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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Reduce Cholesterol and Unblocked the Arteries

How to Reduce Cholesterol and Unblocked the Arteries ?

My medical check up last year shows a high cholesterol level result. WTH! I was told to reduce it so I can be more healthy. I tried my best to eat healthily but the food in Malaysia...seriously no joke! I am not a Saint at all! WTH! The amount of temptation always make me get lost in the haven of food.

Chingu suggested me to try this ginger garlic tonic recipe.I read this tonic has been around a while and proven beneficial for well being. Some call this super heart tonic.

Benefit of Ginger Garlic Lemon Tonic

* Lower down cholesterol
* Beneficial for those who diagnosed with heart blockage and heart disease
* Good for those who unable to afford or unable to go to by-pass surgery
* Reduce constipation and ulcers
* Weight loss

Ginger Garlic Lemon Recipe

Ingredients :

* 1 Cup Ginger juice 
* 1 Cup Garlic Puree
* 1 Cup Lemon Juice
* 1 Cup Apple Cider vinegar
* 3 Cups Organic Honey

Just use any cup and measure all ingredients use the same cup to measure.

Preparation :

Pour ginger, garlic, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar in a pot and cook on medium heat for 30 minutes. Keep on mixing the ingredients. 
Take it off heat and let it cool completely in room temperature then add the honey and mix well. You then can pour this in glass bottle and store in fridge.

How to consume this ginger garlic tonic?

Just take this one tablespoon every morning 30 minutes before breakfast. Make sure you take this on empty stomach.

What???? You want me to prepare all this myself?  Gosh! like I have time to make this myself.

Well...I am not an Online Shopping Princess for no reason , right? I found this sell online for only RM88.

Just google for Purigene and you will get the best price comparison on different site. The lowest I found so far is RM88. Some even sell it at RM93. My friend bought at Bentong for only RM55 per bottle.

My Purigene came with proper safety packaging and I really love this. They deliver super fast too.

I bought one bottle for my Dad and also sent out one bottle to Chingu to show him we don't need to trouble ourself just to stay healthy. hehehehe...just click and buy!

Many curious about the taste of this tonic. may wanna go brush your teeth again or wash you mouth after take this. It taste a strong mixture of garlic with strong ginger. Definitely wakes you up in the morning! 

One thing I realize , this thing helps to boost up my immune systems too. 

This is my 2nd bottle of Purigene. I am loving this. I will stop after I am done with this second bottle.

Stay Healthy ya!


  1. ya, we should take care of ourself, and i dont mind to used this kind of easy way! btw, packaging is really good!

  2. this looks like something my body needs..but i highly doubt I can get it pass my throat...T.T

  3. looks like a good product! definitely a something for people who needs to take care of their health!

  4. I should take the tonic too to stay healthy. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Oh this is very interesting drink. Mom used to let us drink more ginger tea coz its good (and she thinks its also good for our vocal chord).

  6. This is very convenient. But does it have all the ingredients as the one that we have to boil ourselves?

  7. very interesting product! I must try it out too. I love ginger

  8. i think my husband will like the taste especially he eats a lot of garlic. I will consider this tonic as he has bad reading in cholesterol.

  9. Sounds like a very vile concoction!! But if it works it is great!

  10. I need to reduce Cholesterol level by taking these.

  11. i need one of this..... lol.... but don't know can swallow or not... lol

  12. I read about this before and i heard a lot of good things about it although i have yet to try it!

  13. Hahahaha ...yalah, I also won't be so rajin to make this tonic for myself daily. Thank you for the shortcut!

  14. Interesting product indeed! Great sharing, dear! xoxo


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