Sunday, August 5, 2018

Part of Althea Beauty Ambassador Community

Hello! I am Althea Angel Cindyrina...

Thank you for selecting me as part of your Beauty Ambassador Community. 

I remember knowing this online beauty store since it started in the year 2015. Yeah..since Althea is a baby. I think they are the fastest growing start-up which expands tremendously in Southeast Asia. A well known online beauty store to K Beauty Addict like me spread their wings and love virus from Malaysia, Singapore, Philipines, Thailand and Vietnam. Awesome right? In only 3 years they grow like Giant and conquer the online K Beauty store and bring us more awesome products with good price.

They a very famous with its Beauty Box once. So sad when they discontinued that now. isk isk isk. Then they introduce their own skincare brand called Althea Bare Essential which I heart it so much. I also love their Althea Petal Velvet Powder. You see..all this have a good quality at a very reasonable price. That is one of the reasons I love to shop at 

When I received an invitation to be one of Althea feeling was very overwhelming. OMG! my loyalty to them over these years paid off. 

8 Reasons Why I Still Loyal With

1. Guaranteed Authentic Korean Products

2. Fast Delivery

3. Always brings the latest K Beauty Trends

4. Althea Box

5. Reasonable price

6. Good promo

7. I can use my shop back and earn back some cash back from my spending. WTH!

8. Althea make me look prettier (kekekeke...see below la...not pretty meh??? Pretty what?)

This beauty Angel has done its job even before being selected as the Ambassador.  Haihhhh!!! you can't find this kind of hardworking Angel like Angel Cindyrina.  Hard Sell....kekeke

What I did even before being select as Althea Angel?

Anybody asked me why my hair always shiny and nice like that photo? I will direct them to Althea,kr to where I bought my favourite CP-1 Raspberry Hair Treatment Vinegar. Two of my sisters bought it too after one try. Then my ex-colleague too. See? This is one high influence Angel, right? You throw up reading on my statement? Well me too. My narcissism mood on. Just let me be for once, OK!  

I am so excited when was told being an Angel comes with some perks. Whoaaaa!!! syiok wor!

* Welcome Gift
* Monthly K-Beauty Giveaway
* Seasonal Annual Shopping Credits
* Exclusive Discount Code
* Exclusive Althea Reviews
* Althea Studio Access
* Many more fun activities

My first surprise Welcome Gift Box came by mid last month. Super excited! Almost died! Lucky I have a strong heart. kekeke

Tadaaaaaa!!!! my surprise Welcome gift doesn't stop with just this box. I received 120 online shopping credits from Althea too. 

People say, 'sharing is caring'. I share out some of my credit with my Sisters and here are my second box from reached me last week. Damn! my sisters are super lucky to have one Angel in the family, right? Syiok sendiri again. WTH! Narcissism overloaded!

Althea Turns 3 this year. So if you head on to Althea website to shop they have many good promos too. Like early this month I manage to grab the buy 3 free one promo. Last week they have the Althea Petal Velvet Powder giveaway. 

Happy Birthday Althea!

In conjunction with Althea Turns 3 celebration, is having an awesome best Instagram sharing of the “Birthday Book” with the caption mentioned above and hashtag #AltheaTurns3 will stand a chance to win the following prizes:

Grand Prize: 
AirAsia Round Trip Flight to Korea for Winner + a friend
Oh My Oppa Tour for 2 pax
STARPASS’s The Show x 2 invites
Althea Korean Dinner for 2 pax

2nd Prize:
Samsung S9 x  1 Winner

3rd Prize:
USD300 Althea Shopping Credits x 1 Winner

Consolation Prizes: 
Althea Birthday Gift (worth USD80) x 10 Winners

*Terms and conditions apply.

Here are the super simple steps to join:
  • Shop - Make a purchase on Althea and be one of our lucky fans who receive the limited edition Birthday Book box + Birthday Book miniatures!
  • Get Crafty- Fix up the miniature boxes according to the instructions.
  • Snap - Take a creative photo featuring your finished Birthday Book miniatures.
  • Submit - Upload it to Instagram and caption it telling us why you’d like us to fly you to Korea! Be sure to use the tags @AltheaKorea #AltheaTurns3 #AltheaKorea to enter.

Super simple right? Just show off your “Birthday Book” creation featuring the miniatures on Instagram from 2nd July until 31st August 2018, 11.59pm MYT to participate!

Who knows, lady luck is siding to you this year?

Follow me on my Instagram to check out my entry too. I bought some props for this purpose but I end up eating up all the props. WTH! Hopefully this week I manage to snap some photos before I eat all the props again. This will be my 3rd attempt since last week. kekekeke


  1. Hai Althe Angel.. heee.. best kan jadi part of althe angels.. tahniah! TB pun suka box althe angels .. dah 3 tahun rupanya umur Althea.. macma tak percaya je kan..

  2. Hi dear...
    Gimme 5...i also althea angel!
    Best kan jadi xnak bg kita jadi angel..tpi althea bagi kita jadi angel..what an honour

  3. i am not an angel of althea hi hi hi...
    but always get an update from others.
    like the way althea appreciate its customers, now the treatment is like an angel.
    happy everybody. it is good.

  4. Wow althea angel!Congrats. Bertuahnya jd angel. Dapat surprise box lagi. Syira selalu jugak beli makeup dekat Althea.

  5. Wahh Althea Angel.. !! Tahniah awak...
    Ramai kengkawan kita cakap Althea good product, ada juga kita intai-intai tengok. Harga pun not bad 👍

  6. Hai Angel. Kita satu geng angel. Jom la kita hantar gambar cantik-cantik mana tau ada rezeki dapat menang hadiah

  7. HI Althes Angels. Hari tu tak sempat nak join Althea Angels sebab tengah teruk pregnant. Bestnya tenogk korang dapat banyak barang

  8. Yeayyy kita satu team..:D. Tahniah tau! Memang bertuah sangat kan dapat jadi salah seorang dari team Althea Angels..rasa sangat di hargai. Lepas ni sure kita cantik cantik..hehehe

  9. cantiknyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nak jugak hmm. saya follow sni ye

  10. wow thats so cool to become Althea ambasador. So many previleges and freebies. Hope to hear reviews from you for all the product so that I cant decide which one is best for myself in the future.

  11. Hello fellow Angel. I haven't had the chance to do the unboxing and all. Hopefully I can get it done this week too.

  12. Waaaah. Tahniah sebab terpilih jadi part of their ambassador. Althea ni memang famous. Selalu je tengom orang post kat social media. Bestnya hadoah contest dia. All the best to all

  13. Hi althea angel.. We are same here too.. Best kan bila dpt jd angel dr shopping online kbeauty ni.. Mcm2 dpt dan yg bestnya sentiasa ada special code utk users... Wawa suka shopping sini sbb mostly brg guna dr korea..hehe

  14. Wah dapat skincare percuma sebagai hadiah ya sis, menarik tu. Kalau hasilnya bagus jangan lupa kongsi dengan kami

  15. Lia suka produk Korea sejak terjebak dengan Althea ni. Skrg jadi Althea angels happynya. Sebab lagi banyak produk Korea akan beli lepas ni.

  16. Wah bestnya jadi duta skincare, dapat produk percuma sebagai hadiah pulak tu. Harapnya hasilnya baik

  17. Hehehe. duta untuk Althea tuuuu. Besar tanggungjawab tu. Semoga terus support dan memberi pandangan yang jujur tentang produk yang diberikan. Join contest ke Korea tu, mana tau rezeki dapat pi sana.

  18. Congratulations, Althea Angel - such an awesome acknowledgement of your contribution. Because of you, I now know of this brand.


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