Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Langkawi Island Trip - Day 3 Nasi Dagang Pak Malau

Final day at Langkawi. Since our flight at 3:15pm, we decided to drive all the way to have nice breakfast with beautiful paddy field view.

The motel dog was sleeping warmly. I was told the owner found him injured from the jungle behind this motel. Now this dog become the loyal guardian of this motel. He look so lovely!

After 44 minutes drive from our motel we were greeted by this superb view place. It was long time this city woman experience this kind of view. That kind of wooden stilt house. mmmmm...remind me of my grandma's house in Kedah.

I don't know about my sisters. When it come to food selection , I always kind of selfish. I just choose whatever I like the most and go for it! You sisters! choose your own ya!

I enjoy nasi dagang with fish curry here. Its more delicious with fabulous view to enjoy this blessed breakfast! Ahhhh....I feel awesome! Yeahhhh!!! fresh air.

We decided to drop by the famous sea world at Chenang. On the way saw many buffalo. Sorry for this blurry photo ya. IMA snapped with one hand from the car window. hehehe...

Paid RM32 to see all this creatures. I prefer the one I visited in Phuket. Way and far more better set up! I don't know what these people did when they travelling abroad for ideas and so on. Even Thailand have better undersea world aquarium. Our Malaysia....have long way to go. 

Even though my trip to Langkawi is the short just 3 Days / 2 Nights, I find it short and sweet. I will share in itinerary in my next Langkawi travel article. What you have been reading for the past 3 episode of Langkawi trip post is just my childish travelogue. hehehehehe...I don't give a damn about my sentences and so on. Just write the way I talk to myself. Pardon me ya!

Back home, I enjoy my chocolate and cookies haul from Langkawi trip. Happy New Year to all! Cheers!

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