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Travel Tips : Travelling Asia in January

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Travelling Asia in January

Year 2016 is ending and New Year 2017 is coming soon. For a person who live and based in Malaysia , earnings and cost of living very much effected from recent Malaysia Ringgit weaken. It is hard to save funds for travel passion nowadays. Myself is expecting to stay low in Year 2017. haihhh...no plan at all for time being.

Anyway for those who have some extras to travel out and enjoy seeing the other side of the world.
Here are some tips on best traveling month for some countries in Asia.

Month of January Weather in Asia

While in other part, East Asia , a country like Japan, South Korea and Northern China will be experiencing freezing cold weather. Expect dry, warm weather in the Southeast Asia side.

Places with good weather 

* Thailand
* Laos
* Myanmar
* Cambodia
* Vietnam
* Sri Lanka

Places with bad weather

* Japan - certain part still snowing and cold
* South Korea - certain part still snowing and cold
* China - certain part still snowing and cold
* Borneo - expect rain
* Sumatera - expect rain
* North India - certain part at the coldest
* Bali - expect rain

While Country like Malaysia and Singapore are typically wettest months in December and January. Overall, you never know what to expect when it come to 'Mother Nature' with all the global warming going on throughout the world. Just take caution when planning your trip!

General Festivals and Events in Asia

Month of January , countries in Asia will be pack with Festive mood and public holidays.

Year 2017 lunar year falls in the month of January. Expect Countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam , China is observing Public Holiday for Chinese New Year which is most celebrated festivals in the world.

Plan your trip ahead so you stay happy during your travel. When planning for travel destination, one can't skip to note on weather condition and public holidays to avoid travel disappointment.

Princess Cindyrina personal choice place to travel in the month of January will be Thailand (Chiangmai, Chiangrai), Cambodia (Siem Reap), Vietnam (Hanoi). Try to visit this places before Chinsese New Year holiday to avoid local crowd at tourist attraction.

Happy Planning and Travelling to all!


  1. Omgosh! this post came in just in time. I was just discussing with my friends about this! thank you <3

  2. Thanks for sharing such phenomenal tips for travelers visiting Asia in Jan.

    Will bookmark this for future.

  3. Can't wait for CNY to come! I mean I already is Holiday Mood though XD Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!

  4. I have plan my next year trip whereby i will cover Japan and Korea . I can't wait for the journey.

  5. Wow! You will travel to so many places in Jan 2017! I am now on holiday moon but lazying at home....ha...ha...maybe last mins will plan for cuti cuti Msia. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  6. I started to miss travel TT I am planning to go Singapore or any local places in Msia during this holiday or next year January. Btw Happy Holiday & Merry Christmas Cindy <3

  7. True our currency is really crappy at the moment so traveling can be quite painful for us :(

  8. walaupun cuti..dah tak rajin dah berjalan sekarang.

    malas punya pasal.

  9. Haihhh. I hope the Ringgit improves soon. It's a kind of suffering for those of us bitten by the travel bug and not to just up and go because of lack of money. I myself have been a "good girl" and stayed put for the past two months.

  10. Thanks for the tips! I would like to visit these places anytime soon.

  11. I have plans to go to Korea next year. Hope to get good weather then.

  12. you are so good at this... must learn from you... I am traveling to Bali in Feb if things goes well, and Osaka in March

  13. I'm going to Japan on this coming new year. The snow must be very wonderful. :)

  14. Nice suggestions. I wish to travel to these places again :)

  15. go local, like Miri or rompin then. don't have to go overseas

  16. I can imagine how hard it is to travel with the weakened Ringgit; must be expensive for you guys. Happy holidays, dear! xoxo

  17. Thanks for the tips, its very useful for me.

  18. Such amazing places to visit! You seem to be tons of studying. Salute.

  19. Sad to see our Ringgit suffering so much and things getting very expensive. Although my passion isn't traveling, I feel your pain.


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