Friday, March 30, 2018

Simplified Skincare Routines with Bare Essentials by Althea

"I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of make-up!" - Demi Moore

Me too always believe in good skincare for my daily must-do beauty regime to look fresh and slowing down the ageing process to my skin. The 7 and 10 steps skincare routines, once really famous around the globe. But how many of us really have time to follow all the steps. These days many of us are busy with our roles as employee, motherhood, wife, or multitasking for all roles. By the time we have that 'Me' moment....we are almost at 'drop dead tired' to even look like 'drop dead gorgeous'. Sometimes such complicated skincare routines can easily tired your skin.

In these modern days, I would say we need to simplify our skincare routines to achieve a similar outcome to our precious skin. Recently, Althea the famous online Korean Beauty store launched their very own skincare range call Bare Essentials. Althea answered all women prayers! Bare Essential was created to simplified the skincare routines and yet gives one optimal and comfortable result with only 3 simple steps. Yeayyyyy!!!!

If you have been following my instagram at Cindyreena and FB , you would know about my recent gossip girl's role. A box of Althea latest skincare range reached me with a style. 

3 Steps Skincare Routines from Althea Bare Essentials :

* Contour Cleanser
* Primer Water
* Fixer Cream

Micro Bubbleshots

1st Step - Althea Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser , 150g , Retail Price : RM23.00

Key Ingredients : Ice Plant , Lemon Verbena Leaf

Product claimed : Micro capsules pop with water to gently but effectively exfoliated and remove impurities from the skin . Detoxify your skin and create a define slim face shape.

My experience using Althea Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser

I just lather up the cleanser until it becomes a rich foam before apply and gently exfoliate onto my skin in circular motions. This step helps to improve blood circulation for 'V' shape look if you do it the right way. mmmmm....round face like mine really needs this badly! I love the fact it smells refreshing from Lemon Verbena Leaf which is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to strengthen the skin. The minty scents from Ice plant help to hydrates and make one skin feels cooling and calming. 

Clear DewDrops

2nd Step - Althea Bare Essentials Primer Water, 200ml, Retail Price: RM43

Key Ingredients: Snow Lotus, Patented DewDrop Technology

Product claimed : Hydrates and prepare the layers of the skin. DewDrops helps to soften and improve suppleness and primer that smooths out unevenness.

My experience using Althea Bare Essentials Primer Water

When I first received this bottle, I was so confused about whether this is a primer or just usual toner.
The liquid is rather thick but non-sticky at all. It absorbs well into the skin with just a gentle patting. You don't have to wait a long time to preps your skin with this Primer Water. This is kind of feel slightly balm-like too. The snow lotus as an ingredient helps to smoothens and brightens the skin and the patented "dewdrop" formulation totally revitalizes the skin and provides immediate effective moisture. I could feel the instant plump up when the water from this wonderful bottle penetrates into my skin.

3rd Step - Althea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream, 50g, Retail Price: RM50

Key Ingredients: Trehalose , Green Tea , Baobab Tree

Product Claimed: Penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to plump them, 24 hours hydration and non-sticky finish once absorbed.

24 hour Hydration

My experience using Althea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream

I was a bit sceptical since I have been trying out much skincare before this. Most of the cream claimed the same but at the end, it doesn't deliver as its claimed at all. Another marketing gimmick? The texture of this cream is non-greasy at all. Thanks to that. But once I applied the fixer cream onto my skin. mmmm...surprisingly it absorbs well and I can feel immediate plumping up and hydration effects. Wow!!!! The ingredients for this Fixer Cream works and blend well for optimum skin benefit. The Trehalose gives powerful humectant that retains moisture on the skin, While the green tea helps to hydrates, skin smoothing and pack with antioxidants. Non-greasy moisturizing agents that helps promote collagen production which gives 24 hours hydration.

Tadahhhhh.... my bare face after using 3 Steps Althea Bare Essentials skincare. I can feel better-looking skin and feel fresh.  

Recent trip to Resorts World Sentosa, I just brought along Althea Bare Essentials 3 Steps Skincare travel sachet with me. Glad to bring that along with me for 3 days trip. Not only it convenient but also gives me sufficient beauty regime with just 3 simple steps.


  1. Hi dear. The products looks a lot for just a price of RM116 and it's from Althea. will definitely give it a try

  2. Cik en pon pakai gak.. mmg serssi dan guna sikit pon dh okey

  3. Wah macam best je produk ni. Mesti kulit lagi cantik kan?
    Sesuai ke untuk lelaki macam saya guna?

    Harga pun not bad juga untuk overall

  4. menarik laa produk ni. packaging pon cantik... nampak eksklusif. berkenan untuk dapatkan.

  5. Bertambah gojes lah you lepas ni..harga pon berbaloi-baloi untuk guna skincare ni

  6. i dah cuba,sangat berpuashati. suka betul dengan set bare essentials ni,kulit moist dan jerawat cepat mengecut,even jearwat batu pun

  7. Such a great set of skincare.. nice brand.. Althea is the best!

  8. I love this skincare too..i'm currently using it and so in love with it..even the packaging is love at the first sight..

  9. Good product, good price..jom cantik- cantik dengan bare essentials..i blom cuba lagi..tengah rehatkan muka sebab tengan berjerawat week baru i nak feel the product..harap bare essentials bleh manjakan kulit muka i

  10. Bestnya tengok produk baru ni airah memang minat skincare lepasni nak cuba yang ni pula

  11. Jealous la... everyone yg dah cuba Euceein mmg kulit makin bersih dan cantik.. i will buy this for emergency

  12. ramai juga blogger yang review althea ni ya. Good job althea, nice packaging

  13. i love the effect. tak cuba lagi, ingat nak cuba dlm masa terdekat...packaging dia menarik

  14. I love this skincare range as well especially the cleanser. And i am actually surprised that the price is very affordable. It is cheap actually

  15. Good share. Produk kecantikan yang berkualitas tinggi. Membuat kulit tampak cantik berseri. Aku suka karena membuat kulit perempuan halus dan sehat

  16. Buat masa sekarang ni, kalau ada yang tanya pasal good skincare product, pasti i akan bagitau Produk Althea..even i tak guna, tapi banyak i baa review yg bagus ttg produk ni..

  17. Buat masa sekarang ni, kalau ada yang tanya pasal good skincare product, pasti i akan bagitau Produk Althea..even i tak guna, tapi banyak i baa review yg bagus ttg produk ni..

  18. Sis dah gunakan produk ni..memang best sangat..bukan puji sb dapat free tapi serius sis suka sebab buat kulit wajah sis bersih dan licin...:D

  19. The more I read about this brand, the more I love it! I don't use a lot of make-up so I guess I'd better focus on the skincare .. ;P

  20. I read many good reviews about these products and now tempted try them too.


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