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Things to Do at Ipoh 2 Days / 1 Night

Last 2 weekend , I made a short trip to Ipoh for the first time after more than 20 years passing by that town when heading back to my home town , Taiping, Perak.

Ipoh is just about 2 hours 10 minutes drive from KL. I described this town has its own charm. The lay back and full of history and heritage building really make one to stay back more than 2 days. It really like a mind reset kind of feeling from busy city of KL. If you don't drive from KL , you can take this opportunity to just take ETS or Train ride. You can then travel around by Grab Car since they have such service in Ipoh.

My 2 Days / 1 Night itinerary suggestion in Ipoh totally the free and easy touring as liking.

Kellie's Castle

If you are in Ipoh, this is a must visit place. There are many mystery surrounding this incomplete castle. Just spend your time at least 30 minutes to 1 hour here. Walk and read the story of Kellie's Castle.

The architecture of this building is so stunning and for those who have good photography skills can make use of historical and vintage backdrop.

Tasik Cermin means Mirror Lake

Not easy to find this place though. I've got to know after a friend send me the location. You have to go a small village and old quarry to reach there. Then you have to walk through dark and wet tunnel. The stunning lake waiting for you right after the end of the tunnel. This place is awesome in the morning because not many people and totally quiet place.

Laksa Telur Sarang

This is a famous noodles dish with tangy fish gravy with bird nest style fried egg on top of it. This shop located near some shop lot and inside the housing area. We reached there very early where this shop just started the business around 12 noon. I heard this place normally super pack in the afternoon. Some people eat it there and then pack some home too.

How does this taste to me?

Well...I could say this is just another 'laksa' and the only special it serve with omelette on top. Nothing else to shout out. Delicious? I have taste something more delicious than this.

Concubine Lane

You don't visit to Ipoh if you skip this famous concubine lane. This place full of historical building and some of it with some mural painting on it. Most of the mural are faded and need to be retouch.

Everything was so layback here and I really love the old and vintage style atmosphere here. Just stroll of the small lane and explore every corner of this place and you will find something which will bring back to your childhood or memory lane.

My sis insist on trying out the 'Ais Kepal' which the ice shaved and top with some sweet syrup. I remember bought this for only 10 sen and now this cost us RM5.90 per ice ball and that tall cup ice shaved cost us freaking RM9.90. WTH!

Finish sucking on that expensive ice shave, we just walk around the flea market and small lane to see some items selling by some local vendors there. For instagramer , this place is like photo backdrop haven for them.

You can enjoy good white coffee and tahui or soybean curd here. Its just a short distance walk shopping street. If 'Jonker Walk ' in Malacca has a bigger scale of market and here would be the shortest I ever been to. The feeling is sort of short and sweet.

Ho Yan Hor Museum

This place is only 3 minutes walking distance from the concubine lane market. It is a free entrance museum which give you some short explanation on Dr Ho Kai Chong who is the founder to Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea founder, life and how this brand started. It is an interesting oriental herbal tea museum. Full of vintage equipment and old style items. 

For those who don't know Ho Yan Hor, this is a herbal tea which you can drink if your body feel heaty or when you are feeling under the weather. I drank this a lot and always have one box at home.

Where to stay in Ipoh ?

I booked Merton Hotel which located somewhere near Symphony Business Park. For only RM155 per night , the room is pretty decent and comfortable for a short stay. This is place kind of out of down town but only I love it because the surrounding is quiet and not so busy or havoc with traffic.

Since the will be a birthday party for one year old baby at the place we stay, all of us decided to take grab car for dinner rather than letting go our parking. hehehe...'kiasu'.

For those who don't feel like driving around, Grab car is on the go here in Ipoh. Super convenient!

Dinner at Miker @ Padang

We search around and found that this place apparently serve good food. We reached there around 6pm and this place super pack with people. We manage to get our seating. Ordered the Thai Set meal which for us is nothing too shout out. In fact, to us the food is salty and not delicious as what people review.

Chik Pizza at Miker

Inside Miker Cafe there is one counter selling Pizza. We tried the chef recommended Ultimate Kampung Pizza. I will give this 2 thumbs up and all of us really don't get enough with just one slice. The based is totally as what I wanted it to be. Freshly baked and the texture is super awesome. The sauce is sweet sauce top with anchovy, onion, shredded ginger flowers and of course cheese. The taste is really savory and I really love every bites of this pizza. Must try 'Chik Pizza' at Miker , if you are in Ipoh.

The next morning, time to say good by to Merton Hotel. Love the vintage deco of this hotel. Since we don't opt for any breakfast at this hotel. We went out to have our breakfast outside.

Old Town White Coffee at Padang

You can even get an Old Town White Coffee here in KL but in Ipoh, I could say this is a must try place. The location of this cafe is inside an old building and for us not much choices is many place close on Sunday. The white coffee is authentic. 

How I describe my recent trip in Ipoh?

It was short and sweet stay in Ipoh. I will visit this place again just for have that awesome Chik Pizza.

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