Thursday, March 28, 2019

Gut Friendly Milk with Diamond Pure Fresh Milk

Regular milk in the market contains both A1 and A2 Beta-Casein. A2 Protein Milk contains only A2 beta-casein. 

A1 Vs A2

A1 beta-casein milk from breeds of cow like Holstein, Friesian, Ayrshire and British Shorthorn.
A2 beta-casein is milk that high in A2 beta-casein is from breeds originated from the Channel Islands, South France and Jersey.

A1 and A2 proteins give different effect to our body.

A1 protein is digested in the small intestine and will produce a peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM7). The intestine will then absorb BCM-7 and passes into the blood. Studies show BCM-7 cause stomach discomfort and this result to lactose intolerance.

Research show milk with the only A2 is more friendly to gut and smooth on the palate since this type of milk is comparable to human breast milk, milk from goats, sheep and buffalo.

Fresh milk with just A2 is very rare in the market. In fact, this is my first time trying this too.

I was introduced to A2 protein milk  DiamondPure from New Zealand.

DiamondPure Fresh Milk comes in a 1-litre box with 4 different variants :

1. Low Fat Milk with Manuka Honey in Pink Box
2. Milk with Kiwi in Green Box
3. Milk with Manuka Honey in Orange Box
4. Milk with Inulin Fibre in Blue Box

Milk with Kiwi - this milk contains inulin fibre, manuka honey and kiwi. Kiwi fruit enzyme is known for slowing down the ageing process. I would say this is my favourite among all 4 variants. It just a hint of kiwi taste but still gives me a good kick to start my morning with lots of proteins and nutrients benefit.

Low Fat Milk with Manuka Honey - this milk is suitable for a consumer with dietary restrictions. Manuka Honey itself is a unique type of honey from bees that pollinate the native Manuka bush and found widely in New Zealand. It functions to support digestive and better immune health.

Milk with Manuka Honey - its almost the same taste like the low-fat honey just this one is not low fat. Slight thick taste compares to low fat which makes it perfect to blend with my smoothies. Seriously delicious!

Milk with Inulin Fibre - I kind of love this milk too since my body needs more fibre but due to my daily eating habits, I failed to eat more of fibre. Inulin fibre is a soluble fibre from plants which helps to improve digestive health, relieve constipation, promote weight loss and help control diabetes. To me, this milk with inulin fibre is a no.1 must stock up in my fridge.

All DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk is pasteurized and Homogenized milk. Don't worry this is totally certified halal milk. So you can consume this without worry.

Can't find DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk anywhere?

Where to buy DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk? 
You can find DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk at below outlets.

DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk comes in 2 different sizes:

* 1 Litre cost RM15.90 except for Kiwi will cost you a slightly higher price which is RM18.80
*  300ml cost RM5.80 except for Kiwi will cost you RM6.50

Drink better milk for health benefits and long term well being.


  1. Frankly speaking... I have been visiting toilet after having the insulin fiber... Really a good one for constipation friends.. highly recommended on this...

  2. X pernah nampak lg kat pasaran ni..siap ada manuka manuka honey. Dasyat

  3. Wah.. You buat Tb rasa nak minum susu je tau.. sedapnya tengok susu-susu ni.. siap ada dalam pelbagai rasa.. teringin nak rasa semua.. especially kiwi tu.. nyum2

  4. Whoa new flavour I tak pernah try this kind of milk flavour. I memang suka minum susu should try this kind of flavour soon

  5. Omaigod kadang minum je susu tapi tak tau yang mana satu lebih baik hehe macam sedap je sebab tak pernah lagi try this brand

  6. Ah i'm gonna go to jaya grocer later to buy this. the packaging itself lòoks so interesting.

  7. I tried these milk last week. And yeah, my favourite also kiwi. I really like its taste.

  8. Tak pernah lagi cuba. Tengok ramai yg dh minum, tertarik pulak sis nak cuba. Dengan kotak yg berwarna warni tu lg menarik sis nak membeli. Nanti nk gi cr lah

  9. I wouldn't mind trying this milk since the current milks keep giving me tummy pain. I was afraid that I have become lactose intolerant, but hopefully this milk will change.

  10. bestnya bangun pagi dapat minum susu segar. Oh boleh la beli kat Jaya Grocer nanti, nasib baik dekat dengan area rumah. Nak cuba semua flavor la..

  11. wow inovasi baru susu nih , menarik nak cuba sebab baca banyak khasiatnya ikut apa yang badan kita perlukan...nasib dekat jer dengan jaya grocer, bolehlah try nanti

  12. I tried this milk too.. so nice and yummy! Gonna drink more more more... delicious nya... yeah yeah.. time to drink again

  13. Oh wow! they have so many flavours. I m keen to try the kiwi one coz its looks very special to me.


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