Monday, April 30, 2018

Wasted My Money With Lazada Beauty Box

Recently , Lazada was on Birthday sales. Some of the items on good bargain to my eyes ,was Beauty Box. Among all Beauty Box listed , I chose one from my favorite skincare Brand, Mamonde

It listed as ' Mamonde Birthday Surprise Box Skin-Care' at RM99
The listing promised the contents of the box will be at least 7 items worth RM200. 

It suppose to be a good surprise and I was so excited to wait for the box to reach me. The delivery rather super express since it took less than 4 days to reach me. 

When I opened the box...I was really SURPRISE
7 items as promised. Yeayyyy!!!!!
But...its all crapssss....nothing I want!
Did it really worth RM200 as promised?
Well...I checked price online...
* Mask cost RM6
* Sleeping mask RM58.25 (after disc)
* Trial kit listed as RM99.11 after discount but they include in Hydro Cream 50ml. Mine received with just 15ml cream
* That small 15 ml sleeping mask ..not sure how much it cost?
If calculated the price well the total is RM163.36. So it means that 15 ml mask cost me RM36.64???
Hurl!!!!! Slap my face to accept the reality of Surprise Box!
Served me right! I never paid that much money for just a bunch of sample or travel kits. I would rather spend that money for full sized items.
I should have just use my money to buy the item I want from the online shop itself. Stupid me!

I learned my lesson on online shopping deal. I paid RM99 for that lesson. I remember this forever.
isk isk isk... I feel like just got con big time from Lazada Birthday Beauty Box sales.

Update : Received my refund! Horrayyyy!!!!! The refund process is simple if you are still within the mentioned range.

Friday, April 27, 2018

3 Days / 2 Nights At Resorts World Sentosa

Seriously , my new job really hectic until the opening day on Dec this year. Just wait for my shout out soon ya!

I barely find time to update my blog. By the time reached home at night...all I see is my bed. Weekend will be busy 'chingguing' or old baby sitting. But Old Baby has gone back this weekend. Hopefully they are doing well on their own at home town. They miss home dearly for many months live in KL. I won't say my Dad fully recover but can sense his stubborn attitude to prove he can do it. This can be bad but also good too. Good..because he can stay strong to hold on but the bad is..we are all far away if anything happen to him. isk isk isk...May God Bless him!

Back to my trip end last March, I was so happy to come across MasterCard promo with Resorts World Sentosa. I paid around SGD 701 and received good deal. I was really glad to go for some trips early this year because I will not be able to do make any trip plan until next year due to my work. I know ...I know...sounds pathetic...but hey! work first. Travel happily later!!!

What I get from MasterCard Resorts World Sentosa promotion?

* 2 Nights Room stay for 2 person (I chose Hotel Michael. Never regret it and it was a good choice. Super happy with the spacious room we had)
* 2 person USS One-Day Ticket for adult
* 2 person Typhoon Theater One-Day Ticket
* 2 person The Maritime Experiential Museum Ticket
* 2 person Sea Aquarium One - Day Ticket
* 2 person Adventure Cove Water park One-Day Ticket

We can choose the date when  book the package. Then print out the e ticket and present it on the date you choose at the entrance. Super easy!

My last Sister and I took morning flight around 7:30am. We took Grab Car from Changi to Sentosa. Since we have Hotel voucher so the Grab Car can enter to hotel area. It was too early to check in to Hotel. I did the registration before hand to speed up the process later on. Both of us then kept our luggage at concierge and head to our first destination. Adventure Water Cove!

Adventure Water Cove

We ate our sandwiches before enter the park. They checked our bag at entrance. No food..duh!!!

We rented one locker to keep our things after change to swimsuit. We have a great fun lazying around park while sitting on the tube. That was the only ride suited me. (**face palm..head down**) The rest was too extreme impact for my knee and waist. But my last sis has a great fun alone taking all those ride. She told me it would have been fun if I can accompany her. Sorry sister! This big sister didn't want to jeopardize her body at this age. I will definitely enjoy all those rides if I am 15 years younger than now. Who asked you born so late ?? 

We both really wanted to try Rainbow Reef. But none of us is a good swimmer. I am a beginner and my last sis far from beginner. She told me maybe we can since they provide life jacket. Just float around only. Haiyooo!!! both us have a peep onto this Rainbow Reef place. Both was like...Thank God! we didn't go for it. 

'Look at that lady!!! she was struggling!'
'Whoaaaa!!! look at that man was panting hard dragging his kid!'
'Thank God'
'huhuhuh..this look so tiring!'

I can tell you this...Rainbow reef really like snorkeling in deep sea. Really deeepppp!!!! We saw this place from outside and a beginner will be struggling hard in there. It was a long circle too. I don't think will have fun watching rainbow fish. I will be busy finding place to catch my breathe. Which you hardly have place for that! So think before you commit! I still can see the rainbow fish from outside though!  

We checked into our room in the afternoon while waiting for my Third Sister to reach from KL. Her flight delayed to almost evening time. We have a bit hiccups to redeem my Third Sister's USS ticket from the kiosk . She bought it from Voyagin. Both my Last Sister and I tried to print the ticket from the kiosk nearby but the machine shows the ticket was redeemed but nothing printed out. Damn!!! Tried to call the hotline is like nobody answer us. We checked with USS people and they told us to come over at 9am the next day. But at the end manage to get it on the ticket's day itself. It took long time to get the ticket from Guest Service Counter. Everybody was very nervous!

Every attraction is like around the hotel we stayed. We can even see the USS Cyclone ride from our window. Everything is walking distance. We have a good time shopping around and is like chocolate  and goodies heaven.

Many weird and cute candies and gummies too.

Last sis was so crazy over this 'Bean Boozled' and having fun fooling around with disgusting flavored bean. You read for yourself the flavor on the photo. I was lucky not to taste any of those. But my other Sisters said the taste was really disgusting! lol...

Universal Studio Singapore

This is my second time in USS. My first visit was during weekend and the crowd was like don't even want to imagine. Every ride was like hours and hours of standing in line. But this time we went during weekday. It was super easy. Some famous ride only make us wait like 30 minutes. The shortest time was like 5 minutes ride. 

Everything was smooth and very enjoying except for heavy rain. But...we have done all the rides by then. Horayyyy!!!

Did I ride on Roller Coaster? Hurl!!!! still wanna ask? I am 'Queen' when it come to Roller Coaster! hehehe...Queen of Huarrrrgghhhhhhh!!!! Screaming on top of my lung! I went there after my last day at work. The thoughts of me being a jobless and nothing certain in life...made me like that! Release the stress,yo! Who cares??? Everybody was busy screaming too!

I felt like repeat all the rides but by that time most ride becoming like 50 minutes to 60 minutes waiting time. I think better for me to enjoy the street performance and shop around. I was rich here! Brought some cash but don't feel like buying anything.

It was a Troll Mania kind of vibes at USS . I went there as a 'Minion' ...Yup! this same  'Minion' who went to USJ end of last year. The vibes here in USS still unable to compete with USJ. Over there the staff and even the visitor is like born with  'Happy Positive' programmed in their mind. 

I bought that Spring Season Starbuck tumbler after couldn't find anything to my liking. Bye ..Bye ..USS. I wish to visit USJ again! WTH..Maybe I should try Disneyland next time?

I heard USS is going to have this Halloween Horror night soon...based on my USJ experience running until my knee cap almost fall off with Zombies outbreak....huwarrggghhhh!!!! IMA..avoid this at all cause.
Love the Sunrise from our Room Window. See ? USS just behind our Hotel. So convenient!

This was during our last day breakfast. We tried this place call Slappy Cakes. Both my sisters having fun frying their own pancakes with assorted shapes.

This lazy bum Big Sister happily feeling rich ordered poached eggs on English Muffin Toast and fluffy soft grilled potatoes. Delicious!

While waiting for Typhoon Theatre , The Maritime Experiential Museum Ticket and Sea Aquarium to open at 10:00am. I tried this freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine. It was fun to watch the machine squeeze juice from navel orange in front of you. I drank delicious orange juice for SGD3.

Typhoon Theater and The Maritime Experiential Museum

We went for typhoon theater and the maritime experiential museum first. That was a mistake! We should have visit the Sea Aquarium first. Anyway, we still enjoy our last moment at Resorts World Sentosa . I learn a lot about history here in the Museum and enjoy the Typhoon Theater.

Sea Aquarium

Its almost to the level of Kaiyukan at Osaka. I love being in this Aquarium and wish could spend more time here. I enjoy to watch all sorts o f fishes and sea creature swimming around .So therapeutic and mind healing.  However, since we visited almost noon, many crowds here. I hate it!

My third sister checked out for us since she came to Singapore just for USS. (hurl!!!!) We took our luggage and head to airport for our flight back. 
It was a short trip but very enjoyable one!

All Muslim! don't worry much. Many Halal food around Festive Walk here at Resorts World Sentosa. We even had good meal inside the USS. Just prepare to pay the price tag !

To download this article for offline reading or travel directions to the attractions highlighted in this article click here.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

6 Reason Why Liquorice is Good For Skin

Have you heard about Liquorice before? I only know liquorice is use in traditional Chinese Medicine. Some even add it to tea or tobacco. I do not know that this herbs is good for skin. I just found liquorice has been used for almost 4,000 years ago for skin and health benefit after I found this skincare range call Botanics which I bought it from one of the pharmacies in Bangkok.

For those who don't know how Liquorice look like can just 'google' the image. It kind of beautiful plant with some flowers. The plant is a legume type and very much like bean. The health benefit from this plant lies within the plant's root.

I remember drink liquorice remedies once to treat my stomach ulcers and congestion. Sometimes I take liquorice candy to treat my sore throat too.

As for skin benefit, I just found out liquorice is good to treat hyper-pigmentation. I thought only rose hips oil can treat this. 

I was interested with Botanics Skincare range even its very expensive because it says can fade out my dark spot.

 I bought 2 products from Botanics Whitening with Liquorice Series.

* Nature Inspired Botanics Whitening with Liquorice Concentrated Dark Spot Gel, 50ml

* Nature Inspired Botanics Whitening with Liquorice Refreshing Eye Gel, 15ml

 Botanics Whitening Concentrated Dark Spot Gel claimed :

* Reduces the appearance of Dark Spots 
* Reduce uneven skin tones
* Achieve luminous healthy looking complexion

My experience using Botanics Whitening Concentrated Dark Spot Gel :

I apply this gel concentrate after cleansing and toning steps every evening. I can't use this in the morning too as instruct in the box. Why? I don't really feel comfortable because the texture of this product make my skin really sticky like apply glue on my skin. Due to this I always reluctant to apply this gel. So...I kind of apply this inconsistently onto my skin. I have been using this for almost 1 month now. I could see it helps to fade some dark color from my dark spots. Imagine if I have that faith to apply this regularly??? I am pretty sure it work wonders on my skin. But I still find this too sticky and itchy sometimes. So far so good. Not negative reactions or whatsoever!

Botanics Whitening Refreshing Eye Gel claimed :

* plumps the appearance of the lines and firm up the eye contour
* reviving tired eyes and reducing eye puffiness
* reduce dark circles

My experience Botanics Whitening Refreshing Eye Gel :

I kind of love the texture of this eye gel. It absorb very quickly by just dabbing if slowly under eyes. I could say it works on reduce puffiness but not yet for dark circle. I think long way to go for me on that area. I would give this 5 stars and become among my fav eye gel so far.

Liquorice definately gives benefit to skin and why I just know this now. 🤗

Check out what other benefit liquorice can do for your skin.

6 Reason Why Liquorice is Good for Skin :

1. Skin Brightening

Hyper-pigmentation is always a problem for me. For those who don't know what is hyper -pigmentation, this is where some patches of your skin become darker than the rest of skin around it due to extra melanin deposits on those spots. It look ugly you know. I find its so hard to cover it even with concealer. Apparently , liquorice can restore the skin to a lighter color if apply daily on the darkened area.

2. Fights Wrinkle

I am not sure about others. As for me wrinkle around my eye area really make me really ugly. Liquorice is full of antioxidants which will helps block free radicals and keep skin from aging prematurely.

3. Fade Out Scars

I didn't try this on my scar yet because I am afraid it will finish even before I treat my hyper-pigmentation. I haven't try to find where to buy this in Malaysia. I Apparently , Liquorice helps to speed up the process by blocking the melanin production. It won't heal the scars totally but it can fade the color though.

4. Hide Sun Damage

Dark spots and age spot are both caused by the Sun. See? Sun is not all good and not all bad. Totally like love and hate collides. Haihhhh...If you apply liquorice it can help bring your skin to a smooth,lighter tone. This because it has this glabridin that stops the skin from darkening after sun exposure.It also contains UV blocking enzymes that help protect skin damage.

5. Firm and Tighten Skin

Not sure whether the skincare range mentioned has enough liquorice for this. But I read liquorice supposedly can keep skin feeling soft because it helps elastin and collagen for skin. It also contains amino acids which will help moisturize and re hydrate the skin.

6.Heal Wounds and Skin Infections

It helps to keep swelling and redness to a minimum and works by reducing the amount of bacteria on skin and allowing faster skin repairing.

This is my first time using liquorice for skincare.I usually treat my sore throat with it. I will buy more of this product range if I happen to find this here in Malaysia. This is worth to try out!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Magical 5th Birthday Unicorn Party with Butterfly Project Malaysia

Ever imagine yourself attending a Unicorn Party once in a life time?
This is not a dream for me anymore. I always wanted to attend such theme party but have no chance to get the invitation. Now? I don't have any complaint. I have been there and the feeling was so Magical ! Like in Fairy Tales.....

Nobody going to invite you to any Unicorn Party like me? ** flip hair with snobbish tone** This Unicorina fly high after attending just one party. WTH! hahahaha
OK...back to earth Unicorina! Don't pass out up there. You have many things to type down here. I am backkkkk!!! WTH!

Throw one people! Yeah! you read it right! Bring the party to you. If you feel to kiddies to throw one party for yourself...hehehe...Mothers!!!! you have your kids as an excuse. kekekeke...How to throw such party??? Well.. I tell you how... based on my observation at a recent party.

How to Plan a Magical Unicorn Party?

  • Unicorn Cakes and sweet treats
  • Backdrop Balloons
  • Party Table Decorations
  • Photo Booth
  • Beautiful Flowers
  • Unicorn Partyware and Stationeries
  • Fun activities
  • Awesome and Sporting Attendees

Awhhh!!! Only 8 items on the checklist? Simple...right? right? Nayyyyyy....go into details people... if you wanna throw awesome Unicorn Party like Tammy Lim!

Details Unicorn Party Checklist as guides  :

  1. Unicorn Bag
  2. Unicorn Cupcake Topper
  3. Unicorn Banner
  4. Unicorn Party Straws
  5. Unicorn Party Tassels
  6. Unicorn Party Plates
  7. Unicorn Thank You Cards
  8. Unicorn Stickers
  9. Unicorn Certificates
  10. Unicorn Loyalty Card
  11. Fun Activities (obviously something unicorn related)
  12. Party Goodies Bag (you can skip that if you out of budget. Get sponsor if possible!)
  13. B.A.P (Beautiful Awesome People)

Just another 5 additional from my earlier list.....try organize one and you know whether this is shortlist or long list. I am so awesome to think of this checklist right???? WTH!!! This 'thick face' copy out this list from Tammy Lim's facebook. ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh...

You have some ideas how to throw the Unicorn Party? about pass some fun of preparing to attendees too?

Before receive the invitation, I was so nervous. Am I too old to get invitation? Am I so 'old school' not 'hot babe' like other butterflies. Am I being bad butterfly all these years? Huwaaaaaargggg! You wanna invite me or not??? Tell me la.... so I can get over this. So stressful waiting for invitation!!!!!

The Butterfly Unicorn Party: You're Invited!

The Unicorn Party

Party Date: 1st April (Sunday)

Time: 3pm - 5pm

Dress code: Magical Unicorn (makeup + fashion+horn). Color theme (follow poster colors).

*Space is limited so pls do not let your fashion take over space (wearing big costumes).

3 Best-Dressed Unicorn Prizes: Trollbeads Gift worth RM508 each

After receiving the invitation...yahooooo!!! I am invited. Then...oh no..what should I wear. Damn! need a horn some more. Gosh! what to wear? Pastel sweet colour like a unicorn? No black??? Uwaaaaa!!! I am going to look like 'overweight' unicorn. How am I going to hide my big spare tire with sweet pastel colours? Why they don't allow female black beauty to Unicorn party? This is discrimination? Oh! about makeup. That blend thing to your eyelid. With my make up skill??? Gosh! this is hopeless. I can see the clown in the making. Argghhhh!!! stress!!! why invite me? why? Tell me la....

Damn! I really have this kind of mixed feeling...hahahaha...The drama continues weiiiii...never stop here. Read on even if your eyelid is pulling down now.

From the day of the invitation email reached me. My eyes is looking out for unicorn.

I was at Universal Studio Singapore and my eyes try to shop for unicorn headband. All I found is this unicorn plush. Mmmmmm...I can't be wearing this on my head right? All they have is Trollmania there at USS. My sis keeps telling me to buy those hairpin with rainbow troll's hair. Troll is not a unicorn la! I can't jeopardize my good reputation as a butterfly. muahahaha (thick face mode again)

Back to Malaysia, found my unicorn headband and also unicorn earrings. Yeayyy!!! settled one worry. Guess what? The salesgirl at the shop asked me this when I pick this...

Sales Girl: Is this for your daughter?


Me (shyly) : For me... I was invited to the unicorn party.

Sales Girl: Owhhh!! Sorry...


I watch Unicorn Make Up tutorial many times at youtube. Hopefully can bring out that hidden talent in me. WTH! is obvious nothing hidden in me. Everything is crystal clear! WTH!

Practice to paint my nail but didn't do that to the last minute. Yeahhh!!! why I don't visit nail parlour? I hate to wear any nail polish. I practice my rainbow colour unicorn make up many times. This is the best photo I could show the world. I won't show off my dirty secret up here. For goodness sake, I need to protect myself for any future humiliation.

I even try to decorate my unicorn horn with flowers. Failed big time! I end up stick my fingers with super glue because I bought the wrong one! Huhuhuh...

The effort is there but the results???? Haihhh!!! forget it! Whatever!!!! I am just going to be myself. Along the process of preparation ...I forgot about dress. Only remember that important part the day before. WTH!!! I just digged out to whatever pastel to my eyes from my 'humble' no 'fashion sense' wardrobe. The result??? Read further people...

My super long winded intro never reach to the Magical Party experience yet??? On the way baybeh.. finally here...nervous and excited at the same time. It fall on April fool day and I successfully walk into the party like a fool. hahaha ...not that bad yo! I just put my 'thick face' make up on. Open my mind and go with the Party Flow and have fun observing every sorts of human character. Everybody happy???? I am happy too. hahahaha

I walked in before 3pm. Some early butterflies was already there with unicorn headband on their head. Everybody look their best and beautiful. Some even came in with Unicorn pajamas and Unicorn Costume. I would say everybody has their own way of interpretation on the theme for the day. Creative thoughts people! Obviously with my lack of self esteem made me feeling a bit intimidated with all those creative young soul! WTH!

Registered my name and was given cutie Unicorn goodies bag and a 'Unicorn Loyalty Card' which entitled this Unicorina to redeem some gift and activities like photobooth, adopt a Unicorn, Flower Bouquet and Balloon counter.

photo credit to Eros Si from

After everybody settled down, The Party was officiated by Mamasan aka Miss Tammy Lim, The President of Butterfly Project Malaysia with official host for the day Dee Leonard. Both wearing tacky Unicorn Theme outfit and headband. I have fun listening to their speech with all those speechless and funny comments. I added too many wrinkles around my face due to their hilarious act. WTH! They made me laughing too much!

I have fun redeemed my Butterfly Loyalty card too. Thank you to all sponsors for the day. Unicorina have fun on the April Fool Day.

1. Photo Booth

My first activity for the day was to act the best at Photo Booth. GNG Studiobooth totally brings out the party to live. All Butterflies has a great fun acting the most 'kawaii' pose with ready 'props' prepared by GNG team and also trying out their Boomerang photobox.

Well....there you go...this is the result of me looking the best from my humble no fashion sense wardrobe. I look like 5 months pregnant unicorina. Aihhh!!! Even the best technology can't make me any slimmer with that over-sized XXL blouse! lol...I am not this fat in real you know...(isk isk isk nobody can beat my in-denial thinking.. kekeke)

2. Adopt a Unicorn

When Mamasan announced there is a Unicorn up for adoption...this Unicorina keep imagine a plush toys unicorn. Never imagine its going to be this adorable cutie pie unicorn mug. Serious!!! I am loving this one and only unicorn mug in my possession. Mamasan so creative to even think of this. This wouldn't make possible with 50gram . They have the most creative gifting ideas for any occasions. 50gram is the first online florist shop that offers complimentary video message on behalf of you. Wow! Talk about being the leader in gifting industry.

The best of all they even provided a certificate to prove our adoption.
Check out my instagram post  where I posted the certificate with the name of my Unicorn Baby. All butterflies require to come out with the name for their new Unicorn. just wrote down whatever name came to my head. The outcome was....check my insta. pssttt! I heard this price RM39.90 per mug. Awesome gift for lovely people.

3. Auto-Inflate, Colouring Balloon

I can tell you this over and over again art skills is totally sucks! Even my 8 years old niece can do better than this. I was over at brrrloon counter and was given this beautiful unicorn balloon. No pain no gain. In order to claim my balloon, I need to do some coloring activities. huhuhuh... colouring is good for mind healing. I tried my best.  After my mind healing process, I have a chance to do the mind releasing moment too. Just shake this balloon for 60 seconds then hit it with my fist as hard possible.... own unicorn balloon inflates nicely. My selfie time with my unicorn balloon. Isn't this fun and magical activities? Totally love this mind blowing moment. Thank you Brrrloon for also becoming our party's official decorator! All the balloon totally adding to the magic! If you are looking for balloons supplies. Don't look any further. check out their awesome list of party supplies. 

4. Mini Flower Bouquet I admitted before in previous post.. I am now a sucker to beautiful flowers. I was very excited to head over to flowers counter opened by Everyday Flowers at our Unicorn Party. I picked 2 stalk of flowers and handed out to Everyday Flower team. Few minutes later....

My own mini bouquet. I love it so much! They are beautiful to my eyes. Awesome job to Everyday Flowers. 

I redeemed all in Unicorn Loyalty Card. Thank you so much to all sponsors! Finally have time to enjoy my meal and drink prepared by our venue of the day Wondermilk.

photo credit to Eros Si from
Almost forgot to mention about the best Unicorns who came in with the most fabulous make up and dress up. All 3 lucky winners walk away with RM600 worth each from Trollbeads. Congratulations to all winners! 

What is party without awesome people ?

I have chance taking a selfie with some butterflies. Nice meeting all of you either in Butterfly event or any other event.

What is party without a Goodies Bag?

photo credit to Eros Si from

What is in Unicorn Goodies Bag ?

Awesome gift from sponsors. Thank you to all!

1. Koji Dolly-Wink Eyelashes ** NEW addition to their collection**

My very first Eye Lashes from Dolly Wink No. 29. PURE DOLLY price at RM58 each.

2. NYX Professional Makeup

* Vivid Brights Eyeliner (Blossom) price at RM30 each
* Lip pf the Day Liquid Lip Liner (Cherished) price at RM35 each

Available at NYX Stores and online retailers.

3. Dear Beaute (Japan)

Himawari Hair Care Samples which is totally awesome for my travel kit. You can get yours at leading pharmacies like Guardian.

4. Belif Malaysia

Presented all Butterflies with their Best Seller On-The -Go Kit price RM89 and its available at Belif Malaysia Stores. You can visit their FB  for more details.

5. Wanderlust Things

This is one awesome unicorn necklace which is must have in your accessories collection. Only RM14.90. Thank you Wanderlust Things!

6. The Butterfly Project

Last but now least...Thank You Birthday Card with Unicorn (Brush) attached to it. Thank You Mamasan. For those who are dying to know who is The Butterfly Project can check out their official website .

photo credit to Eros Si from
We are group of rare butterflies gathered in one Beauty Bloggers Community. We blog because blogging is our passion. 

photo credit to Eros Si from

Thank you for including me in this awesome communities. I know many fabulous people and learn a lot  throughout the years.

You find my post is super long ? A story teller should be able to tell you A to ZZZZZZ story. hehehehe.... This is an awesome party ever!