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Ways You Can Give Back To Your Community

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It’s easy to become sucked into your own everyday activities and checking off boxes your to-do lists. However, it’s important for middle and upper class people to look beyond themselves and be grateful for the fortune that they have. If you fall into this category, take advantage of your position and use it to give back to your community in these ways.

Support Stores That Give Back

There are many clothing stores like TOMS NYC that give a portion of their sales to charities. Some companies run a “one for one” style charity. Every time you buy one of their products, they donate that same product to a child or family in need. Some stores make sure their clothes are made handmade in humane conditions by women in impoverished countries like Ethiopia, Uganda and Costa Rica opposed to Chinese factories.

Volunteer at Local Organizations

No matter where you live, there are plenty of organizations that are non-profit, do great work for the community and in need of volunteers. If you love animals, volunteer by feeding puppies and kittens at the local animal shelter. Help serve food to those in need at a nearby soup kitchen or food pantry. If you have any skills such as dance, crafting or cooking, volunteer to teach a class at a nursing home or a school district in a lower income area.

Donate Items You Don’t Need

If your house is cluttered with items you no longer need, consider donating them. Check out the charities that your local church is working with. They may need toys, food or Christmas gifts. Bring clothes to a nearby thrift shop. Libraries accept books and DVDs to donate to families and schools in need. Even doctors offices accept used eyeglass frames to donate to charity.
When you decide to give back to your community, you will feel immediate satisfaction. Make donating and volunteering and conscious habit.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Find the Best Way to Get From Houston to the Cruise Port in Galveston

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Galveston, Texas has become a popular cruise ship port. The only problem is that the nearest airports are in Houston, which is over an hour away from the coast. There is no truly cheap way to get between the airports and the cruise ship terminal, but some options are better than others. Taxis are very expensive, but you can choose a ride service like Uber or Lyft, a shuttle service run by the cruise lines or a private galveston to houston shuttle.

Uber and Lyft

The ride-sharing services are convenient and probably the least expensive, especially if you are traveling in a group. Fares will vary depending upon traffic conditions, but it could cost anywhere between $60 and $100 round trip. This doesn't save you much if you are traveling alone, however.

Cruise Line Shuttles

Many of the cruise lines have their own shuttle services. One advantage of these is that, unlike Uber or Lyft, you can book your seat and pay for it when you book your cruise. They are comparable in price to the rideshares as well. Another plus for the cruise line shuttles is that you will never miss your boat. If you are on the shuttle on the way to the dock, the ship will not depart until you are on board.

Car Services

One of the best ways to get between the cruise terminal at Galveston and the airports near Houston is a private shuttle service. These are often much less expensive than the other options and offer senior, military and child discounts. There are a variety of vehicles to choose from ranging from cars to minibusses to limousines. Some of the car services pick up passengers at hotels also.

Private Car

Another option is to rent a car. This is pretty expensive, but if you plan to stay in the area for a few days before or after your cruise, having your own transportation is a plus.
There are many ways to get between Galveston and Houston. Choose the one that fits best for you.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Jom Jalan Jalan Cari Makan Di Johor

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Dalam banyak banyak negeri di Malaysia, I paling teringin nak pergi melawat Johor. Kenapa? Banyak makanan yang I suka berasal dari Johor. So? Apa makanan yang patut cuba kalau ke Johor?

Sila lihat carta 5 makanan yang I rancang nak cuba di Johor.

1. Briyani Gam 

Selain nasi lemak , Nasi Briyani pun memang my favourite. Especially kalau bagi I Nasi Briyani Kambing. Mak Mentua lalu pun I tak nampak. hehehehe 😝...tapi I tak de mak mentua pun. Mak sendiri ada la. Johor memang famous dengan Nasi Briyani Gam. Nasi Briyani Gam atau Nasi Briyani Dam di masak dengan memasukkan lapisan daging yang di perap dengan rempah ratus semalaman dan di masak dengan lapisan beras. Beras bukan sebarang beras tapi di guna beras basmathi. Serious sedap! Oh! by the way Nasi Briyani Gam ni tak de unsur unsur Gam kat dalam bahan masakannya. kekeke😏

Ada dua tempat Nasi Briyani terkenal yang I teringin nak cuba di Johor .

Restoran BP Briyani Power
18, Jalan Tukas 2, Taman Soga, 83000 Batu Pahat , Johor

Nasi Briyani Mohd Shah
Jalan Peserai 83000 Batu Pahat , Johor

Jika ada pembaca yang sudi beritahu tempat lagi best nak makan Nasi Briyani Gam kat Johor , tolong la letakkan info dekat kotak komen dibawah. 

2. Mee Bandung

Mee Bandung ni adalah makanan yang memang berasal dari Johor. I ingat masa mak masih kuat memang suka masak mee bandung untuk kami sekeluarga. Bagi saya la...mee bandung masakan mak la yang paling sedap. Mee Bandung ni adalah mee kuning yang di masak dengan sup (cili, udang kering, ayam atau daging dan sayuran.) Paling best kuah sup tu di campur telur. Rasa mee bandung paling best kalau masam masam manis. Jangan la pulak bagi mee bandung yang kuah dia hanya di masak dengan cili sos je. Memang ar nak kena baling pinggan ni. 🙄 Kalau nak masak mee bandung macam tu I pun pandai. Beli je maggi mee kari campur sos cili dengan sikit kicap dah boleh dah. I teringin nak makan mee bandung authentic.

Dalam research saya tempat Mee Bandung famous yang must try kat Johor adalah :

Restoran Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah
Jalan Abdullah , Pekan Muar 84000 Muar Johor

Mee Bandung Muar Original Pt Bulat
21, Jalan Masjid , Kampung Melayu Majidee, Johor Bahru

Siapa tahu tempat makan mee bandung sedap di Johor? Janganla segan segan komen kat bawah.

3. Mee Racun Tulang

Dengar nama makanan ni. Gerun kan? Ia la racun tu poison kot! Tapi jangan risau tak de racun dalam mee ni. I tak pernah rasa lagi  Mee Racun ni . I baca rasanye lain dari Mee Bandung dan Mee Hailam. Mee Kari pun bukan. Dalam mee racun ni ada 'gear box' yang boleh di sedut sum sum tulangnya dengar straw. Aiyo! tak sabar nak rasa mee racun tulang ni.

I baca Mee Racun Tulang Original dekat Jalan Rotan Tunggal Batu Pahat tu sedap. Ada lagi tak tempat yang best nak makan mee racun tulang kat Johor? Sila tinggalkan kat komen box bawah.

4. Kacang Pool

I paling teringin breakfast dengan Kacang Pool. Tapi nak la rasa Kacang Pool yang sedap. Bukan la yang buat ala kadar je. Kacang Pool ni paling enak kalau di serve dengan telur mata dan roti bakar then perah sikit asam limau. Sedapnye. Tak sabar nak pergi Johor. Why Johor ? Macam la kat KL tak de orang jual Kacang Pool. I baca kat Johor Kacang Pool Haji Larkin Bomba tu must try place. Tu yang teruja nak ke Johor rasa sendiri. Bagi yang expert dengan makan Johor tu sila la komen kat bawah kalau ada tempat makan kacang pool lagi best kat Johor tu. Boleh la I try nanti.

5. Laksa Johor

Banyak banyak laksa yang paling sukar I nak makan adalah laksa johor. Sebab I belum pernah jumpa lagi laksa Johor best kat KL ni. I tried before sedap but kedai dah tutup. no more Laksa Johor for me. So alang alang nak ke Johor ni, nak la try laksa Johor kat Johor sendiri. Orang Johor! sila beritahu kat mana nak makan Laksa Johor kat sekitar Johor ni? Jangan la pulak cakap laksa Johor awak masak lagi sedap unless awak nak invite saya datang rumah makan. kekeke...

Since my cita cita nak makan semua 5 makanan best kat Johor ni,jadi memang tak mungkin boleh makan semua dalam masa sehari je kan?
At least kena la buat short getway tiga hari dua malam ke Johor. I selalu kalau buat travel plan memang terjah banyak hotel website. Maklum la kena buat price comparison. Tapi kan...kebanyakan website Hotel search tu banyak cater pilihan hotel kat negara lain. So kalau nak lebih banyak pilihan hotel dalam Malaysia , I ada jumpa satu website ni. Banyak choice untuk local hotel kat Malaysia. For this short getaway hotel di Johor Bahru, I guna  

Asyik jalan jalan luar negara je, jom la explore negara sendiri. So for all Johor foodies expert jangan la segan tinggalkan komen kalau ada makanan lagi best yang saya patut cuba kat Johor nanti.Sharing is caring!

Note : First time trying to write an article in Malay Language. Apologize for my 'Manglish' ya. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Why BLeisure Doesn't Apply To Me

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Have you ever heard about the term bleisure travel? Bleisure is a business trip combined with leisure. For the employer's point of view, this can be a bit in a grey area but I would say if you are in the era of millennial this can be used to attract talent. For the conservative employer, they don't allow such leisure involve during a business trip. From the start to the end of your travel trip just breath eat talk business all the way.

Throughout my working life, I have experience visited few places for my work and that just purely worked. I mentioned to people I am travelling for work, the response will be like....whoa!!! so nice!!! so enjoy!!! Whoa!!! lucky you!
To me, I would rather stay at the normal office back home rather than go out there for a working trip. 
The reason, my schedule was super pack to the extent no time to experience jet legged. What is jet legged anyway? 

How to enjoy bleisure and why this doesn't apply to me?

1. Get an authentic coffee break

Well for old school may be thinking of settling at Starbuck or any other generic coffee chain and drink coffee is the authentic coffee break. NO! If you want to enjoy the bleisure , hop on to a new cafe near your hotel or working area and spend some time enjoying freshly brew local coffee and taste some of the local pastries. Just sit for at least 30 minutes and give your mind a break while observing the local living in the town.
I never recalled doing so during any of my working trips. I really have no time to even sit and think. I am just a bullet shooting at the target I met throughout the day. Coffee? I only get coffee during the breakfast buffet at the hotel. :(

2. Work out

In fact, making time for a gym session at the hotel can be a huge mood booster.
During the working trip, I usually started my morning at 6am and ends at 12 midnight. Its all about work, not workout. Do you think, I still have mood and time to visit the gym. Hurl!!! My mind must be at peace the moment I start to visit the gym during the working trip.

3. Eat Well

The Asian way of eating well can be a bit different definition. For Western tend to do a good balance dining but for Asian is to full max the meal budget given. You will end up overeating. I usually went for a solo business trip. There was one time my superior joined me for the trip, and I end up have a culture shock to what she ordered for only both of us. A full table of Japanese cuisine to max both budget! Hurl!!!! Almost died when saw the full table after came back from my toilet break. To be honest, I can't eat so much in one seating during the business trip due to work pressure.

4. Night Outing

Enjoy the local happy hour scene after the working hour. I really wanted to do the night walking but I normally have a job to finish in the hotel room. I end up spending my after working hour and work through midnight. Your boss may say is ok finish it later but first thing tomorrow they will ask you about it! Duh??? What choice left for me then?

Some people may think bleisure is like taking advantage of company expense. Hell no! As long as you work during the working hours and enjoy all those after your usual working hours...what advantage do you enjoy? Isn't this a usual well-balanced life that we all suppose to live?

Back to reality, for some superior mindset working trip is like squeezing that cow to dry. They thought by flying you to the other country and let you sleep in a hotel is already a privilege to enjoy. Hurl!!!! What a shallow mindset they have there. 

As for me, a working trip is the most stressful moment in my entire working segment. I tried to relax and complete my job that never sees the end of the road to that. This is working just in a different form. So don't envy others work so much, appreciate what you have at present! Grass not always green on the other side and it shouldn't be yellow too.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

How to Differentiate Counterfeit Himalaya Salt Sports Candy

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Last year, I review Candy called Himalaya Salt Sports Candy. Check out my review HERE. It became not only my favourite but most of the people whom I shared this love it too. They even find and purchase it themselves. One of my friends got very excited when she found this at Guardian. As usual when the thing is hot selling many others trying their best to turn this into a cash cow by producing the counterfeit which ingredients doesn't serve the whole health benefit purpose. 

Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd (Nicko Jeep) has recently been notified on counterfeit Himalaya Salt Sports Candy (Himalaya Salt Extra Cool Mint Candy - Lemon Flavour) products being sold at unauthorised sales channels. We take this issue very seriously as counterfeiting products are not only illegal but may pose health risks to consumers due to dubious ingredients used in manufacturing the candies.

Nicko Jeep’s manufacturing facility that manufactures the Himalaya Salt Sports Candy is also certified by HACCP, GMP and MESTI while the products are HALAL certified by JAKIM. However, these counterfeit candies are not certified and are therefore not safe for consumption.

We’ve reported this to the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism and we hope stern action will be taken against these perpetrators. In the meantime, we strongly suggest that customers only purchase our Himalaya Salt Sports Candy from reputable retailers and if in doubt, please contact us at or

We are also taking necessary steps to educate consumers in identifying genuine products from counterfeit through our facebook page and our official website From among them are:

Another glaring difference between the genuine pack and counterfeit is the spacing between Delfi Marketing Sdn. Bhd. and the mailing address.

When buying the Himalaya Salt Sports Candy also be aware of the product with the Lot No 19C02 with the expiry date 15/03/2021. This is a counterfeit product.

Counterfeit packaging uses a slightly different font at the bottom in describing the functions of the candy i.e ‘Increase Hydration, Throat Soothing, Fresh Breath’ and the words ‘Sports Candy’ is slightly faded. 

While on the back of the pack, the word ‘Manufacturer In Malaysia By’ is used instead of ‘Manufacture In Malaysia By’.

Please be rest assure that Himalaya Salt Sports Candy original Manufacturer is taking measures to eradicate counterfeit Himalaya Salt Sports Candy by working with retailers and relevant authorities.

Monday, June 17, 2019

How To Enjoy Cheaper Fresh Brew Coffee At Your Favourite Cafe?

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Anyone of my readers here starts their morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee? 
You know the fresh brew coffee will take some of our rush morning time if we do it yourself. The best option is to get it from a nearby cafe to your office. But seriously this will cost you a hole to your wallet for a daily fix. isk isk isk.

I recently discover awesome Coffee Pass Subscription at EatDrinkKL website. I gave it a try! I usually got too excited much earlier and click purchase without even read properly. huhuhuh..,.Thats just like me. (*face palm*) Shame on me!

Anyway, my mistake will benefit all of my readers. 

They have 2 types of Coffee Pass Subscriptions :

1. Classic
2. Prime

Each type of Coffee Pass Subscription comes in 2 types of coffee choice :

* Black Coffee - For those who prefer black coffee without milk
* Coffee with milk - For those drinking coffee with milk such as Latte, Cappuccino

You can choose to purchase in a package of 5, 10 or 15 cups for each type of subscriptions. I first bought the Classic Coffee package to enjoy the cheaper price of RM7 per milk coffee but end up with some disappointment due to the location to redeem only at a limited cafe. I end up contacting the EatDrinkKL for a cancellation of my subscriptions and then I bought the Prime Coffee Subscriptions.

EatDrinkKL customer service is super tip top. They are responsive and patience to handle my type of careless customer. huhuhuh...(malu nak mampus!)

So before you go ahead to purchase your Coffee Pass Subscription please check on the list of coffee near to you. You find the list HERE. 

I bought this Coffee Pass to redeem at Eight Ounce Coffee , The Gardens Mid Valley. You imagine the usual Cappuccino cost me RM13 but with Cofffee Pass subscriptions I can enjoy at only RM9.

I just click redeem from my pass and my cup of cappuccino on the way to me. Although, I was not successful to redeem my first cup smoothly since the Eight Ounce Cafe staff was not briefed properly by the Supervisor, it was sorted out quickly the next day.

You just need to contact and highlight the matters to EatDrinkKL, they will clear up for you in instant!

Oh! by the way the subscriptions only valid for between 30 to 90 days from purchase depends on your package.

If you have frequent cafe visit but not on the list please contact EatDrinkKL , they are more than happy to approach those cafes and make your next coffee cheaper. If you are the coffee owner and happy to add yours in the list too, feel free to contact them.

Get you own Coffee Pass HERE

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Choosing the Right Facial Treatment for You

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Second, only to massages as a spa treatment, facials are not only for relaxing. In the hands of the right esthetician, clients can see improvements in cosmetic concerns like wrinkles and acne scars. Interested in a facial Norfolk VA? Learn how to choose the right type of facial treatment for you.

How do I Choose a Facial Type?

In general, a facial cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin through a multi-step approach. There are different variations of facials, each using different techniques and providing different results. When deciding on the facial treatment to try, the first step is to decide what your cosmetic concerns are that you want to be addressed. By knowing what you would like to treat, an esthetician can choose a facial with the proper ingredients to relieve imperfections in your skin. Before receiving any facial treatment, a consultation appointment should occur so that the esthetician can discuss options with you.

What Facial Types are Available?

The standard facial involves cleansers, blemish extractions, masks and moisturizers. It's the most classic facial technique and works well for normal to dry skin. Those with acne prone skin should be aware that the moisturizers can lead to breakouts. Brightening and anti-aging facials work to reduce the signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and areas of hyperpigmentation. These facial treatments tend to be high in antioxidants which are known to have anti-aging properties. Other types of facials include:
  • Electric Current which uses electrical currents to tighten muscles in the face and neck
  • Color Light Therapy which uses specific wavelengths of light to combat inflammation from acne
  • Laser Facial which uses laser beams to exfoliate the top layer of skin to minimize sun damage, wrinkles or scars
When considering a facial, keep in mind that each type has different benefits. Choose the best for your cosmetic concerns, and see a licensed professional ensure the facial is delivered properly to give you the best results.

Three Tips for Hiring a Party Planner

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Life is full of milestones and having a party to celebrate them is one of the best ways to make them memorable. However, anyone who has ever planned a party knows the amount of time and work it takes to pull off a party and make it one that people will enjoy and remember for years to come. One way to help reduce your stress-level and decrease the amount of time you invest in planning a party is to hire a reputable party planner NY. Here are three tips for hiring a party planner for your next party.

Ask Your Family, Friends and Neighbors for Referrals

Think of the last wedding, birthday party, anniversary celebration, or another social gathering you attended that you thoroughly enjoyed. Next, ask yourself who hosted the party and contact them to see if they utilized the services of a party planner. Finding someone who is reputable through your own connections is one important step to finding someone who can help you plan the party you envision while keeping within your budget and timelines.

Interview Multiple Party Planners

While you may have someone in mind, it is always a helpful idea to interview two to three party planners. Often times you will not realize what is helpful or appealing about one company until you compare it to another company. Since each party planner has their own network of vendors, it can allow you to see more options for your party too.

Visit a Party

One of the best ways to truly get a feel for the services and quality of a party planner is to request if you can attend a party or social gathering similar to the one you are planning. This will allow you to truly see, feel, and experience most closely what the party planner can do for your party. While it may not always be an option, it never hurts to make this request and see if the party planner and party host are agreeable to having you stop by and visit.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

10 Insta-Worthy Places You Wish You Knew About On Your First Visit To Sydney

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 13 Comments

Have you ever been to Sydney?😃

If you are planning to visit Sydney, please don't miss out 10 insta-worthy places you wish you’d known about when you first visited. If you haven’t yet checked these places out, it’s still not too late to put them on your bucket list. 

Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Paddington

This is part of my bucket list which is to visit Hanging Garden in Babylon. Right here in Sydney they a little bit like Hanging Gardens of Babylon and a touch Roman baths. This heritage-listed public garden sits in the city’s East. This place was once a vital source of water in the 19th century, the reservoir was transformed back in 2009, preserving much of the original brick, timber and iron framework. Take a stroll along the boardwalks, admiring the fusion of contemporary and old elements, sit on the rooftop near the sunken garden and watch the light change as the sun sets in this magical haven. Awesome feeling!

Hacienda Bar, Circular Quay | @haciendasydney

If you feeling a bit mellow. Visit this place to sip a rum-inspired cocktail and drink in the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge views at this hip drinking hole. The interior is as Insta-worthy as the view, with a nod to the grand plantation architecture of Cuba and a touch of 1950s Miami with lots of botanicals, pastel pink seating and neon signage. I bet this place can brighten up your mood.

The Grounds, Alexandria | @thegrounds

Get a warmth feeling at this place. Built into the remnants of a heritage-listed factory in Sydney’s industrial centre, The Grounds has become a Sydney Insta icon with its kitchen-garden vibe and hearty, innovative eats. Snap a selfie in front of vegetable gardens, flower pots and old-fashioned stalls selling homemade soda and donuts. Just make sure your memory card isn't full. Lots of photos taking here.

Henry Deane at Hotel Palisade | @hotelpalisade

Just bring your loved ones here. Perched atop the historic watering hole Palisade Hotel, is a beautiful, airy cocktail space. Settle upstairs on one of the millennial pink couches with a cocktail and take in the breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Fantastic place for a SURPRISE lifetime questions to the chosen one!

Icebergs Pool, Bondi | @icebergsclub

Bondi Beach is home to the world’s most famous ocean pool, Bondi Icebergs. Named after its Winter swimming club, the bright white pool dates back to 1929 and is an Instagram favourite during the Summer months. From Bondi, take the coastal walk around to Bronte Baths, built in 1887. My all-time favourite place!

Chinese Garden, Chinatown

Who would have known? Located in the heart of Chinatown, the Chinese Garden of Friendship was modelled after the classic private gardens of the Ming Dynasty, offering an insight into Chinese Heritage and culture. Be whisked away to the Ming Dynasty for an afternoon and explore the very grounds that Hugh Jackman stood on when the filming of The Wolverine was done!

Green Square Library, Zetland

Feeling dramatic? The new underground library that opened end of last year boasts a floor-to-ceiling colourful shelf of books that’s perfect for snapping your Instagram shot. Located in the light-filled reading room in the tower, this shelf doubles up as a gorgeous art installation. The entire library is flooded with plenty of natural light – thanks to the 40 over skylights across the roof, and because of its innovative use of space and architecture, also won the Architectural Review Library Award 2018.

Angel Place, CBD

Few know about this little nook in an alley, but for those who do – you’re in for a treat. Empty birdcages hang above Angel Place, casting an ethereal glow around the area and making it perfect for any sort of hipster-ific Instagram shot. Aptly titled ‘Forgotten Songs’, the display designed by Michael Thomas Hill allows you to take in the sounds of the birds as you stand beneath the cages and admire the gentle sway of the cages as you capture that super artistic shot. You’ll want to come back again for more.

The Calyx, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney | @thecalyxexperience

Girls! dress like a Princess and pose as if you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Located in the heart of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, The Calyx is a horticultural exhibition space with an integrated mix of indoor and outdoor areas and changing exhibitions. The Calyx has the largest green wall in the southern hemisphere and stunning contemporary architecture.

Hornby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay

This iconic lighthouse is painted in distinctive red and white candy stripes. It’s positioned in a spectacular spot too – standing tall at South Head, near Watsons Bay in Sydney Harbour National Park with views of Sydney Harbour to the West. Built in 1858, it was designed by colonial architect Alexander Dawson.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Battling My Lower Back Pain

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 19 Comments

For the past few weeks, I have been battling with chronic lower back pain. My pain has been prolonging to the extent unable to sit, to stand to even lie down. I went to the nearest GP and was then referred to Pantai Kuala Lumpur. I went to meet with one of the Orthopaedic Specialist in Spinal. My GP advised meeting with Spinal specialist since he suspected I have Slip Disc.

Orthopaedic Specialist at Pantai Kuala Lumpur

I went on to meet with one without getting any recommendation from anyone. Well, this Specialist listens to my concerns then requested me to lie down face down. He checked on my back then told me to confirm my availability to do the RF ( Radio Frequency) procedure in 2 days time. It will cost me between RM15k to RM20k for a 45 minutes session. Hurl!!!! just like that! No, X-Ray? No MRI? How he knows where to perform the procedures? 
I asked him how long this will last me? He said maybe 3 to 6 months! Hurl!!!!! just like that? Then what? Still in pain? I know the operation is the last resort. Plus back pain operation always ends up with a horror story for the patient. 

I paid RM190 for the consultation fees here.

I have a friend who recently suffers a slipped disc who opted for operations. He was immobilized for work at least a month. Now after 2 months, I asked him if he still feels the pain? He said still painful. I told him what is the difference between you and me then? I am suffering from pain without any procedure and you have to go through that operations cost RM32k and still painful. He is in state of giving up! I would say! It's not fun at all. I just told him to continue doing the prescribed physiotherapy.

As for me, I never go back to meet with the Ortho at Pantai KL again with reason to seek a 2nd opinion. 

I really find that we are lacking Specialist who is sincere to heal the patient. I am not saying this just my first time experience. I have been meeting with a few of them previously for my knee problem back then. From Gleneagles, Prince Court, Ampang Putri and they are all the same.

Recently, my Boss whom I have chatted with on my concern told me the same things too. She is suffering from haemorrhoid problem herself.

She suggested to try out Chiropractor since her husband who has the same problem as mine, seems doing alright nowadays.
I was a bit afraid with Chiro due to the bone setting procedure really give me cringe to my spine. I end up trying out Acupuncture instead. I did twice at this old man who did his practice at the back of the Chinese Herbs shop. He is a certified Doctor of Medicine and also a Professor. He is super old in his late 70s. But it gave me more pain. So I stop visiting the place.

Orthopaedic Specialist at University Malaya Specialist Centre

My Boss then recommended me to visit the UMSC (University Malaya Specialist Centre). She has few connections through her son's football club. One the boy's dad is an Orthopaedic for Paediatric. He recommended me to meet with one Ortho Surgeon.  

The Dr explained to me about my conditions in details. He told me his way is more intervention method. He will prescribe me with medication and some simple exercise which I only do this after a week of medication. Meaning at that time, I should have less pain by then. He told me to visit him again another 2 weeks. He will not recommend any MRI or X-ray at this moment because it will waste of money since this is just to confirm the condition but we are not doing any operations or whatsoever.

He gave me 2 types of medication one in the morning and one at night since the night one is the drowsy type and will tackle my nerve problem too. I was advised to do the 'Superman' pose exercise regularly to strengthen my lower back muscle and don't lift up any heavy things and maintain good posture.

At least one Dr gave me some sincere recommendation to heal rather than go for my insurance money.

I paid RM266 including the medication.

I hope to recover well and may this pain disappear! My mum has been complaining about pain all the time. Trust me Mum....I know how you feel!

Thank you to my Boss who has recommended me to this Doctor and really helps to release some of my stress holding out my pain alone. I work harder!!!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Park Shin Hye is Coming to Kuala Lumpur

Monday, May 27, 2019 0 Comments

Good news for Park Shin Hye Fans!!!

Mamonde’s brand ambassador, Park Shin Hye, is returning to Malaysia this June to meet fans of the brand. This will be her second visit to Malaysia as the brand ambassador since her last visit in 2016.

During her visit, Park will grace the launch of Mamonde’s latest innovation, the Red Energy Recovery Serum and also celebrate the brand’s new partnership with Watsons Malaysia. Mamonde Malaysia has recently expanded their sales channels to over 50 Watsons Malaysia stores nationwide. The launch of Mamonde into Watsons stores nationwide is in line with Amorepacific’s global partnership with A.S Watsons Group to widen its distribution platform for both online and offline.

Fans of Park Shin Hye and Mamonde are invited to head over to the Centre Court of Mid Valley Megamall on the 21st of June 2019 as she will be making an appearance to officiate the Mamonde Garden In The City event!

Mamonde Garden In The City is an event to introduce the new Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum and will be held from the 17th to the 23rd of June 2019 with a series of brand experiential activities and special promotions being offered during the 7 day event. Join Mamonde and experience the unique Blossoming Energy™ of the Red Energy Recovery Serum.

Facebook: @Mamondemy 
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About Mamonde
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ramadhan In My Perception

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 17 Comments

What is Ramadhan to all of us here in Malaysia?

It's a mixed perception.

Some say this is the month where the Muslim don't eat and drink in the Public. Bazaar Ramadhan with many choices of food and local delicacies. This is the months where most hotel and eateries charge a sky-high buffet line price with feast ready to gobble once the time comes to break the fast. You can see many VIPs, VVIPs, Companies visited the orphanage and the poor with thoughts of giving back to the community but at the same time call the press and make sure get the name on the visible section possible to announce the deeds.

For the first time in my entire working experience, I am placed with the same office with a Muslim friend. I find that during Ramadhan time they can't stop talking about food throughout the day. For eg. what to cook for breakfast later and this food nice and that food nice. They would excitedly ask the same question to me too. Which I always abruptly, told them off to restrain themselves and be more focus in reflecting during this holy month. (I am very bad in being diplomatic during conversations)

Same goes in this era of technology where social media is the medium to announce on everything. You will see the most feed of your Muslim friends is all about food for breakfast (iftar) and suhur and Raya preparation. No harm to sharing the joy. However, to my point of view sharing the food photo is alright. No problem at all. It just, one needs to be mature enough to not share food excessively. Same goes with Raya preparation. You have to respect some who can't afford for even a simple preparation.

So what is Ramadhan to my Perceptions?

Ramadhan is a time for all Muslims to practice self-restraint between dawn and dusk from food, drink, and any form of immoral behaviour, including impure and unkind thoughts.
The basic 5 times prayers are a must and if permissible to visit the mosque and join the tarawih ( additional night prayer).

Iftar usually starts with a glass of juice and follow with prayer. I will eat my main meal which consists of one plate of a simple meal. That's all. As for Sahur (Suhur), I just drank a glass of powdered multi-grains drink and some plain water.

I never feel a lack of energy, tired or sleepy during Ramadhan with this practice. In fact, I feel a lot better throughout the month compare to the usual months.

Interestingly, Ramadhan starts with the moon-sighting and end with Eid Al Fitr with the moon-sighting too. Eid is a celebration for all Muslim who has experienced the whole months of self-restraint with everyone dress in new clothing and special baked cookies and goodies. This is the time people will visit the graves of your loved ones and people gather to enjoy the family meals and pray in the mosque.

Check out on my other post on how to cure the bad breath during Ramadhan. HERE

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party

Monday, May 13, 2019 17 Comments

Happy Birthday to The Butterfly Project. This is the 6th Birthday celebration. It has been almost 5 years since I join this Beauty Blogger Community. I met many awesome people and change my dull life into a colourful one!

Like many other years, the awesome President of The Butterfly Project, Tammy (Mamasan) and her team did a lot of preparation for the celebration. Every year is a different theme of the celebration from Unicorn to this year flower girls. 

This year celebration took place at Vilej Damansara event space near Ritze Perdana 2. It was a challenging drive for me to get there. When I reached the place it was worth my drive since Mamasan and the team really transform the event space into a Magical place. Everything for prettily set up with details attention too. OMG! Thank you for such a great effort and passion to all of you for this magical moment in my life.

All butterflies were allocated with a seat number. Mine at my lucky number 6. Isn't that awesome. My lucky number all the way! Look at the table setting.....

Everyone was very excited and compare to previous years, this year turn out has been increased. More and more ladies join this awesome beauty community. I bet the number of butterflies will be a thousand soon. If you see in the photo above Dee Leonard the MC for most of Butterfly Party ready for action in his brown jacket. The expecting Mama in an amber-green dress, Aliza Sara came fully prepared with all the butterflies sticking on her hair aiming to win one of those Tiaras and goodies below for the best dress butterflies.

The winner of the best dress butterfly will get one of those goodies sponsored by Yves Rocher, T-Stick and awesome bouquet from Avant Garde Bloom and The Blossom Ballons.

I love the food counter set up for this year prepared by Jom Party. It looks like a garden party with a lot of delicious goodies for all butterflies to dig in. I love the tarts and petite pavlova. It tastes awesome delicious prepared with love and sincerity.

Our entertainment for the day by the famous Queen of Comedy, Ms Joanne Kam Poh Poh. She brings huge laughter to all butterflies with her wicked humour. She looks super fresh from someone who just landed from Australia for the party.

We got to try out the latest innovative way to enjoy tea with T-Sticks. I love the Earl's Favourite Tea flavour since the taste really refreshing to enjoy in the morning. Enjoying T-Sticks gives you a unique tea drinking experience. This tea does not come in a tea bag but in stick and drip free too. It's so convenient you can just grab a few sticks in your bag and bring with you wherever you go. Isn't that awesome? They are selling this luxury tea with only RM35 for 15 sticks in a premium box suitable for gifting too.

All the beautiful fresh flowers decoration for that day is from Avant Garde Blooms. I love their flower arrangement, is so unique and personalized. The offer floral design, weddings and corporate event too. I have fun attending the Flower Crown Workshop.  There were too many beautiful flowers to choose from but in the end.......

This butterfly only chooses the leaves and filler flowers for her crown. Totally my style chic and simple flower crown. How do I look? Kawaii???

The truth is I enjoy to attend this kind of workshop. One of my wishlist strike off! Thank you again The Butterfly Project to realize my dream again.

What a birthday without any sweet desserts and cakes, right?

The butterfly cupcakes and beautifully hand painted macaron homebaked with love by talented baker Macarons by Madeleine
I tasted the Macaron and it really not so sweet like others and this one quickly becomes my favourite. The cupcake is delicious too. 

What a party without a magical touch of floating balloons? 

It's not just a regular balloon but something with ornament in it. The Blossom Balloons complete the party with its Magical Balloons floating all over the event space area.

Most of the butterflies that day can't take their eyes off these awesome balloons. Just like any other butterflies, me too can't help it. Selfie time!!! The balloons make me mesmerized and bring smiles. Just can't brain at this age I still enjoy ballons this much! hahahaha

Surprise for the day!
It was Yves Rocher 60th birthday too! For those who don't recognize this long outstanding brand, they are an established French Beauty brand ever since 1959. Yves Rocher own flower fields, manufacturing facilities and retail stores so that they can bring the power of nature straight to all beauties out there!
Most of their skincare products come in glass bottles to make the products safe and develop with recycling in mind too. Isn't this brand awesome?

Thank you Yves Rocher ! for this awesome limited edition beauty box - Yves Rocher Detox Micellar Shampoo with Moringa extracts, Yves Rocher Concentrated Shower Gel with key ingredient Olive Petit Grain and Yves RocherUltra - Fresh Cleansing Gel.

Another surprise for all butterflies that day.

A special sweetheart gift from Mamasan, Ms President. Thank you, Unni! I always admire your passion for this community and always strive the best for all of us. I feel blessed to be able to be part of this community and see the growth year by year.

The awesome butterflies selfie!

The new friend I met that day! These are the happy to meet all the younger ladies joining this community.

Happy Birthday The Butterfly Project!

As for me after joining this community since the year 2014, I was thinking its time it a rest and give ways to the young one!


Food - Jom Partylah
Surprise Goodies - Yves Rocher

For those who interested to join The Butterfly Project Community as a member please register HERE.

Enjoy a short video and slides compilation during the event. If you like my video please give likes. I would be really grateful to that.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Home Mini Facial Spa with A'bloom by Althea Korea

Saturday, May 11, 2019 13 Comments

Its blooming season and everything blooms prettily even at Althea Korea. Recently, Althea Korea launched fresh awesome K Beauty for all their fans out there. A'bloom series by Althea brings you what every girl wants readily at home for a perfect fresh look. 

I would say the A'bloom kind of a complete Home Mini Spa for your beauty playground. Everything is affordable and I can guarantee these items won't burn your pocket at all.

1. A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster
2. A'bloom Sheet Masks
3. A'bloom Meringue Puffs

A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster 

I have tried this and I am loving this already. This blackhead and whitehead removal not only comes with Natural BHA stick, but it also has non - irritating formula treats and prevents new ones from forming. By the way, the ingredients use is really gentle for the skin.

Key ingredients: Natural BHA (White Willo Bark Extract 5,0000ppm)
Other ingredients: Charcoal, Apricot seed, tea tree leaf oil

How to use A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster?

Step 1 - Cleanse your face
Step 2 - Wet your face 
Step 3 - Apply the A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster on 'T' Zone area or any targeted areas with excessive sebum.
Step 4 - Use the lukewarm water and gently exfoliates your skin to release trapped oil and dirt.
Step 5 - Rinse off the excess until it clean

My say on A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster

A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster not only helps to removes blackheads painlessly, but it also purifies and clarifies pores instantly. I love the comfortable melting texture effects which cleanse off the impurities on my skin. est of all the packaging is travel-friendly too.

Extra tips! if you have a concern on your heels or elbow, you can apply this on that area too. It works as a quick scrub too.

How much is A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster?

Only RM16 for a stick.

If you hurry to click purchase today you will get FREE limited edition A'bloom mobile phone grip.

A'bloom Mask Sheet

Juicier ever! A'bloom sheet mask is the fastest selling and sold out during the launched. You can check out the website.

Why A'bloom Mask sheet has been sold out so quickly?

A'bloom Mask sheet available in 4 fruity flavours - Water Melon, Avocado, Lemon and Peach. Each mask sheet has 2 in 1formula consisting of fruit extracts rich with antioxidants and plant extracts for extra hydration.

Moisturising Water Melon Mask - Pack with awesome essence for hydration and moisturising. It has Watermelon, Fruit extract, Lavender extract as the ingredients. This mask suit for all type of skin (great for Combination Skin like mine).

Nourishing Avocado - Suitable for ageing skin. This mask sheet infused with avocado extracts and hibiscus. Apply this daily to prevent wrinkle, nourish skin and full of antioxidant, make your skin soft and supple. (I guess this suit my ageing skin too)

Brightening Lemon - The line up of powerful ingredients such as Lemon, lime extracts, Niacinamide,  and Camellia Sinensis Leaf extract gives a double dose of Vitamin C and helps to banish dark spot while giving a calming effect to your skin. (I love this one too since it helps to clear the dark spot)

Anti Blemish Peach - For those who have blemish skin can check out this one.  It has peach extracts and tea tree oil to regulate oil and balance moisture for skin. This is an anti-blemish mask to helps purifies and soothes irritate and sensitive skin.

How much is Althea A'bloom Mask?

Only RM2 per mask sheet and if they also sell in bulk which is RM15 for 10 mask sheets. Good buy! You daily mask pack cost only RM1.50. Super cheap for a good quality mask!

Why I said this is a good mask sheet?

My say on Althea A'bloom mask sheet......

The mas made of super soft cotton that fit your face well and they are not stingy with essence. It is rich with essences until it dripping a lot while using it. I usually wait for 15 to 20 minutes for a mask sheet but for Althea A'Bloom mask sheet I just need 10 minutes because too much essence so I cut the time short. I don't want to over stimulate my skin.

Since its super cheap and good quality, I apply one mask sheet in every 2 days. My favourite is Water-Me-Long since I have dry skin. It really helps to moisture my skin.

Extra tips! don't throw away the excess essences from your mask sheet pack. Just squeeze it out and apply for any other concern skin area such as neck arms, even your knee and leg.

A'bloom Meringue Puffs

Strictly not a dessert!

It comes in two sizes - Giant Meringue Puff and Baby Meringue Puff.

What is A'bloom Meringue Puff?

You don't need to hire MUA to get flawless skin. Just use A'bloom Meringue Puff to apply perfect makeup. Just grab one A'bloom meringue puff for both wet or dry for different effects on the skin. For an impatient person like me, the Giant Meringue Puff is super perfect for a quick finish. Of course, the big puff won't reach your nose corner and so on. 

Althea being Althea very details when it comes to product development, they have this petite size A'bloom Meringue puff to reach out the corner of your skin.

Before dabbing this on your skin, what is this cutie made of? Of course, you need to know this too!

No worry this flexible soft puff made on high-density latex-free foam. It's safe for skin, girls! Suitable for all skin types.

What is my say on A'bloom Meringue Puff?

I am not even a person to use any tools to apply makeup other than my bare fingers. Reason? Isn't it troublesome when applied using hand is much quicker? OK! don't talk about the awesome finish using the bare fingers. I admit it doesn't go so well by doing so in my daily life. huh huh

This is my first time using a puff to dab on the foundation on my skin. I was like... WOW! why my laziness always makes me miss a lot of good things. hhuhuhuh... I was amazed by how quickly this thing smoothes and even out the foundation. Seriously, look like good coverage, right?

Yeah! you will say this ...your photo all filtered one, sure look smooth and nice. Well...try it for yourself it cost only RM8 for Giant Meringue Puff and the Baby Meringue Puff cost only RM11 for 3 babies. 

Extra tips! tips for you on this one since I am still learning how to dab! dab! on my foundation but I want to tell you on one magical thing. This Meringue Puff will expand 1.5 times from its original size if you put in the water. hehehehe...KAWAIIIIII !!!!

Shop Althea A'bloom collection here
They have the most affordable quality K Beauty collection and guess what? This is my favourite online K Beauty shopping destination. 

Check out short videos below and watch me having fun to try out A'bloom by Althea Korea products at home and another video on me having fun with other Althea Angels at A'bloom product launching party at Soft Srve , Desa Park City somewhere end of last month. 

Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of my video. HERE Don't forget to give me a like to my videos for encouragement. Thank you all for reading and viewing! 

Trying out A'bloom by Althea Korea

A'bloom Product Launching Party