Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Safety and Security Comes First

What is the crime rate in Malaysia?

The answer is around 170,000 cases every year, averagely 19 cases per hour and every 3 minutes 1 case!!!
Hurl!!! every 3 minutes??? Jaw drop shocking fact!

What is the accident rate in Malaysia?

Around 530,000 cases every year, averagely 61 cases per hour with 1 accident in less than 1 minute!!! The number is still rising. I am not surprised if this becomes every second for 1 accident.

Our living condition nowadays has become more and more competitive. Everyone is trying their best to make a living for the sake of surviving. Along with the surviving factors, there are some greeds. These people who are with greeds and evil heart to harm others just for the sake of their satisfaction. Most goes crazy due to the tough living condition. Some even choose to live their life with no responsibility at heart. With all these, unfortunate event happens to some of us. Regret that unfortunate event never chooses to who it's going to happen.

  • Snatch Thief
  • Kidnapping
  • House Breaking
  • Accident
  • Injury 
  • Road Bully

None of us is exempted from any of those as long as we are still breathing on this earth.

Ever ask this question to yourself, if any of this happen to yourself ... what will you do?

Dial 999?

Here is how the 999 works....

Bear in mind 999 number receives an average of 83,000 calls a day. Based on the Auditor -General report, 32.4% of calls go unanswered? 

Don't you think we need alternative just like we get an alternative or back up plan for yourself?

999 number is not the only number you can dial for emergency case. Thank you to our technology era, we have another option to complement busy 999 number and one of those MMSOS created by MM Synergy Sdn Bhd.

What is MMSOS?

M - Most 
M - Momentum
SOS - SOS Assist

MMSOS created mainly for :

1. Crime prevention and Assistance
  • Emergency response services
  • Motoring emergency services

2. A CSR-Centric Organisation
  • Supporting Charity and Non-Government Organisation

MMSOS have the most advanced technologies where help will reach you with one PRESS OF BUTTON.

MMSOS Subscriber will receive some other benefits yearly saving worth RM5,127.00and name few :

Part of CSR MM Synergy Sdn Bhd is also supporting charity and non-governmental organization and to name few and future plan :

Let us do the money talk now! For all those benefits given, all you need is to contribute RM1 PER DAY. 

I think this is the biggest value RM1 ever.

You Benefit :

  • 24/7 Protection & Assistance from MMSOS Response Team (Personal, Your Car, Your Home)
  • Saving - potential saving up to RM5,127
  • Free PA Insurance RM50,000

You can help :

  • Giving back to societ
  • Create Crime Free Society

The Needy :

  • A Week A Home Program
  • Panic Button
  • Airtime Sponsor
  • Ambulance Services
  • Donate 5 units of Ambulance
  • The future plan, Crime Victim Foundation

How to get you own MMSOS ?

  1. Go to google play or visit the official website
  2. Type MMSOS
  3. Download 
  4. The app will take you further from there....
Check out this video...this could happen to any of us here too...


  1. yeah many saying this is good, got to install this app soon. I need phone that have more spaces as mine is not enough storage now.

  2. Just uninstall due to my hp dont have enough storage, cheap hp the way agree with you..this apps really help especially for ladies

  3. Oh app ni zaza dah ada install.. Dh tau dah sikit2 kegunaan dia macam mana..bagus wujudnya app sebegini utk bantu terutama bila berlaku kecemasan kan..

  4. Macam2 juga benefits utk mmsos subcriber. .Ada tgk juga bloggers share that video.. Nasibaik the lady ada download the mmsos apps ..dpt selamatkan die dr kes jenayah.. TQ for sharing this apps

  5. I already become a subscribe for this MMSOS apps. Actually this app have a lot of benefits. I have been suggest to a few of my cliks and they sign up because they think nothing waste to spend on something worth.

  6. dah install juga apps ni. senang kalau ada emergency kan. boleh guna untuk keselamatan diri. cuma tak teroka habis lagi apps ni.

  7. Wow.. canggih nya, if only they have this 20 years ago. My late husband passed out on the sofa then I tried calling 999 on my land line but I couldnt get through.
    In the end I had to call a neighbor and we carried him onto the school van to hospital but was too late. He was gone...
    So I say, its timely they have such app.
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  8. Great app & info in creating awareness! xoxo

  9. Wah..i baru tau ada apps mcm ni..thnks beb...nak kena cepat2 install la dekat playstore ni

  10. This is an amazing app to have. I love that they are returning to society as well. Such a great company. :)


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