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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Fit Mee Healthy Korean Fried Noodles

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 0 Comments
This is the final 2 packs of Konjac noodle bought from my recent Jakarta Shopping haul. I never imagine Konjac noodles can taste this delicious. After tasted the green crumple stick rubber band the other day, I was being sceptical for this one. It's not from the same brand as last time. Plus this one is much cheaper. Ya Ya...that kind of mental attitude cheap means not delicious and anything expensive is super delicious. Diva mentality overloaded. Bad attitude go away! Well... that's me always using reverse psychology with hope for the opposite result. huhuhuh

Since this is cheaper than the other one, so I bought 2 flavours from this brand. One is Korean Fried Noodles flavour and the other one is my favourite Mee Soto. But I manage to cook only Korean Noodles before I temporarily closed my kitchen. Yeah! My kitchen will be closed for at least for 2 weeks starting the date of this post. Reason? Not that I am lazy. 

IMA! accidentally burnt middle fingers with a hot pan while preparing the Konyaku Korean Fried Noodles. It is a bad burnt! isk isk isk...Let it fully heal first before I start preparing my own meal again. From now on it will be salad and fruits all the way. huwaaaaaa....feeling the 'goatie' vibes already!

 Now...let see...

How to prepare Fit Mee Fried Korean Noodles?

As usual open the packet, I was greeted with crumple rubber band strand-like but this time is white not the green one like Ashitaki noodles. 

It has 4 small packets of condiments - Seasoning powder, Vegetables, Chilies and sesame oil with soy sauce.

1st Step - Boiled the noodles with the vegetable for 3 minutes. That's what the instruction us to do. Since I have experience with Konjac noodles already...chewahhhhh!!! hehehehe I boiled this a bit longer so I don't need to chew harder. hahaha...I boiled this for 8 minutes just like Ashitaki.
I forgot to boil this together with vegetable though. 

2nd Step - Since this suppose to be a fried noodles style the instruction the preparation basically the same with how we prepare the old-time favourite Indomie. But as usual, I don't follow the instruction really well. I have my own mindset and expectation for everything. I sauteed the minced garlic until fragrance then adds in oyster mushroom, boiled noodles and finally the spices. Stir-fried again for 2 - 3 minutes. Finally served with blanched Choy sam and my heavily spiced fried tempeh.

Tadaaaahhhhahahaha!!!! my Fried Korean noodles are served!

How does Fit Mee - Fried Korean Noodles taste?

Amazingly taste like Japchae. One of my favourite Korean Potato starch noodles dishes. I never thought this will be well seasoned. The savoury taste of sesame oil and the hints of chillies really works great in these dishes. I was really great to stir-fry this. Gosh!!! I should have to buy more of this flavour! Again that regret feeling.

Which part the process to prepare to cause the unfortunate accident to my right middle fingers?

It was during the process to throw in the leftover oil from the tempe frying before use the same pan to stir fry the noodles. isk isk isk isk

Lucky the meal turn out with full of happiness and low in calories too! hahaha

Sunday, November 17, 2019

I lost 3kg with Intermittent Fasting

Sunday, November 17, 2019 0 Comments

I really glad to start Intermittent Fasting last month and it shows a positive result. If to combine my last month travelling there are few cheat days. But I was faithfully doing it for the past 2 weeks without fail. The result is kind of make me happy especially, my BMI is no longer in the range of Obese. Everything back to normal. Good news!!!!

What is Intermittent Fasting?

If you think this is some kind of diet then you are completely wrong!
Intermittent Fasting is a timed approach to eating time. There are a few types of intermittent fasting. The most popular one is 16: 8 which is 16 hours fasting and eat your meal during the 8 hours window. As for me, since fasting is nothing new to me as I am a Muslim so I go for 18: 6. I started fasting from 6pm until 12:00 noon. In short, you skip breakfast, eat your balanced lunch and have early dinner.

What to eat to make your Intermittent Fasting more effective?

I started my morning with a glass of water and a cup of hot black coffee without sugar or milk. I have balance lunch at 12 noon. My lunch usually a small portion of basmati rice with some proteins dishes like fish/meat and lots of vegetables on the side. I did snacks in between and my snacks usually some tortilla chips or fried tempeh or some fruits. I drink at least 2 litres of plain water and a cup of green tea. I stop eating at 6pm.

Don't overeat and try to reduce or avoid sugar during the intermittent fasting if you want to get the best result.

How I feel during the Intermittent Fasting?

I think since fasting is nothing new to me, so I don't feel sluggish or fatigued at all. In fact, I feel energetic and healthier.

I know losing 3kg for some people is nothing great! As for me, it makes a difference in my life since I manage to break free from the obese range. I have been trying to break free from that range for 2 years.

I recently met my friend who does 16: 8 intermittent fasting and combined with some exercise. He lost freaking 9kg. This is a total inspiration for me! I envy you, my friend.

After listening to his story, I am determined to go extra miles. I am back on my treadmill with the hope to lose more of my kilos. If I lose 10 kg.....mmmmmm,,,I just wanna start my beautiful dream even before I get there. harder, Rina! You can do this! Jia You! Jia You! Rina Hwaitingggg!!!

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sleeping Partner Wanted

Saturday, November 16, 2019 0 Comments
Read this with your own wildest imagination 😂

My top left tooth has been hurting for 2 weeks. I clearly understand its time for me to let this one go. I have been keeping it for 2 years now. I visited a few dentists and all advise me to do the extraction due to the crack is pretty severe. Many times my ears here have been listening to the false accusation from all these dentists. They have been accusing me of biting a very very very hard thing which causes my tooth to crack in such a manner. Yeah! I guess one of my hobbies to bite the wall and table edge in my house. I seriously, hurt by this accusation tho. I don't even dare to bite any ice cube. You are telling me this and that. Who the hell are you to judge me that way? 

From there on...I have been eating with just my right side. My left side has been resting for 2 years. Until last week, the pain got very severe. I guess this is the time to let it go...let it go...
I made an appointment with the dentist. Totally new dentist. Meaning, I have to develop a new relationship again.

Dentist: You have one implant here? How long ago?
Me: more than 10 years ago?
Dentist: Huh? cannot be?
Me: What do you mean? My teeth... I know la!
Dentist: How old are you? Don't tell me you did implant when you are in teenage age?
Me: Check the profile please! (Confident tone)
Dentist: What? you don't look this age wor!!!!
Me: ngehehehehehehehe.... you want free lunch today is it!
Dentist: No wor!!!! hard to believe. I am only 30 plus years old and I look like this wor... Shida! she looks 25 or 26 years old, right?
Dentist Assistant: true... not old at all...

My feeling ????

Then, I explain to the dentist on what happen and told her I am finally ready to lose this one tooth. Since I am a new patient to her, so she did all those chartings after checking each of my teeth. She told me the need to do scaling. I said go ahead.

I have sensitive teeth so a bit difficult for her to do scaling without stopping a few times. Plus I have difficult to breathe too. 

Dentist: How do you breathe?
Me: What do you mean?
Dentist: Through your nose or mouth?
Me: I am not sure wor!!! (I never thought about this) Why you ask me this?
Dentist: We need to stop the scaling a few times already because you said cannot breathe. Maybe you should learn how to breathe to your nose. Is your nose block or something?
Me: No!!!! I am fine.... the scaling process too long and along the way, I feel some residue from the scaling stuck in my throat. You don't expect me to swallow that! I want to gargle. And you keep asking me a question while my mouth is wide open. How you expect me to answer you with mouth open??? (annoying tone)
Dentist: Ooooo ok ok... but you can swallow this... it's alright!
Me: No! disgusting...
Dentist : hhihihihihi...

This dentist told me, I don't need the tooth to be extracted. She said this tooth can be saved. Reason? She said the crack has disappeared when she smoothen it out. She told me the previous dentist does not complete the root canal treatment due to the crack. The gave up because maybe they thought no point to doing it since the crack is there.

I told the dentist to help me save my tooth. She will do the root canal for me starting next week onwards. She said the root in my teeth is super long and weird. I was like haihh why everything about me so weird one. She said again even if she completes the root treatment is not advisable to do a crown. The reason it won't last long. 

Dentist: Do you grind your teeth during sleep time?
Me: I don't know! Because I sleep alone! 
Dentist: Find someone to sleep with you!
Me: Whuttttt?????

Me: Why you said that? Why I need to sleep with someone?

My imagination at that time.....

Dentist: I mean...someone need to confirm you grind your teeth. You teeth condition is weird. Do you stress and bite your teeth hard or something?
Me: Ohhhh!!! Not sure. Why?
Dentist: All your teeth have perfect alignment but your teeth all sunk in the middle.
Me: Weird!

My plan after yesterday, to find a sleeping partner who can confirm me grinding my teeth?
That will be your imagination, right?
Cheh!!!! Why trouble others? 
Smart Rina, set up a video cam last night. Lucky it works perfectly!

I don't grind my teeth. Just light cute snoring and sleep talk a bit (gosh! I was nagging...Goodness me) huhuhuh...So? what happens to my sunken teeth? Gum erosion? What??? Why??? How???

I hope this dentist can save my tooth. Another tooth implant will cost me DA BOMB!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

40 Calories Meal with Ashitaki Noodles

Thursday, November 14, 2019 0 Comments
Every time I visited other countries, I enjoyed shopping at local grocers. My last visit to Jakarta, I found a few interesting items which I end up bought back home.

One of it is Ashitaki Low Carb Noodles. I am currently in the process of eating a low calories diet. ehem ehem...Wanna lose some weight! Well,  instead of getting all sort of instant noodles, I bought this low-calories noodles. Seriously, I don't have no idea what I put in my shopping trolley. I can't expect how it tastes too.

Ashitaki Low Carb noodles are only 40 calories. Best of all the flavour I bought is 'Mi Rebus Soto' which is one of the famous must have local cuisine. It has the ticks on High Fibre, Low Fat and Low Carb. Alright! Sold!

Back home, opened the packet...I was like ewwwwww...What is this? This looks like strands of crumple green rubber band stick together which will give me some digestion difficulties. Exactly, that was my honest impression when I unpacked the box. So sceptical! Can I really eat this? Don't tell me this will taste like just greens.

Anyway, I can't let this wasted. As usual 'Google' is the best source of information. The noodles made with Chalcone from Ashitaba a native Japanese plant known for longevity and good health benefit, Konjac yam (elephant yam), tapioca flour. Most of all these noodles are Keto-Friendly too.

Ahitaki 'Mi Rebus Soto' comes with 'Soto spices', Soto oil and fried shallots at topping. The preparation is quite different from the usual instant noodles.

There are 3 ways of preparing Ashitaki Noodles.

1st option - Recommended way of preparing Ashitaki Noodles is to boil 2 glasses of water then add in the noodles and let it boiled for 8 minutes. Throw in the boiling water and then add in the spices in the fresh boil water. Then the noodles are ready to serve.

2nd option - If you are cooking using the water dispenser. Soaked the noodles in hot water in a covered bowl for 20 minutes.  Throw the water and then add in fresh hot water before mixed all the spices. Ready to eat low calories meal!

3rd option - Microwave is another option to cook Ashitaki Noodles. Soaked the noodles in hot water and then put in microwave for 8 minutes with 90-degree Celsius temperature. Throw in the water and add in the fresh hot water before mixed in the spices. Meal served!

I boiled the Ahitaki Noodles for 8 minutes. The result is this translucent green strand which looks like seaweed to me. eheh...This gonna taste like greens! This gonna taste like greens! That phrase keep repeating in my mind again and again. Scared to eat this!!!! This is my first time eating Konjac noodles. Hehehe...

How does my Ashitaki Noodles final look? Isn't this look delicious? Oh! by the way, the garnishing like fried tempeh, egg ribbon, cherry tomatoes and supposedly thin slices of spring onion are my own effort to make my meal look pretty and add more nutrition. The 40 calories meal may not be 40 cal anymore with my generous amount of garnishing but yet it still low calories and high fibre compare to usual meal. huhuhuh

How does Ashitaki Noodles taste?

The noodles by itself are tasteless. I have to chew a lot because it's a bit chewy like munching seaweed jelly and its really addictive.  The Soto flavour is so flavorful with Indonesian Authentic Soto taste. I love my low calories meal. Oh! By the way the noodles don't absorb the soup though.
I don't regret to purchase this Ashitaki Noodles and my only regret is to buy only one packet. Aiya!!! I should have to buy more of this. Hopefully, can search for this  in Malaysia.

What makes Ashitaki Noodles is a good choice compare to usual instant noodles?

* Low Calories
* 10 packs of Ashitaki Noodles = 1 pack of the usual instant noodles
* Low sugar content and safe for diabetic patient
* The content of natrium is lower compare to usual instant noodles
* High fibre, Low fat and it contains Vitamin B12 and Calcium

Delicious low calories meal! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Best Time To Drink Kombucha

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 0 Comments
Honest confession from me in this post!

I kind of addicted to Kombucha since 3 months ago. I find myself gulping a bottle a day of Kombucha. Trying my best to control my addiction due to the high cost or I need to attend one of the alcoholic rehabs. huhuhuh

I know Kombucha benefit to gut health, due to rich in probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes. So?  I was wondering if there are any other benefits out of this delicious drink? When is the best time to drink Kombucha? 

My All-time favourite Kombucha

What is Kombucha?

Let us start with what is Kombucha for those who find this is a new drink discovery. Kombucha is a fermented tea. Just like Kimchi! It is a combination of tea, yeast (SCOBY) , raw sugar and it went through bacterial fermentation. 

How does Kombucha taste like?

Natural bubbly, deliciously sweet and tart taste. 

What is the health Benefit of Kombucha?

* Improve digestions 
* Weight Loss
* Detoxification
* Cancer prevention
* Increased Energy
* Immune system booster

When is the best time to drink Kombucha for good health benefit?

Morning Booster - It's a great help to boost energy if drink Kombucha in the morning since it contains caffeine.

Before Meal - If you drink Kombucha before meals, it can help with the maintenance of weight and even weight loss. Why? This drink is a bit sour and acidic which usually helps to curb appetite. Well, don't over drink it with a meal since this drink will kind of disturb your meal nutrients absorption. 

At Night before sleep - Since its contain caffeine then it is not advisable to drink Kombucha at night. It will disturb your sleep.

My recommendation to drink Kombucha during midday to help with digestion and to boost energy. 

What you need to know before you drink Kombucha?

* Kombucha contains less 0.5 per cent alcohol since its a fermented drink. Similar to yoghurt, tempeh, kimchi.

* Drink it after meal if you have gastric issues since this drink is acidic.

* You can drink Kombucha daily but not recommend to drink more than 500ml a day.

* The brown strands in Kombucha is yeast strands that formed inside the bottle due to fermentation process. Don't worry! It doesn't mean the drink has gone bad. You can drink up!

* Exessive drinking Kombucha may lead to enamel thinning due acidic of this drink.

You can make your own Kombucha at home by purchasing SCOBY. But for me, I prefer to purchase it outside for my convenient. During my recent last day at work, I ordered 2 Kampung Jar set to stock up my fridge. Means, I have 10 of those in my fridge.  hehehe... I find Kampung Jar Kombucha is the most affordable Kombucha in the market. But the taste-wise, I would prefer Wonderbrew Original flavour. 

How to store Kombucha?

You can keep in the fridge for 8 weeks for best taste. In actual fact, Kombucha has no expiry date. Since it will continue fermenting and will become more and more vinegary.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Travel Indonesia : 3 Days 2 Nights at Jakarta

Sunday, November 10, 2019 0 Comments
End of October, I end up in Jakarta again for my last working trip and finalized everything there. I extended the Business trip to the weekend and went for a mini-exploration in Jakarta. It was a good trip though. I got to see the other side of Jakarta rather than just a business district and work-related.

I don't really squeeze my itinerary due to my personal limitation. I'm that kind who love the rest and relax kind of exploration and go with the flow for everything. Here is my simple Itinerary for 3 Days 2 Nights in Jakarta.

*  Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
*  Sunday Car Free Day
*  Thamrin City Mall
*  Grand Indonesia Mall
*  Kota Tua
*  Glodok

Spend Half Day or more at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Address: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Jakarta Timur , FKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Entrance fees : IDR20,000/person

Taman Mini Indonesia located about 25 kilometres from Central Jakarta. Transport to get there is not a problem at all if you have Grab apps you can reach anywhere as long as you are willing to pay. It took me around one hour to reach this place from the City Centre but almost 3 hours plus to reach hotel due to rain and the driver kind of avoid toll which I don't even ask him to do that. I would rather pay the toll. Anyway, I reached back safely although the journey could have been shorter.

The GrabCar driver would stop you at the entrance and you just need to have a short walk and pay the entrance fee for IDR20,000/pax. Proceed to walk further and make your first stop at the information counter nearby for a map.

I proceed to the nearby bicycle rental place to rent one for IDR15,000/hour. Which I regretted so much. It was too far and hurt my knee and waist so much for that poorly maintained bicycle. I would recommend you to take the shuttle bus for IDR25,000. I returned the bicycle after an hour ride and took the cable car (kereta gantung) for IDR50,000. As usual, the view was awesome from the top. I enjoyed this so much.

Activities at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

* Visit all 26 exclusive replicas of traditional houses from throughout Indonesian provinces from Aceh,, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java to Papua.
* Explore the flora and fauna parks
* If you bring your children, do visit and have fun at some family recreation area where they have some water theme park too.
* There is a various museum for you to visit and learn about Indonesia history.
* Hotel Santika just a walking distance from Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Don't miss out Taman Mini Indonesia Indah if you are in Jakarta. You won't regret to visit this place.

Enjoy the Sunday Car Free Day

Opposite Fx Sudirman Shopping Mall
Start at 6am and end at 11am

You know Jakarta traffic jam as worst as Kuala Lumpur traffic as well. Where I stayed during my business trip is somewhere near to Jalan Jend. Sudirman which is among the busiest street. Every Sunday morning they have Car Free day starting from Jalan Sudirman all the way to Jalan Thamrin. Since my hotel just next to Fx Sudirman mall, its easier for me then. Yeayyyy!!!
I was on the lookout from the room window as early as 6am. Yeah! In Jakarta the sunrise very early. Even my morning prayer starts as early as 4:30am. By 6 am, I already feel the need to have breakfast. hahaha...

There are many activities here, from aerobics to Zumba and many people were jogging and cycling at the main road too. Most interesting for a tourist like me, it's the time to try out many local food and snacks here. It was so happening here.

If you are visiting Jakarta for a business trip, don't hesitate to extend it till Sunday to enjoy this car-free day.

Shopping till you drop at Thamrin City and Grand Indonesia Mall

Thamrin City Mall
Address: Jl Thamrin Boulevard, Jakarta

Grand Indonesia Mall 
(just a walking distance from Thamrin City Mall)

Start your shopping trip day with Thamrin City Mall for a reasonable and good quality of 'batik' shirt and Indonesia traditional clothing or textiles. You can bargain here. But as for me who not even a good bargainer, I end up asking for 'diskon' which mean the best price from most vendors I visited. For hard bargainer will have fun here. But as for me who always hate any confrontation, I find to pay whatever price they gave me. huhuhuh... but still I find this place is cheap (rich woman statement). muahahah...

After you tired shopping at Thamrin City Mall just around 5 minutes walking distance you can reach to Grand Indonesia Mall. Visit the food court to try out some local food here. Else you can choose for many choices of Restaurant from Indonesian food to other cuisines.

Kota Tua Jakarta (Jakarta Old Batavia)
Kawasan Kota Tua, Jl. Taman Fatahillah

I don't have the chance to visit this place personally during my visit in Jakarta due to time constraint plus the bad weather. It was raining heavily which made me cancel my plan.

From what I read this place is Jakarta Old Town and you can see the Dutch Syles structures from the 17th Century. If you are visiting this place do try out the Batavia Cafe, cycling around the area and also check out the museum nearby.

If you have time do visit the largest China Town area called Glodok which is nearby this Kota Tua area. I would extend one more day if time permits to visit these places. Maybe some other time!

Food in Jakarta kind of diversifies since there are many provinces and each has its own speciality. You don't have to visit each province to try out the food. There are many restaurants in Jakarta which serve their authentic cuisine.

During the car-free day, I managed to sample some interesting local snacks.

Some mixed fritters with delicious peanut sauce. Spicy by hooked by this though! I have not been eating by the roadside like this for so long and love the experience. 

Telur Gulung or rolled egg is not the usual omelette we ate before. The Telur Gulung in Jakarta has an interesting way of cook and taste delicious. It is like having hot cheese instead of egg. 

Kerak Telur is something unique from Betawi province. The process of making this is something you got to watch. The seller will heat up soaked glutinous rice, then cracked on the egg (depends what egg you choose - duck or chicken) I chose duck egg, stir in the chicken floss in, then he will overturn the mini wok to cook further. 

Check out my youtube channel if you are interested to see how the Kerak Telur and Telur Gulung being made. You can get the link at the bottom of this post. How is the taste of Kerak Telur? I don't like it! hahaha

I love Telur Gulung and the fritters with that spicy peanut sauce though.

Traditional cakes with some sweet filling like malt, chocolate and peanut. At first thought, this could taste like our Malaysian Apam Balik but its nothing similar. It has own taste and delicious too. Don't forget to buy some crackers back. Indonesian food always served with some crackers as side dishes. I went into local Grocers and end up with bags of crackers.

I tried this CFC (California Fried Chicken) at TMII and it was a good decision. The fried chicken was delicious and the fried noodle was just 'OK' to me. Maybe, for others, the noodles could be delicious, but I always have a high expectation of food I tried. kekekeke
By the way, this CFC chain is a local brand.

Indonesian food kind of not complete without some 'sambal' or chillies. I find a bit amused by some snacks which have the Indonesian flavour like 'Dendeng Balado' and everything with Balado word. I think it means spicy? Not sure but it is spicy though!

I visited the Lotte Market just a walking distance from the hotel I stayed and end up shopping for some 'Halal' Korean snacks here. For example that Lotte Chocopie.  I tried that Kapal Api Signature original coffee but find that its super sweet which I can't even bear to give another sip. End up to the dustbin. 

If you are a big fan of cakes, don't fly out of Jakarta without the famous layered cakes or kek lapis. For some will definitely bring back 'Bika Ambon' back home. I just settle with 3 slices of layer cakes which I bought from the airport snacks shop.

I think during my visit is the season of local tangerines. I found many sellers during the car-free day selling the fresh tangerine pressed. It depends on the fruits though, I bought from 2 different sellers and the taste differ from the other one. Try not to give local coffee a miss. I just get one milk coffee with a less sweet request which made me wanna go for a second cup right away. Delicious coffee on my final day in Jakarta.

Did I enjoy my short Jakarta exploration? Oh yes! Feeling thankful to my ex Boss who gave me all the blessing for me to extend my stay after my working trip. 

Please check out my Jakarta experience compilation at my youtube channel below link.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah HERE

Jakarta Sunday Car Free Day HERE

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

An Appointment with Myself

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The recent incident in my life kind of traumatized me, a bit. I was affected emotionally and feeling unworthy and low self-esteem. I was not sound minds when the news came to me. I can't cry and react so much too. I was not sure how to feel. isk isk isk

Every moment after that, I wish it wasn't the truth and its all a nightmare and just need to wake up. Keep telling myself everything will be alright. This is not true!

Reality hits me! Well, I have been holding out my emotion too long though. I walked out with the feeling of my existence and effort is not worthy to be acknowledged. That's how I really feel until now. 

When I decided to live a lonely life 25 years ago, realize this will be a rough life journey for me. Time like this, don't have a shoulder to cry on and even a place to whine for the unfair treatment... its normal reaction to have SUICIDAL thoughts. I admitted it came to my mind last week. I was feeling tired because I need to start everything all over again. It's not easy at this age though! I totally lost my confidence. I quickly, brush the thought off but it came back again. Then realize that will be a one way out. God will not approve of this. The reason kill myself is not going to be a decision from me is because....Hurllll!!!!  I don't know how to answer to God. I can not answer human questions by hiding but to God???? You think I can hide? As I said death has no 'U-Turn' but we can have that choice by continue to survive this harsh world as long as God permit us to.
As someone who believes in God and living with faith and praying is part of life, I am doing some self-reflecting to my wild thoughts! Haih!!!! Bad thoughts, Rina!

We are human, full of emotion and unsatisfaction. Its part of life to have this kind of harsh event. Totally realize this.

As for me, the incident it's not that bad. I just need to accept the situation and move on. 

A few days back, someone told me to do an appointment with myself. My feeling is the top priority! I never thought about that before. Thanks to that person ...that's what I am doing right now. I know an appointment with God means no 'U-turn' but an appointment with myself kind of something I want to do. At least give myself one more chance.

Life is short and full of uncertainty! We all know this!

This is what I believe too. While we are trying our best to live life to the fullest, I would say, we should live with the thought to be a responsible person to people around us, surrounding and of course to our self. 

Thank you, God, for the opportunity to breathe.

I will rise up again.... like I said am having an appointment with myself. So, give me the chance to heal this feeling. Regain my health and will rise up again soon. I just need some personal moment with myself and gain that confidence.

My feeling right now, feel like someone just punch my face and left me with a broken jaw. My beautiful face needs time to heal. huhuhuh...

Did I cry while typing this? Hell no! That will be too dramatic to imagine right? Tears rolling down to my chubby cheek and bla bla bla...and sob sob... isk isk isk. eheh? Drama Queen! 

The reality, I was watching my K drama while typing this post early this week. muahahaha... 

Anyway, I feel satisfied and glad to keep my online diary until now. I can rant anytime here because this is my space. My life is not that bad after all. In fact, I am feeling blessed with who I am and the way I live. Currently, my feeling is the main priority!

I believe in destiny and my life path has all been decided 'up there'! I just need to choose the path wisely.

For now...I just want to travel to my hideout place and be as emotional and sentimental possible until I feel tired with that kind of life.

Disclaimer: This is not a depression post. I am reflecting the situation and hope times heal my emotion soon.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Review : All New Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Range

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When is the last time you check the suitability of skincare before you go ahead to purchase one set for your skin?
I remember those days, I tend to use brightening skincare then later on change to anti-wrinkle. With too many skincare brands and many claimed goodness to the skin, one may end up to keep on changing skincare just like me.
This will cause skin conditions. Not sure about you but for me, the ageing and environment factor takes the toll to my skin. I noticed my skin becomes red and gets irritated very easily. This leads to uneven tone and texture. Those days, I used brightening skincare for my uneven skin tone but end up causing dry skin along the way. From then on, I was very careful in selecting my skincare.

Have you heard or tried Hada Labo skincare range before?

I personally love Had Labo because of the good quality product and it does as what it claimed. I love the hydrating series.

Recently, Hada Labo launched the All-New Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Range, which was just in time since my existing skincare is out. I have tried All-New Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating range for two weeks now. 

All New Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Range comes with :

1. Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Face Wash (100g)

2. Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Lotion (170ml)

3. Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Milk (90ml)

4. Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Cream (50g)

This 4 steps skincare is formulated with triple protective formula benefit your skin :

PROTECTS - It contains Lecithin, Squalene and Shea Butter that forms invisible bionic liquid crystal as a protective film to protect the skin against environment harsh pollutant and stressors in keeping the skin healthy.

STRENGTHENS AND REPAIRS - Contains Phytosterols and Ceramide that helps to smooth, soften as well as strengthen and repair the skin barrier.

SOOTHE REDNESS - Contains Alpha Bisabolol and Gingerol to calm as well as soothe irritation and redness on the skin.

I noticed one of the ingredients in Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Range is Hyaluronic Acid which is a signature ingredient for Hydrating series. Hyaluronic Acid penetrates deep into the skin to intensely hydrate and restore skin's moisture.  I don't even need to worry since this range is pH balanced and free from fragrance, colourant, alcohol and mineral oil.

Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Face Wash (100g) RM29.90

Texture: Creamy and foam up well without much ladling on your palm.
Experience: My skin feels well cleanse and fresh.

Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Lotion (170ml) RM69.90

Texture: White liquid solution

Experience: I feel my skin soothed and hydrated. 

Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Milk (90ml)RM59.90

Texture: White thick liquid

Experience: I was afraid to try out this on my skin at first since it looks too rich. Lucky I dare myself and test it on my skin. The liquid is lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin.  Furthermore, it relieves skin irritation almost immediately

Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Cream (50g) RM78.90

Texture: Creamy and thick. Just use a little bit to make it last longer.

Experience: I have some redness and irritation on my skin the other day. I can see a significant reduction within 4 hours of application. This lightweight cream effective in soothing redness and strengthening the skin's barrier.

If you have sensitive skin, can try All-New Hada Labo+Sensitive Hydrating Range, it helps to restore your skin balance and boost up moisture.  

You can purchase at Watsons or any other leading Pharmacy nearby.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Review : Anna Sui 5x Miniature Collection

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 0 Comments
This is the result of my duty-free shopping spree on air during my recent trip. hehehe...
What you expect, it is too bored in a low-cost carrier 6 hours flight journey...I end up going on a shopping spree to fill up my boringness. Anna Sui is not even my favourite perfume, to begin with. I was eyeing for my all-time favourite perfume Elizabeth Arden,  Estee Lauder and Kenzo

But hey...all I can afford is taking the low-cost carrier which leaves you with not many choices of selection. 

One thing attracted me to Anna Sui Miniature collection is for its vibrant box colour. It's my favourite colour purple. Sucker, right? Impulsive purchase to begin with. huhuhuh

Back home...did the unboxing of the new miniature collection with hope the fragrance smells is to my liking. High know!

OMG! the pouch is sooooo...beautiful. So colourful, full of flowery embroidery and feminine like. I am loving my impulsive purchase already. I can use this pouch to replace my almost belong to the museum pouch. Do you believe it? I have been using the same pouch for almost 6 years already? Deserve replacement! Convince myself this is a good buy. WTH!

Jeng! Jeng! slide out the beautiful miniature. Loving the design of the unique miniature perfume bottles.
This box contains of 5 x 5ml Eau De Toilette. 
For the benefit of those who don't know about the different between Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette :

* Eau De Parfum is a stronger perfume compare to an Eau De Toilette since its use a higher concentration of oils.

So it is safe to conclude the difference between an Eau De Parfum and an Eau De Toilette is the amount of 'juice' or perfume concentrate mixed with alcohol.

Anna Sui 5 x Miniature Collection smells so so so so sweetttttttt!!!! Love this light and lovely smells of this Anna Sui collections. 

It came with 5 variants and all smell sweet scents and brings pleasure to my nose. No regrets! I am not a fragrance expert to describes the smell in details. I will try to make it as simple as possible to describe this to avoid any misleading descriptions.

Anna Sui Fantasia Eau de Toilette comes with a unicorn bottle cap. Its smells woodsy and with some floral hints. 

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme which comes with a lavender based concoction with hints of pear and red berries sweet smells. over the moon with this smells.

Anna Sui Secret Wish bottle comes with a fragrance of garden full of roses. OMG! for those who know me... I love the smells of roses. I love rich of this bottle aroma.

Anna Sui Lucky Wish which brings you the scents of citrus and floral fragrance. Totally refreshing smells.

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid seems to smell more like floral and fruity and makes this as one of my favourites. Lovely smell.

Since my readers are all luckier than me, I recommended you to go to the Air Asia duty-free online store and redeem it with your big points to get this deliver to your onboard seat for next vacation.

I am not so lucky since I failed to pre-book this online due 'bloody system glitch for too long which the useless customer service unable to helps and blame it to my internet connection. WTH! Yes!!! I cursed them big time due to that! Hope not so bad luck due to my bad mouthed to them.. huhuhuh

You will curse them like me too if you were me since I tried to make purchase almost every day for 2 weeks before my flight date. Always failed to make the payment and then hang to that page like forever. Its the same error every day for two weeks. I cleared the cache, cookies or whatsoever. Use my phone, my tablet, office laptop, my pc and all same error. My fault meh?

The customer service performance is totally hopeless, big time.... I would say. I keep wishing that fellow who attended to my inquiries have insomnia like the rest of his/ her life. Served you right! Don't do your work properly.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Giveaway : Offline Self Guided Walking Tours using GPSmyCity Apps

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While everyone else is planning for their year-end vacation, I have utilized most of my vacation leave. haihhhh... My next travel will be at the end of this month but it's a working trip.
I just came back from my second China trip for the year. It was a great trip especially for a non-Chinese speaker like me. I use GPSMYCITY apps a lot since most of the attraction place is within the distance. 

So for those who are planning their vacation, I am pleased to introduce you to my 'Know' and 'How' travel abroad. Lately, I make a habit to subscribe to pocket wifi. But wifi signal sometimes not so good and lost the signal. That is why I don't rely much on the internet connection to self guide my travel. 

Throughout my travel GPSMYCITY apps is the most reliable since this is an offline SelfGuided Walking Tours. How this works? In simple words, this is like Offline Maps.

GPS Guided Tour

GPSMYCITY apps guide you through travel articles written by experienced travel writer like me. Ehem..ehem..ehem...

How does GPSmyCity function?

This GPS-guided travel app allows you to access thousands of useful articles from over 1,000 worldwide cities without any internet service. It will show your location and even guide you to the next location. How does this app guide you without even have any internet line? All travel article from GPSmyCity has GPS coordinates embedded in the article and a map of the route as the author of the article described.

Offline Maps

All you need is to download GPSmyCity on your phone or tablet for FREE OF CHARGE. You can even read a travel article on plane or beach or anywhere without wifi or any other internet service. If you decided to use the article in GPSmyCity as GPS-guided, you will be charged a small fee to upgrade the app. Rest assured it is super duper cheap and save you from the risk of stranded in the middle of nowhere just because of your lost wifi signal.

Once you download and start using this app, you will love it so much. Here are some of the testimonial from satisfied GPSmyCity user.

BONUS to my fellow traveller out there, I am giving away FREE UPGRADE TO A FULL VERSION (Complete with GPS Navigation) of my most popular travel articles in the GPSmyCity directory -WHERE TO STAY AND EAT-IN JAKARTA, beginning today Oct 21, 2019, to Oct 27, 2019 . YES! Only for a week!

To be honest,  download article is free for all but if you require to use the article with complete with online GPS Navigation comes with a price to upgrades. So, take this opportunity to join my giveaway and enjoy your travel offline.

Download FREE my most popular article at GPSmyCity today for LIMITED TIME only.

This is a new concept for some traveller. But for me, this is how I survive my travel without even any data plan subscription from the country I visited. Most of my travelling experience using this article from GPSmyCity is like using a personalized tour guide.

For those who want the latest update from my travel journey, please follow my Instagram Cindyreena and FB PrincessCindyrina .

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