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Friday, September 6, 2019

My Kitchen Buddies Rasa Sifu by Ajinomoto

Friday, September 06, 2019 0 Comments

Who never heard Ajinomoto? As for me, this name is not so foreign, I always remember the advertisement on TV when I was little. Mum never use this in her cooking but remember to eat much food at the restaurant who sprinkle a lot of AJI NO MOTO! hehehehe

Ajinomoto has evolved over the years! They improved and make the seasoning healthier and yet the home-cooked food taste like a pro chef!

Ajinomoto introduces 'Rasa Sifu' which is first of its kind in the market. You know when you eat food at the restaurant they cook with a big fire and have this sort of taste like a wok taste into the food?

I love the smells of fire and that wok taste onto my food.  But when tried to cook it home, I don't get that taste at all. I guess am not so pro chef ...say tossing and put on a big fire until my wok turns black. hhahahahaha....

I was told will be able to achieve that Restaurant wok taste by sprinkling 'Rasa Sifu' all in one powdered seasoning into my cooking. Owh! you mean,, I don't need to make my face turn black to get a taste? Opppssss! I mean my Wok turn black? Sweet!!!! 

Let me try this to my cooking.....I totally got hooked by this Rasa Sifu by Ajinomoto. I feel like a Sifu myself.

First menu I went Chinese Cauliflower Fried with Spinach, Egg and Tomatoes. 

Second, to Japan with Omu Cauliflower

Third  Korean style with Kimchi Tofu Jiggae

Guest what? 
I don't add salt or any other seasoning to my cooking at all. Just sprinkle 'Rasa Sifu'! It tastes perfect like in the Restaurant! It's easy too.
I find sprinkling 'Rasa Sifu' to my cooking makes my life a lot easier. Why? 
This is all in one seasoning they already add in most of the ingredients you need in that powder. I don't eat salt or sugar to my cooking. The powder has the oyster sweetness and some sauteed garlic and onion in it! Simple and delicious food.

Owh! you may be curious why my menu has less carb. I am on a healthy diet! I lost 4 kg by eating this way recently. 

You know when your small our folk always tell us the myths about eating Ajinomoto can make your hair fall? Well seriously??? I don't eat Ajinomoto all my life and my hair drop like have a carpet of hair at home. huhuhuh Cut the craps with old myths.

Make sure your standby a packet of 'Rasa Sifu' which available in 20g, 100g and 300g packs at home. Get it at any groceries store near you.

You need more information? Visit to their official website HERE.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Travel China : Kumbum Monastrey , Tuluo Temple and Dongguan Grand Mosque at Xining

Monday, September 02, 2019 0 Comments

My initial plan is to take the Lanzhou - Xinjiang High-Speed Train and along the way, I could enjoy the Gobi desert, grasslands and a snow-covered mountain view. Well, in reality...I only manage to take the train up to Xining. What can I do? I may love to travel. But my time is limited because I still have a work commitment. 

I am not like some people who have a thick face to get others to finance their travelling. I can't afford to quit or even take longer leave from work.

Anyway, I consider myself blessed compare to other people who don't even get the chance to leave their home country.

Since this is not my first time taking the high-speed train in China, so I was mentally prepared in everything. Even to the extent not much of the English language and more important be more alert to the surrounding.

I usually bought the train ticket in advance through the online platform such as, then collect at the physical ticket at the train station counter.

Don't forget to buy lunch to board the train with you. I tried this dicos Halal burger chain here. I prefer Mc Chicken though. I wish to remember to bring along the Chili sauce with me from Malaysia. Here you ask for chilli sauce but end up get yourself chilli powders sachet. I was a burger with chilli powder? This is not like I am eating Mamee Monster. Haihhhhhh!!!!

Everything goes smoothly from boarding the train until to my destination, Xining. I don't book any driver to wait for me at Xining. I was trying to be more adventurous by taking the local cab here. Note that most of the taxi station in China located in the basement area. There will be a line up of taxi waiting to be boarded. Yes! everyone queues like obedient people since there is security manning the people traffic. I got on to the cab very fast but of course, have a bit of problem to tell my cab driver the location of the hotel. The address in Chinese word doesn't really work here since no GPS used. Basically, if you are not in luck get the driver who is not so well versed with their own city. You struggle! In the end, I manage to get the driver to call the hotel personally for direction. huhuhuh...

Checked into my hotel, which is not up to my expectation. Well.. people, I have not much choice here since many nice hotels don't have a permit to take in a foreigner. So be careful when booking a hotel in Xining. If you force yourself to purchase a room with a hotel without permit...don't get shocked of your life if you get thrown out in the middle of the night without getting any refund if there is raid from the authority! Read and research properly before you go anywhere ya!

Its late afternoon by the time I finished checked into the hotel. Since I read the cab is relatively cheap here, so I have no worry about my transportation. I move around Xining using cab which starts from 7 yuan. Very easy to get one too!


I was not that hungry so visiting this food paradise is not a good idea for that day. But still...I end up ate a fair bit of Chinese Muslim food there. Rather than walking into the famous eateries pack of people. I went on the reversed side of the alley. The alley quieter and most of the customer is their local people.

I end up have a delicious early dinner. Fresh-grilled mutton on the stick, some flatbread and finish of with famous homemade yoghurt. Cheaper than dried Dicos burger. This one is worth and delicious!

I walked out of the shop and walk along the pavement. Enjoying the Xining breeze. Since the sun goes down seriously late here. At 8pm the sky is still bright like... the only 6:30pm in Malaysia. I was like....not use to it. I saw some local is queuing at this small shop. As usual me...gotten so curious. I peep into the shop and saw they are buying the homemade yoghurt drink.  I decided to walk further and later turn back found that no one queuing anymore. I bought one bottle and then bought some Yak's milk too. Seriously delicious and cheap. The owner of the shop and his daughter got very curious about me because I look so like a foreigner. When told them I am from Malaysia. They are so happy and extra friendly. He even offered me to check out his little factory to make the yoghurt behind the shop. Interesting!

I continued my touring around this alley. I saw many people bought the flatbread. I tasted this in Xi'an and Luoyang but the bread was hard and cold. I saw this particular bakery is baking it hot. I bought one piece with Chilli flavour. OMG! super nice to eat it hot! It is like eating hot pizza. I bought some more grains drink and some raisins for my Mum. 

The next morning, I decided to travel a bit far out from Xining City. I hired a private driver for a day to bring me to these 3 places. Just wanna free my mind with transportation for the day. I paid around 300 Yuan.


Kumbum Monastery or in Chinese known as Ta'er Monastery is around 25 km from Xining City. Since the day I was in Xining this Cyclethon is going on. The driver needs to use another road which makes my journey longer. around 2 hours drive. Hurl!!!! but still the journey view kind of worth it!

Opening hours: 8am to 17:00pm
Entrance Ticket 80Rmb
Address: Kumbum monastery, Lushaer Town, Huangzhong County, Xining City

I spent around 3 hours exploring nook and corner of this huge complex. 

What so interesting to visit Ta'er Monastery? Well, I would say this is the place if you would like to experience and witnessed the ancient Tibetian and Han style building. There are many active religion devotees here.

After done with my exploring, I walked into one of the local Muslim eateries and ordered Lamb Fried rice. While waiting for my driver, I bought some Gooseberry and Raw Walnuts to eat in the car.

On the way back to the city, I requested the driver to drop by the Tuluo Temple.


This temple is also called as North Zen Temple and stands on the Beishan Mountain which is around 2,400 meters high. This place originally built as Buddhist Temple in 106 AD during the Wei Dynasty and later on became Taoist Temple.

Unfortunately, this place is currently closed for maintenance. So its free entrance now. I was unable to climb up to the cave to see check out the historical hanging temple on the mountain. I just touring around the Lingguan Hall and enjoy the small garden nearby. It's very peaceful and beautiful view here.

Opening hours: 8am to 18pm
Entrance fees: Since it's closed for maintenance so it's free. A great place to walk and enjoy the beautiful afternoon view.


My next destination for the day is Dongguan Mosque which located in the middle of Dongguan Street, Xining City. This place was built in 1380 which is more than 600 years. This mosque also a religious education centre and as the highest learning institution of Islam.

I spent around one hour exploring this place. From time to time the mosque organize a free guidance tour and of course in Mandarin. It is interesting to listen to this even though my mandarin listening skill is like 1.5 out of 5. hahaha

You can purchase some items in the mosque too for your support. But if you want the real shopping with good price..... just walk outside the mosque and go through the small alley at the side and walk to the back. There are many shops there.

Just next to the mosque you can try out the famous Mala Steamed Chicken and Dumplings. I tried both and it simply delicious. I bought some Hui's snacks too. For local or other people it is nice but for me, it's just a so so. Not to my liking because of its too hard for my weaken tooth. I love the locally made potato chips though. I bought some lemon and flower tea back too. It just more and more interesting discovery the further you explore this alley. My foot was super exhausted that day. Don't forget to try out the fermented drink there. Seriously delicious. I bought 2 back to the hotel and totally good for my digestion!

I have a full filling journey for the day. From Tibetian, Buddhist, Taoism and end my day with the Muslim Religious site.

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Monday, August 26, 2019

Mentholatum's Latest 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Series

Monday, August 26, 2019 0 Comments

Do you feel your hair is thinning?
IMA's hair is thinning and my house doesn't need a carpet. Every space fill with hair drops! No joke! Reality no lies... it is really happening and part of my life. Seeing a bald patch on the side of my hairline getting wider, kind of a disturbing view. 

I guess I am not the only one...this is not due to just ageing factor.  Nowadays, more and more young women in their 20s and 30s are experiencing hair loss sooner than expected. Believe me or not? If this doesn't happen to you... Good for you! Try asking friends around you. Hair loss is becoming a trend! Why? There are a few factors :

* Poor Diet,
* Hormonal Changes,
* Effects from medication,
* Hair Treatments and many more to list down...oh! emotion condition is also the biggest factors such an early age hair loss.

For women who experienced hair loss often also experience psychological distress impaired social functioning as a result of it. Hair loss can happen when more follicles than normal go from Anagen phase (growing phase) to Catagen phase (transition phase) and when these hairs reach Exogen phase (shedding phase) hair will appear thinner.
The telogen phase (resting phase) takes place right after the Catagen phase and it is during this phase that new hair grows beneath the existing hair before it sheds. The Telogen phase lasts from 3 to 4 months. It is important that we ensure proper nourishment on the hair scalp during the Anagen phase to promote thicker and stronger hair.

Tackling this issue, Rohto Pharmaceutical in Japan found a breakthrough formula that could reduce hair loss and recover hair volume.

The formulation uses 50 precious natural herbal ingredients which include:

* Panax Ginseng and Ginger root extract to strengthen hair roots
* Swertia Japonica extract to protect against hair fall
* Hydrolysed Collagen to prolong the hair life cycle
* Natural orange and lemon extract to enhance deep penetration into the scalp

There are other vital ingredients - Shea Butter, Macadamia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Pine Cone Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Sunflower seed oil, Seaweed Extract, Caffeine, Pueraria Root Extract, Rosemary extract, Jojoba oil - all of which helps prevent hair loss and helps increase hair volume.

I am applying 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss in 2 days once since I shampoo my hair at those routines. I would say applying this essence kind of easy since you just need to open the cap and squeeze the essence out on to desire scalp area then massage in a circular motion.

In 4 months, I am expecting the gap area would fill in like in this photo. ahahaha...positive mode on! There is hope for me.

Forgot to inform that Megumi treatment essence is a leave-in treatment. You don't need to rinse off after applying. The texture of this essence kind of watery and non-sticky. I feel the minty feeling and hair feel lighter after applying this essence on to my scalp.

If you want to achieve the optimum result, pair this with 50 Megumi Anti Hair loss Shampoo and Conditioner series. These series work effectively to rejuvenate the scalp, strengthen hair roots, boost volume, moisture hair scalp, reduce hair loss and protect hair colour.

Apart from 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss series, there are two more variants of shampoo and conditioner - Moist and Fresh.

The 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss treatment essence, 160ml cost RM150 which is far cheaper than the hair loss treatment at salon.

As for the shampoo and conditioner cost RM50 each/ 250ml.

You can purchase 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss essence at the nearest Guardian and Caring pharmacy outlet starting from Aug 2019.

Every Woman can now maintain their crowning glory with 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Series.

Mentholatum is not a foreign company since they have familiar brands under their wings to name some - Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Seisun, Sunplay , Rohto C Cube and Deep Heating Rub.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Travel China: Day Trip to Bingling Temple Caves, Lanzhou

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 2 Comments

I decided to book the local group tour on my 3rd final days at Lanzhou. I was looking forward to visiting Dunhuang for famous Mogao Grottoes but the place was affected by the flood . I am more interest in Mogao Grottoes than Bingling or Maijishan Grottoes. I have visited Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang so Bingling Temple cave doesn't impress me at all. Maybe I will try to visit Mogao another year when I continue my silk road journey to Urumqi.

I booked the tour from the local travel agent. It was a bus group tour with Mandarin speaking tour guide. Joined me that day are all local Aunties and Uncles. A bit havoc but overall fine. Just do your own thing, everything would be fine. The bus departed as early as 7am from Lanzhou City Hotel where everyone gathered. 

My hotel packed some breakfast for me. Cold breakfast! Well..better than nothing. Forgot to snap my breakfast box from Hotel - hard-boiled egg, cold mantao, halal sausage, bread and box of milk.

How I communicate with people? No, I don't! I just observe the situation and follow people accordingly. English speaking group tour is kind of expensive. Not worth since I don't listen to people anyway! huhuhuh...stubborn case.

The bus ride is almost 2 hours from the city centre to the Lianhua Wharf. From there you can choose to take the ferry or speed boat. Thank God the majority agreed to take the ferry instead of the speed boat. The speed boat will be around one hour journey. While the ferry will take around 3 hours journey. YES!!! 3 hours in the ferry and then later another 3 hours ride back. So total 6 hours ferry and 4 hours bus ride. Hurl!!!!

With my back and neck pain, I would rather take the 6 hours ferry ride and enjoy the view along the way. I can even walk around to enjoy the river breeze too. The speed boat ride will be too small and compact. Furthermore, the bumpy ride might hurt me more.
I was lucky to meet with the herd of yaks drinking water along the river. Check out my video on my youtube channel here for the better close up view.

The tour guide brought all of us one round while explaining in Mandarin and the time spent at Bingling Temple Cave is around one and a half hours. Interesting to visit ancient place built-in 420 in Western Qin Dynasty. 

As at today, there are existing 183 caves and 694 stone statues, 82 clay statues and about 900 sqm frescos stretching 200 meters along the west bank of temple channel on 60 meters high cliff. Many of those are not open to visitors. The main attraction is  Giant Budha of No. 169 caves. 

Some of the scattered small statues around the terrace are with colour. Thinking about old days, without much equipment how those carvers climb up there and carve all those statues which his embedded very high in the caves? Interesting efforts!

The place is super dry and I really feel like in the dessert. The weather is hot too during July. Check out my youtube video on my journey to Bingling Temple Cave.

If you interested to visit to Lanzhou, please check out my other post Things To Do At Lanzhou.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Travel China : 10 Things To Do At Lanzhou

Monday, August 12, 2019 0 Comments
I continued my Silk Road Journey last July. I have been to Beijing, ShanghaiHangzhou and Xi'an. From Xi'an, I head to Lanzhou. Big Thank You to AirAsia to fly direct to Lanzhou since last year. I was the happiest when they announce the new route.

Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu province and a door to northwestern China and a great start place if you are planning to take the bullet train or even domestic flight to Urumqi. My initial plan is to visit Urumqi but due to time constraint, I forgo my intention and settled with Lanzhou - Xining instead. I will continue my silk road journey some other time.

Most people say not many things to see in Lanzhou. As for me who don't believe in touch n go travel spend few days at Lanzhou to explore more. Traveller especially foreign will only spend a day or two here at Lanzhou before head to Jiayuguan and Dunhuang.

If you have 4 days 3 Nights, here some idea Things To Do in Lanzhou.

1. Explore the Yellow River

Yellow River is the third-longest river in Asia. You can start the journey from the Waterwheel Garden but during my visit time, the water wheel area water level rose up at the danger level. So I skip it. I walk along the river while passing the Lanzhou Water Mosque which situated across the river until reach to Zhongshan Bridge.

Zhongshan Bridge
Since I visited this area Yellow River area a few time during my visit, I experience different experience every time there. Zhongshan Bridge area can be very crowded day and night. Mostly local tourist. For your information, I hardly see a foreigner at Lanzhou.

2. White Pagoda Hill (Bai Ta Shan)

Address: Central Beibinhe Road, North of Lanzhou City

I advise you to buy a one-way ticket up to White Pagoda Hill or locally known as Bai Ta Shan and walk all the way down.

You can see many things on the way down after the cable car. I bought return ticket but end up walk down since I asked people for the toilet and they keep saying go further and further.

I end up exploring the area while holding up my pee. isk isk isk...Suffering like hell. My bladder almost burst by the time reach the toilet which is really further down. I found earlier but the toilet condition full of 'uncivilized human-made bomb'!

The view on top of the hill is astonishing and you can see the whole Lanzhou city from here. I would recommend this place. You can hike up and down if you don't have limitation like me.

I visited the Yellow River area during night time too. The view is so magnificent since some of the places have been lighted up beautifully.

For your information the sunset at around 8:30pm in Lanzhou. So, plan your visit a bit late to see the light on. There is some light show from the Zhongshan Bridge as well. You will never get bored to visit the Yellow River. As you see the murky water suit the name well.

3. Muta Xiang Alley

I found this area by accident while on the way to the Starbuck cafe after getting down from Bai Ta Shan. From the Zhongshan Bridge take the overhead bridge on your left to cross over. Then walk straight until you will see a small alley with the road sign call Muta Xiang.

It's a small alley but yet many things to try out here. This is a great place for last-minute shopping for local items too.

Walk until to the end of the road, you will find the Muslim snacks like potatoes pan-fried and bread selling hot. I tried the fried potatoes pancake and it was so delicious. It will be perfect if I have chilli sauce to eat with this potato pancake. Quench your thirst with delicious Peach or Plum tea here. Perfect!

4. YaOu Supermarket

From Muta Xiang Ally turns to your left and walk straight ahead and you will see a Starbuck located on your left side. Just get into this Shopping Mall and go down to the basement level.

Here, you will see the local Supermarket. It's a great place to get some snacks and shop for some local items. I bought one basket of sweet Blackberries for only approximately RM7.50.

5. Xiguan Mosque of Lanzhou

Address : Chenguan District , Lanzhou City, Gansu 

This place is not that far from the Yellow River area. But I think its a bit far to walk. Just take a cab if you have the energy to visit this place. I visited this place in another day. I take my sweet times in all my travel. 

Xinguan Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Lanzhou. This place was built by Muslim merchants in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). It is interesting if you have the chance to visit this place on Friday during Friday Prayer.

I happened to visit this place after the afternoon prayer. As you see many of the just finished the prayer and there is someplace where they teach religion to children too.

6. Zhengning Road Night Snack Market

Address : Zhengning Road, Chengguan Qu, Lanzhou

I visited this place once and never want to visit this place again. Why? Since the road is so narrow this place is super packed with people. You will be literally hugging the stranger in front of you. That if you start your visit from the east entrance. But once you are moving towards the west the crowd getting at ease. The worst part will be in the mid part of this long stretch lane.

If you love to sample the local food here, this place is perfect. But for me, I don't find the snacks or food here appealing since the price is expensive and the taste is not up to par. The best Lao Ma is still here at Zhengning Night Market but the queue is super long. I end up buying one near to the west entrance and it tastes delicious too.

I will be writing the separate post on snacks and what to eat at Lanzhou soon. So stay tuned and please subscribe to my blog for the latest update from me.

7. Wet Market, Lanzhou

I discover this place while walking to find Gansu Museum. Its a great place to see the local shop for fresh items here.

I discover lots of items here. I wish can drag my trolley bag to carry mt shopping item.

Lanzhou is famous with delicious juicy melon. I visited during summertime so peaches and cherries are all over.  I have an abundance of peaches and melons during my trips here.

8. Gansu Provincial Museum

No. 3 West Xijin Road, Qilihe District

Recommended to visit this place in the morning and avoid weekend (too many people) and Monday (closed). I came here twice and one the second time able to get in. My first time visits the queue to get the free ticket and even buy the ticket is super long. Beh Tahan to line up under the hot scorching sun. I know it listed as free but you still have to queue for the ticket. I bought a ticket for the other part where they display the silk road journey. 

Is it worth to visit this museum? You should visit this museum on your first day at Lanzhou to understand more about what kind of travel you get yourself into. It is great historical learning here at Gansu Museum. I spent almost 3 hours here.

9. China Lanzhou Centre

This big shopping mall is right opposite the Gansu Museum.

It is worth to visit this place to sit down at one of the cafes and see the locals spend their weekend there.

I have a fun time there since it was aircond and outside is super hot. Shopping? I am not a shopping person so nothing much for me. There are many big international brands and also a local brand as well. 

Right opposite of this shopping centre there is a place call Clothing Fashion Center. I gave this place a visit. Not bad! You can get local brand clothing and fashion here. The top floor is almost dead area, only the lower level has many things to shop!

10. Shopping area opposite Lanmei Boutique Hotel West Station Branch Lanzhou

I won't say this is a great place for shopping but this place right opposite of the hotel I stayed in Lanzhou. The environment kind of instagrammable place. Everything is so pretty and sweet here.

At night when the light is up the place look so magical. Its a great place for coffee!

Next post will be my adventure to Bingling Temple Caves.