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Monday, February 12, 2018

The Face Shop Pop Up Store at Starling Mall

Last week I was invited to check out The Face Shop Pop Up store at Starling Mall , Uptown Damansara. The set up from 7th to 11th Feb 2018. To date The Face Shop Malaysia has more than 40 Concept Store all over Malaysia. Most of it located in Shopping Mall.

Why Pop Up Store ?
I would say this is kind of minimize the risk for retail business point of view. The retailer doesn't require to commit long term tenure with Building Management. They can use this Pop Up Store as market test too. The Face Shop Pop Up Store is a smart move.

The open concept of The Face Shop Pop Up store at Starling Mall kind of inviting the K Beauty lovers. Love the beautiful swing which is intagram worthy too. They offer quite a good discount and sales last weekend. Lots of activities at this store, if you happens to follow my instagram...then you will kind of aware on what exciting activities last weekend.

 I kind of eyeing The Face Shop New Anti Darkening Cushion.I still have one more un opened Cushion at home. Keep reminding myself not to spend anything. WTH!

Tested this cushion and keep conflicting within my inner self.   Haih...Serious loving the texture and what it does to my skin. I am currently using The Face Shop Cushion too but from different range.

Then check out The Face Shop lipstick and 2 in 1 Curling Mascara. Aihhhh...I have few of this at home still unopened.

Nice shade? right?

Trying out the mascara too. hehehe

The skin care are worth to check out too. 

I brought this Anti Aging series during my recent working trip to Labuan too. I love this range too.

Just bought this a week ago. A must have item at home. Good for skin soothing.

First time testing out The Face Shop Liquid Concealer. This Woman so weak hearted. She bought it because fall in love the wonder it does for skin.

They have a buy 2 free 1 kind of promotion that day. I even get that troll pink nail polish for free too. On top of that since I purchase more than RM50 that day. They gave me to taste Tiramisu ice cream from Korea too.

Super delicious. This is my second Tiramisu Ice Cream for the day! I was kind of sore throat that day and still having this ice cream. So weak hearted!

I still remember my first BB Cream back then was from The Face Shop. For those who interested to get their hands on The Face Shop product range please check out their Beauty Concept Store at various outlets listed in their official FB. 

About The Face Shop

 The Face Shop originated from South Korea, is a leading global beauty retail brad offering more than 1,000 lavish top to toe beauty products ranging from skin care, cosmetic, body care, hair products to accessories.

Synonym with its slogan the 'Natural Story', The Face Shop represents over 1,000 high quality products made of 600 natural ingredients such as rice, flower extract, fruits and various herbs.

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  1. i love the lipstick.
    i can't remember but i think i used to love their face mask from rice water.

  2. I love face shop product.. The first time I using their mask was years ago during my visit in Korea..

  3. Antara produk yang akak suka ialah lipstiknya malah banyak akak beli buat stok. Macamlah tiada kedai di Malaysia.

  4. Cant wait to buy the anti darkening cushion 4 my self. Even i like the jeju alor vera soothing cream..

  5. Im using their aloe vera and loving it so much.

  6. havent tried the face shop lipstick yet but the other like skincare i would like to say so superb it really hydrates my skin ! but i really want to use their cosmetics range in the future.

  7. Wow famous brand .. want try this product soon

  8. Aloe Vera Gel from the Face Shop is a must for me..nanti nak pergi lagi nak top up sebab dah tinggal sedikit..i guna malam- malam sebelum tido..then i suka banyak benda kat sini...mask dia pun best

  9. i really love to use the face mask and cleanser from face shop. really love it

  10. boleh jadi gila kalo barangan skincare cemni..woohoooo.. sedar2 habuk tinggal dalam purse

  11. I love fave shoo brand. Not so expensive but can give the best performance

  12. Lately me start exploring about this brand. Never try yet and it seems not bad ya. I have that aloe vera... Love it so much especially putting in the fridge to let it chill before applying.


  13. hari tu pernah teman kawan beli The Face Shop New Anti Darkening Cushion,, tapi dia terbeli salah tone warna kulit.. sebabkan dia suka sangat brand tu.. dia terpaksa cari beli baru..

  14. Ah so stress that i can't go there. it's a bit far from my place.

  15. not yet trying out their products but I heard so many positive reviews! would love to try it someday. :D

  16. Interesting product and nice packaging.. it looks friendly. Really a great news for all make up lovers :)

  17. aloe vera gel tu memang best, wajib ada dan bawa ke mana2. sapu malam-malam sebelum tidur..

  18. That aloe vera is everyone's favourite I guess. I got that one too

  19. suka pakai aloe vera..kulit jadi lembab tak pernah pakai jenama jeju lagi

  20. nice pop up store. So convenient for us to drop by to check out the products there.


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