Monday, January 23, 2017

Instant Tummy Tuck with Jonlivia Shirt Shaper

I started wearing shapewear when I was in the early 30s and neglected after 2 years. I was at my prime and the best body ever when people envy me the most. WTH! Its all gone!

Here I am living in my early 40s becoming overweight with  all flabby , sagging waist and hips. Lack of confidence to even wear dress out. All I can wear these days is a big baggy plus size clothes out. I feel less and less attractive even to look at my own reflection in the mirror. I just woke up this year!

I want to change this year. Since my knee is getting better this year. I started to eat healthily and also exercise regularly. I don't hope for instant drastic change but I am expecting change when come to end of this year. 

To compliment my healthy lifestyle, I wear shapewear to give instant tuck to my body. It also corrected my body posture. I try to gain back my confidence. 

I got this shirt shaper from Its selling at RM200 for one suit but now its only RM120 at their website. It suppose to give me Instant Two Sizes Smaller in a seconds. Read further for my experience trying out Jonlivia Shirt Shaper for the first time.

It came with top pieces and seamless panties. First glance when this piece reached me, I was am I going to fit into this one? No zipper or nothing. Meaning I got to fit in from the top. Fitting in is one problem but taking off is another hassle too. This was my first while unpacking my package. 

I was hurried to try on when I reached home on the very same day. Surprisingly, its easy to fit on this one. Not like others that I knew. The material is so much comfortable and totally make you feel tummy tuck in almost immediately.

The waist part is transparent which give some air so I don't feel stuffy underneath. Not like others which will roll up once you sit down, this one will fix in place if you tuck into your pants or skirts.

While the chest part with some beautiful lacey totally give the boost to my breast which I feel its a bonus to me to wear it in my dress.

My experience using Jonlivia Shirt Shaper for more than a week now;

* Jonlivia Shirt Shaper is super easy to put on and to take off. 
* Its comfortable to wear because the material used is breathable.
* You can wear it underneath any clothing. Its hard to notice its since the material at super thin
* Don't worry about your shaper roll up since it use elastic silicon waistband. So it hold the shaper in place.
* I can feel that my tummy tuck in immediately and help to shape up my bulge on the sides and front.
* My posture has improved automatically while wearing this. 
* I feel two sizes smaller immediately after wearing this. No joke! I am serious about this. I can fit in my smaller size pant. Really thank to this because I don't have buy new pant.

I may want the arm shaper too soon.

 Most women dreams to have a beautiful body. But everyone is built differently. Some comes in round figured , straight figured, hourglass figured and many more to list down. Since all comes in different shape , the best is to embrace our own body type and dress well to flatters own built. With this it is important to find great shapewear to suit well.

For those who are still looking for suitable and comfortable shapewear , you can try on Jonlivia Shirt Shaper. It worth of investing on this one since its really comfy and it serve the whole purpose to make you look more shapely and sexy.

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