Monday, March 5, 2018

Play Time! Video Games Park at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

Apologize for the bad quality photos on this post. 
Allow me to say this is due to yours truly was chased by Zombies at Zombie Outbreak! WTH! hahahaha...My heart still beating very fast when I reached here.

For those who bring along their teenager children up here at Resorts World just show their way to The PlayTime! Video Games Park with many best range of cutting edge games for arcade lovers. Do you believe if I say this is my first time really spend time and play games in such arcade? Really this is my first time did this and seriously bad at playing any games.

This is a cashless game center. One need to get EZiCsh Card from the counter and reload as much you need to spend. I got mine for RM50 and share it with my sis.

The first game we targeted was The Spacetime Squad Virtual Reality. Sounds like a pro huh? In this game player must try to stay alert whilst a horde of flying evil robot destroyers and their bosses attack from every side and see the avatar annihilate them systematically.
No joke first time experience playing VR , I think in real life situation I sure die for instant. We both last for less 10 minutes. hahaha
Swipe my EZiCash for RM30 just for VR games. It cost RM15 each player. Our card now has RM35 in balance.

There are many other games here for example PaCMan Battle Royale with cannibalistic element of 'eating' opponents; the Jurassic Park where players can try to battle their way through some missions and meet over 30 species of dinosaurs along the way; the Star Wars battle pod and Storm Racer G for those who love speed.

I tried the pac man and waster RM8 for 2 players since it cost RM4 each. Now my EZiCash card left with RM27.

I came here to relax my mind and peace of mind. All those sounds super difficult for me and need to use lots of brain juice squeezing and energy too.

Never mind let me settled with this putting ball into the hoops as fast as I can. RM3 each game for each player. This game really exciting and one will get hooked by this. We did!!! We spent the rest of EZiCash card for this game. The result...back down to KL with sore shoulders. Muscle pain all over my body too, Huarrgghhhh!!! driving also difficult when it come to turn my steering wheel.

PlayTime! Video Games Park really good to release out anger and stress in life. hahahaha.. Exciting!!!!

For more information , call +603 6101 1118 or visit

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