Saturday, October 20, 2018

Giving Back To Help Others


I have been neglecting the world current news to the extent I don't realize there is a disaster in my neighbouring country. I am seriously repent for this. I literally live in my own world.
During the recent flight back from Jeju do on 15th Oct 2018, AirAsia announced on the #ToIDwithLove relief fund to provide support for Palu.

On September 28, 2018, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5Mw struck the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. With that earthquake triggered a tsunami in the Makassar Strait, which swept into Palu Bay causing waves of up to 23m high in some parts. According to news reported at least 1,900 people were killed while thousands more still missing.

I did my part on board recently by donating whatever cash left through AirAsia relief fund. I still feel my contribution isn't enough to back then.

I was told AirAsia will collect donation to support Palu onboard AirAsia flight from now until 31 October 2018 and if you are not flying any near date, don't worry. You can contribute online through

All donations will be channelled to Yayasan Arkom Indonesia to help rebuild homes and improve disaster resilience in the affected area.

Like I said in my earlier write-up, I don't feel like I contribute enough onboard. Back in Malaysia, my friend told me about another famous Taiwan Buddist foundation, Tzu Chi. I heard about them quite some time ago but have been delaying my contribution through this foundation.

Yes. The name is the Buddhist foundation but I can tell you this charitable organization is amazing. Their effort to every disaster and unfortunate event reaches all over the world, benefit everyone regardless of skin colour and religion.

You can read more about Tzu Chi remarkable effort more in the website. If you one who has time to do the volunteering please register to be one. My friend's sister who is a senior citizen has been a volunteer and she has been through an amazing journey with Tzu Chi.

I admire their effort who helps many people around the world. I will join their effort during my 'golden years' if my energy still allows me to do that. Not because I want to be a Buddhist. My belief is still Muslim. To me helping others without being selective on skin colour and religion is something amazing everybody should do as human effort.

What I did this weekend?

I pass both my cannister full of savings which I collected for my 'Silk Road' travel funds. No contribution is small. Most important your heart willing to give and share. To me, the donation and charity effort are not when disaster happen but it is a long-term effort.

With this, I would like to encourage for those who read my write up here to contribute online here through Tzu Chi.

Thank you for your support in advance if you decided to contribute online through Tzu Chi or AirAsia. Regardless of any channel, of your choice to contribute, you just did an amazing contribution. Be proud of yourself and pat on your back for doing a good thing today!

Disclaimer: I don't represent Tzu Chi or tied up to this organization. 


  1. Well said! "To me helping others without being selective on skin colour and religion is something amazing everybody should do as human effort."

    And well done. :)

  2. Good article cindy.Sama2 kita tolong mereka who in needs.Hari ni hari mereka,esok mungkin hari kita siapa tahu kan?Selagi hidup dikandung bada,buatlah baik sehabis mungkin.

  3. I was in jakarta about 2 weeks ago and there was another quake about 150km near jakarta. really thank God that nothing untowrds happen during my visit to Jakarta. glad that Airasia is taking this as part of their CSR...will donate too

  4. hehehe.. thia is cute..
    kak nowa guna tin cekelat..
    sgt awesome kan..

  5. Wow baguslah kumpul duit syiling dan kemudian buat derma ok juga tak pernah terfikir pun sebab kita ada juga ni berbalang-balang duit syiling hehehe memang kumpul jer lepas tu tukar kat mesin ...

  6. Kejadian yang menimpa Palu dan beberapa daerah lain di Indonesia sangat meninggalkan kesan dekat rakyat Malaysia. Dan saya percaya rakyat malaysia sangat prihatin dan sudi membantu mereka yg memerlukan. So boleh lah salur melalui AA atau Tzu Chi kan.

  7. Wowww, baguslah !! Kumpul duit syiling lepas tu dermakannya. Tak pernah terfikir pun tapi boleh juga diamalkan. Tolong menolong sesama kita

  8. Alhamdulillah..mulia sungguh hati membantu mereka yang memerlukan.Tak kira dengan saluran mana pun kita nak bagi, samaada agama lain sekalipun..jika niat mereka murni, tak salah kita sama2 menjayakan program yang dibuat

  9. Bagus apa yan dibuat oleh Air asia..Helping each other, untuk ringankan beban mereka..Wah, you kumpul duit syiling semua ni dan donate, terbaila cindy..

  10. Bagusnya ada inisiatif macam ni, membantu kepada mereka yang memerlukan.. Boleh dicontohi niat yang murni.

  11. Oh my. What a wonderful soul you have. I should learn to be a better human being, just like you. And I also save coins just like you, in small containers in my house. Hehe

  12. Rakyat kita sangat prihatin dalam bab bantu membantu ni kan. Besar atau kecil nilainya, pasti akan dihulurkan.

    Comel simpan duit syiling disitu. Macam zaman kecik kecik dulu. Menabung cara tu.

  13. You have such a beautiful heart for doing this. I wish there are more people like you in this world out there. I also have that nescafe containers. I think im going to do the aame thing like u did

  14. Bagus mempunyai inisiatif mcm ni.. Teruskan helping each other.. Boleh dicontohi.

  15. this one great way that every human should do. you did a great job babe! hope more and more people learn the way you live your soul beautiful!

  16. Good heart beb! I pun nak donate jugak la thru air Asia tu...thanks for sharing about this...

  17. Wah bagusnya Cindy suka semangat untuk donate ke mangsa Palu. Tak kisah berapa jumlah jaji dengan rela hati. Lebih baik memberi daripada menerima.

  18. Bagus.. saya puji tindakan awak.. bukan kerana nilai yg diberi tapi niat dan keikhlasan utk memberi itu yg dipandang mulia..


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