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Things To Do in Huahin : Visit to Cha-Am

I have a chance to travel all the way to HuaHin, Thailand in early Dec 2018, last year. The trip more like rest and relax and also to clear my annual leave. Muahahaha...just started work for a month, I already dying to clear entitlement leave for the year. Way to go ....

So..here I was exploring the Southern part of Thailand for 6 days / 5 nights. Others usually travel to HuaHin from Bangkok for a night or two. But since AirAsia fly direct from KUL to HuaHin, don't tell me to just stay there for a night or two. It will waste my precious time to fly all the way there. I am so 'kiasu' to stay only a night or two. kekekeke

Well...if you decided to include HuaHin to your Bangkok trip, just hire a cab for THB3,000 for almost 3 hours journey from Bangkok. In general, HuaHin is a layback and peaceful place but worth to visit at least 2 nights. The price here is relatively expensive for me since I am Malaysia and my currency super small. It would be heaven if I at least earn SGD. Haishhhh!!!

I started my first full day in HuaHin by travelling around the city and Cha Am. List of place worth to visit if you are going to explore HuaHin and Cha Am.
Before I begin, I hired a private cab for a day to travel freely without worry about transportation. You can hire the cab for a full day here at HuaHin Cab. They have a good review and I am satisfied with their service too. Well if you are a daring type, driving around is possible since HuaHin road is not so busy.

I started my morning at 9am after a great buffet breakfast at Amari HuaHin. Happy tummy...happy me!!! muahahaha

Things to do at HuaHin

HuaHin Train Station

The rise of HuaHin began with the construction of this railway station in 1968. This railway station is not just a regular railway station but full of historical trace and also a good photo spot.

If you visit this place in the evening, you can walk to the nearby night market too. I think it's a 5-minute walk from this train station. But I visited this place in the morning and I have 2-night markets which only 5 minutes walk from my hotel. So I skip the night market near this train station. I don't spend much time here. I just walk around, read the history and talk some selfie. 

No entrance fee unless you want to take the train somewhere. 

What else you wanna me do here when my hotel served me awesome morning coffee?

Plearn Wan Shopping Village

This place open around 10am. My driver kind of stopped me by the roadside and show the blue building which is around 500 meter from the place the place he park the car to wait for me. Not easy to park since no specific parking spot here. I was a bit sceptical since he said just enter this blue building.

Plearn means Enjoy
Wan means YesterYear

This place is the first eco vintage village in Thailand. The entrance to this place is FOC. I really have fun exploring this place early in the morning since it's not so many people here yet. I can feel like walking into a live museum with many vintage items on display. There are many small shops selling food and snacks too. For those who love to shop for a souvenir, there are few shops for you to browse around and find some good items too.

Plearn Wan Shopping Village located between Soi 38 and 40, opposite Klai Klangwon Palace.
Operating hours 
Monday - Thursday : 10am to 10pm
Friday: 10am to midnight
Saturday: 9am to noon
Sunday : 9am to 10pm

Santorini Park

It is a beautiful place to walk around this place. This place is a huge retail space and the building is painted resemblance with a famous place in Greece called Santorini. So for those who love to take photo...this is a superb place to do so. Every corner has the best view.
You can kill your time taking 40 meter high Ferris Wheel and if you love taking photos just pay a visit to the Alive Museum which they have it here too.
My entrance ticket entitles me to enjoy the XD Dark Ride Interactive Motion Theater. It was a 4 minutes ride but seriously awesome experience. If you have a strong heart can check out the Haunted House here. I dare not!
I have fun exploring Miffy's Garden where they have many Mifty and friends figurine planted inside a beautiful garden. Another photo place for everyone.
There is a nice cafe around too for you to try out. I would say this place is an excellent destination for couples and families who are looking forward to having fun here. 

Santorini Park located at 555 Moo 3, Cha-Am 
Business Hours 
Monday - Friday : 10am to 7pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am to 7pm
Entrance fees: THB150 for non-resident
Tickets for rides and some attractions price between THB120 to THB240

Camel Republic

I wanted to skip this place but find that its actually nearby Santorini Park. I was glad to visit this place. Not many people here and I think they are almost close enough to be out of business. Most of the shop and even toilet are without any lightings basically dark. 

Why I was glad to be at such place?

Well...it was for the sake of the animals here. If you have been reading my blog, you will know how I am super afraid of any animal even a cat. You see all this animal are waiting for the visitor to feed them. They look super hungry. Ready to feed. I am not sure how the management of this place manage it. I could say from my observation they are underfed.

I would recommend you to visit for the sake of the animal and at the same time, you can enjoy a beautiful Moroccan style background for your photos. Apart from a mini zoo with all the hungry animal, you can enjoy some awesome rides too.

Camel Republic business hours
Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm
Weekends and Thailand Public Holiday: 9am to 6:30pm

Cha-Am Beach

Skip this place if you don't want to play with water. Unless you wanna have a romantic walk by the beach then you can come to visit this place. Not many things here unless you want to enjoy seafood by the beach here. I just walk around and have some snacks here while enjoying the beautiful view.

I saw few 'Ang Moh' negotiating for a potential local girlfriend to hire. uhukhukuhuk..

Venezia HuaHin

This place is a bit different from The Primo Piazza which I visited last year. This place is a bigger scale and even have gondola service like in Venice. Every corner is beautiful here. I enjoy some street snacks and have fun exploring around feeling like in Europe. No need fly long hours to enjoy the view. They have so many similar replicas which one feels like travel all the way to Europe country. I bought my Venezia HuaHin entrance ticket online which save me a lot. 

Venezia HuaHin located at 1899 Petch Kasem Road, Sai Tai, Cha Am
Business hours: 10am to 11:30pm daily

I end my day at Cha-Am HuaHin with sweet memories from all these attractions. One of my friend who has visited HuaHin described as this is a retired place. I kind of like this place because of it less touristy and find this place a lot calmer and peaceful.

HuaHin is not just about visiting Santorini or little Italy or the feel of visiting Morocco. Subscribe to my blog HERE and get your latest update for my next adventure at Pranburi, HuaHin.

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  1. Wow.. Beb.. U travel alone here? I plan to visit here too someday. .. Sejuk tak masa dec or sama saja weather dia dengan kita? I'm dying to go to dat santorini and venezia.. Huahua.. If i go there for 3 days will it be enough time to jalan2 there? And do u find its hard for muslim to find food there?

  2. Rupanya Santorini Park ni dekat HuaHin ye, not bad gak HuaHin ni, banyak tempat yang cantik. Bestnya ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lama tak travel ni,hehe

  3. i feels like wanna go to hua hin now.. looks so nice and great to visit.. time to plan for a travel trip..

  4. Eh macam best juga la Hua Hin ni. Kalau ada direct flight senang la kan?. Nampaknya banyak juga tempat menarik yang boleh kita lawat kat sini ye. Wahhh sebelum dapat ke Santorini, boleh singgah sini dulu. Santorini mahal sangat. Sini berbaloi...

  5. Wahhh so many places you've visited. I am so attracted to Plearn Wan Shopping Village. Looks amazing and beautiful.

  6. Best kan dapat explore tempat2 ni nasa cuti..last year i mmg x travel..this year x tau lagi la..tgok kewangan..lepas tu kalau kak travel pun tunggu anak dara i habis PT3 dulu la...Jeju masih dlm wishlist i..cantik2 gambar u..

  7. Wah! Hua Nih. memang salah satu wishlist saya tahun ini.

    Haritu gi Xi'an, blog akak jadi rujukan, kali ini pergi sini, nak rujuk sini jugak la..huhu

  8. This is the defnition of the roas less traveled. but you can find so many interesting things there too! Beside going to famous places like hatyai, Bangkok etc.

  9. Wah! Nice place to visit. I never go outside from Malaysia. Hahah! But nice sharing here sis. There are a lot of nice place to go and rerord the moment. I love to know more knowledge here from your writing. Thanks!

  10. The camels here look so cute. I'm sure my children would love this visit here too and it will be my next trip this year.

  11. Tak pernah pergi lagi Huahin ni.Banyak juga ya tempat-tempat menarik disana. Bolehlah satu hari nanti sis travel ke sana juga (kalau ada duit lebih le..hehehe).

  12. Satu tempat baru bagi kita yang memang tak pernah nak pergi luar negara sangat ni hanya bertahun sekali baru dapat pergi wakakaka. Tempat ni sangat best dan lain daripada lain suasananya ok lah I will come this year...

  13. Cantiknya tmpt cam huahin nie. Mmg berkonsepkan Heritage n nature abis.. Mmg Best jenjalan kat tmpt cmni.. AM SUKA. .insyaAllah, ada rezeki boleh jadikan rujukan bila AM ke sana nnti

  14. Akak travel lg kak! Omaigod hari tu Korea pun tak khatam lg. Ni dah Thailand plak. Hahahahahahhaa. Ayoma. Best gile kak.

  15. wah firstime tau pasal huahin ni..pantai cha am tu nampak menarik..angin dia macam kuat je erk..aduh bestnya..suka tengok kawan pergi jalan-jalan, ibarat nad yang pergi jalan-jalan..hahaha..

  16. I am amazed by the fact that you travel alone. I also can travel alone (I think) but have yet to do it. Haha. I think this place so look like Europe. Beautiful.

  17. thanks for sharing! i never been there but the place certainly looks nice. like a good place to go for a short getaway or relax for the weekend! will look up your post when i wanna go!

    How to deal with markets ups and downs?

  18. wow so many fun stuff to do at hua hin, omg the pronouciation of this place pun quite hipster... may i know the travel cost.. how much we need to save budget and spend over there... a vocation will be nice if we prepare some money to get there.

  19. syoknya tengok u jalan-jalan.. TB pun tak pernah sampai lagi kat Santorini Park ni.. apatah lagi HuaHin ni.. Actually TB pun 1st time dengar nama tempat ni tau.. huhu.. biasalah.. tak berkesempatan lagi nak travel jauh-jauh.. but TB suka tengok view tempat ni.. cantik


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