Wednesday, August 9, 2017

PC Brutally Honest Episode 1 - I am Happy

There are many simple things in this world can make one happy by just the think of it. Using the power of imagination ... one can smiles, frown or smirk or cry by just thinking about it. Realistic is Certainty but being Unrealistic can make one detach from the real world and wonder in Temporary Happiness.

Things Makes Me Happy and Forget the Reality

1. Wake up one morning and lose 5kg overnight. 

Wheeeeeeeewwwww!!!! I am still dreaming of this again and again and again. Keep on dreaming and do nothing! hehehehe Lazy Bum! I'm Happy!

2. Log into my online banking and the cash balance is SGD1,000,000.00. 

Nose bleed for sure!!! Whoaaa hahahaha..I am rich! rich! rich! Simple minded woman thinking...ngehehehehe..WTH!

3. Don't need to do anything for 48 hours. 

Just watch KDrama and eating 2kg of fresh sweet cherries. Diarrhea for sure. isk isk isk I am in lazy woman thinking. Honestly speaking , I am super happy by just doing that. hehehe

4. That stupid tailgating with high beam car overtake me then he/she crash to the divider and rolled into the drain!

Die! Die! Die! (#$%^&^&&@ !!!!) No mercy to you lunatic impatient human! Bloody angry! every time meet this kind of driver on the road.
But in real can't do anything because I am a scary cat! Yeowwww... Afraid of road rage and road bully. Avoid them if I can. huhuhuh
I will continue to curse them using my mind and laser eyes beam..huhuhuh but the laser eyes not working though. Teary eyes working very well. eheh

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