Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sephora , Thomas Sabo and Esprit Workshop @ Sky Avenue Mall Resort World Genting

Back from Osaka, I was invited to attend Sephora, Thomas Sabo and Esprit Workshop at SkyAvenue Mall , Resort World Genting. I always wanted to visit SkyAvenue Mall again. Many shops there. 

Sephora Make up Workshop

I reached at First World Convention Center around 10:30am and proceed for registration. Then was told to head over to Sephora at SkyAvenue Mall at Level 2A. Its a huge 3 lots combined stores. The staff are all wearing full make up of various animal. In my mind was like don't make  me look like that enough la. 

The make up artist asked me , how do I want my make up do ?
My replied to her, I want a sweet Princess look.

She go ahead took out all shades for sweet Princess look.  While doing my make up she went on explained to me every single steps and how she mixed the colors to create some look. YES! I learn a lot from her. Especially on some color which is I always afraid to use for my daily make up. I like my overall make up do especially on how she cover my dark pigmentation on cheek with just mixture of blusher shade. My eye bag earlier look so obvious. She cover it up and make it lift up with just a simple blusher application. I love the way she highlighted my eye brow. She taught me how to do it myself too. Thumbs up for her skills. But......

My lips!!!!! I know sweet Princess always associated with pink. But...not this pink. This is so Tina Turner look. Don't you think so? I just need to go blow up my hair and get into some skimpy mini dress with some push up bra to push up the silicone breast. huhuhuhuhuh... 
Sweet Princess and Tina Turner? How does this combination can sync in??? I try to think positive. This is the Princess from Fantasy World.

Anyway, who am I to criticize the creativity works ? I just accept it and walk around SkyAvenue Mall with Tina Turner lips on my face. Damn! I feel wanna be ostrich. By the time I reached to Coffee Terrace for Lunch Buffet, my lips was as pale as Chinese Vampire. ngehehehehe...I wipe it off la because need to eat. Afraid to swallow in all the glitters she applied on my lips to achieve that shining effect.

The Make up personnel gave me one of those bottle. Its a make up remover. Another good product from Sephora. Serious it remove even the water resistance make up easily. No need facial cleanser after that. This is awesome for next travel trip!

Thomas Sabo Workshop

Another big name in accessories industry. I have one Thomas Sabo bracelet at home for almost 2 years and yet I don't even wear out once. Reason? I am very bad to accessorize myself. The representative of Thomas Sabo taught us how to mix and match the accessories to make it simpler or even make it chunkier. Everything about creativity when it come to fashion. Most important is the confidence of the wearer.

I love Thomas Sabo new collection called 'Together'. It look so sweet and warmth feeling. The design look minimal but can feel the luxurious in it. I am now eyeing to get myself one of those collection.

You can check out Thomas Sabo boutique at Level 3 , SkyAvenue Mall, Resort World Genting.

Esprit Styling Workshop

The staff handpicked 4 bloggers for styling and cat walk during this workshop. Me??? Gosh!!! don't trouble people la. I don't think can fit in any of those collection. Having an opportunity to see people having fun walking on stage is enough for me. Not many of us the ordinary people can get such opportunity to watch fashion show live.

My fellow bloggers really did a good job presenting the mix and match fashion styling by Esprit Fashion Stylist. I learn some fashion tips from this workshop. When talk about Esprit I always imagine fun, vibrant fashion style. You can get various clothing style from Esprit, from knitwears, cardigans, sweatshirts, hoodies, dresses, skirts, T shirts, pants , jeans all for women , men and also kids.

Who never hear about Esprit??? Esprit is one long standing brand name since 1968 , all the way from San Francisco. You can check out Thomas Sabo boutique at Level 3 , SkyAvenue Mall, Resort World Genting.

We end up our Beauty and Fashion workshop at Resort World Genting with some mini tea break. Love the mini pies and mini salmon burger.

I went back home with one full face make up except for the lips part. I use my own lipstick to cover up my pale lips. It was great and memorable experience for the opportunity to attend such workshop up 6,000 feet at Resort World Genting. For those who looking short getaway , only one hour drive you will reach Resort World Genting. Spend your day dine and shop at SkyAvenueMall. Many great activities waiting for you. I want to revisit again this time for dining exploration. I have yet to try out the Motorino Pizza and Burger and Lobster place. 

I will be backkkkk!!!

Thank you Resort World Genting for this invitation!


  1. That is one very busy day for you with the make up, the jewelry and the fashion show. My kind of day!

  2. I think that pink lips suit you. Not that bad laa..


  3. Wow. So nice you got invited to those events! Esprit and Sephora, I love them so much. Yes, I agree with Pui Yee, it suits you!

  4. i love thomas sabo! their designs are really nice.. very grungy.. hahah

  5. Glad to meet you at the event. The 4 chosen blogger models were great. I agree that the pink lips look strange.

  6. That actually looks like an interesting mix of brands & activities, worth the trip to Genting?! I've been meaning to get up there as it's been ages and somehow it always seem further away than it is. Think you were spot on about the lipstick - your own color is much nicer but you did ask for the princess effect ;-)

  7. I hope I'll have such opportunity in the future; though it may look like a tiring day but I'm sure you had lots of fun! The make up is sweet, and I prefer your lips before the makeover :) I would wanna get the make up remover, it would be useful especially during travelling ;)

  8. This sounds like a fun event. The makeup looks good on you. Your skin looks flawless..

  9. I really love the Thomas Sabo's collection. It was so nice and simple, even we mix so many also it will look great.

  10. You look so beautiful in your pink lipstick. It seems you really enjoy Thomas Sabo and Esprit Workshop. and I really like those Thomas Sabo jewelries.

  11. You are so lucky to attend this workshop! Beauty combined with fashion in one. I like this coz it is more experiential :)
    Did you get your new Thomas Sabo?

  12. fashion and beauty workshop way up in awana genting? wow, that's a great lifestyle event. :D

  13. This is one fascinating workshop, to give bloggers the chance to be a fashion model themselves, for a change. I would love to be one of the chosen one. Although I am an introvert, I guess I will be braver when my face is painted up!

  14. what an amazing opportunity for all beautiful blogger buddies...too bad I missed out on sad now

  15. It was a great event. Too bad I have Lunch to host, else I will see you there too...



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