Friday, April 27, 2018

3 Days / 2 Nights At Resorts World Sentosa

Seriously , my new job really hectic until the opening day on Dec this year. Just wait for my shout out soon ya!

I barely find time to update my blog. By the time reached home at night...all I see is my bed. Weekend will be busy 'chingguing' or old baby sitting. But Old Baby has gone back this weekend. Hopefully they are doing well on their own at home town. They miss home dearly for many months live in KL. I won't say my Dad fully recover but can sense his stubborn attitude to prove he can do it. This can be bad but also good too. Good..because he can stay strong to hold on but the bad is..we are all far away if anything happen to him. isk isk isk...May God Bless him!

Back to my trip end last March, I was so happy to come across MasterCard promo with Resorts World Sentosa. I paid around SGD 701 and received good deal. I was really glad to go for some trips early this year because I will not be able to do make any trip plan until next year due to my work. I know ...I know...sounds pathetic...but hey! work first. Travel happily later!!!

What I get from MasterCard Resorts World Sentosa promotion?

* 2 Nights Room stay for 2 person (I chose Hotel Michael. Never regret it and it was a good choice. Super happy with the spacious room we had)
* 2 person USS One-Day Ticket for adult
* 2 person Typhoon Theater One-Day Ticket
* 2 person The Maritime Experiential Museum Ticket
* 2 person Sea Aquarium One - Day Ticket
* 2 person Adventure Cove Water park One-Day Ticket

We can choose the date when  book the package. Then print out the e ticket and present it on the date you choose at the entrance. Super easy!

My last Sister and I took morning flight around 7:30am. We took Grab Car from Changi to Sentosa. Since we have Hotel voucher so the Grab Car can enter to hotel area. It was too early to check in to Hotel. I did the registration before hand to speed up the process later on. Both of us then kept our luggage at concierge and head to our first destination. Adventure Water Cove!

Adventure Water Cove

We ate our sandwiches before enter the park. They checked our bag at entrance. No food..duh!!!

We rented one locker to keep our things after change to swimsuit. We have a great fun lazying around park while sitting on the tube. That was the only ride suited me. (**face palm..head down**) The rest was too extreme impact for my knee and waist. But my last sis has a great fun alone taking all those ride. She told me it would have been fun if I can accompany her. Sorry sister! This big sister didn't want to jeopardize her body at this age. I will definitely enjoy all those rides if I am 15 years younger than now. Who asked you born so late ?? 

We both really wanted to try Rainbow Reef. But none of us is a good swimmer. I am a beginner and my last sis far from beginner. She told me maybe we can since they provide life jacket. Just float around only. Haiyooo!!! both us have a peep onto this Rainbow Reef place. Both was like...Thank God! we didn't go for it. 

'Look at that lady!!! she was struggling!'
'Whoaaaa!!! look at that man was panting hard dragging his kid!'
'Thank God'
'huhuhuh..this look so tiring!'

I can tell you this...Rainbow reef really like snorkeling in deep sea. Really deeepppp!!!! We saw this place from outside and a beginner will be struggling hard in there. It was a long circle too. I don't think will have fun watching rainbow fish. I will be busy finding place to catch my breathe. Which you hardly have place for that! So think before you commit! I still can see the rainbow fish from outside though!  

We checked into our room in the afternoon while waiting for my Third Sister to reach from KL. Her flight delayed to almost evening time. We have a bit hiccups to redeem my Third Sister's USS ticket from the kiosk . She bought it from Voyagin. Both my Last Sister and I tried to print the ticket from the kiosk nearby but the machine shows the ticket was redeemed but nothing printed out. Damn!!! Tried to call the hotline is like nobody answer us. We checked with USS people and they told us to come over at 9am the next day. But at the end manage to get it on the ticket's day itself. It took long time to get the ticket from Guest Service Counter. Everybody was very nervous!

Every attraction is like around the hotel we stayed. We can even see the USS Cyclone ride from our window. Everything is walking distance. We have a good time shopping around and is like chocolate  and goodies heaven.

Many weird and cute candies and gummies too.

Last sis was so crazy over this 'Bean Boozled' and having fun fooling around with disgusting flavored bean. You read for yourself the flavor on the photo. I was lucky not to taste any of those. But my other Sisters said the taste was really disgusting! lol...

Universal Studio Singapore

This is my second time in USS. My first visit was during weekend and the crowd was like don't even want to imagine. Every ride was like hours and hours of standing in line. But this time we went during weekday. It was super easy. Some famous ride only make us wait like 30 minutes. The shortest time was like 5 minutes ride. 

Everything was smooth and very enjoying except for heavy rain. But...we have done all the rides by then. Horayyyy!!!

Did I ride on Roller Coaster? Hurl!!!! still wanna ask? I am 'Queen' when it come to Roller Coaster! hehehe...Queen of Huarrrrgghhhhhhh!!!! Screaming on top of my lung! I went there after my last day at work. The thoughts of me being a jobless and nothing certain in life...made me like that! Release the stress,yo! Who cares??? Everybody was busy screaming too!

I felt like repeat all the rides but by that time most ride becoming like 50 minutes to 60 minutes waiting time. I think better for me to enjoy the street performance and shop around. I was rich here! Brought some cash but don't feel like buying anything.

It was a Troll Mania kind of vibes at USS . I went there as a 'Minion' ...Yup! this same  'Minion' who went to USJ end of last year. The vibes here in USS still unable to compete with USJ. Over there the staff and even the visitor is like born with  'Happy Positive' programmed in their mind. 

I bought that Spring Season Starbuck tumbler after couldn't find anything to my liking. Bye ..Bye ..USS. I wish to visit USJ again! WTH..Maybe I should try Disneyland next time?

I heard USS is going to have this Halloween Horror night soon...based on my USJ experience running until my knee cap almost fall off with Zombies outbreak....huwarrggghhhh!!!! IMA..avoid this at all cause.
Love the Sunrise from our Room Window. See ? USS just behind our Hotel. So convenient!

This was during our last day breakfast. We tried this place call Slappy Cakes. Both my sisters having fun frying their own pancakes with assorted shapes.

This lazy bum Big Sister happily feeling rich ordered poached eggs on English Muffin Toast and fluffy soft grilled potatoes. Delicious!

While waiting for Typhoon Theatre , The Maritime Experiential Museum Ticket and Sea Aquarium to open at 10:00am. I tried this freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine. It was fun to watch the machine squeeze juice from navel orange in front of you. I drank delicious orange juice for SGD3.

Typhoon Theater and The Maritime Experiential Museum

We went for typhoon theater and the maritime experiential museum first. That was a mistake! We should have visit the Sea Aquarium first. Anyway, we still enjoy our last moment at Resorts World Sentosa . I learn a lot about history here in the Museum and enjoy the Typhoon Theater.

Sea Aquarium

Its almost to the level of Kaiyukan at Osaka. I love being in this Aquarium and wish could spend more time here. I enjoy to watch all sorts o f fishes and sea creature swimming around .So therapeutic and mind healing.  However, since we visited almost noon, many crowds here. I hate it!

My third sister checked out for us since she came to Singapore just for USS. (hurl!!!!) We took our luggage and head to airport for our flight back. 
It was a short trip but very enjoyable one!

All Muslim! don't worry much. Many Halal food around Festive Walk here at Resorts World Sentosa. We even had good meal inside the USS. Just prepare to pay the price tag !

To download this article for offline reading or travel directions to the attractions highlighted in this article click here.


  1. Wahh menariknya. Boleh plan pergi nanti. Bean Boozled! Hahahaaa tak sanggup cuba

  2. wow that seems so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go to USS but never had the chance yet. Hopefully I can go there someday and tried all the fun, including those chocolates shop, sloppy cake, ahh everything, hehe!

  3. Pernah pergi area Sentosa tapi tak masuk USS ni. Kami drive all the way ke Sentosa dan parking kat Imbiah Lookout. Universal Studio ni I pernah experience kat US Hollywood. Memang best. Tak semua ride kami join tapi paling best Studio Tour, minion ride, transformer ride. Bagai nak pengsan terasa kena kejar dengan decepticon dan lepas tu kena tembak. Hehe. Best sebab boleh bergambar dengan Optimus Prime.

  4. Bestnyaaaaa..belum pernah sampai sini lagi..ingat nak pergi jugak la nanti bawak anak dara d..bukan jauh pun kan...tapi berbaloi kalau pergi 3 days 2 night..boleh explore banyak benda kan

  5. Bestnya cindy. Ada plan nak ke singapore Kebetulan ada saudara kat sana. Bolehlah pergi ke sana sambil explore tempat yang menarik.

  6. I've never been to this neighboring country but I really want to go to Sentosa to see the place of interest and beautiful hehehe is getting money now now hope to go...

  7. Thanks for the itinerary. I plan to go for 3d2n to Singapore too and will follow your schedule instead. Not so rush and enjoyable.

  8. bestnya tengok you pergi..banyak tempat comel-comel.bawak my kids mesti dia suka..bukan anak je suka, mak pun suka..hehee..suka coklat, and food pie tu ya..kena masuk dalam list day anak dah besar can go.

  9. One of my dreams. Walauoun jiran sebelah tapi tak pernah singgah. Memnag teringin nak bawa anak anak datang USS enjoy di sana. Lagioun ada makanan halal, ao tak perlu risaulah kan bila datang USS nih

  10. Dah pernah pergi USS memang happening. Tengok gambar-gambar di atas terasa nak repeat ke sana semula. Naik roller coaster asyik nak ketawa aje sebab naik dengan anak...dia boleh menangis sambil kita pun ikut ketwa dengan gelagat dia..hehehe. Serius memang best pergi dengan anak2

  11. No food allowed, n the price if the food in there sure must be so pricey. Uwaaaa ! Looks like you had so many fun in USS. I want to go to USS as welll !!

  12. USS looks so fun, I always wanted to visit but never get the chance to do so, thanks for sharing your experience, I'll plan a trip soon, it worth a visit.

  13. Wow so many things u get from mastercard benefits. Never been uss, hope one day i cam bring my family here

  14. Wahh syoknya akak. Ruby pernah pi trip USS dan hanya bermalam dalam bas je camtu. Memang letih badan sebab tak selesa. Sebaiknya pergi trip dan tempah hotel sekali. Barulah relax dan anak2 pun happy.

  15. Wao... Great gateway you have there. I wanna play on that pancake too... Hope one day I can cost this place again

  16. Dah lama I plan nak gi jalan-jalan SG 3 hari 2 malam pun okaylah. Nak naik fligh direct Penang terus KL. Jealous tengok your trip. Dulu I pergi urusan kerja tak sempat jalan2.

  17. wow yoi surely enjoy ur trip to sg. by the way, those candies and gummies are so cuteee

  18. OMG it look so fun! i only went there once when it first open. But few of their rides were under maintenance. The pancake looks really interesting!

  19. Roller coaster? I will be screaming ..and crying..haha. So shiok to go on holidays like these.

  20. omg! its look so fun. how i wish i could go holiday like this


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