I got this free? Well...can't bring myself to lie about the taste.
Love the aromatic smells which wake me up for instant! Taste not too sweet (add more water la weiiii!!!), rich, creamy and surprisingly a bit nutty after taste too.I won't go for another cup because I prefer black coffee. ahahaha..

#6. Maggi Oat Mee Curry Flavour

Long time ago, when I was young love to eat instant noodles. Now I am all 'grown up' ...WTH! I barely touch instant noodles. But to get a chance tasting instant noodles from oat. WTH! I kind of love this. It full of fibers too. You try this and you will love it!

#7. L'oreal Hair care

Samples product is not necessary cheapo! Traveller like me love products come in small size like this. I have many boxes of samples collected from various place. Reason...well it easy to bring along with me for my trip abroad. I was glad to receive this mythic oil, shampoo and also dual stylers from L'oreal in my Lazada Box of Joy!
I use them all before and big fan of this items....ngeeehehehehe..

Especially the L'oreal Mythic Oil. Get it here!

#8. MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes

No baby? No problem? What baby have... I do have similar things to wipes too...right? ahahahaha...I will make use of this gentle wipes for my travel kit soon.

#9. Baby needs at Lazada

Busy parent shouldn't give reason no time to buy things for their kids. They can always got their supplies from the best brand at Lazada with just a click away.

Conclusion to this box of joy from Lazada, I could say the items throw in are rather random. You are not necessarily to leave your house or office to do your shopping. You know how crazy is parking and petrol charges nowadays? I prefer online shopping because I can click click and pay and then they deliver to my doorstep. One thing I notice at Lazada you can shop everything in one website. WTH!

Great news! you miss out the 11.11 sales carnival? worry...there is another sales carnival coming up...12.12 which coming up soon. Get ready your card and cash to shop.

Shop use by clicking banner below and enjoy max RM25 discounts.

Friday, November 18, 2016


I received this box of goodies from Lazada. It says Box of Joy for Lazada Online Revolution Special. mmmmmm...I thought that Online Revolution event only at 11.11 which already over. No! No! the event still goes on ..... If you miss that event....Hohohohoho...the promotion continue until another double celebration which 12.12. Happy???? Of course! still can shop!

Season of joy and giving is coming! I am sure many of you have gift exchange event and party to attend. You can get many good brand items from Lazada with good price too. I am a big fan of Lazada too especially the generous vouchers they throw during this kind of online carnival.

Be a smart shopper not a cheapo shopper! Use this Lazada 20% of discount code : 20LAPOR25 if you shop using this link. Just click on this Lazada banner and enter the code just save 20%. 

Moreover, Lazada has everything under one website. Many good brand names join as Lazada family. To name some of those big name....

* Nestle
* Nescafe
* L'Oreal
* Drypers
* San Disk
.... and its too many to list down here.

You just need to click the banner below and shop everything with you finger click.

Happy Shopping you all!!! I will show you my Lazada Box of Joy unboxing experience in my next post.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I always into K Beauty but this time I got my hands on Taiwan Cosmetic and Skin Care. At first, I was so hesitate to try out the product but I dare myself and give this a chance. PSK brand, this is not new to me since I received the glow in the dark lip gloss from them last year. This is my first time trying out their skin care.

PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Series - Intense Moisturizing Concentrate - 30ml

Functions :

* Rich moisturizing ingredients - my experience rating 5/5 totally moisturizing effect when use this one. A bit annoying because it make your face wet for quite sometimes but really moisturize my  skin well.

* Fully penetrate to the bottom of the stratum corneum - my experience rating 4.5/5 because I love this because it really work well with my skin.

* Enhance the transparency of the skin - my experience 2/5 because I am not really sure how this thing can enhance my skin transparency. mmmmmm...

* Makes skin soft and white - my experience 4.5/5 for making my skin feel softer and for the white claim....don't think can rate on this since my skin almost in similar tone.

Overall my experience using this is like a love and hate collides together. It  make my skin wet and sticky and totally takes time to absorb. Hate that! But overall effect I love that this one really moisturize my skin well. 

After using this Intense Moisturising Concentrate alone for 1 week, I then added in another PSK product.

PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Series - Intense Hydra Cream - 30ml

They claimed this product can give THREE BIG skin care factors which is HYDRATED , RECOVERED and STRENGTH, all in one step.

My experience while using this product for 1 week...gosh!I love this one.

* Repairing - my ratings 4.5/5. Well this really does the repair

* Moisturizing - my rating 5/5 . It helps my skin a lot

* Whitening - my rating 4/5 . I can see my skin fairer after a week. Not as fair as snow but enough it does it work and I am not so dark.

* Nourishing - my rating 4/5. I think it does because I can see improvement to my skin.

* Soothing - my rating 1/5 . Not sure what they mean by soothing because I don't feel that.

I kind of love the cream so much because it helps make my skin more supple and elastic. It does helps to make it more radiant too. Its non greasy and easily absorb onto my skin.

Seriously, this is my first time in my whole life finished the whole jar of skin care to the last drop!
Taiwan beauty product is not bad after all. I will try more of Taiwan skin care soon. For your information Taiwan beauty product is more closer to our skin type since their season and climate is almost ours unlike the four season country like South Korea.

If you interested on PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Series please visit their website . By the way this company has been established since 1973. WTH! they are one year older than me. Well with 40 years of experience in cosmetics and beauty industry make me don't hesitate to try out their product although I was lacking in information about this brand before.... I am glad that I gave it a try.

So when was the last time you finished your skin care to the last drop?

Monday, November 14, 2016


Luoyang is another interesting city to visit while in Xi'an. Luoyang served as cradle of the Chinese civilisation as it was the capital city of 13 ancient dynasties from Xia Dynasty.When talk about Luoyang people will relate it with Longman Grottoes and Shaolin Temple. So many will just take a day trip from Xi'an. I decided to explore this city for 3D/2N and I find it has more than I can imagine.

Xi'an - Luoyang - Xi'an 3D/2N itinerary

* Old Town District , Laocheng
* Longman Grottoes
* Emperor Carriage Museum
* Sui and Tang Botanic Garden

I took 1 hour high speed trains from Xi'an North to Luoyang Longman Railway Station. I pass through Mt Huashan which I really wanted to climb but unable to do so. WTH! sad!

I reached Luoyang around mid afternoon. After check in to my hotel then I head down to reception asking them the best way to Laocheng or Luoyang Old Town District. Since no subway here , the best transportation is taxi ride. I took around 30 minutes taxi ride which cost me around 12 Yuan from hotel. The reception boy told me to wait till evening and enjoy the seafood galore at the night market nearby.

 Old Town District , Laocheng I was exploring this Luoyang Old Twon district which located in the northeast of Luoyang in Henan Province. Interesting that this old town sits against Mengshan Mountain and faces Longmen Grottoes with Luo River running through it.

Lijing Gate is the entrance to Luoyang Old Town District and this is the landmark of this place. Walking through that Lijiang Gate is like walking into another world. I love that high and thick wall and also that spacious watchtower.

Entering into Luoyang Old Town District you will be mesmerized by the bustling shopping streets and residential alleys too which beautifully decorated with red lanterns

In ancient time this place boosted the economy with it streamed of merchants trading merchandise. Now many shop selling antiques , arts ,calligraphy and painting works.
 The specialty here is dragon beard candy, rice cakes , peanuts and other street snacks.

Explore the street until late evening and you will see another side of this Old Town transform into super busy night market which make you wonder whether you in Luoyang or in Shinlin, Taiwan?

 Its like another street food heaven here. Many youngsters from nearby University too.

This is the seafood galore that hotel boy told me. do I put it?
To me the taste is just up to par. I don't fancy it at all. There are halal food here too by Muslim Chinese here. But not as many as Muslim Quarter.

Those youngsters really know how to enjoy street food. I tried some grilled oyster and squids. Then sat on one of stall enjoying stir fried clams and small prawns or lobster. 

I was overdosed of seafood in Luoyang and overdosed of Lamb in Xi'an. WTH!

Lijiang Gate at night is beautifully light up. If you have time can take a stroll along the Luo River at near by garden.

The next day morning I took cab to Longmen Grottoes parking lot. From there I head to purchase entrance ticket 100 Yuan and another 10 Yuan for electric car ride. I recommend you to pay for that 10 Yuan to ride 10 - 15 minutes ride to beginning of Grotto trek. If you don't do that...mmmmmm...your armpit will sweat and your knee will suffer walking even before you start your journey at Grotto.

You will expect 2 - 3 hours walking up and down staircase to see Buddha carvings on both east and west bank of river. There are thousands ranging from palm side to 50 feet high. I read this thing built over 400 years ago by different emperor families.

I just took that steep staircase with help of my walking stick which I brought with me to see the gigantic carving. 

Then I spent my time strolling by the Yi River bank and enjoy the breeze of air with view of my favourite willow tree leaves dancing above my head. romantic if suddenly see a hot guy and have that fall in love at first sight moment. hot guy here...old uncle and auntie...WTH! spoiler of my imagination...

I sat down have a little apple and dates picnic here.You can pay 25 Yuan for one way boat ride across the river though.

I choose to walk and enjoy some peanuts I bought from Old City while walking on the bridge crossing the Yi River. The view is beautiful too. Then pay 10 Yuan again to get back to the Grottoes parking lot for Taxi ride back to the city.

I took the cab ride which cost me 32 Yuan from Grottoes to Emperor Carriage Museum. Quite expensive because the journey around 1 hour from Grottoes. hehehehe...I don't know it would be this far. If I were to visit this place the day before than it will be nearer because this place is near old city.

I paid 30 Yuan for the enterance fee. This place is very small and it sort of underground museum. You just need to spend 1 hour of your time to explore it.

This place is the open excavation of the ancient tomb site.  In ancient time China Emperors were buried with everything they would need in the afterlife. Well...this remind me the Firaun of Egypt!

Emperor's horses would have been most precious possessions. The tomb itself has been relocated elsewhere but the horse and chariot are as what you see in that photo. Amazing discovery isn't!

I still have energy to explore Luoyang after the Emperor Carriage Museum. I then took another taxi ride to Sui and Tang Botanic Garden. Exploring this beautiful garden in late afternoon gave me peace of mind.

Recommended to wonder around this beautiful garden after overdosed of Buddha carving at Grottoes and dead horse remaining display.

Well...that a common side in China. That boy pant purposely torn for convenient peeing and pooing. Remember saw one boy sitting across me with his small elephant trunk sticking out while I was boarding bus from my hotel to railway station to get bus to Terracotta. WTH!

When first read about Luoyang being an Ancient Town , my imagination this city will be a run down poor city. But I got it totally wrong. Look at all those tall building like a land of Pagodas in Bagan Myanmar.

Most residential in the high rise buildings. The street are properly maintain and manage. Its a clean city too. The people are hardworking for own surviving.

Pretty cute electric car and battery bike is everywhere too. They are much advance from Malaysia. I really impress with how fast this place evolve despite their thousands of history.

I was exploring the city on my last day and saw this two old ladies chatting away in front of the traffic light junction. They are just sitting down while waiting for the light change for them to cross over to the other side. So convenient and relax life. Interesting!