Monday, October 30, 2017

Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017

Its time for Taiwan again! but this time for Beauty Industry. While many people focus in South Korea and Japan Beauty product, myself finds Taiwan Beauty Industry too has many good product to explore. Moreover their climate are more or less similar to ours here.
Famous Brand name like Naruku, Dr Morita , Dr Wu are well known in many countries. 

Same like last year , I was invited to attend the Taiwan Beauty Expo and this time it will held at KLCC Convention Center. Many brand name that I not familiar with waiting for me to explore. I am so excited!

This time 11 more Taiwan Beauty brands was selected to visit Kuala Lumpur to share their beauty brands to Malaysian.

1. Biochem, Arwin
2. Gold Nano Tech
3. Tsaio, Sofno
4. Kuan Yuan Lian (KYL)
5. Lam Sam Yick (LSY)
6. Solone
7. Miss Hana , Hanaka
8. My Beauty Diary
10. City Color , Maxwell
11. Unicare, Lab101

Who is coming on 9th November 2017?  See you there!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Things to do in 3 full days at Osaka

I stayed at Osaka only for 5 Days / 4 Nights. Sounds like you can do many things right? I am not sure about you but to me 5 days/4 Nights is super short stay. I tell you why...below...

10th Oct 2017 - Reached from Kyoto by Train (by the time I reached almost fall out dead especially when need to carry up my 14kg luggage  from Subway Station staircase to the hotel. I just explore around my Hotel that day)
11th Oct 2017 - Full day
12th Oct 2017 - Full day
13th Oct 2017 - Full day
14th Oct 2017 - Fly back KUL on 11am flight. Bye Bye Osaka!

Visit to Famous Food Market

I visited Kuromon Ichiba located in the Namba area. This market was called Emmeiji until end of Meiji Era. It is 600 meters area ad packed with many shops selling mainly vegetables, fruits and fish. I have a great half day there. Eat walk and eat walk. Sampling seafood , local snacks and delicacies.

How to go to Kuromon Ichiba by subway ?

Take subway Sakaisuji Line Nippombashi Station ( Take Exit 5 or 10) .
Operating hours from 9am to late evening.

Shopping in Osaka

Goshhh!!! Just stop at Namba Station and you can spend whole day there. Abundant dining and shopping choices waiting.   Another place you can consider is major city center near Kita which located around Osaka and Umeda Stations.

Osaka Castle

This is reconstruction castle which started in 1583 on the former site of the Ishiyama Honganji temple which destroyed thirteen year later. The construction of this castle intended to unified Japan under Toyotomi rule. It was the largest castle at that time. There are long history for this castle and very interesting to read. You can read the history before your visit and it will make it ever moment to live. This castle really look grand for far!

I did afternoon walk at the park surround this castle.This place is beautiful during cherry blossom and apparently very popular on early April. 

How to go to Osaka Castle by subway ?

The closet station is Tanimachi 4-chrome Station along Tanimachi Subway Line and Cho Subway line.

Abeno Harukas and Harukas 300 Observation Deck

This is the tallest skyscraper in Japan with observation deck. Located right across Tenoji Station, You can shop , dine and enjoy the view here.

Universal Studio Japan (USJ)

I bet many dreams to visit this place because of Harry Potter, right? This place is one of my  life bucket list. I did it! Yeayyyyy!!!!

USJ is not only Harry Potter, there are many attractions in this place. Currently they have eight sections ; Hollywood , New York, San Francisco, Jurassic Park, Waterworld, Amity Village, Universal Wonderland and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

After long exciting rides , you can enjoy another walk at Universal Citywalk Osaka located right outside USJ entrance. They have many place for you to shop and restaurant for you to enjoy. Moreover you can also visit Takoyaki Museum there.

How to go to USJ ?

Take JR Yumesski line (also known as JR SAkurajima Line) then stop at Universal City Station. The park is only 5 minutes walk from the station. 

If you are from Osaka Station just take direct train and many other which you need to transfer at Nishikujo Station.

If you are first timer to USJ and curious about the rides. Click here  for my other post of USJ rides for first timer based on my experience.

Osaka Aquarium

I have been to few Aquariums and Osaka Aquarium is one impressive aquariums , I ever been. It called Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan located in the Tempozan Harbor Village of Osaka's bay area. It exhibit various creatures inhabiting the Pacific Rim.

I like it where the visitor start tour of the aquarium on the 8th floor and slowly walk spiral down floor by floor around the central tank. I love on how one can walk , sit and observe the sea creatures from different perspectives.

How to go Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan by subway ?

It located at Osakako Station on the Chuo subway line.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan open from 9:30am or 10:00am depends on season until 20:00pm. You require to pay 2,300 yen entrance fee. I recommended to get Osaka Kaiyukan day pass which you need to pay 2,300 yen plus get unlimited ride of subway and buses in Osaka for a day. I bought those pass from tourist information counter near Osaka station. It really worth it!

Note : You can't purchase Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan pass from Kaiyukan itself. You need to buy this in advance at place like tourist information counter near main subway station.

You can also purchase Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan pass online. Just click this link.

Osaka Port and Tempozan Market Place

Both place located just next to Kaiyukan. I would recommend to have good afternoon walk by the Osaka Port. Love the view and surrounding here. I just get myself one cup of Hot Latte from nearby Starbuck and sit there by the port staring blank at Pacific Rim.

As many love to visit Tempozan Market Place, I did pop up to this place for a while and give it a quick browse. To me this place is nothing to shout out. You can get better varieties food from other place.

Nightlife and night shopping

For those who going to Osaka, I bet you read about this place a lot. 


Famous with it Glico Running Man sigh and Kani Doraku Crab sign. Many restaurants here and some even open 24 hours. Totally popular tourist place. Your eyes will be spinning with all those neon lights as you walk here.


If you are into Harajuku , fashion culture then visit this place. Many cafes, clothing stores. Mid age like me feel like 15 years younger here.

Tannemachi Street

I stayed near Premier Cabin Hotel , Osaka which located above Tannemachi Line Chrome 21. Across the hotel is long shopping street. I need 2 night to finally finish my window shopping here.

The end of my journey at Osaka. 

Tips : Consider to by day pass for economical and ICOCA IC card. I can tell you still worth it an convenient.

To download this article for offline reading or travel directions to the attractions highlighted in this article click here.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Universal Studio Japan Rides for first timer

Recently, I have an opportunity to visit USJ , Universal Studio of Japan. I am one person who don't really fancy joining the queue just for the ride. Not to mentioned my enochlophobia syndrome. Really hate crowd. When I was browsing my life bucket list and found visit USJ is part of it. I was like...what was I thinking when I include this as part of the list.

Whatever it is ...visiting USJ alone is possible. would be fun if you are with friends.

For those who interested to visit USJ for first time, here are some tips to make your visit more like lifetime event based on my recent experience.

1. Purchase your ticket in advance to avoid those long queue at USJ.

Where to purchase USJ ticket online?

I bought mine from So easy just purchase the entry pass like one or two month ahead.I also bought the express pass for Harry Potter ride. The package  bought called USJ Express 4 which allow me to enjoy express entry to  4 rides below :

1. Harry Potter Entry time at 10:10am
* Harry Potter Forbidden Journey Ride at 10:30am

2. Flying Dinosaur at 12:50

3. I can choose between Spiderman or Jurassic Park, The Ride 8 (anytime)

4. I can choose between Jaws or Terminator or Backdraft

USJ ticket from is very easy to use. I just need to print out the voucher and get it's barcode scan at entry gate.

How much is the USJ ticket?

Well, October is the peak season since China is on long holiday and the crowd are mostly Chinese , Korean tourist and also local. I bought mine for almost RM500 plus for both entry pass plus express pass. huhuhuh...once in a life time kind of visit for me. I don't mind to splash some treat for my own birthday gift. Yup! I went during my birthday 12th Oct. hehehe..

You can purchase online USJ Ticket here :

How to go to USJ by train ?

I stayed somewhere near subway purple line. I think it Tannemachi line. Just bear in mind if you are going to USJ just make sure you take JR Yumesaki Line or another name is JR Sakurajima line.

2. Dress up at USJ

I always wanted to do cosplay once in my life time but don't really have suitable place to do that plus the timid side of me too. So I decided to dress up like a minions. Not like I like minions but this is the easiest one for me. No need to put much effort. Just one yellow T Shirt and blue denim overall over it. Yeayyyy!! one minions happily took the morning train to USJ on 12th Oct. Although most of the USJ staff I met greet me as MIN-NIONS!! every time they sees me, I still feel intimidate. Seriously, most of the USJ visitors put so much effort for the cosplay costume. From clown, narruto, Chinese Vampire, Sailormoon, and many other anime character. They are all...DAEBAKKKK!!!! to my eyes. Salute! Since I went there during Halloween mood , many scary character around too. I will tell you later about me getting chase from Zombies and this minion really ran for life like one mad minion.

I bought egg sandwiches at 7E below my hotel and then bought some hot coffee from Starbuck near USJ and wait for the entry time. It was drizzling at that time. Many girls are putting up costume and make up at Starbuck too. One Minion calmly enjoy the sandwich and hot latte, huhuhuhuh. I went to the USJ gate around 8am and join the queue like anyone else. The feeling at that I waiting for concert hall to open??? Once the gate opened at 8:30am most crowd don't walk ...they run. WTH! they really no joke. One minion calmly walk ..clueless and no direction too. It was raining heavily too. WTH! soaking wet minion looking for shelter.

My no direction walk led me to Wonderland. I was the first person there. huhuhuh..I guess all the other crowd start with bigger and more adventurous ride. Why don't I warm up first ? It was the ride for little kids.  Since I was raining, most ride seat are wet too. The staff was really delightful. One minion enjoy snoopy merry go round, then the cup cakes round chair and also the Hello Kitty house. I was the first person for all this ride. I am one and only too. WTH! When I think back this is so much better rather than compete with little kids later on. kekekeke...This evil minion!

photo take by one of the staff. At least this is free!!!
Hello!!! Kitty....Kawaii or not???

Hello Kitty house at USJ - I really clueless on what is all about. All I know was greeted warmly, the they led me to do such pose. WTH! But..why not? kekekeke...then they told me Rina! Hello Kitty is waiting for you. I was led to another room and there waiting for me Hello Kitty and she hug me and then both pose 'kawaii' stuff. I was like ...OK!!! just play along la. Then when times up they led me to photo counter and there they asked me to purchase my photo with Hello Kitty. huhuhuhuh the price start with 2,000 yen. Me was like...I look so ugly on the photo. Not worth of my 2,000 yen. kekekeke..No thank you Kitty Cat!

3. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 

Since my timed entry for Harry Potter was at 10:10am, I have no choice to find the place soonest possible to avoid late. Remind that you need to be punctual or you will get rejected. Since I was super anxious , I really linger around HP place until my entry time. nervous freak minion. A visit .

The Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey 

Its a 3D thrilling ride!  It will takes you travelling through Hogwards Castle. It was a thrilling and exciting ride for me since I am one big fan of Harry Potter. Not sure about other people, unfortunately I got really sick after the ride. hahahaha...lucky don't eat much for breakfast. If not you will see one minion throw up at Hogwarts. kekekeke...

Butter beer at Harry Potter

Another reason I visit HP is to taste the most shout out HP specialty drink, Butter Beer. How to describe butter beer taste??? To me it taste more like light root beer with vanilla ice cream topping. Its not too delicious but it addictive to me. I drank as many as I can. But can take 3 of it. My last butter beer is in that 1,100 yen plastic mug for my souvenir.

Harry Potter merchandise

They are very pricey. The cheapest keychain cost you around 1,600 yen. The staff at most souvenier place at USJ are pretty much friendly. They are fine for you to take selfies with all the merchandize as long as you are careful with it.

4. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

I got express entry for this. It was really fun for Spiderman ride where you experience Spiderman saving you from super villian. The ride was really lot of action, drops and spin with awesome 3D graphic. Not to mentioned the lights, fire, fog ,smoke and water spray too. Really worth the express pass.

5. The Flying Dinosaur

I have entry time for this one at 12:50. Really worth of express pass for this one. I screamed on top of my lung for this. OMMMAAAAA!!!!! save me!!!! WTH! I thought I am super brave for this kind of ride. Who knows....its not a sit-down kind of roller coaster. I was up on roller coaster where my body was suspended face down in midair. When the ride started it feel like coaster pull my body high and there was noting but air between me and the ground. Seriously , I really feel like flying through the sky. Worth of my express pass because the queue was super super long time.

6. Hollywood Dream - The Ride Backdrop

I don't get any express pass for this but joined the queue for almost 60 minutes. Worth waiting! The staff will ask 'front fall' or 'back fall'. I chose 'front fall'. If I choose 'back fall' means everything will be backwards. I afraid my head go dizzy if everything backwards. It was really an exciting roller coaster ride and it can be scary too. You can enjoy the view of Osaka on this ride. Did I scream??? Well...of course..I went ...OMMMAAAA !!! OMMAAAA!!!! Huwaaaarrgggg!!!! throughout the ride. Did I really see Osaka on this ride ? Are you kidding me? I was busy screaming with eyes closed! hahahahahaha...Should I tell you more???? I know nothing and really don't know what was happening.Do you think I want to join the next 90 minutes to queue for the 'back fall'? No thank you! My head was spinning hard after I got down. I still need to find my way home later. At this point even my leg feel so weak.

7. Terminator

I have express entry pass for Jaws or Terminator or Backdraft. I was aiming for Jaws but that ride was closed for maintenance. Use up for terminator then since the backdraft waiting time was super short. Tell you about it why is was very short waiting period for backdraft later. 

Terminator is basically a show. You will join the crowd standing listening for almost 15 minutes briefing by one lunatic woman host in Japanese language. For those  who understand , they will laugh at her antique. I was standing there stare blank like a fool. Then everyone led to theater with 3D glasses. I basically doze off! Super boring for me. Not worth of my express pass.

8. Backdraft

Waiting time only like 30 minutes. Super short time. I was wondering why this is not so popular. huhuhuhuh...I will tell you why. You need to join the crowd for briefing by uniform people in dark room. They look like army and very serious briefing in Japanese. I guess if I understand what they talk about at that time, I already ran out for my life. But...I don't understand any single words. I just waited for what happened next like fool. They then show movie clips on people found dead and sort of evil or monster attacked the town. After the clips all of us were led to the back door. I thought all done. When I was walking among the crowd my thought was like...cehhhh...what is this??? No ride! Nothing! Then I realize something fishy. I was walking with on my side was covered by dark wall. Then I heard people creaming like mad at the other side of the wall. We was then been put to wait and only release in group of 10 at most. 

As my turn came, I walk calmly and at left and right full of thick bushes and then.... 'F' ! ''F' group of zombies appeared from left right and in front of me. You think this minon will still walk.Hell no!!! I ran and ran and ran...don't care whatever..I just ran ran and ran...who cares! Then reached to the end. The rest of people in front of me was waiting with panick and shocking face. Some even almost in tears. There are few exit. The army pointed to one of the exit. I just ran and if I don't the zombies will surround me again. It was horror outdoor maze.

After reached to exit...I was panting. WTH! WTH! with this backdraft. Then when I read the show in front of that place. Backdraft 'Dead Forest' . I wish to notice that before I even join this game. Uwaaaaaaa...Backdraft! not ever again. Not worth to scare off this minion!!! Bad zombies!!! Bad zombies! You know how realistic is Japanese cosplay can be. The make up really like real and the feeling..I feel like Gong Yoo in Train to Busan. My knee almost fall out!

9. Sesame Street 

I join this to console myself after running hell out for my life from zombies. It was a fun show. I laugh out of this. Guess! at that point my mind really went super crazy after 'Dead Forest' run. I was not myself when I reached Sesame Street.

10. Space Fantasy - The Ride of Dream comes true

I remember this is one fun ride too. You will be riding on a space ship and really fun. My mind almost forgot the zombies earlier. Worth of my 40 minutes queue.

11. Expecto Patranum Night Show

Hang around The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in evening. When I was there the show started at 6:30pm. Really love this show. I watch death hallow flying around the Hogwarts. No need to join the crowd and standing like a fool right in front of the castle. I just watch it peacefully far from other crowd standing near to food cart while enjoying the corn churritos.

Told you the crowd at USJ are really awesome when it come to cosplay

Spending my time selfies at merchandise. I really go all out for this. hahahaha

When you are tired...just sit anywhere you want.

Minion park is super crowded too. Mostly parent with kiddo. People really queue up for cute minion sandwich and bun.

I noticed they block certain area with sign 'zombies zone'. My thought at that time still horrified from 'Dead Forest' maze run. huhuhuh...I really hurried find my way out to the exit after the 'Expecto Patranum at The Wizarding of Harry Potter. Not another run. The Zombies chased earlier on already giving me a nightmare. I wish bought that wand from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. At least can use Expecto Patranum spell to all Zombies.

True enough!!!  it was dark at that time and USJ was invade by zombies. OMG!!!! They are everywhere. I dare not look further. Bad month for me to visit USJ. Blame my Mum for giving birth during Halloween Month. Poor my mum..hahaha So innocent in this story!

Although if you was outside zombies zone , the zombies still chase and scare you off. I was running hell out of my life to the nearest merchandise store.I even saw the girls behind me fall hard while got chase by zombies.   I only dare to find my way out if sees the zombies are not around.If there is a video cam they will see one minion head peep in and out from the nearest store. She ran then hide and run and hide again and runnnnnn all the way when sees the exit door.

Things could have change if I dress as Zombie instead of Minion. huhuhuhu... bad cosplay choice.

I safely reached to the exit and end my day at USJ. What a thrilling and exciting experience during my 43rd birthday!

To download this article for offline reading or travel directions to the attractions highlighted in this article click here.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Birthday Month 2017 Giveaway

Hello October ....

Hi all,

Thank you for your visit here. Its time for my Birthday Month Giveaway. I really busy through out this month and totally no time to snap good photos of all items. I will include some surprise 'kawaii' gift to all winners too. So do join this sincerely! For those who has joined this in previous year, you are still welcome. For those who are still new to, check out #princesscindyrinagiveaway in insta. 

How to join Birthday Month Giveaway ?

* You need to be a  Malaysian age 18 - 50 with valid Pen. Malaysia delivery address only

* Complete all tasks in rafflecopters and repost Princess Cindyrina's Birthday photo in instagram to win the prize. I will post photo in random basis for through out the period 6th - 16th October 2017. So keep following me in instagram for that.

Make sure you include  #princesscindyrinagiveaway   #giveaway  #happybirthday

* Prize will be selected base on no. of shares and likes for the repost photo in instagram , complete all task in rafflecopters and details fill in google form.

* have right not to release the prizes if nobody complete the tasks as requested. cheating , ok!

Complete below :

Step 1 :  Fill up this Google Form 

Step 2 :  Complete task in Rafflecopters here

Birthday Giveaway October 2017 items list in random order includes :

*  Neesya Revives Dull Skin Cleansing Set
*  Aqualabel 3D Gel Cream
* Dr Wu Renewal System Intensive Serum
* Bio Essence Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen SPF30
* Orkid Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipstick - Turnt
* PSK Glitter Lip Gloss
* Witch Pouch My Lip LoveGauge
* Mentholatum Premium Rich Moist Lip Balm
* Mamonde AC Balance Spot Serum
* W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette
* Pika Pika Deep Cleansing Gel Hot & Cool
* Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam
*3 Set of 2 Mask Random Brand (Dr Wu, Naruko, Nature Republic)
* Daniel Wellington Bangle worth RM239

I will be traveling so no time to entertain any inquiries at this moment. Do join this giveaway as many you can ya!!!! Good Luck all!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Where to watch beautiful Sunset in Labuan ?

Another working trip to Labuan end of last month. This will be my second last trip to Labuan. My final trip will be mid or end of Nov 2017. I am closing 2 offices at the same time. KL and Labuan office.Then I will be jobless and looking for job. Damn!!! Hate the feeling to go for job hunting and facing the interviewer again. isk isk isk ...enough on that. I will figure this out when time comes. All I can tell you corporate world is super nasty and cold. I will ditch out this dirt out and hopefully flower road will come to me again. Anyway for this entry...lets move on and get on with life like nothing really going to happen. Mental strong mode now ! I am just gonna live my life as it is.

I was really glad that Grab Car has finally arrive in Labuan. Yeayyyy!!! this means I can go anywhere I want by clicking the apps. WTH!!!! Happy to max. My mission on my 2nd day in Labuan is to visit to the best beach to view the sunset.

I was praying hard when saw the cloudy cloud is starting to form. God! please let me see the sunset today. I will do anything...anything...please make the weather better. I keep check out on the window at my office. By the time 4:30pm it started with light drizzle. I was like...God! please listen to my prayer for once. I am flying back tomorrow. 

By 5pm , it still cloudy but I force through. Went down to KFC below my office building for some picnic box by the beach and grab some drink. Click on the grab apps less then 5 minutes I was on the way to Layang Layangan Beach which is the best spot to view sunset in Labuan.

I reached this place for around 20 minutes car ride. I paid RM16 to grab driver. Enjoy the view and worry about getting back to town later. WTH! 

I was the only one at the beach at that time. I reached there a bit early. Lay down old newspaper on top of old wood for my picnic box and seating spot. 

Things to do by the beach if you are not into sun bathing

1. Get a simple lunch or dinner and enjoy food with sea breeze slapping your face. kekekeke...sounds brutal huh?

2. Sit down by the beach and think nothing. We are all human and need a reset time. Do this once in a while and you will know 'that' feeling.

3. Just like in the movie. Write your name on the beach sand. I did mine for the first time in my 40 years of  living.

4. Walk, explore the beach and mesmerized yourself with all sorts of things wash off to the shore. Seaweed, corals, pines and many more.

5. When time comes...sit down and relax while watching the sun slowly going down and the place getting golden bright and then slowly darker.

When is the best time to visit Layang Layang beach for sunset?

Generally , the sun start to set around 6pm to 6:30pm. You need around 30 minutes if coming from the town centre. It took me around 20 minutes journey from Financial Park Labuan. Depends on traffic though. It will get slower if in front of you is tractor or lorry. The road in Labuan is generally small road and single lane. 

It was an awesome sunset view for me. God answer my prayer and its my turn to repay the kindness by being a good living soul on earth. By 6:45pm, I was safely back to my room with great memories. Next trip planning to visit Pancur Hitam beach which is another nice spot.

Any of you from Labuan? Suggest where do you want me to visit in my next trip please!