Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Experience Overnight At Haunted Place in Labuan

A week before Christmas last year , I visited Labuan for working trip. My task was to close Labuan office for good. I spend 4 nights in Labuan. Labuan is totally a small Island with nothing much to see. I love beaches but get bored so easily. hahaha.

On my 3rd day, I manage to finish all my task sooner than I thought. So I decided to abandon my next stay at Hotel near town to the seaside hotel of that Island. I browse my mobile apps and found this place call Palm Beach Resort located near Batu Manikar Beach which is one of must visit Beach if you are in Labuan. This place is about 20 to 30 minutes drive from Labuan Town. Along the journey you can see a beautiful scenery because the driver will drive along the coastal road.I took GrabCar which cost RM20. But if you plan to come here just call the Resort in advance they provides Free Shuttle from and to Town. I don't know that...isk isk isk

My stay here also is part of realizing my dream to sleep with the sounds of sea wave and wake up with some beautiful sea view. Feeling super blessed and thankful for the opportunity. God has been very kind to me. I will never forget this!

If you are wondering...YES! I was there alone. Told you! I am a Solo Traveler!. 

The room was super spacious complete with balcony for me to enjoy the full sea view here. I was there armed with sort of junk food of my choices from town. I know this is a secluded resort. So I went there prepared with everything. Resort will present you with fruit platters and welcom drink too. 

It was Kai-Tak Typhoon passing by season. Unfortunately for me that if was a wet day when I check into this hotel. Palm Beach Resort has a beautiful private beach but since the sea water is rising so much that day the beach became dirty with all those plankton and garbage wash up to the shore.I was told on the nearby village facing flood due to sea water rising up. Lucky it just for a night!

 I love the grand outdoor pool over looking the sea. I just sat there without thinking anything and loving that feeling.

Bought this Sandle for RM15 just for me to walk along the beach. My shoes was super soaking wet the day before while walking along  the Batu Manikar beach the day before.Yes! I was here too the day before.

I ordered one coconut from the hotel outdoor drink counter for RM7. Not that expensive since in KL it cost you around RM5. Enjoying the coconut water with sitting under one of the hut over looking the beach. Feeling rich! WTH! hahahaha

I wish can rent the bicycle from the hotel but it was raining.

The sea wave was very fierce during my stay here. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying my moment here.

I call off my day strolling around this beach after clock show almost 6pm.

The next morning enjoyed my cup of coffee and bowl of favourite Sarawak Laksa by the pool over looking the serene beautiful beach. There is one chatty cook came over to my table and blabbering about his life to me. I wish to have quiet and peaceful breakfast but he seems like need an ears to listen. So I did some charity by listening to him and enjoy the Sarawak Laksa and drink away the 'Tenom Coffee'. Not many guess except for for a group of China Tourist. They are from Xi'an.

After breakfast , I strolled along the beach once again and enjoy my last moment here. I took the shuttle provide by Hotel back to town around 10:30am. Since I am the only one in the whole shuttle , the I have a small chat with driver about Labuan and Borneo as whole. Kind of open up my mind to Labuan and Borneo from local point of view.

So where is the ghost ? 
What is so haunted about this place.? 

I only read about this hotel was rumor as haunted place after I came back to KL. To me the Hotel is just a bit old hotel and it look a bit creepy though especially if you stay alone like me. Other than that there is nothing! Ghost? They are everywhere even next to you right now. But as long as you have a good heart and don't disturb them , you are good. They live their roaming life and we live ours. I have a great stay here. 

If you going Labuan, pamper yourself for a night stay at Palm Beach Resort, Labuan. Get the Full Sea View room.Worth of stay! Happy Holiday!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Budget Home Make Over with TOKUYA Malaysia

One of the must visit shop if you are in Japan is 100-yen shop. For budget tourist who love to shop for souvenirs to bring back home they actually find 100-yen stores helps them a lot. With a single 100-yen coin (plus some extra 5-yen tax) you can buy more than you can imagine for example a well-designed good which you don't even know you need it.

I was looking forward to do some kitchen utensils makeover. Japan too far from Malaysia. Last weekend I happened to have brunch date at Sukiya 1MK , Mont Kiara. I used to work around this area more than 10 years ago. Being there for the first time after many years was like ...Aw me with all those new building and development. Next to Sunrise building there is this huge mix retail , office and residential building called Arcoris. At LG level there is one shop call TOKUYA. Formerly a 100-yen shop but they re-launch recently with wider range of products.  I won't call them a 100-yen shop because some of  it's item cost more than that. 

TOKUYA offer over 20,000 high quality Japanese products ranged from Stationery, Kitchenware, Glass and Ceramic Ware. They even have Cosmetics, Gardening, Cleaning items, Toys, and even Pets and Hygienic items.

There are 2 sections in TOKUYA. One premium range which is still affordable for all of us and the other is the more cheaper 100-yen range, which is really make one go ...OMG! don't know what to choose. Everything is reasonably price and the quality is good too.

I really spoil with choices here. Beautiful stationery.They even have something for me to organize my room and beautify my toilet.

This is the Premium Range section. I love the feels of those broom stick, bamboo or rattan floor mat and also those ceramic bowl with matching chopsticks to go for. Everything at TOKUYA kind of mix of modern contemporary items to the remind us to oldies. Take example of those brooms and floor mat ! Isn't this remind you to older time and you feel like need this at home just for decoration instead of tools?

Align with its concept as Purposeful Unique - most items up on display here inspire people to make bold decisions and no one can replicate the shopping atmosphere here.

That glass jar with pink color lid totally my choice to store my condiment in the kitchen.I am hoping to find nail stickers here but can't find one last week. I think it will be up in my next visit. I was looking for some plastic container to organize my over supplied skin care and make up. (Feeling Super Blessed!)

Tadahhhhh!!! found this here. Bought 3 plastic container from the cheaper range and then 1 ceramic bowl, plate and cup from the premium section. I wanted to buy more but my feet was hurting that day. I don't think can handle carrying those stuff back to my car on my own. I will be back here for more after my Bangkok trip. I will make sure to either bring with me somebody who can carry stuff for me (Princess Syndrome) or drag in my luggage back here.WTH!

I think my next visit more new stuff for me to dig in. psssttt!!! apparently when I visited last Saturday was their Soft Launch. ngeeee....I know there more things still up for display which I don't get the chance to see that day.

Where can you find reasonable made in Japan items in Malaysia ? 

You can visit TOKUYA which located at LG-06 and LG-07, Arcoris , Plaza Mont Kiara (Opposite Shoplex), Kuala Lumpur. 

Visit TOKUYA Malaysia Official FB at

Friday, January 26, 2018

Instantly Correct the Complexion

I won this by answering the quiz during the Taiwan Beauty Expo end of last year. I end up with 2 bottles of this. hahaha.... talk about the shortage of cream? My skincare can last for another year. I was very sceptical when reading the 'instant' word. Like...' seriously'? Is this another over-claimed item? I love Miss Hana makeup collection but trying skincare except for their mask is like the first time for me.

Since they claimed this is instant correct...then I don't need 2 weeks to try this out. Instant ma! Must work like magic. So one Sunday I was in a good mood and fed up with lovey-dovey Kdrama. I have fun playing around with Miss Hana Brightening Cream to check on their 'instant' claimed to my skin.

Miss Hana Brightening Cream - 30ml made in Taiwan

Product claimed :

  • Skin Whitening and Lightening
  • Instantly correct the complexion
  • Make skin hydrating

Some of the key ingredients in Miss Hana Brightening Cream are :

  • Tranexamic Acid
  • B3
  • Flower Extract

Miss Hana Brightening Cream texture kind of not so easily absorb into the skin. At least on my skin. I need to smooth it out for a while to get it even and better result. The effect was good on the skin though. Love the fact it really does good instant brightening effect to the skin.

As you see in the photo my hand skin colour always darker than the rest of my body. I tested it onto my hand for this review.

See? I purposely didn't apply it on my fingers just to show the difference. The upper part of my hand instantly brighter than fingers part after applying Miss Hana Brightening Cream. It turns out the cream blend well to match up to my face skin colour with my hand. Lovelight Rose extract smells in this cream. It does make your skin moisturizing after long use.

How I recommend to apply Miss Hana Brightening Cream?

Apply a small amount of cream and massage gently onto face. If you don't want to look like Chinese Opera singer, don't use too much for first time user.  As I mentioned it take quite some time to even out this cream on my face. So just patiently massage this cream and the result won't disappoint you! Just look me, it brightens up my skin naturally. It really does what it says by instantly brightening.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Learn Swimming at 40s

Swimming is famous for being good for health and well being. Regret! I took this long to learn swimming.

I always wanted to learn swimming for many years. But most of the time 'chicken ou't due to one article I read about how much saliva and urine in the pool. Yucks!!!!! Can't imagine myself swim in the pool of urine. isk isk isk..

It was resolution years after years and only this year I have the courage to visit the Public Pool and learn it. Yup!!! I finally jump and swim in the pool of urine and saliva. Yeay?  Uwaaaaa....don't even wanna think further about that. All I did was scrubbing and and cleaning myself well after that swimming session.

I don't really attend any class or whatsoever. Just out of courtesy my friend guide me as I brave myself into the water. I call this class just to discipline myself!

For those who around my age or even younger, who still have fear to learn swimming, please start. Swimming can change your health positively. Plus it really fun swimming and floating in the water freely. How to start swimming as hobby!

1. Sign up for Swimming Lesson

I love my money too much to spend for swimming lesson, plus I don't like the pressure of being told on what to do. hehehe... but for others who would love to learn swimming. Highly recommended to enroll yourself for swimming class. This will get you guaranteed time in a pool and also motivation to learn well.

I just watch some youtube swimming lesson and then ask my friend who can swim to jump in the pool with me to guide and comment on my swimming. The rest is all about my own perseverance. He don't need to teach me so much though! As usual this woman , act smart all the time ...hahahaha

2. Get some goggles

I need this because of my eye sight is not that good without glasses or lens. So I bought myself goggles with power for to be able to see people in the pool. Plus goggles is good to protect eyes from that thick chlorine in swimming pools.

3. Better Swim Suit

Ladies! don't focus on getting the revealing swimsuit. Swim suit is not a bout looking sexy or whatsoever. Just focus on getting the flexible one for easier movement in the pool and better protective swim suit. If you are going for outdoor swimming pool better get yourself the long sleeve one. Or you end up with half part roasted body!I applied lots of sunscreen eventhough mine is indoor pool.

4. Head Cover

I don't like the idea of me wearing the head cover because I look awful wearing it. But for the sake of protecting my hair from chlorine I just bear with it and face the fact I look ugly in the pool.

5. Get Comfortable in the Water

First step to learn swimming is to get comfortable inside the water. You will be able to float and swim eventually.

6. Never Give Up

If you happens to share the pool with young kids who able to swim and you still crawling over trying to float....Don't Give Up!

On my third time in the pool , I find myself able to float easily and swim freestyle. A bit tiring because I haven't learn how to breathe yet. But my next target in my 4th times in the pool to be able to breathe while swimming so I can go further.

My friend told me I am a bit weird because most people learn frog style but me unable to do so and immediately go for freestyle. I just find it uncomfortable to do that because my friend keep telling me why my bit butt keep floating above the water and it look funny. WTH!

There is another story about this Auntie who jump into the public pool with snorkeling goggles and flippers. She is not a good swimmer at all but she just jump in and flip flip...look funny though because whenever she pass by everybody feels a bit disturb because she splash the water too much and its like one big boat just pass by. I am telling you this is not for laugh. But I admire her courage and over come the fear. Actually not even fear. She just don't give a damn when people call her whale passing by. Don't care what others will look at you. Never too late to learn something. All you need is to put all your heart and open your mind to get you there.

I really wish to be able to swim better soon because it really helps my waist problem.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Real Flower Extracts Mask from Mamonde

Recently Mamonde, A beauty Brand from South Korea launched their latest Flower Facial Mask for different skin need. Mamonde experts developed this latest Flower Facial Mask Line inspired by the distinctive properties of four selected flowers, namely the Rose, Heartleaf Houttuynia, Calendula and Evening Primrose.

There are two types of wash-off mask and two types of sleeping mask.

Mamonde Wash Off Mask comes with Rose Petal and Eoseong cho flower inspired

Mamonde Rose Petal Purifying Bubble Mask

Mamonde Eoseong cho / Chameleon Plant Pore Clean Clay Mask

Mamonde Sleeping Mask comes with Calendula and Evening Primrose flower inspired.

Mamonde Calendula Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask 

Mamonde Evening Primrose Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask

Mamonde Rose Petal Purifying Bubble Mask, 100ml , Retail Price RM85

Suitable for :

  • Dry Skin
  • Dull and Fatigue Skin

Mamonde Petal Purifying Bubble Mask infused with visible rose petals together with green tea and peppermint extract helps to revitalize skin stressed skin caused by external environments which bringing dull-looking skin back to life.While green tea is well known for its anti oxidation property and the peppermint extract helps to maintain adequate moisture on the skin surface.

How to apply Mamonde Rose Petal Purifying Bubble Mask ?

I apply this after Cleansing and Toner step. Just put an adequate amount of Purifying Bubble Mask on dry hands and apply it all over the face except for eyes and mouth area. Once fine bubbles are formed (it takes approximately one minute for this to happen), the apply warm water and massage the lather gently. Wash off thoroughly with warm water.

The texture of this mask is soft , fluffy and chiffon like bubble to purify and give a clear complexion.

Mamonde Pore Clean Clay Mask, 100ml , Retail Price RM85

Suitable for :

  • Oily Skin 
  • Skin with dead skin cells

Mamonde wash off pore clean clay mask made up of natural mineral clay infused with grounded Heartleaf Hottyunia and walnut shells. It helps absorb excess sebum and the same time exfoliate dead skin cells on skin surface.

How to apply Mamonde Pore Clean Clay Mask ?

I used this after cleansing and toner steps. Apply an adequate amount of Pore Clean Clay mask on dry face. I spread thoroughly all over the face except for the eye and mouth area. Then wash off with warm water after 10 - 15 minutes.

The texture of this clay mask really gentle , mild like a soft cream. It keeps the skin moisturized while helps to maintaining oil balance. The skin ultimately feels super soft and supple after rinsing.

If you are having enlarged pores and sensitive skin, I highly recommend this Mamonde Pore Clean Mask.

A little facts on Heartleaf Houtuynia (Chameleon Plant)

This plant is native to Japan as it was the first plan to be found sprouted in Hiroshima in 1945. It grow abundantly in moist, shady environment and used widely as herbal medicine. It rich in protein, minerals and Vitamin B. Extensive research has discovered the antibacterial properties of the plant that is especially suited for enlarged pores and oily prone skin.

Mamonde Hydro Sleeping Mask , 100ml , Retail Price RM85
Suitable for :

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Dry Skin

Mamonde Calming Hydro Sleeping mask is a leave on sleeping mask. It blended with Calendula petals along with Centella, Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts to clam skin and lock in moisture for a hydrate look. It also designed with water gel formula which comes a dewy texture that gives skin a cool and refreshing feel upon application.

How to apply Mamonde Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask ?

Just apply it before sleeping. Take an adequate of Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask and apply all over the face except for eyes and mouth area. Allow the water gel texture to melt into skin completely as you spread it over the face.

Wash off only after you wake up in the morning and enjoy the soft and healthy skin in the next morning!

Mamonde Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask , 100ml , Retail Price RM85

Suitable for :

  • Bloated skin
  • Dehydrated Skin

Mamonde Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask formulated in accordance with Flower Oil Complex - a formula that combines three types of flower oils, i.e. Evening Primrose Oil, Camelia Oil and Sunflower Oil. It also infused with moisturizing ingredients extracted from the Evening Primrose which make it glides gently and provides dewiness to the skin.

How to apply Mamonde Enriched Nutri  Sleeping Mask ?

Same like other sleeping mask just apply adequate amount of Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask all over the face except for eyes and mouth area. If you have bloated and dehydrated skin , all you need to apply this mask before bed and get a healthy skin in the morning.One thing I like this mask is not sticky at all. Highly recommended!

I always incorporating a daily facial mask layering together with daily facial masking habit. This regime really brings ample benefits to the skin. Maybe not everyday because I am not that hard working when come to beauty regime, but I will make sure to do this at least twice a week.

Good news for Mamonde fan!

Mamonde's Flower Facial Mask Line has included 4 different types of masks , there are 3 combination options to achieve better skin results :

  • Purifying course for clean and healthy looking skin (Petal Purifying Bubble Mask + Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask) - my favourite course. Really give me good brightening effect.
  • Nourishing course for dewy and resilient skin (Pore Clean Clay Mask + Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask)
  • Skin beauty course for perfect makeup look (Pore Clean Clay Mask + Petal Purifying Bubble Mask)

Where you can get your own Mamonde Flower Facial Line ?

You can purchase yours through Mamonde Beauty Counters at :

  • Aeon 1 Utama, PJ, 
  • Aeon Mid Valley Megamall, KL, 
  • Parkson Suria KLCC, KL, 
  • Aeon Bukit Indah, JB, 
  • Aeon Tebrau City, JB, 
  • Aeon Queensbay Mall, Penang and, 
  • Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang. 

You can also purchase Mamonde online at and 

About Mamonde
Mamonde is a brand that inspires feminine beauty with flowers. It brings women’s beauty into a bloom by instilling the wisdom of nature found in the flowers’ vitality into their products. Inspired by flowers, Mamonde devotes to deliver the zenith of flower energy to bloom the beauty inside you. Mamonde aspires to provide skincare solutions for every woman so that they may radiate in blossoming beauty.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mentholatum New Lip Crayon Lip Balm

Have you ever looking out for mix between lip care and lip colour in one stick?
Mentholatum answer you with their latest New Lip Crayon Lip Balm. The new creation not only as lip enhancer but also nourishes lips with bountiful moisture!

I would say this new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is just right pick for you. All you need is only an easy glide for instantly lips transformation into glowing healthy , pink and moisturized looking lips.

This new formulation not only add a subtle pop of colors to the lips but its moisturizing properties also ensure that lips remain moisturized throughout the day.

Compare to other lip crayon, Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is ultra moisturizing as it is infused with moisturizing ingredients include : 

* Argan Oil
* Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Both ingredients well known to help hydrate, nourish and protect lips, leaving lips smooth and hydrated even after long hours of application.

Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm comes in Four  different pink shades for you lovelies to choose :

Shade 01

Shade 02

Shade 03

Shade 04

Tips to apply Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm :

One Glide - Sheer Soft color
Two Glides - Vibrant Tinted color
Three Glides - Intense Bright Vivid Color

If you want to obtain fuller and more plumped up look...just be sure to glide on extra layers at the bottom centre of the lips.

By the way Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is fragrance free.

You can purchase you very own Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm at all leading pharmacies. Price at RM19.90 for 3g.

For more information about Mentholatum, please feel free to visit their website at

Friday, January 12, 2018

Mentholatum New Lipbalm Gives Silky Soft with Lano Soft Lips

Mentolatum Lano Soft
Mentholatum always famous with its good and quality Lipbalm. Recently, Mentholatum added latest edition to their lipbalm range with new formulation called Lano Soft.

Lano Soft ? This is my first time ever heard about Lano Soft. Silky soft , is common term. But ...Lano Soft??? What was that?

Lano Soft

New formulation uses Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin and Essence Extract that purified using Japan's cutting-edge purification technology.

What is Lanolin ?

Lanolin is apparently a popular agent in skincare, haircare and also especially in lipbalm products. It naturally derives from sheep wool which is highly emollient and functions as effective moisturizer. The waxy texture allows application with just a glide and upon application , the Lanolin seals-in moisture naturally thereby preventing it from drying out. It also absorbs moisture from the air, thus moisturizing the lips while rejuvenating it.

What you can expect from Mentholatum Lano Soft Natural Lipbalm ?

Moisturizing - Apart from Lanolin, it also contains superior natural moisturizing ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract that deeply moisturize lips and improve the appearance of the fine lines. 

Did I just typed improve fine lines ? 
Owhhhh!!!! interesting..I always have this problem on my lips You know this fine lines really make your lipstick application look so bumpy and less attractive. I would want to use this soonest.

High Protection - No matter what the weather conditions is, your lips are protected with Lano Soft. Lanolin contains cholesterol which is especially important for the skin's barrier function. It forms a protective barrier on the lips to nourish and protect it from the dry , cold and harsh weather conditions.

I do love the fact it can help on dry lips which I really hate so much. At the same time hope this Lanolin don't end up increase my cholesterol level! Aigooooo!!!!!

Gentle  and Soft - Not only does Lano Soft feels gentle and soft on your skin, it also helps your lips stay soft and moisturized.It is free from artificial fragrance and colourant and also mild with low irritation.

Where to get and How much is Mentholatum Lano Soft Natural Lipbalm ?

The Lano Soft Lipbalm is priced at RM19.50 and is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets.

Let us educate our self with Fast Facts About Lanolin

Lanolin also known as wool fat or wool wax is a secretion from the sebaceous of glands sheep. A typical high purity grade Lanolin is composed of a predominantly long chain of waxy esters (approximately Ninety Seven Percent by weight) with the remaining mixtures being Lanolin Alcohols, Lanolin Acids and Lanolin Hydrocarbons.

Before extracting the Lanolin , Sheep Shearers would wash off the wool after it sheared  from the sheep and then extract the Lanolin.

Until now....what is you imagination ??? Do you think any animal cruelty involve extracting Lanolin?

Don't worry! No animal cruelty associated with harvesting of the Lanolin. The use of Lanolin in cosmetics and skincare has a history longer than almost any other ingredient.

If you need information on Mentholatum Brand you can visit their official website : 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Home DIY Facial Spa Tips with Mamonde's All New Flower Facial Mask Line

Most of us would agree that getting a facial mask treatment is pretty much one of the most relaxing experiences and the perfect remedy to rejuvenate our skin; be it after a long day at work or running errands away from home. After all, studies have claimed that taking a break from the whirlwind world and rewarding oneself including indulging in a facial spa treatment could potentially increase our overall day-to-day productivity.

Nevertheless, in this hustle and bustle modern way of life we often find ourselves juggling between the hectic and busy schedules; this, coupled with the rise of living cost makes visiting the spa for a professional facial less economical, and perhaps not feasible for many of us.

Experts recommend a regular facial routine to achieve a healthy, glowing skin. Not only facials help even out the look of your skin tone, one can also enjoy multiple deep cleansing benefits and experience overall rejuvenation. If you find yourself getting caught up in that busy lifestyle of yours, why not create yourself an experience of being at a spa right at home by setting up a spa environment and using your favourite facial masks?     

Below are some key steps to creating a spa-like environment and kick start your DIY at-home facial mask treatment:- 

STEP #1: Eliminate Disruptions 

Give a heads up to your friends and family about your plan to perform a DIY at-home facial mask treatment. This is to ensure that you can completely enjoy some uninterrupted “ME” time. You may also consider turning off your mobile, or at least putting it on silent mode. 

STEP #2: Gather Your Spa Supplies

Have it your way with a comfy robe and slippers, sufficient water, some healthy snacks, scented candles and soothing music. Remember to also include all necessary facial equipment such as headband, wet tissues, face towel and most importantly your favourite facial masks. Depending on your preference, Mamonde’s latest Flower Facial Mask line offers both wash-off and leave-on masks, which are:  Pore Clean Clay Mask (wash-off), Petal Purifying Bubble Mask (wash-off), Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask (leave-on) and Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask (leave-on).

STEP #3: Set the Mood

It wouldn’t be a spa-like experience without you lighting up the scented candles and turning on a playlist that you can relax to. You may also opt for some essential oils of your choice to create the atmosphere you desire and to enhance the effect of your DIY spa day at home.  

VoilĂ ! You can now kick start your DIY at-home facial mask treatment.

STEP #4: Cleanse Your Face

The first step of your facial treatment is crucial. Cleansing helps remove dirt, oil and impurities on skin surface to give your skin a “clean slate”. This also ensures other products to penetrate optimally into the skin.

STEP #5: Pick Your Favourite Mamonde Flower Facial Masks 

Depending on your skin needs, Mamonde Flower Facial Mask Line offers 4 different types of masks that can be suited to your weekly routine. Below are some recommendations and tips to use the Flower Facial Mask line in accordance with your daily skin needs:-

 For Stressed Skin on Monday/Tuesday: Mamonde Pore Clean Clay Mask


For Fatigued Skin on Wednesday: Mamonde Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask

Preparation for the Skin for Important Dates on Thursday/Friday: Mamonde Petal Purifying Bubble Mask

To Revitalize the Skin on Saturday/Sunday: Mamonde Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask  

Alternatively, you can also opt for the facial mask layering, which is a current hit amongst the skincare and beauty enthusiasts. Pick your best match for mask layering here:  

  • For Luminous & Radiance Skin: Mamonde Petal Purifying Bubble Mask + Mamonde Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask
  • For Deeply Hydrated & Nourishing Skin: Mamonde Pore Clean Clay Mask + Mamonde Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask

STEP#6: Moisturise (For Wash-Off Mask Only)

If you have opted for the wash-off mask (i.e. Pore Clean Clay Mask/ Petal Purifying Bubble Mask), then the final steps to your DIY facial treatment will include moisturising the skin. Continue by applying the similar steps you’d complete in your daily skincare regimen. Finish off your facial treatment by a 1 to 2-minute face massage and be amazed by the overall effect!

By just following the key steps above, everybody can have their DIY facial mask treatment at home now!

If you need more information on Mamonde Brand check out their website