Monday, October 2, 2017

Where to watch beautiful Sunset in Labuan ?

Another working trip to Labuan end of last month. This will be my second last trip to Labuan. My final trip will be mid or end of Nov 2017. I am closing 2 offices at the same time. KL and Labuan office.Then I will be jobless and looking for job. Damn!!! Hate the feeling to go for job hunting and facing the interviewer again. isk isk isk ...enough on that. I will figure this out when time comes. All I can tell you corporate world is super nasty and cold. I will ditch out this dirt out and hopefully flower road will come to me again. Anyway for this entry...lets move on and get on with life like nothing really going to happen. Mental strong mode now ! I am just gonna live my life as it is.

I was really glad that Grab Car has finally arrive in Labuan. Yeayyyy!!! this means I can go anywhere I want by clicking the apps. WTH!!!! Happy to max. My mission on my 2nd day in Labuan is to visit to the best beach to view the sunset.

I was praying hard when saw the cloudy cloud is starting to form. God! please let me see the sunset today. I will do anything...anything...please make the weather better. I keep check out on the window at my office. By the time 4:30pm it started with light drizzle. I was like...God! please listen to my prayer for once. I am flying back tomorrow. 

By 5pm , it still cloudy but I force through. Went down to KFC below my office building for some picnic box by the beach and grab some drink. Click on the grab apps less then 5 minutes I was on the way to Layang Layangan Beach which is the best spot to view sunset in Labuan.

I reached this place for around 20 minutes car ride. I paid RM16 to grab driver. Enjoy the view and worry about getting back to town later. WTH! 

I was the only one at the beach at that time. I reached there a bit early. Lay down old newspaper on top of old wood for my picnic box and seating spot. 

Things to do by the beach if you are not into sun bathing

1. Get a simple lunch or dinner and enjoy food with sea breeze slapping your face. kekekeke...sounds brutal huh?

2. Sit down by the beach and think nothing. We are all human and need a reset time. Do this once in a while and you will know 'that' feeling.

3. Just like in the movie. Write your name on the beach sand. I did mine for the first time in my 40 years of  living.

4. Walk, explore the beach and mesmerized yourself with all sorts of things wash off to the shore. Seaweed, corals, pines and many more.

5. When time comes...sit down and relax while watching the sun slowly going down and the place getting golden bright and then slowly darker.

When is the best time to visit Layang Layang beach for sunset?

Generally , the sun start to set around 6pm to 6:30pm. You need around 30 minutes if coming from the town centre. It took me around 20 minutes journey from Financial Park Labuan. Depends on traffic though. It will get slower if in front of you is tractor or lorry. The road in Labuan is generally small road and single lane. 

It was an awesome sunset view for me. God answer my prayer and its my turn to repay the kindness by being a good living soul on earth. By 6:45pm, I was safely back to my room with great memories. Next trip planning to visit Pancur Hitam beach which is another nice spot.

Any of you from Labuan? Suggest where do you want me to visit in my next trip please! 

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