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Best Personalized Gift Ideas

We are now in the 3rd Quarter of the year 2018. Nowadays, time flies very fast. Soon we are moving towards the end of the year where everybody is busy to get some gift ideas for our festive season.  We have Christmas coming and New Year soon. Well if it is not the end of the year, we are still cracking head to get a good gift for friends, acquaintances and many more.

For me buying a gift for somebody is always a difficult task especially for a man and somebody you are not really close to. Sometimes when we want to do the gifting, we are looking for something more personalized to create long-term impact and its something to remember and suitable for the keepsake.

Here I compile some of the possible unique personalized gifts based on each personality which you can use for your gifting ideas soon.

1. Coffee / Tea Drinker

Find out their drinking habit and 'Bingo' you will get some ideas on what to give them. We always have these people around you who are coffee and tea drinker.

I would say a mug or coaster is perfect gifting ideas for this type of people. I don't talk about any regular mug. Get him or her a Magic Mug. Yes! you read it right. A Magic Black Mug! 
The receiver will feel the magic when the Magic Black Mug turns into a full colours mug after pour in any hot drink. Isn't this a greater surprise to your friends and beloved ones?

2. Homely

If you find any of your friends who really get comfortable when they hide at home most of the time, you can get them an eject kind of cushion. I don't really mean a cushion with an eject button. You can be customized a cushion with a nice print out to remind them to get out more. Squeeze out your creative juice out with funny or sarcastic print out on the cushion. What will I print on the cushion? I would just print out 'I am married to every Oppa in Kdramas ' or 'Anti Social'.

3. Mobile phone Addicted

Do you know anybody around you who spends most of their time on the phone? I have a good idea for this mobile phone addicted person. Just get them a customized phone casing with uniquely creative text or photos on it. Just get creative and best if you can make it funnier or even with some evil words on it.

4. Workaholic

Do you know anyone who is at the workplace almost his or her home? I have 2 uniques gift for this workaholic. Customized a creative message on a mousepad or lanyard. Some of the message you can print - 'I am not Homeless' or 'I am a mad dog' or 'Boss! please notice me'.

5. Travelholic

What will you present a travelholic? A bag would burn out your wallet. Every traveller would find luggage tags useful. So get one for them. All you need is to do an extra mile by giving him or her a customized one. Just customized nice luggage tags and make it feel special.

6. Home Chef

There is always one of your friends who are a passionate chef. All they do is to feed you a good food. How I wish to have this kind of friend around me. I would grow into one big 'Hippo' in no time. I would give her a beautiful customized print out of Apron.

7. Expecting Mum 

If you have expecting mum around you, don't buy them a boring stuff. Just get a customized baby tee for remembrance. It will be good if you can print out baby's name on it. 

8. Timid Friend

I am an introvert. I am timid but can be outgoing too. A bit conflict kind of character. I tend to motivate myself to stay positive and I have the ability to do that by myself. Well, to be honest not many people have this bless ability. eheh...Some people may need others to motivate them. If you know some friends who always need such moral support or reminder, I suggest to present them with a customized inspirational wording rock.

9. Shopaholic

I personally can't go home without buying anything. Nowadays, when they impose payment for a plastic bag when you buy stuff, the shopping bag is a must to bring along with you. Do you know anyone who is a shopping queen? Get them a special customized tote bag. I personally would want this to show off outside. 

10. Outdoor Person

Healthy living is a trend. I know many friends who love hiking and do outdoor activities. It is important to cover up from ultra ray when doing outdoor activities. I would suggest presenting such person a customized cap. Just print a nice wordings suit the person character on the cap.

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