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Property Insight In The Year Of The Dog

Woof! Woof!

Year 2018 is the year of dog.
Dog is known as man's best friend due to its loyalty, warm, intelligent and energetic character. So...What is the significance for the property owners in the year of dog?

Questions for all of us...

Is this the year for property investor to invest on more properties?
What other essential to add into your house in the year of dog?

Now..Let's see what's there to take note for the year of dog.

Purchasing property

In year 2017, the property industry was in the bear market situation with it's oversupply in the market. Although Singapore government has ease the cooling measures for property market by adjusting the Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) and TDSR. The SSD'S holding period has been shortened and the rates lowered due to the declination of properties' speculation. The mortgage equity withdrawal loans with loan-to-value ratios of 50 per cent or lesser has been excluded from the TSDR framework in hopes to give home owners better flexibility to monetize their properties for future retirement funds.

Hence, with the lifting and easing of the cooling measurement, it is foresee that the year of Earth Dog is all about property market, with element earth that signifies properties. This year we foresee the upside of the property market as the oversupply of properties caused the properties' prices to drop.
But as the market stabilizing itself , do not rush into sealing the deal. Always take your time to survey and research the offers and prices around the market. Ensure the property you chose suits your lifestyle and your finances' needs. The month of October is the best time to buy properties as the earth related industries will start to do better. So, if you're looking for a  HDB unit in Choa Chu Kang or Pasir Ris, it's your time and and take your time.


It's the element of Earth this year, the nature of earth is about consolidating factor to bring greater harmony and prosperity. Therefore, the colour for year 2018 is to emphasized on the warmth and pinkish-brown echoes the natural earthy tones to balance the combination of fire and earth elements. If you want to something brighter, you can consider light yellow, beige and sandy. If you're considering to change wall color, it's time for you to do so by refreshing the walls' paint. According to Fengshui, it s not advisable to keep the wall colors dark and non-earthy element colors. For example , blue, green, black, grey or white tones are best to avoid.

Interior Design

Year 2018's fengshui will be expecting metal element to visit and if your house is in the East with wood element, the fengshui will project negative energy as metal cuts wood. Therefore, to neutralise the negative energy, water elements is needed to be in position. How you can add the water element is using the water features in the East area- fountains, mirrors and images of water as well. You can also add in the decoration elements such as pillows , rugs and lampshades with flowing shapes. Besides, you can add crystals in your HDB unit which represents water, sui jing.

Interior designing part is to keep simple, less is more.
So, the rule of thumb when it comes to house decoration is to de-clutter your home items and keep it neatly. Keep your things neatly and hidden to let the qi flow smoothly. Lesser extravagant oranments is the trait of canine, keeping it humble and simple. Opt for simple and elegant pieces to place in the house to elevate the look and feel of space and overall classy vibe. 
Another reminder to take note is to avoid renovation and activity in the area that is hosting a negative star.

Fixing the broken Entrance

The paramount of the house is the gate which creates the first impression when inviting guests to your house. Thus, you have to make sure your entrance is well-maintained. Based on fengshui basic concept, it is to keep it attractive and tidy , you will notice how opportunities are " knocking " at your door. Ensure your door bell is working well, so you can hear your opportunities looking for you. 
Since the water represents money and emotions and water's movement is all about the flow of it. In that case, be sure to check your pipes, tapes and faucets, ensuring no water leakage so that water and money would not flow out from the house. You would need to fix immediately as fixing your house means fixing your own life!

I know some of you will things Fengshui is craps...but hey...all this is information has been analyze by an expert based on logic and common sense in life. You may not take it hundred percent but it is no harm to take some points out of those and apply it what is suits to improve your life in overall. 

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