Sunday, January 27, 2019

Non Surgical Face Lift Solution with ID.AZ Face Fit

What are the most visible signs as ageing is catching up?
SKIN condition.

Young skin - healthy, bright, elastic and fast heal if injured.
Ageing skin - wrinkles, sagging, increase age spots, freckles, moles and pigmentation.

Well, we are just talking about the surface because this is the most visible area to us. We need to know about what is going on beneath the surface of our skin. No one in this world has an exception to go through the ageing process unless IMMORTAL.
We can't reverse ageing but slow down the process is absolutely possible.


All you need is good skincare and a healthy lifestyle. These days change a lot as times goes by. Technology and Research are so much possible to make the ageing process slower. There are many safe treatments are available from healthcare professionals, for eg. the famous ID Hospital in South Korea and they even have many branches globally.

ID Hospital created its very own cosmetic range under IDPLASCOSMETICS suitable for a conservative woman just like me. I run far away with just the word hospital and procedures. huhuhuh

The fact of the birth of functional cosmetics from a Doctor who has vast experience in treating countless numbers of the patient really make me rest assure this is something I can't miss out!

I have tried ID.AZ 5 Minutes Clay Mask before and the result is impressive. Here I am trying out the new ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack.

The packaging box of this product is in mysterious black. But once you open the glass jar look so high end as much as the valuable content. I would recommend this for a perfect gift to love one too.

ID.AZ Face Fit claimed :

  • Improve skin density
  • Improve sagging face
  • Lifting
  • Anti Aging 

Obviously, this has come rolling to the right mid 40s woman. hihihihi

How to use ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack?

I used this in the last step of skin care every night before going to bed. Just apply an appropriate amount and gently tap for absorption, after evenly over the face. Well, a little massage in an upwards motion will not only rejuvenate your skin but also give a boost for an excellent result.

What is my experience after 2 weeks trying out of ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack?

The cream is white in colour and the texture is creamy. My first impression of this cream is it's going to be sticky and not easy to absorb into my skin. To my surprise, it doesn't have such a tackiness issue at all. I feel a tensioning effect almost immediately with one application. The formulation of this product gives a creamy and leaving skin smooth, soft and supple. Just apply this at night and let it works on your skin while you sleeping.

Three most visible things I noticed after 2 weeks of using ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack - Firm up my complexion, Increase elasticity and manage various age-related problems. I would say it does the job beautifully on my skin.
On the 'V' shape face. My face naturally has that 'V' shape if I am not this fat. kekekeke... 
So, to be honest on this review I would say instead of giving that 'V' tensioning effect, its more towards uplifting my sagging ageing skin. It works!

Forget about the regular sleeping mask. Why don't treat yourself with a functional sleeping pack that can give you a visible result like ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack?

Where to get this miraculous ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack and how much?

You can purchase ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack at Watson Store near you at only RM199. The last I checked on 27th Jan 2019  online price is RM169.15

Monday, January 21, 2019

Things To Do in Huahin - Visit to Pranburi

If you read my previous post on Things To Do in HuaHin, Visit Cha Am, HuaHin is not about visiting to Santorini Park or Plearn Wan. I booked HuaHin Cab for a day to drive 20 kilometres south of HuaHin to Pranburi. This place is on the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The view throughout the journey, I would describe as breathtaking for a person who loves the natural view.

Things To Do at Pranburi, HuaHin

1. Hike to witness mystical Phraya Nakhon Cave

2. Boat Ride Tour around Khao Daeng

Hike to witness mystical Phraya Nakhon Cave

I just told the driver to drive me to Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park without knowing exactly what waiting for me. I was thinking to hire a boat ride to the other side of the beach for easier entrance to the mystical Phraya Nakhon Cave.

To my disappointment, the ocean looks super fierce during my visit and none of the boat operators willing to take me to the other side of the beach. Haihhhh.....

I was told to take a hike up. WTH!  If you have been reading my blog you will aware I am not the fittest person. My knee is another sad story. But here I was at the foot u asked the local they will say it will only take a 1-hour journey. DO NOT be fooled! The entire journey back and forth took 4 hours in the end! At least for me. huhuhuhu...

I bet no one can hike up and reach this caves and back within one hour.

By the way, you need to pay THB200 entrance fee to enter before you start the hike. I was glad to grab myself wooden walking stick left behind by some people and use this as my support.

The driver who left me at the entrance told me the caves is only 1km away. WTH! Liar! lol...wanna go crazy when finding out that's not true.

It says Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. It's not like you can expect to walk in the park. I began climbing up the rock steep up the staircase which later on changes to ascent on jagged rocks. Thank God! I climbed with proper sports shoes.

Even though its hard all the way up. I can't deny the view on the way up on the first ascent is kind of beautiful and worth the hike. You see me smiling brightly at this photo? Well, at that time I took this selfie, I was having a lunatic thought to just roll down to where I started. Huwaaaaaa..... wanna continue too painful and the thought of to turn back so hurtful too. Almost went crazy up there. 

After climbing up and down for around 1 km, I was back on the ground zero. Beautiful Leam Sala beach in front of me and Phraya Nakhon Cave seems to be another hike up. At this point, I was having a mixed feeling. Ceh...thought the cave is somewhere nearby? Not here yet? Omooo..I thought the journey to that cave not so difficult like just now.

Look at my face full of a sarcastic beautiful smile with the thought...just look at what waiting behind me. It's all rock all the way up. Holly Molly!!!! What did I just get myself into now??? My trekking stick totally helps me a lot at this time. I don't think can manage to hike up this place without this. Its another 430 meters climb yo! The thought to hike down is another horror feeling for me.

The climbing course towards the caves is full of rocks and forest.  Before entering the cave area, I have to walk down to the most difficult steep descent.

I saw some harden waterfall and a dead bridge which is the remaining overarching rocks. I feel like 'Lara Croft' from Tomb Rider when entering this area. The whole place makes you feel like one of the characters in mystical Indian Jones. 

I witness the sunlight streaming down through the openings in the rocks which make this place an awesome view.

I walk through another dark tunnel before witnessed this beautiful Kuha Karuhas Pavillion builts for the visit of King Chulalongkorn in 1890.
I have seen a lot of older historic sites, to me, this is a special site because it was so naturally beautifully illuminated by the sunrays. It really worth every minute of the toughest climb and descents into this cave.

You will see signatures of the Kings on the cave wall. The caves were super amazing and the journey climb up and down to the entrance to meet my driver is another experience which I will never forget. Its tough climb for me but the experience and finding its worth the hike and pain.

My earlier plan is to have an afternoon walk on the wooden bridge at Pranburi Mangrove forest after the Phraya Nakhon Cave.  After all the hike my leg almost like jelly now. No more hiking for today. I just wanna sit. huhuhuh
I requested my driver to drive around 15 minutes and reach the boat place. Over there I hire the whole boat for myself to your around Mangrove canal for 50 minutes before I call off the trip and drive back to the hotel. Tired like hell...

Khao Daeng Boat Tour

I rent the whole boat for THB600. If you are in the group it will be cheaper to split the cost.

It was a pleasant afternoon cruise going in a semi-loop around Khao Daeng and the view of mangrove forest and striking rock formations.

I noticed a dusky Langur during this boat trip. The driver told me I could have faced a close encounter with Dusky Langur during my hike to the caves. Well, I did during my hike down but they were really shy and hiding so unable to snap a photo. 

During the mangrove tour, the boatman pointed out a rock formation crocodile look alike.  I failed to understand him. kakakaka...he was pointing out to me vigorously while talking in Thai. Hell.... how would I understand what you trying to say Ajussi!!! I only know when I told that to my driver. Damn! I miss it!

On the way back the boatman stops in the middle and ask me to step out the boat. I thought he wants to ditch me in the middle of the canal. I refused. hahaha... he kept insisting me to get out. I did at the end as he said with the thought what to do if he really ditches me and I encounter a hungry crocodile. uwaaaaaa...IMA doesn't want to be fed to a crocodile. So suffering to die like this.

I step out the pretend to understand him to snap a photo of the surrounding view. He keeps talking to me in Thai and pointing out the hill behind me. Keep asking for my phone. What so special about this rock hill??? Not so beautiful to my eyes. Why would I want to take a photo with that background?

I told him, I prefer to snap my own selfie. Just like chicken and duck talking. He doesn't understand me. When I pointed my phone to take a selfie, he thought I was pointing the phone camera towards him. There you go he was posing like that in front of me. To avoid getting a ditch in the middle of this boat trip. I snap 2 of his photos to satisfy him. lol...He so funny weiiiii.... I was laughing hard alone with all the misunderstood.kekekeke...

End of my Pranburi exploration.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why Is It Important to Have a Wedding Hand Bouquet?

Any bride would surely want to look their best on their wedding not only because this is a special day but also to impress their guests. This is the reason why you have to plan ahead of time if you want everything to be polished. One thing that you should not forget on your wedding day is your hand bouquet. Just like how you choose a wedding gown, you also need enough time when searching for a hand bouquet and make sure that it will fit your dress.

Know the Importance of a Hand Bouquet

The idea of using flowers for a wedding had started in the Roman times. It symbolizes fertility wherein you will normally see orange blossoms, garlic, and herbs during this occasion. Romans and Greeks believed that the smell of flowers can somehow keep them away from evil spirits to guarantee the bride with a happy and peaceful marriage. However, herbs in the early days should be eaten by the newlyweds to heighten up their sexual desire.
During the Victorian period, there was a change in the tradition wherein the bride carries a bridal bouquet with a combination of flowers and herbs for a stylish look. It is important for you to know the different meanings of flowers especially those that are perfect for a wedding. Some of the popular flower shop that is known for providing the newlyweds good luck include magnolias, daisies, daffodils, roses, and orchids. There are also some flowers that you should avoid for your hand bouquets like marigolds, poppies, and lavender.

Another tradition related to a hand bouquet is the tossing wherein the bride will throw the bouquet and the girl that would catch it is said to get married next. Hand bouquets are indeed important to the bride on this memorable day. In this case, it is just right for you to look for the right-hand bouquet for your wedding day not only to follow the tradition but also for you to look stunning in front of your guests. Besides, this can also add up style for you to look good in wedding photos that will always remind you of this day.
To make it easier for you to find the right-hand bouquet, then you can take advantage of the internet where you can see the images of wedding bouquets from different florists. Compare the style as well as the price and have the one that suits your taste and your budget.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Beaubelle Skin Care Review

" The Beauty of a Woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. " - Audrey Hepburn

I kind of obsessed with eyes area skincare since mine is dry and always look fatigued to the extent people who look at me in one glance will always comment I don't have enough sleep all the time. Haihhh...

To me, eye creams are extremely necessary to keep the skin around the eyes healthy.

Do you know the skin under the eyes area is different from anywhere else on the body?

One main reason I would think many will agree with me is, the skin under the eyes area is highly noticeable if you develop wrinkles, dark spots and puffiness.

You should not apply your face moisturizer on the skin under the eyes area. Why? This skin is very thin and extremely sensitive. Your skin may react badly if you use non-suitable skincare.

Recently, a box of Eye Elixirs from Beubelle reached my doorstep. Beubelle is well-known skin care from Swiss. They are famous with the holistic approach in skin care 4Rs principles :

* Renew for vitality
* Revive for Qi Flow
* Rebalance for Purity
* Relax for Calmness

Beubelle Ant-Fatigue Eye Contour Gel is one of the famous and best-selling eyes contour gel and well known for its effectiveness to helps correct early ageing signs like puffiness, sallow skin, dark circles and shadows brought on by stress. 

Totally feeling blessed that I found this high-tech, pearlized instant rescue eye gel with awesome ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, CA+3, Avocado Oil and Swiss Alpine Water.

If you are searching for good eye gel, look no further. 

What Beubelle Anti Fatigue Eye Contour Gel can do for your delicate eye skin area?

Round-the-Clock Repair

You just need to apply Beubelle Anti Fatigue Contour Gel in the morning and night to get 24/7 protection as treatment continue working all day and all night to repair your skin cells.

Hydration Cushion

I always experience dryness around my skin area which sometimes irritates my skin too. As I mentioned in my earlier post, one of the ingredients in Beubelle Anti Fatigue Eye Contour Gel is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) HA is famous with its capabilities to combat dryness and boot up hydration.

Actives Activation

Globes d' Actifs' spheres target specific skin conditions with specific actives.

Resistance Enhancer

I am not sure what is CA+3 with do for my skin when I read this is one of the ingredients? CA+3 apparently helps in strengthens skin's DNA to resist pollution and the various stressors of modern life.

Age Reversal

Fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles, puffiness and dullness. Any more ageing symptoms list? I have it all. isk isk isk...Beaubell Anti Fatigue Eye Contour Gel claimed can combat all those. Yeayyyyy!!!!

How to apply Beubelle Anti Fatigue Eye Contour Gel?

I don't think applying eye gel has any other method. Just scoop a tiny bit of Anti Fatigue Eye Contour Gel on your finger. Apply in a circular motion around the eye contours. Apply this twice daily in morning and night for optimal results.

I am glad the texture is a gel. It feels soothing instead of stickiness and good absorption to the skin.

Here is my result after almost 2 weeks using Beubelle Anti Fatigue Eye Contour Gel. I still have the puffiness around my eyes and my eye bag is still visible. I will give myself at least 2 months for the optimum result. One most noticeable after using this for almost 2 weeks is my eye skin area is not dry and it becomes brighter and hopefully, this will work well in long time use.

You can get more details on Beubelle Swiss Skincare here :

Beaubelle Malaysia official Instagram : @beaubelle.malaysia
Beaubelle Official Website :

Good news for readers. If you purchase Beubelle Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour Gel using Coupon Code: CINDYRINA you will get your item delivered together with 3 FREE GIFTS : 

1. W3 Active Cleanse (30ml)
2. W3 Conditioning Toner (30ml)
3. Smart Tone Color Control Correction Cream SPF 30 (15g)

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Things To Do in Huahin : Visit to Cha-Am

I have a chance to travel all the way to HuaHin, Thailand in early Dec 2018, last year. The trip more like rest and relax and also to clear my annual leave. Muahahaha...just started work for a month, I already dying to clear entitlement leave for the year. Way to go .... I was exploring the Southern part of Thailand for 6 days / 5 nights. Others usually travel to HuaHin from Bangkok for a night or two. But since AirAsia fly direct from KUL to HuaHin, don't tell me to just stay there for a night or two. It will waste my precious time to fly all the way there. I am so 'kiasu' to stay only a night or two. kekekeke

Well...if you decided to include HuaHin to your Bangkok trip, just hire a cab for THB3,000 for almost 3 hours journey from Bangkok. In general, HuaHin is a layback and peaceful place but worth to visit at least 2 nights. The price here is relatively expensive for me since I am Malaysia and my currency super small. It would be heaven if I at least earn SGD. Haishhhh!!!

I started my first full day in HuaHin by travelling around the city and Cha Am. List of place worth to visit if you are going to explore HuaHin and Cha Am.
Before I begin, I hired a private cab for a day to travel freely without worry about transportation. You can hire the cab for a full day here at HuaHin Cab. They have a good review and I am satisfied with their service too. Well if you are a daring type, driving around is possible since HuaHin road is not so busy.

I started my morning at 9am after a great buffet breakfast at Amari HuaHin. Happy tummy...happy me!!! muahahaha

Things to do at HuaHin

HuaHin Train Station

The rise of HuaHin began with the construction of this railway station in 1968. This railway station is not just a regular railway station but full of historical trace and also a good photo spot.

If you visit this place in the evening, you can walk to the nearby night market too. I think it's a 5-minute walk from this train station. But I visited this place in the morning and I have 2-night markets which only 5 minutes walk from my hotel. So I skip the night market near this train station. I don't spend much time here. I just walk around, read the history and talk some selfie. 

No entrance fee unless you want to take the train somewhere. 

What else you wanna me do here when my hotel served me awesome morning coffee?

Plearn Wan Shopping Village

This place open around 10am. My driver kind of stopped me by the roadside and show the blue building which is around 500 meter from the place the place he park the car to wait for me. Not easy to park since no specific parking spot here. I was a bit sceptical since he said just enter this blue building.

Plearn means Enjoy
Wan means YesterYear

This place is the first eco vintage village in Thailand. The entrance to this place is FOC. I really have fun exploring this place early in the morning since it's not so many people here yet. I can feel like walking into a live museum with many vintage items on display. There are many small shops selling food and snacks too. For those who love to shop for a souvenir, there are few shops for you to browse around and find some good items too.

Plearn Wan Shopping Village located between Soi 38 and 40, opposite Klai Klangwon Palace.
Operating hours 
Monday - Thursday : 10am to 10pm
Friday: 10am to midnight
Saturday: 9am to noon
Sunday : 9am to 10pm

Santorini Park

It is a beautiful place to walk around this place. This place is a huge retail space and the building is painted resemblance with a famous place in Greece called Santorini. So for those who love to take photo...this is a superb place to do so. Every corner has the best view.
You can kill your time taking 40 meter high Ferris Wheel and if you love taking photos just pay a visit to the Alive Museum which they have it here too.
My entrance ticket entitles me to enjoy the XD Dark Ride Interactive Motion Theater. It was a 4 minutes ride but seriously awesome experience. If you have a strong heart can check out the Haunted House here. I dare not!
I have fun exploring Miffy's Garden where they have many Mifty and friends figurine planted inside a beautiful garden. Another photo place for everyone.
There is a nice cafe around too for you to try out. I would say this place is an excellent destination for couples and families who are looking forward to having fun here. 

Santorini Park located at 555 Moo 3, Cha-Am 
Business Hours 
Monday - Friday : 10am to 7pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am to 7pm
Entrance fees: THB150 for non-resident
Tickets for rides and some attractions price between THB120 to THB240

Camel Republic

I wanted to skip this place but find that its actually nearby Santorini Park. I was glad to visit this place. Not many people here and I think they are almost close enough to be out of business. Most of the shop and even toilet are without any lightings basically dark. 

Why I was glad to be at such place? was for the sake of the animals here. If you have been reading my blog, you will know how I am super afraid of any animal even a cat. You see all this animal are waiting for the visitor to feed them. They look super hungry. Ready to feed. I am not sure how the management of this place manage it. I could say from my observation they are underfed.

I would recommend you to visit for the sake of the animal and at the same time, you can enjoy a beautiful Moroccan style background for your photos. Apart from a mini zoo with all the hungry animal, you can enjoy some awesome rides too.

Camel Republic business hours
Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm
Weekends and Thailand Public Holiday: 9am to 6:30pm

Cha-Am Beach

Skip this place if you don't want to play with water. Unless you wanna have a romantic walk by the beach then you can come to visit this place. Not many things here unless you want to enjoy seafood by the beach here. I just walk around and have some snacks here while enjoying the beautiful view.

I saw few 'Ang Moh' negotiating for a potential local girlfriend to hire. uhukhukuhuk..

Venezia HuaHin

This place is a bit different from The Primo Piazza which I visited last year. This place is a bigger scale and even have gondola service like in Venice. Every corner is beautiful here. I enjoy some street snacks and have fun exploring around feeling like in Europe. No need fly long hours to enjoy the view. They have so many similar replicas which one feels like travel all the way to Europe country. I bought my Venezia HuaHin entrance ticket online which save me a lot. 

Venezia HuaHin located at 1899 Petch Kasem Road, Sai Tai, Cha Am
Business hours: 10am to 11:30pm daily

I end my day at Cha-Am HuaHin with sweet memories from all these attractions. One of my friend who has visited HuaHin described as this is a retired place. I kind of like this place because of it less touristy and find this place a lot calmer and peaceful.

HuaHin is not just about visiting Santorini or little Italy or the feel of visiting Morocco. Subscribe to my blog HERE and get your latest update for my next adventure at Pranburi, HuaHin.

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