Thursday, November 15, 2018

Travelogue : 2nd Day Jeju-do

7th October 2018, Sunday

Saeseom Island Saeyeongo Bridge, Jeju-do

First Sunday morning in Seogwipo, I drove out to Saeyeon Bridge which is around less than 10 minutes from the place I stayed. In fact, can even see this bridge from my balcony. 😂 I bought one cup of cappuccino as my breakfast. I don't take any breakfast with my hotel package. I am trying to keep my life simple possible and living with the flow. WTH!

Saeyeongo Bridge is the longest pedestrian overpass which connects between Seogwipo Port and Saesom Island or Birds Island. The bridge has a major tower inspired and beautiful lights up at night too.
This overpass is convenient for people to leisurely walk cross to Saesom Island which has a warm temperate forest conservation zone.

The Island is just around 1.2km walking the path in a square with good wooden deck road, pebble path and for those Instagrammer, this place is worth o visit for beautiful photo zone too.

This overpass design, inspired by 'Tewu' which is Jeju's traditional log boat.

Not many people when I reached here. Mostly Ajussi and Ajumma who have a happy Sunday outing trekking through the nearby jungle. I joined the club! 😂
Worth of Sunday trekking. Spent almost 2 hours here. I feel really enjoyable to walk while enjoying the beautiful view in front of me. It was a good sunny weather too.

Camellia Hill, Jeju-do

I drove around 40 minutes all the way here out of impulsive feeling result to a big disappointment. My thought at that time was to surprise myself. SURPRISE!!!! Camellia flowers don't don't bloom until late Oct. Served me right! I travel without any specific itinerary this time. I just follow my heart and feelings throughout the 11 days here in Jeju-do. Like I said, I was trying to surprise myself.

The 20-hectare garden, home to more than 500species of camellia. I missed the beautiful Camellia flower bloom but I did enjoy myself sightseeing and pose and smells my favourite flowers. I think that yellow flower in the photo people makes cakes out of it. It smells super nice. I found this a lot in China. I would plant this in my garden soon. 

There are many beautiful views along the pathways. For those who are like me enjoy the beauties of nature, this will be the right place even without any Camellia flowers. 

They do have a beautiful cafe in the garden here too. I end up grab some waffle and eat it while strolling slowly and enjoy the beautiful sunny day.

This is another perfect place for photography. I imagine a beautiful wedding photo shoot here. I met few couples doing so too.

I found my favourite drink in Jeju-do. Love this refreshing plum juice.

Spicy Spikey Fish Head KRW25,000

The weather made me feel really hungry. I google out the nearby restaurant but end up drove around 30 minutes from Camellia Hill. I unable to find the place but my stomach was growling heavily like EXO Growl Song. I found this little restaurant serve only spicy fish and squid. I have no idea which little town I was. But I can see only local here and the place is quiet and look peaceful. I was Ajumma only customer at that time since it was around 2:30pm. Lunch hour is over duhhhh!!!

As you see in the photo, it looks a lot, right? Seriously, this is nothing. Ignore the mountain of bean sprouts as the base. Ajumma was trying to explain to me in Korean that the dish is going to be super spicy. I just use my limited Korean vocab and keep repeating...Geuwncha na! Guewncha na!!! Which means "Its OK! It's OK!! " The fish or shall I say this is just a fish head? But I know this is the fish head. Yes! It is a fish head with a  spikey moustache. Ajumma helps to cut the fish head to pieces for my convenient to eat. Then....guess what??? Ajumma sat at the table right across me and watch me eat. I was like.....Otteoke!!! Pressure!!! 
Taste like chilly powder. But Ajumma cook with pure and sincere heart. Cook to order, you know!!! The meat is chewy. Actually, not much meat to eat, just bone. I was trying to open up my mind and psycho myself. God has destined me to eat this. muahahaha... I end up eating out my rice with all the banchan serve with this meal.  Embrace the food and be thankful for the meal in front of me. I manage to finish everything except for the bean sprout. That was too much for me to swallow...weeeiiiii!!!!

Regret for not ordering the squid instead. I would have enjoyed it so much if this is the spicy squid. Anyway, this is an experience that I would never forget in this trip.

Jeju Olle Trail 5 , Namwon Keneung

I was looking forward to the best coastal views in Jeju-do. When searching nearby attraction, my position was near Jeju Olle Trail Route 5. I drove for around 15 minutes and end up here. Apparently, this is the best coastal view ever in Jeju-do.
The view as awesome with natural cliffs standing like a fortress at 15 - 20 meters high.

It was a pleasant late afternoon stroll with a magnificent view on each side. The trail os around 2km. But I have to walk 4 km since my I need to return to the car. huhuhuh... I love the strong sea breeze, smells of pine trees and good weather that day. 

Keep thanking God for giving me this opportunity for me to experience this beautiful natural creation. Oh! I discover a Jurassic Park along the way too. huhuhuh

I walked too much that day and my leg almost collapsed. I ditched my car at the hotel and walked out to Olle Market for some snacks before calling off the day to rest my tired body.

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  1. seriouslah memang nampak habis nature kat sini... suka betul dia punya makanan kat situ... nampak macma tak banyak pembangunan yang menyesakkan mata surely if i bawa my mom here mesti dia suka... sebab dia pencinta alam semulajadi dia tak suka duduk bandar sangat..

  2. waa such a nice sharing. good to know the details about each places there. All looks so beautiful and calming. would love to go there someday 😊

  3. Best la u Rina dapat travel ke Korea. In fact Korea kalau i nak visit pun tak risau makanan halal pun dah makin banyak. Permandangan kat sana cantik lah...

  4. so glad you sharing here as I never been there. Always wanna go but time is limited for me, but nevermind as if I go next time I can refer your blog posts.

  5. Jeju dalam list... Saya nak pergi nanti, sangat menarik jeju, saya suka pantai, dan tempat yang di kongsikan memang sangat menarik, nanti bolehlah refer entri ni.. terima kasih diatas perkongsian

  6. Hahahhaa the ajumma watched you eating 😂😂 she probably wants to make sure that you are okay with the spiciness although u said that u are okay with it. What a cute ajumma ! Looking forward for the next entri about ur journey in Korea !

  7. Wowww.. U pi sorang ka.. Dasyat la u ni.. Kalau I mesti mcm lost.. Tpi jeju do is in my wishlist to go. Best tgk org pi jejy

  8. Wahh bestnya.. Mmg kalau i nak travel ke korea akan plih jeju... Rugi kalai tak ke sini.. Hehehe.. Dulu penah skli je jejak ke korea tp xsmpt singgah jeju...

  9. Olle Trail Route 5 really a nice place to go. If I were to go to Jeju, it would be my forst place to go

  10. Thanks for sharing your trip, I'll really love to visit Korea again, the island is so beautiful.

  11. Cantik pemandangan kat jeju tu kan. Haihhh best nya kalau dapat pergi bercuti ke sini


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