Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Safety and Security Comes First

What is the crime rate in Malaysia?

The answer is around 170,000 cases every year, averagely 19 cases per hour and every 3 minutes 1 case!!!
Hurl!!! every 3 minutes??? Jaw drop shocking fact!

What is the accident rate in Malaysia?

Around 530,000 cases every year, averagely 61 cases per hour with 1 accident in less than 1 minute!!! The number is still rising. I am not surprised if this becomes every second for 1 accident.

Our living condition nowadays has become more and more competitive. Everyone is trying their best to make a living for the sake of surviving. Along with the surviving factors, there are some greeds. These people who are with greeds and evil heart to harm others just for the sake of their satisfaction. Most goes crazy due to the tough living condition. Some even choose to live their life with no responsibility at heart. With all these, unfortunate event happens to some of us. Regret that unfortunate event never chooses to who it's going to happen.

  • Snatch Thief
  • Kidnapping
  • House Breaking
  • Accident
  • Injury 
  • Road Bully

None of us is exempted from any of those as long as we are still breathing on this earth.

Ever ask this question to yourself, if any of this happen to yourself ... what will you do?

Dial 999?

Here is how the 999 works....

Bear in mind 999 number receives an average of 83,000 calls a day. Based on the Auditor -General report, 32.4% of calls go unanswered? 

Don't you think we need alternative just like we get an alternative or back up plan for yourself?

999 number is not the only number you can dial for emergency case. Thank you to our technology era, we have another option to complement busy 999 number and one of those MMSOS created by MM Synergy Sdn Bhd.

What is MMSOS?

M - Most 
M - Momentum
SOS - SOS Assist

MMSOS created mainly for :

1. Crime prevention and Assistance
  • Emergency response services
  • Motoring emergency services

2. A CSR-Centric Organisation
  • Supporting Charity and Non-Government Organisation

MMSOS have the most advanced technologies where help will reach you with one PRESS OF BUTTON.

MMSOS Subscriber will receive some other benefits yearly saving worth RM5,127.00and name few :

Part of CSR MM Synergy Sdn Bhd is also supporting charity and non-governmental organization and to name few and future plan :

Let us do the money talk now! For all those benefits given, all you need is to contribute RM1 PER DAY. 

I think this is the biggest value RM1 ever.

You Benefit :

  • 24/7 Protection & Assistance from MMSOS Response Team (Personal, Your Car, Your Home)
  • Saving - potential saving up to RM5,127
  • Free PA Insurance RM50,000

You can help :

  • Giving back to societ
  • Create Crime Free Society

The Needy :

  • A Week A Home Program
  • Panic Button
  • Airtime Sponsor
  • Ambulance Services
  • Donate 5 units of Ambulance
  • The future plan, Crime Victim Foundation

How to get you own MMSOS ?

  1. Go to google play or visit the official website
  2. Type MMSOS
  3. Download 
  4. The app will take you further from there....
Check out this video...this could happen to any of us here too...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Self Guided Travel using GPS

Whoa!!! can't believe the year of 2018 is going to end soon. Then we will welcome the year 2019. Its all about hard work throughout 2018 and I am one person who believes in balance life. My travel episode is starting soon enough. Here I am writing a blog post on my travel journey again. Just wait up for experience sharing session next month. It is my pleasure if my travel article can help others too. Sharing is caring!

Since I started my abroad trip in the year 2012, I always feel such a waste to subscribe to a data plan. I don't have time to even online in the daytime since I will be busy sightseeing. I can just go online at night time using free wifi from the hotel I stayed in.

There are good and bad at using my method. Let me tell you, why I said so. I usually plan my itinerary by reading other people blog and articles. Most of the time I will just bookmark on my browser. Hurl! I can't afford to print that article out and bring with me. That is so much of hassle to bring around a stack of paper, right? The problem of the bookmark on the browser, we need internet line to refer back to that article and blog post. With my 'Auntie Scrooge' style of travelling, I am not able to refer back to the article, since I don't even subscribe to the data plan. 

How I did it with all my limitation?

Here are my SECRET to travel without the data plan on hand?

GPS Guided Tour

Have you heard about the GPS-guided travel article? I found this useful app called GPSmyCity last year. This app is totally useful with my style of travelling. 

How does GPSmyCity function?

This GPS-guided travel app allows you to access thousands of useful articles from over 600 worldwide cities without any internet service. It will show your location and even guide you to the next location. How does this app guide you without even have any internet line? All travel article from GPSmyCity has GPS coordinates embedded in the article and a map of the route as the author of the article described.

Offline Maps

All you need is to download GPSmyCity on your phone or tablet for FREE OF CHARGE. You can even read travel article on plane or beach or anywhere without wifi or any other internet service. If you decided to use the article in GPSmyCity as GPS-guided, you will be charged a small fee to upgrade the app. Rest assured it is super duper cheap compared to subscribing to the data plan. Trust this Auntie Scrooge!
Once you download and start using this app, you will love it so much. Here are some of the testimonial from satisfied GPSmyCity user.

Good news to traveller out there! 

BONUS to my fellow traveller out there, I am giving away FREE UPGRADE of my most popular travel articles in the GPSmyCity directory, beginning today Sept 23, 2018, and ending next week Sunday, Sept 30, 2018. Good things always come with limited time.

How to get my limited time giveaway?

1. Click the link below for article you are interested in. Make sure you have downloaded the free GPSmyCity app before you do so. After downloading the app, you will be directed to the article, where you choose UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version.

2.  Then from the GPSmyCity app, you can browse the city to see which articles are available.

Here we are now ready to download any article for FREE or upgrade for offline GPS-guided use.

This is a new concept for some traveller. But for me, this is how I survive my travel without even any data plan subscription from the country I visited. Most of my travelling experience using this article from GPSmyCity is like using a personalized tour guide. 

Download FREE my most popular article at GPSmyCity today for LIMITED TIME only.



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Thursday, September 13, 2018

How To Improve the Marketing for Your Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you want to make the most of every opportunity that you have. Most people who start and own their own small business are already experts at their own product or service, but they then have to learn to handle all of the other aspects of small business ownership. This includes issues like payroll, taxes, human resources, and accounting, but they also include marketing for your product or service. If you haven't been as successful as you have wanted to be in marketing your small business, consider the following suggestions.

The first thing you should do to improve the marketing for your small business is to make sure that all of your promotional materials are of the highest quality. One way to do this is to hire an expert for advertising photography charlotte who can help you capture the pictures that will sell your product for you. You should also consider hiring a copywriter who can craft your promotional materials in a way that will increase your chances of success. Keep in mind that you don't have to hire a full-time employee to do these things as most successful advertising photographers and copywriters work on a freelance project basis.

Next, make sure that you are making the most of your social media marketing opportunities. Social media marketing is one of the best and most affordable ways to advertise your small business. While many small business owners try to handle all of their social media accounts on their own, it is usually more effective to hire a freelance social media pro who can help you improve your message. A social media expert can advise you on what to post, how often to post, what platforms are best for your message, and how to attract more customers to your small business.

Your small business will succeed if you are willing and able to put the effort into running it. When it comes to marketing, don't try to do it all by yourself. Instead, look for the experts to help.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

3 Steps to the Beautiful You

Last Saturday, I was invited to a beauty workshop and product launch at Ant Cafe. The cafe location below Petalz Residence Rimbunan, Old Klang Road. It was a nice setup cafe. Many patrons too, I think mainly the residence and mainly from nearby people. This is my first time here. I have a hard time looking for this cafe. 

The beauty workshop was set up upstairs of the cafe. It was prettily and well set up with much details and meticulous deco. So lovely!

Our beauty workshop for the day started off with products description by Nicole and Missa a duo who organized this workshop - N Star x Missa Queen.

N Star x Missa Queen also provided a small capital to play online entrepreneurial platform and their strength combination will continue to develop products with conscience quality for all beauties out there. 

The product introduces on that day was specifically selected suitable for Southeast Asian and urban women. They are introducing a simple step to all busy beauties out there. No more excuses ladies! 

Now let me get started with 3 Steps Beauty Hack for all busy woman out there.

1. Bappeun Yeoja All in One Cleanser, 200ml - RM198

2. Goel Peptite Rebuilding Cream, 150ml - RM270

3. ArtDeli Double Power Essence Cover Pact SPF50+/PA++

--------- BONUS

1st Step - Cleanse face with Bappeun Yeoja All in One Cleanser

Bappeun Yeoja is an All in One Essence Cleansing Gel.  

It contains  : 
* 'Agrimonia Eupatoria Extract' patent on the base of natural surfactant from pure coconut - Anti-oxidation, anti-skin ageing and enhances the proliferation of skin collagen

* 'Multi x Bsasm Plus' which establishes skin protection - anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, skin soothing and moisturization.

I tried Bappeun Yeoja All in One Cleanser. The cleanser is in transparent gel type. I just need to pump out 50 sen coin size and massage through on my dry face and rinse it clean after that. I am quite surprised I don't need double cleansing for my face to cleanse out my double wear foundation. Except for waterproof mascara, this cleanser makes my skin really clean. This cleanser cleans to my pores. 

2nd Step - Apply Goel Peptite Rebuilding Cream

Goel Peptite Rebuilding Cream is the most wanted premium skincare brand for the year 2018.  This beauty workshop is also an introduction to Malaysian woman on this multi-purpose cream. 

Among the ingredient listed are :

Purple corn from Bolivia, South America, 
Anthocyanodins to aids in restoring healthy skin and colour,
Lighten spots and function as a powerful antioxidant where its function is 50 times higher than Vitamin E.
It has powerful ingredients , Peptite which is really good and benefit to skin.

For a busy and hectic woman, Goel Cream kind of suitable for people like me. I don't need to have many steps or burn out my wallet for the whole skincare range. This one tube of Goel Cream has it all. I love the smells of this cream kind of fresh herbs fragrance. It does not not dry out or oil up my skin. 

I was told this multi-purpose skin can be used as a mask where skin can regain its natural glow in just 20 minutes. Other use for Goel Cream it helps to prevent wrinkles and reduce out stretch marks if used in 3 months daily. I will try this out!

3rd Step - Make your self Pretty with [ArtDeli] Double Power Essence Cover Pact SPF50+/++

This power pack contains essence for good moisturizing and good for skin amino acids. It has over 70 moisturizing ingredients plus 7 moisturizing patent and full of goodness such as red berry, raspberry, strawberry, and many more.

I am sure most product selling in the market will list down all good ingredients and many more other ingredients which hard for you to pronounce if you are not even interest in Science like me. muahahaha...All I care when it come to Cover they really can do good coverage on my skin. Yeahhhh!!! I am talking about this ArtDeli. This Cover Pact not only has a pretty art on it like you are having a cup of latte with good art on it but it also has incredible coverage function. I really look flawless with just one application. Whoa!!!! 

Most of all this ArtDeli cover pact really perfect if you are working long hours or even travel long-haul journey. Why???? I was told it lasts for 33 hours! Daebak!!! Jaw drop....hihihihi

Bonus Step for all who hate bad hair day.
Well, who loves bad hair day?? None!

Clarioz and Co. Spa Hair cc Silk Gold Repair Formula

This is a non-oily deep care hair essence. If you have frizzy hair and would like to transform into a smooth and silky hair in instant...just apply this essence. It helps to protect your hair from UV, repair and moisture your hair.


The ingredients of this Hair Essence are totally full of goodness.

How to use this hair essence?

You just need to apply it on your hair avoid the scalp on washed towel dried hair. Then proceed hair dried or styled your hair as usual. You will love it so much just like me. I love how it shines and smoothen my hair for an instant. Non greasy at all!

Where to buy all the items mentioned in this post?

You can check out :

Facebook :

Instagram :

Monday, September 10, 2018

2 Days / 1 Night in Malacca - Relaxing Trips

Sometimes end July this year, I brought my parent for a short trip to Malacca. Both parent really has a problem with walking far and so on. So the trip itinerary is a bit limited. I have a big headache to plan this for them. My objective for this trips is to make them happy and satisfy with the trip. You never me everything is the last since we never know what will happens the next day. It is very important to treat the 'now' time as precious.

We started off our journey from Kuala Lumpur and reach Malacca in two hours. Thank God! my last sister willing to come with me. So it's not so difficult to handle both old parents. What is so difficult to handle old parent. are not talking about the ordinary old parent. They are both a child alike now. If the really small child, you can scold and advice. You are talking about 'old baby' who are both stubborn who you can't even spank. Well enough about that.

Jonker Walk

My first itinerary is to let my parent taste the famous Chicken Rice Ball. But the mission incomplete. Why? Read further... We reached Jonker Walk around two something and the night market hasn't started yet. Great! I can still park nearby and bring them to Mamee House since that the only place I know with 'halal' Chicken Rice Ball. My parent prefers a proper restaurant. So I can't simply bring them to eat no matter how delicious the place is. My parent doesn't even wanna taste that Chicken Rice Ball dishes. Huh! Both no appetite to eat. Both 'old baby' not in good mood. Haihh!!!!  To cut the story short, I parked my car for RM10 and less than 2 hours redeem my car for our hotel. 

Pines Hotel

I booked 2 rooms at the Pines Hotel for around RM300++/ per night room. Not really near Jonker walk but young people can definitely walk there and even explore around. I love that Hotel because it not so noisy or even smack in a busy location. 

If you have more budget can even book a room which can get pool right in front of your balcony. I love everything about this hotel. Really spacious!

We rest for a while before heading out for some exploration. Both my sister and I decided to just take a grab car for our transportation around this town. Smart move and super convenient. You see if we drive out with our car, parking will be always a problem plus the stress of driving in that horrible traffic. 

Red Building

Well for my parent all they know the red building with many people. We brought them there for some photo session around that historic place. Nothing much we can do but to compete against those Chinese and Korean tour group. Both look super excited! OK..good sign! Let us go on with that momentum make them more excited.

Trishaw Ride

Mum leg condition is really bad. We decided to book a trishaw. We rented 2 trishaws for RM50 and I specifically requested for a young man. You imagine old man pedal that trishaw? Gosh! I sure feel pity! Trishaw in Malacca is pretty much had good theme decoration. My dad and I took a baby shark Trishaw and Mum and my sister end up with Hello Kitty one. I can see both parent face become brighter! The trishaw stops us at A Famosa and some other attraction for some photo session and quick look. The trip is just less than 20 minutes.

You can take a horse carriage too. There are so many options here. Just prepare the money!

Strolling Along Malacca River

After the Trishaw ride, I kind of encourage my parent to walk slowly along the Malacca river for some photos and also sort of light exercise for both. Most suffer was my mum. But her spirit is quite high and positive despite all the pain. I can feel her though! Sorry can do this!

Malacca Cruise

I then bought tickets for the Malacca River cruise.  It was late evening this is our second last itinerary for the day before off for dinner. The Malacca River Cruise sort off a good overview for us. I love the view throughout the cruise course. We see some bridges with the historical name. Beautiful paint mural on the old building along the river and also old Malay village which actually located right across our hotel. The evening view was super awesome. 

Taming Sari Tower

At this point, Mum is like at her max capacity. I told her if she wants me to stop and go back hotel..we still can do that. But Mum kind of....I think happy despite all the pain on her. She told me she can move on. We booked a grab car to Taming Sari Tower. Well ..yes we can walk from where we are. Just around 5 minutes walk. But Mum can do this. Our last itinerary end pretty awesome with all the view we get from the top view of that revolving tower. The staff there was super awesome to us too and treat our parent good. 

At this point, the traffic around this area was super duper bad. We got our Grab Car pretty late and Mum was almost collapsed because she unable to walk any more. Don't ask me about a walking stick or even wheelchair. She will never want to use any of those. That is why I unable to handle my parent on my own. My mum need to depends on people to walk around.

I decided to just have our dinner at hotel. Comfortable and ease for my parent.

Pines Hotel - Tiffin Set

I ordered 2 tiffins set for four of us. We love the dishes which a mixed of 'Peranakan' and 'Malay' . Our only complaint was..the rice served was super hard. That Chef needs to learn how to cook rice. Other than that we have an awesome night even though they made us wait for 30 minutes to serve food to the table. 

2nd Day in Malacca Itinerary

We have a good buffet breakfast spread at Pines Hotel. My advice wake up early like us and go straight to the restaurant or you will end up joining the queue. 

We checked out around 11am and made a few stops before our lunch.

* Pulau Melaka - Big Mosque by the sea
* Submarine Museum (raining couldn't get down)
* Pantai Klebang (Dad wanna take photos by the beach)

Royal Mango Float

I drove to this place for quick meal before head back to KL. My thought of the food here?
Well..nothing to shout out. Just ok! Can eat if you are hungry! This place kind of centralised if you wanna try out that Keria Gula Melaka, Mango Float, Laksa Sarang Burung and many more. 

End of Story...Trying my best to be a good daughter but I am not good at

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Better Looking Skin with Dr Wu

There are times when I end up using a not suitable skincare onto my skin. This is the situation 3 weeks ago. I have a very bad skin condition which sort of oily on my 'T' Zone and skin look super bad when I applied CC Cushion. 
I end up sacrificing my Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System series which I have been saving for my next long vacation. Kind of ashamed unable to finish off my current skincare. I know if I still using that my skin will become serious bad.

Here I am sharing my experience after using Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System and this skincare series from Dr Wu totally save my skin from getting worst.

I own 3 of items from Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System :

* Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid
* Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid
* Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid

I know my set is not complete range but sufficient to even make a difference for my skin. They are quite a pricey range for my pocket but yet this skincare kind of suits me well for now. My skin looks much better after a quick change to Dr Wu. 

Dr Wu Hydrating System Intensive Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid

My experience - I use this toner after the cleansing step. The texture of this toner skin of slimy and I feel a bit sticky when it touches my skin. I was put off at first but the toner quickly absorbs into my skin which is not bad. This is a highly concentrated essence and is the is the first step in hydration skincare for subsequent skincare essences to penetrate more effectively.

Main ingredients of this toner are HyaluComlex, Dulcemin, Ceramela, Amin Acids Complex, Pentavitin, Tornacare, Aldavine.

Dr Wu Hydrating System Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

My experience using Dr Wu Hyrating Serum - I used this after toning session and is like my 3rd skincare routine. To me its more transparent gel texture but not sticky at all. Its kind of thick watery touches my skin .but it easily absorbs into the skin as I massage it in a circular motion. I like since this is oil-free texture. So sad this only comes to me at the 15ml bottle. So little. isk isk isk😒 By the time you read this blog my serum all gone and I am looking for the second bottle.

This serum from Dr Wu totally suitable if you are looking for something can maintain a natural protective layer for softer skin.

Main ingredients: Hyalucomplex, Active Yeast Extract, Ceramela, Seamollient, Dulcemin, Allantoin.

Dr Wu Hydrating System Intensive Hydrating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid

This is my last step of daily skin care regime. All-in-one time minimizing skincare concept. This unique gel type is very mild and rapidly absorbed well into the skin. I love the fact that this gel kind of anti-ageing and function as skin defence which maximized with the finest scutellarein extracts from the Alps combined with green algae extract.

Main ingredients: HyaluComplex, Scitellaria AO, Codiavalane.

I was really glad to make a bold decision to ditch out my previous skincare in exchange for Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrading System. 

By the way, this is not my first time using this brand. I used the Hydrating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid too but different generation. 
The one I am using currently is the fifth-generation improved with adding two new components - OptimHyal and hyaluronic acid hydrating proteins - that penetrate deeply  into the skin, moisture is locked in, replenished, retained and activated from the inside out to achieve long-lasting hydrating effects that project a glowing and robustly moisturized complexion, achieving goal of unbridled hydration.

My all-time favourite id the Dr Wu Mandalic Acid Renewing serum which is really good if you are looking for skin renewing.

My wish list to try out Dr Wu CC Cushion. Hopefully can get my hand on one of those inclusing the eye serum too. Let my piggy bank grow first. huhuhuh

Dr Wu is a leading expert skincare brand in Taiwan, was founded by a renowned dermatologist Dr Ying Chin Wu. He is also known as ' The Father of Cosmetic Medicine'. Interested to know more about Dr Wu skincare please visit their office FB HERE