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Big Box at SkyAvenue Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting is getting more exciting by month now. I know many of us are waiting for 20th Century Fox World Theme Park to be opened soon. But hey!!!! that doesn't means you can't make your way up to Resorts World Genting now.  I was told the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park is open and recently got a chance to spend a day up at Level 4 SkyAvenue having fun at Big Box and The PlayTime! 

If you head up at Level 4 , SkyAvenue you will be greeted by armored Elephant with flapping massive ears. Just step into that place and you will be amazed on what is waiting for you. I started out with my childhood TV show exhibition call Ripley's Believe It or Not Odditorium.

This place has everything and anything extraordinary on display. They have over 400 exhibits , a cabinet which including artifacts of lost worlds which allows visitor to  enjoy the wonderment and interaction. There are few bizzare and wacky collection which includes the model of Vampire Woman, Mike the Headless Chicken and many more. 

King Kong Tire Are

The Kong model shown here measuring over 13' tall and weighing nearly one ton, is made completely  of recycled tire pieces.

Top left : Vampire Woman and her name is Maria Jose Christerna from Guadalajara Mexico.
Top right : Mahatma Gandhi Leaf Painting using the leaves of the pipal pr bho tree which are often used in India by folk artists as canvases to paint miniature painting.
Bottom left : Mermaid from fiji
Bottom right : Believe it or not this is paint on toast

There is space section for you to experience life in space.

Then you will be mesmerized with all sorts of unique animals including the Albino Phyton, 2 face pig, Massive Gigantic Alligator owned by late Michael Jackson and this amazon shrink head too.

I really feel one of the most on display here is that bird painting on snake skin and girl on swing by thousand of stamps. Oh yes!!! don't forget to take a selfie with this life size human look a like mannequin too. She look so real!!!

After getting awe with all sorts of weird and unique things from every part of the world, just head on to The Jurassic Research Center. 

To tell you the truth , I don't really fancy Dinosaurs. I have horror experience where my nephew back then when he small now already in his 19th always watch this Dinosaurs video over and over again. His collection for Dinosaurs collection is enough to give people headache when he left it lying around the floors. Anyway , I bet you children will love this place. 

Many different species with massive figures of different figures is spread throughout the center such as Brachiosaurus, the Triceraptors and even the Sabre toothed tiger. I bet your kids or even yourself as an adult will be having fun learning the pre historic animals. Most dinosaurs figure here reminds me of Ultraman show when I was kids too. Bet the 1970s adult would remember that that show too.

Did I mentioned that the Dinosaurs figure here move their head, tails and even it look as if they are breathing too.

There is even a fossil laboratory to study different specimen models of dinosaur fossils with details inscriptions . The highlight of this Jurassic Research Center is a 4D experience of witnessing velociraptors wrecking havoc in a discovery lab. Horror!!!!

Talking about horror...nothing more thrilling and terrifying moment other than being in a small dark room chase by group of Zombies. I am really glad I brought my last Sister along with me here. Lucky at least she the brave one. If you read my horrifying experience where I was chased by Japanese Zombies at USS. Here...I never thought to experience it again.

Here at Zombie Outbreak the visitors can experience what it is like to be one of the last survivors of nightmare Zombie Apocalypse. Visitors that try to seek shelter in the abandoned house will find that the course is spread out like a maze with an new terror awaiting at every turn, keeping the survivors on edge as zombies consumed with a ravenous desire for human flesh are everywhere waiting for you. No turning back and definitely not for the faint hearted.

Say WHAT???? Not for faint hearted??? I was there experiencing everything. Actually not really...kekekeke...lucky me to have brave heart and cold hearted sister. I practically hold her hand and keep my head down and eye closed the whole course. hahahahaha...I see nothing and try my best to hear nothing too. My sister dragged me from start to the end. kakakakaka... I bet she hate me for that. kekekeke 

If this happened in real life and I am the last survivor, the first thing I do is to kill myself. Eat my sweet and tangy juicy flesh zombies. Most important I know nothing and feel nothing already. huhuhuh

Enough with horror story at Zombie outbreak. Its time to have fun at the Alive Museum.  

This place is not as big as the one in Jeju Do...Yeahhhh!!! sometimes when you travel around and sees more thing, its hard to impress this kind of people. Ya right like you can't impress me with all those engaging optical illusion art????

As soon as I entered the room....excited like I am the 7 years old child. Give my best pose for memorable photos to bring home.

See this excited woman in 40s. My sis having hard time keeping up with this big sis acting.

I forgot to pose with Superman who look like Running Man star Lee Kwang Soo and my photo with Song Joong Ki doesn't turn out very well too. Over here at Alive Museum, every corner and space is created with mural and really make one imaginary blown away.

If you bring your little ones there is this Jungle Gym of free play for kids to run , climb, jump, slide and tumble whilst simultaneously developing their sensory scales. Parent can just sit back and relax  while their kids having fun there.

If you are in need to organize special occasion such as birthday, this is also a special place to hold such memorable event. Upon request the management can even organize a themes party like Safari, Dinosaur,and Fairy Tale.

After all the excitement, you can unwind yourself for a few hours of pure bliss and relaxation moment at Healing Touch. The wellness studio offer a quick recharge and pampering moment.

Then if you are hungry there is food outlets nearby like Wendy's , The Baker's Cottage, Texas Chicken, Pizza Hut, Kenny Roger's Roastes, MarryBrown , JR Curry House , Only Mee and even Boat Noodles. You can also have shop at nearby marketplace area.

My recent trip to Level 4 SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting really so much of fun. I will write on my experience Virtual Reality Game for the first time at The PlayTime soon.

Operation times are from 10:00am to 10:00 pm. you can purchase the attractions ticket as separately or in combo of two or three attractions. Prices are vary for standard tickets for adults and children and for Genting Rewards member.

Ticket as at March 2018, month I went up to have fun :

A. Ripleys Believe it or Not!
B. Zombie Oubreak
C. Jurassic Park Centre

Single ticket for each attraction :
- RM30/each adult
- RM25/each child

Combo 2 (A + B + C) 
- RM56/each adult
- RM46/each child

There is other combo pass like Elite and even VIP pass which includes in the Alive Museum.

For more information on latest prices  and package please call +603 6101 1118 or visit

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