Sunday, April 28, 2019

Shopping Time with SGshop

Online shopping is not surprisingly 'dirt cheap' if you really find a good supplier. You can get almost everything with a price that doesn't even burn your wallet. Unfortunately, most of these sellers are from Chinese e-commerce website. I usually shop through my trusted online agent SGshop. I have been using their service for many years now. SGshop eliminates many barriers for me and makes online shopping cross border a lot easier.

1. Communication 

The language barrier is always a problem for a non-Chinese speaker like me. Sometimes the product photo looks super tempting to buy but unable to read the Chinese character for the details descriptions since the website is in Chinese without any translation options. Worst if I am looking for something for specific in particular but hard to communicate this to the potential seller at the other end of the world. At SGshop they listed all items in English and with easier understandable descriptions. 

2. Payment

You know we are in the era of Alipay and Wechat pay. We can't register and do a cross border transaction using those. I know what you are thinking, we have PayPal and so on. This option is seriously limited and not many offer these options though. Payment mode is secure with wide options from secure credit card to online payment transfer. You don't even have to worry about extra bank charges shopping with SGshop.

3. Delivery

I am not sure about you but as for my experience did the transaction with China is like hell. Especially the delivery part. No one explains on customs clearance part. You can't even give up the items which are stuck at the custom and end up paying an expensive price for items clearance. Your time cost goes to custom and on added up. Burn my wallet deeply. From packaging to customs clearance completed by SGshop on your behalf. You don't need to leave your house or receive a message your items stuck at custom. Everything delivers at our doorstep. I remember buying a shelf which is considered big items and all reached me hassle free.

4. Quality Control

Most of the price is super cheap but that doesn't mean we are to accept the bad quality. We don't have anyone to even verify and check the quality for us. When the item reached you if it is good then good for you. But if the item is total garbage, can you apply for a refund? Some seller is smart they will say 7 days money back guarantee but provided the item reached them by then. Who is bearing the shipping cost back? SGshop has a warehouse in China and they will check our items before delivery. Anything doesn't meet the quality expectation will be sent back to the seller for replacement. This is a seriously good service.

5. Refund and Compensation

If you find the items reach you are not as ordered or even damage item, you can always talk to your agent who will then deal with the seller at the other end.

Sharing is Caring! Mother's Day and Raya season shopping are coming soon. SGshop is having a good promotion in May 2019 for all of us.

SG Shop Promotion May 2019 Sale :

Event date: 1st May to 31st May 2019
Event details: SGCoupon RM5 will be giving away through clicking and copy the code. Every single user can get SGCoupon within the promotion period.

Event date 1st May - 7th May 2019
Event details: 15% air shipping off + 50% service fee discount for total spending amount (First payment) reaches RM100 or above.

Event date: 11th May to 13th May 2019
Event details: 10% sea shipping discount

Event date: 15th May - 20th May 2019
Event details: Get1SGreward Shard for every RM1 spent. Every10 SGreward Shard redeemable for RM1 SGreward. Shard limited earned from purchase order (First Payment) only

Event date: 21st May - 31st May 2019
Event details: Grab green packet. Chances to win a reward for RM10, RM5, and RM2

For those who still new to SGshop - SGshop is a trusted online platform that helps you buy and ship a wide range of products when you shop internationally. The platform gives members access to thousands of international online stores and take the worry of international shipping. I have tried their service a few times, I would say they are fast reliable and affordable.

You can start shopping here:

I personally looking forward to 15% air shipping off + 50% service fee discount for total spending amount (First payment) reaches RM100 or above on 1st May - 7th May 2019.

Jom let us shop for Raya celebration!

For my readers, you are getting extra. Just enter promo code: MAYSALE2019 for 10% service fee.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Homemade Recipe Chilli Sauce you will fall in love with one bite

It was a long time ago since I bought Chilli Sauce. I really find most Chilli Sauce in the market it's sweet and tangy. Since I really love hot and spicy food, sweet chilli sauce totally not my 'forte' at all. I rather make my own 'sambal' but this will happen only occasionally when I have time and most of the time the taste is not so consistently delicious. Don't laugh! I admit not being a good cook. kekekeke

When BOSS Chilli Sauce reached me the expectation was like....mehhhh!!! another sweet chilli sauce huh?

The bottle even comes with a different theme :

* Happy Boss
* Angry Boss
* Crazy Boss

I was like why is this Chilli Sauce related to BOSS ?

Well... I just checked this BOSS is not even related to the Boss we think it is! Duh! Brilliant and yet cheeky in a way. Thumb up Boss Chilli Sauce!

B - Benchmark
O - Of
S - Super
S - Standards

Boss Chilli Sauce claimed their chilli sauce with no added preservatives and colouring. Basically, homemade recipes with natural ingredients.

You want to know what is my verdict for all three Boss Chilli Sauce ?

I dipped bland mushroom sticky rice rolls with the sauce. I choose to taste on the Crazy Boss and YES! I was super crazy. This is extra hot chilli sauce with some garlic in it. I feel like dancing 'BTS' Fire!!!!! right away. OMG! OMG! this is it! my kind of Chilli sauce.

For baby (don't la feed your baby with chilli sauce. Later people report you abusive Mama hhuhuh)....who can't take spicy food can try Happy Boss. You will definitely feel happy when dipping in this Happy Boss. It looks green and thought I think this is just normal green chilli, not the green bird's eye chilli. The taste suit for the non-spicy taker.

I have many days in a week where I don't have time to cook at home. So, I normally pack food home. I just couldn't get enough of Crazy Boss, huh? The photo shows me having fried squid with Crazy Boss. Yummy!!!!

What about Angry Boss? 
Well... Angry Boss is just spicy to me. It says medium but it still hot. I love this one too. It will be delicious if I suddenly feel like eating 'egg sambal' but no time to cook the 'sambal'. Just boiled the egg or fried egg and pour the Angry Boss on it. meal ready, just served with hot rice. 

I have so much simple meal use the Boss Chilli Sauce but no time to make this happen plus...I am saving up this awesome Chilli Sauce for Ramadhan time. kekeke....

How nice if can just fry chicken then pour the  Crazy Boss on top and eat with rice and some cucumber. Tadahhhhh....'Ayam Penyet' set ready!

On one of the recent weekends, I have some time to cook my own meal. What do you expect from my fridge? Chicken? Fish? Squid? Prawn? Hurl!!!! Only 'tofu' or beancurd and a bit of anchovy which dying to be restocked since I don't go for groceries shopping. huhuhuh

Fried lovers always wanna eat fried food and will fry anything. I fried the tofu and anchovy and then pour Happy Boss and Crazy Boss on top. Owh! I forgot to tell you I fried the shallot too for good fragrance and sprinkle it on top. WTH! Eat it with hot rice...two bowls confirmed!

My conclusion for BOSS Chilli Sauce?
I will definitely replenish whenever my stock getting low. Reason? This is totally my kind of chilli sauce and must have at home for 'sambal' lovers like me. 

Like what the Boss said this is definitely the real taste of chilli and once bitten by the Boss, you'll be in love forever. I am glad to find this chilli sauce.

Boss chilli sauce was founded by Boss Brothers Sdn Bhd and established in 2017 and recently improvised and come in new packaging.

Halal Chilli Sauce? YES

Where to buy Boss Chilli Sauce?

How much is Boss Chilli Sauce?

You can click purchase of 3 bottles for RM40 at the BOSS website.

Boss Chilli Sauce, I give you TWO THUMBS UP! 

If you are HOT and SPICY like me....mmmmm...this is a must to be in your fridge. Nothing will go wrong for your next meal. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Guide to Choosing Home Insurance In Malaysia

It is time for you to step into adulthood. To start planning for your future and to start a family of your own soon. You start looking at different websites to do your research on buying a house in Malaysia. In addition, there are many schemes available out there for home buyers. You can also use a loan calculator Malaysia to determine if you can afford to buy a house by knowing the estimated mortgage repayments you need to bear after buying yourself a property. Once you bought your house, it is time for you to look into home insurance to protect and safeguard your home against damage.

Many people neglect the importance of having home insurance and therefore overlook the need to purchase one home insurance. Getting home insurance not only gives you security but it also ensures that your home will be taken good care for the coming years. That being said, you should look out for the best home insurance that suits your need as there are many different kinds of home insurance available in the market. This article will guide you through the way in choosing the right home insurance.

1. The economic

In other words: frugal or thrifty. But let us just use the term ‘economical’ here. Are you the kind of person who counts every single cent you use carefully just to ensure you do not overspend and at the same time, get the best out of what you have spent? Do you save as much as you can every month? If yes, you are classified as one of the economical homeowners.

In this case, a homeowner policy will suit you the best as it provides protection to your home without breaking your wallet or bank account. A homeowner policy will give you sufficient coverage for your home against any possible external damages. Although it is not the cheapest insurance available out there, as the basic fire policy is cheaper than the homeowner policy, a homeowner policy provides more coverage than the basic fire policy, such as flood or burst pipes depending on the homeowner policy.

The basic fire policy will cover only the costs of damages to your property if and only if the damages are done by fire, explosion or lightning. That being said, damages done by other external factors to your home is not insured and you will need to fork out extra money from your own wallet to fix the damages. This will actually cost more than the homeowner policy in the future if there is an uneventful situation takes place.

It is advised that you add a mortgage loan instalment protection to the home insurance if you are currently paying for the home loan, in case of any uneventful situations where you might need to move out from your house due to events(insured), such as death or permanent disability.

2. The newlyweds

Newlywed homeowners are couples that have just gotten married and assuming that they are both first-time homeowners, they would most probably be sharing the costs of having a home. If the pair of the couple are both working adults, they will then be able to afford more complete home insurance with greater coverage to protect their house.

It is recommended to buy home maintenance coverage along with the house owner policy if you are not accustomed to home maintenance and tool boxes. A home maintenance coverage is important as it insures against other external damages that might happen to your property such as damaged electrical sockets or broken pipes. It is always a good choice to engage with professionals to get the damages fixed than to repair them on your own. After all, it is better to pay extra to get your house insured and protected than to risk losing your home.

3. The collectors

Are you a fan of collecting antiques, paintings, furniture or even expensive handbags and watches? If yes, you are classified as one of the collector homeowners where you collect many valuable items. If you have any items that you think require extra insurance in case of any uneventful situation where they are stolen or damaged, you might want to consider buying a householder coverage on top of your houseowner coverage.

With these combined protections, you will never need to worry about the costs of damages to your house and losing any valuables at home in case of natural disasters, burglary or maybe a fire.

4. The landlords

Next come the landlords, which is very straightforward. If you are a landlord renting out your unit, you should definitely get yourself a landlord insurance policy on top of the basic houseowner policy. The landlord insurance policy will insure the damages on your property that is caused by your tenants, liabilities and loss of rental income just in case your tenants decide to go missing on you. Just top up a landlord insurance policy on top of the home maintenance policy that you bought earlier to give yourself peace of mind as you know you will be in good hand if you need any property’s maintenance.

In conclusion, make sure you choose the right home insurance according to the type of homeowner you are. Assess your needs before deciding which home insurance to get. You can check several home insurance and decide which suits you the best. Do bear in mind that it does not mean the more expensive the better. Find home insurance that suits your needs best and of course, home insurance that fits your budget. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Face Lift Experience at Novu Aesthetics

I have not been going for any facial or any face treatment for many years now. Trying to age gracefully but obviously, this is not the successful attempt for me. I end up develop uneven skin tone, saggy skin and end up with crow feet and fine lines. isk isk isk... My pigmentation and freckles kind of like mushroom grow after raining season. My eye bag invaded like an Alien invasion during the 4th of July. WTH! I want to age gracefully but still, look good, not ugly. Hurl!

When the Butterfly Beauty Community invited me to attend NOVU Aesthetic treatment review, I don't hesitate to accept at all. YES! YES! YES! I do..... WTH! 

Everything was very pretty and well set up for all The Butterflies to experience the treatment. Did I feel nervous? Well, I don't go for the self-claimed aesthetic centre without further checking beforehand. NOVU Medical Aesthetics is part of the Novena Global Lifecare Group and also one of the largest medical healthcare and esthetics chains globally. 
I have no worry to surrender my face in a good hand and well-trained beautician at NOVU.

While waiting for my turn to get the treatment, I browse through some of the collection by NOVU. Interesting collection under their wings caters for various age groups, skin conditions and lifestyles. Some of it is Active, Clinical, Elemental, Enliven and Face Masks.

I am more interested to get my hands on the NOVU Enliven series which suitable for my age to boosts collagen productions to reverse the effects of ageing. True enough my dreams come true that day, end up back home with two Enliven awesome products - Lifting Eye Gel and Radiance Essence. turn to get the treatment. Initially, we were invited to try out NOVU Revital Eye Treatment  (worth RM298)  but end up throw some additional treatment for us the fabulous Butterflies with NOVU Phyto+ and Radiance light as well (worth RM168). I end up getting more than all above due to my pigmentation skin problem. Ageing lady, like that leeeee.....too many skin problem. hik hik hik... I end up getting the laser treatment too.

Laser? Hurl!!! Am I not even afraid for scar or skin burn? Well. if you are talking about many many years ago, then I will be super afraid to even surrender my face to them. I tried that invasive laser many years back to treat the hyperpigmentation 'big dot' on my right cheek. The downtime is seriously killing me. You gotta wait for 2 weeks before continuing the treatment for healing purposes. Laser treatment back then gave good result and my hyperpigmentation really disappear.

As time pass by, my lifestyle kind of hectics with a stressful job and all. The pigmentation comes back up with a style and innovative mark on my face. My sisters call my hyperpigmentation ring as ladies fingers mark. Remember, when we in Primary school, we cut out the ladies fingers and dip it in the colour water then stamp it on the white paper? Well, that is how my super duper fashionable hyperpigmentation forms upon my face. Nothing to proud off about this though. As a woman, this thing looks super ugly and annoying to me.

At NOVU for the first time, I tried out non-invasive laser treatment to treat out my hyperpigmentation problem.

My experience trying out NOVU 360 Solution which helps to targets various skin conditions based on three main issues :

* Color - uneven skin tone and pigmentation
* Consistency - skin roughness, enlarged pore size and blemishes
* Contour - loss of skin firmness and wrinkles

The beautician started out the treatment with properly cleanse your skin from any residue of the foundation, BB Cream or CC Cushion.

1st Step RF Eye Revital 

I was invited to try out this treatment initially. The rest of the other treatment is kind of a bonus to me. The beautician uses the NOVU Enliven Lifting Eye Gel to infuse the skin with natural antioxidants such as Kakadu Plum to help defy signs of ageing around the eye area using the RF machine. For those who have droopy eyelids, laugh lines, dark circles around the eyes is advisable to try out this treatment.

2nd step: RF 

RF stands for Regenerative Therapy to consistency stimulates collagen, which results in skin tightening and smoother skin. Furthermore, this treatment helps to contour your skin by lifts and tightens loose skin especially cheeks, neck, jawline and around eyes to achieve good firmer skin. The beautician applies Enliven Smoothing Hydrator and then use the RF machine energy heats to stimulate collagen and tissue remodelling. The RF machine helps the products to do deep penetration for a better result. I feel a comfortable warm sensation as the beautician massaging my skin using this RF machine. 

RF Treatments good to treat sagging skin, laugh lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

3rd step: P+Phyto Laser

As I mentioned earlier, this laser treatment is non-invasive laser treatment. My experience during this treatment is the heat sensation blasted out on to my skin and at the same time, the burning smells during the treatment. For those who are not fully prepared for this treatment will end up 'freak out' during this session. The burning smells are from your fine skin hair. For that area with less hair, you will feel a bit of pain too. As for me who have experience in laser treatment, this is nothing at all. SWAG! The energy emitted from the laser machine kind of penetrate deeper layers of the skin and shatter tiny fragments of pigmentation at the same time stimulate collagen production and kill bacteria and fungus. Don't worry about this treatment as mentioned is non-invasive so it does not damage surrounding tissue and cause the unwanted side effect. 

P+Phyto Laser suit to treat pigmentation, acne, large pores and fine lines.

4th Step - Radiance Light

I was afraid of this light the most because feel eerie due to Intense Pulsed Light flash out directly onto my face. Although the beautician has covered up my eyes perfectly, I still can see the flickering light flashing out. This treatment is good for skin sensitivity/Redness, pigmentation, acne and fine lines. It is advisable to add Radiance Light after every P+Phyto Laser treatment.

5th Step -  ION Infusion 

My favourite treatment because this is really relaxing treatment since they use NVU Enliven Radiance Essence which one of the ingredients is Kakadu Plum extracts contains 100 times more Vitamin C than oranges. The beautician applies the essence and then use the iontophoresis - the transdermal to deliver serums using voltage gradients across the epidermis. I love the cooling and rejuvenating feeling from this treatment. 

ION Infusion is suitable for pigmentation, acne, fine lines and wrinkles,, dry skin and dull looking skin. 

My verdict after all these treatments?

I walk out with brighter skin and the sagging skin instant lift up which same goes to my drooping eyes too. The photo above was with the only sunblock applied to my skin. I am seriously loving the result of all this treatment.

By the way, all these treatments only took you an hour which is perfect to do during lunchtime. How I wish NOVU is near my working place.

Since I am looking forward to achieving better skin condition, I treated myself with Elemental collection from NOVU which is also perfect for my skin condition for better hydrating and rejuvenate the skin. So far I feel my skin conditions a far better than before using this product. My drying skin kind of liven up and get more moisture and supple.

I am currently at my 3rd treatment with NOVU Aesthetics package - my main objective is to treat my hyperpigmentation area and better skin conditions.

The skin has brightened and firmed up beautifully after the treatment

Left side with Hyperpigmentation is lightening on my 3rd treatment. I really hope this disappear.
My dark circle??? Hurl! I have given up on those ages ago. kekekeke

How do I feel after my 3rd treatment? 

I am loving it. The P+Phyto Laser lightens up my hyperpigmentation area and also brighten up my skin. The fine lines and sagging skin is noticeable reducing gradually after my third treatment which also brings out my confidence to step out with bare skin without makeup.

By the way, just to manage your expectation from these treatments, if you have lots of white head and black head please go and get that extraction treatment. This treatment won't make you white and blackhead disappear. It can help to minimize the enlarge pores not get those things out.

For those who are interested to try out NOVU treatment can visit their official website.

NOVU Official Website :

Monday, April 8, 2019

Pang Pang Hair Shadow : A Versatile Makeup Bag Essential from Mamonde

I think many of us familiar with the word Eye Shadow but a bit strange with the word of Hair Shadow. A conservative thinker may feel hair shadow is just for someone who are having lesser hair and bald hair. huhuhuhuh...well...nothing to be ashamed for being bald. You are a lucky one to hair such a fuller hair with less gap in between of your hairline.

If you have been following my blog, you will notice I hardly pull my hair back into a stubby ponytail. I have a situation where my hairline has a huge gap due to hair fall. huhuhuh...sad case for any woman. I am not a fashionista or a highly skilled beauty blogger who will mix up a palette of eye shadow colour to highlight on and fill up the gap. The wrong step in doing that with my unskillful hand may end up with a huge beauty mishap embarrassment to myself. kekekeke

Recently, I was introduced to Pang Paang Hair Shadow by my all time favourite Korean Brand Mamonde. I would say, I was glad to accept this beauty workshop invitation. As usual, Mamonde never failed to make the guest walk out feeling beautiful and sweet from their event.

The event started with skilful PocoteeLoh caricature drew me and then dab on Pang Pang Hair Shadow to finish off her amazing works.

Then I was having fun trying out this Pang Pang Hair Shadow to fill up the gap on my eyebrow. kekekeke...Yes! this is how this innovative miniature product from Mamonde is something you must have in a makeup bag. Not only it helps in filling in the sparse hairline and highlight to your hair, but you can also use this as regular makeup. 
If you have a skilful hand to use a makeup brush,  this awesome product can be used as eyeshadow and even as face contouring.

Sharing is caring... here is some tutorial for you to do face contouring based on your face shape :

This shows Pang Pang Hair Shadow is a versatile product from Mamonde. Is it safe to even apply to the skin? Well, Pang Pang Hair Shadow, formulated using Mamonde's unique "skin-fit powder system", pigments in this product are bound together with lecithin-coated powder which helps the hair shadow adhere better to the skin and surrounding hair. Pang Pang Hair Shadow is also enriched with Rose Hip Fruit oil extracts which helps smooth and revitalize the skin and hair, which keep you looking radiant.

During the workshop, I asked the beauty consultant if we will be dripping with colours down to our cheek if we sweat or get caught under the rain. Well, the answer to my concern is no. You don't have to worry about such thing.

The Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow comes in 3 variants to deliver the most natural looking result to a variety of hair colors :

01  Babyface Hairline 
02 Light Brown
03 Reddish Brown

Each Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow, 3.5g cost RM59.00 available at Mamonde Beauty Counters at Aeon 1Utama PJ , Aeon MidValley, Aeon Bukit Indah,JB and Aeon Tebrau City JB. As for me, online shopping is the most convenient to shop nowadays, you can grab Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow at and

For those who still not familiar with beauty Brand Mamonde, this brand is from South Korea and most of its products inspire feminine beauty with flowers. You can visit

Thursday, April 4, 2019

4 Unique Care Packages To Let Someone Know You Care

Whether you have a friend who is going through a tough breakup, heard that a coworker has experienced a loss, or just want to let someone in your life know you're thinking about them, a care package is a great way to send a little happiness their way. While flowers and cards are always nice to receive, a package full of your loved one's favorite goodies or helpful necessities will go a long way. If you're looking for unique ways to let people in your life know you care, here are four unique care package ideas to consider.

Ice Cream Care Package

Who wouldn't love an assortment of their favorite flavors of ice cream when they're feeling low? You can even send an ice cream care package in the mail if your intended recipient lives out of town. Complete the package with cute bowls and spoons and some delicious toppings for sundaes!

Candy Care Package

For friends who have a crazy sweet tooth, there's nothing like a bounty of candy to get through a hard time. M&M gift baskets, skittles care packages, or a candy bouquet with a variety of candy types are all great ideas for candy care baskets.

Spa Care Package

If you have a friend or coworker who is under a lot of stress, a spa care package might be just what they need to unwind and pamper themselves for a few hours. You can even make a DIY spa care package by picking up a face mask, bath bomb, soothing body lotion, and essential bath tools.

Tea Gift Basket

For the friend who can't start their day without first enjoying a cup of tea, consider a tea gift basket. With some specialty tea, a new mug, and a sweet treat, your friend can enjoy a few peaceful mornings with a little help from you.